4 Reasons to Charter a Business Jet for Corporate Travel

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Should you charter a business jet for corporate travel? 

In business, time is money. Any time you spend wasting it is, well, money lost. 

Since most corporate executives find themselves eating, sleeping, and breathing what they do on their way to becoming the best, it only makes sense that the choices they make in everyday life support that goal. 

Perhaps this is why so many choose to charter a business jet for their travel needs. 

4 Reasons to Charter a Business Jet for Corporate Travel

Chartering your corporate travel makes great business sense— especially for those who travel frequently for work. If you are still looking for reasons why you should make the switch from commercial to private travel, we have 4 reasons for you. 

1. Charter a Business Jet to Save Time

Chartering a business jet means saving time. You show up a few minutes before your scheduled takeoff and make your way to your jet. That’s it. 

Whether or not you realize it, traveling via commercial airliners leads to a great deal of wasted time. You have to arrive two hours at least before your flight just so that you can stand in line to check in and to get through security checkpoints. Once you do, you can make yourself as cozy as possible while you wait at the gate in order to board.

With any luck, you will fly out on time with no need for delays, cancellations, or risk of missing connections. Though this doesn’t always happen. These are all things you don’t have to worry about on a private jet. 

As a business executive, your time is precious— charter a business jet. 

2. Charter a Business Jet to Boost Productivity

With all the time wasted around a busy airport waiting on a commercial flight, your productivity levels can tank. But, on a private jet charter, you can keep busy right up until it is time to head out for your flight. 

Did you know that business jets are equipped for you to stay productive while hanging out in the clouds, too? Inflight connectivity, comfortable seating, tables, and more make it easy to get work done while staying connected with those on the ground. 

Charter a business jet to avoid any downtime between destinations. 

3. Charter a Business Jet for Increased Privacy

One thing every business executive knows is that privacy is so important when it comes to protecting valuable information and personal data. When you fly on a jet with hundreds of strangers, you never know who may be looking over your shoulder or between the seats to see what is going on on your laptop, phone, or tablet screen. 

On a business jet, you have complete privacy. You no longer have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your private conversation or seeing something that they shouldn’t. This can allow you to let your guard down and enjoy your flight, working and discussing anything you wish along the way. 

Nobody likes a potential breach of confidentiality— or the legal issues that can arise because of it. So, protect yourself with a chartered business jet. 

4. Charter a Business Jet for Greater Flexibility

In business, things don’t always go according to the itinerary. Meetings can run late, fires can show up that need to be put out, staffing issues arise, and so forth. Sometimes it is hard to make a flight when you are needed in the office. 

Charter a business jet and increase your flexibility. If something comes up, you can call ahead and let your flight crew know you are running a few minutes behind. It’s that easy. 

What’s more, you do not have to stick to predetermined flight times, but can instead choose when you want to depart when booking your flight. This gives you much more flexibility and convenience with your schedule. 


Is it better to charter a business jet or buy one?

Ultimately, the choice of whether to charter or purchase a business jet is up to you. However, it is important to consider that the costs of owning and operating a private aircraft can be quite high due to maintenance, hangar storage, and so forth. Weigh your options and your travel frequency to determine what is right for your business. 

How far in advance do charter flights have to be booked?

While it depends on the charter company and the fleet they have available, booking a couple of weeks or months in advance is always ideal. Though last-minute travel is usually possible when needed. Most jets can be wheels-up in a couple of hours— or sooner. 

Can I charter a business jet to impress a client?

Absolutely! Many corporate executives charter business jets to impress clients all the time. They do so when flying to meet clients or flying clients to sports venues, shows, dinners, etc. Even when chartering, the interior of the jet can be personalized with company logos to reflect your brand and enhance the experience. 

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More time. Flexibility. Productivity. Privacy. 

For someone in business, these are four very important things. And these are just four of the many benefits you receive when you charter a business jet for corporate travel. 

Sun Air Jets has a charter fleet waiting for you. 

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Before you book your next corporate travel, consider all the benefits that you get when you charter a business jet. More flexibility, increased productivity, time savings, and privacy are the few we mentioned, but there are so many more advantages to taking this step. 

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