The Benefits of the King Air Aircraft

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The King Air aircraft is the perfect choice for those traveling short distances of 1800 nautical miles or so— or about 4 hours of travel. Of course, it is not the range of the flight capability of this aircraft nor the fact that it can comfortably accommodate 8 passengers that sets it apart from others. 

The King Air aircraft is a unique experience on its own. 

With a design that differs from most other private jets, everything about this turboprop is meant to be enjoyed. And its proven performance reflects its durability, strength, and reliability. 

If you are looking for a safe and relaxed flight to your destination, don’t miss out on the benefits of choosing the King Air aircraft. 

Why Choose the King Air Aircraft?

Are you still unsure about whether or not a King Air aircraft will meet your private travel needs? You may actually be surprised at how easily it can surpass them. And just to prove it to you, we have put together a few of the biggest benefits that will make the King Air your go-to option. 

Before you book your next charter, check out this amazing turboprop and discover all that it has to offer you. 

Luxurious Amenities

The King Air aircraft, primarily the King Air 350i, comes with a lot of luxurious amenities to keep you comfortable on your flight. From the moment you step inside, you will see that many windows (14, to be exact) line either side of the plane and bathe the interior in sunlight. 

The executive seating is arranged in a double-club configuration with storable worktables. In other words, you can easily work, dine, or relax when you want to. 

Onboard, you will also find a refreshment center so that you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat before you make it to your destination. An enclosed lavatory is also quite beneficial. 

A few additional amenities on the King Air aircraft include:

  • Complimentary domestic wifi
  • Ample baggage storage to hold anything you may be bringing with you
  • Convenient power outlets to keep your devices charged

When you choose this turboprop for your charter, you can enjoy all of this and so much more from the time your flight takes off. 

Highly Efficient Travel Choice

The King Air aircraft is a turboprop aircraft. This means that their engine runs a bit differently than other jets. Most noticeably, their propellers are on the outside of the aircraft. 

King Air aircraft are incredibly safe and well-designed. 

Commonly used for shorter distances of less than 4 hours, King Air aircraft are highly efficient and economical. They are designed with a focus on sustainability and have been dubbed as one of the greenest business aircraft in the industry. 

They may be a bit slower than other private jets when it comes to reaching their cruising altitude, but don’t let that discount all that they have to offer their passengers. This is one truly quality aircraft. 

Comfortable Flight Experience

The flight experience you will have on a King Air aircraft is beyond what most people expect. An incredible flight from a turboprop? Absolutely. King Air aircraft stand out amongst others in the industry. 

This aircraft gets in the air fast and with ease. And, using the latest technology, they have created a quiet aircraft with a soaring reputation. 

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, alone or with a whole crew, you will find that every minute on this turboprop is comfortable. Don’t be surprised if you invest in this charter flight again — most travelers tend to come back again and again. 


What is the best King Air aircraft?

There are different options for the King Air aircraft available, each with some of the highest safety ratings in the industry. When it comes to size, safety ratings, features, and more, many interested in King Air aircraft find themselves focused on the King Air 350. It checks all the boxes of what you could want in a private aircraft. 

Are King Airs hard to fly?

No, King Air aircraft are not hard to fly. In fact, most pilots will tell you that they are very easy to handle and very hard to mess up. It maneuvers very well and makes for a good flight experience for the pilot – and the passengers. 

Are King Airs loud?

Contrary to popular belief, King Airs are not loud. For many years, those in the world of aviation have known turboprops to make excessive noise due to the propeller blasting its way through the air. However, with today’s technology, a flight on the King Air 350, for example, will prove that turboprops can be quiet and enjoyable. 

Charter the King Air Aircraft with Sun Air Jets

If you are interested in seeing what King Air aircraft can do for you,  Sun Air Jet offers the King Air 350i turboprop as part of our charter fleet.

You can experience the onboard amenities, the comfort, and the bright surroundings. You will feel the ease of motion and the gentle breeze that seems to carry you all the way to your destination. 

Before you book your next getaway, contact Sun Air Jets and secure your flight on the King Air 350i. 


Well, there you have it. A few of the major benefits of a King Air aircraft. With luxurious amenities and highly efficient travel, you are sure to have a comfortable experience you can feel good about. 

But why just take our word for it? The next time you find yourself in need of a private charter, why not book the King Air 350i and see for yourself? 

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