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How Sun Air Jets Ensures Sustainable Flying Practices

It is no secret that air travel emits greenhouse gasses. According to the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), air travel produces about 3% of carbon dioxide emissions on a global scale.  The aviation industry emits carbon dioxide into the air and water vapor, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, soot, and even contrails (the white streak that follows an aircraft). Noise […]

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How Sun Air Jets Is Implementing Carbon Offset Initiatives - Sun Air Jets

How Sun Air Jets Is Implementing Carbon Offset Initiatives

There are many times in life when you get a do-over. Maybe a loved one gave you a second chance. Perhaps you had an extra slice of bread to replace the one you burnt in the toaster at breakfast this morning. Your college professor may let you retake the test. This do-over is extremely important for rethinking our carbon offset […]

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Private Jet Charter Services Be Eco-Friendly

Can Private Jet Charter Services Be Eco-Friendly?

With growing concerns about sustainability and eco-friendliness, aviation is a very visible target. Can private jet charter services be eco-friendly? The answer is, yes, they can. Responsible private jet operators are doing all they can to minimize their footprint. Today we will show you how this is being achieved. Can Private Jets Be Eco-Friendly? Private jets can be eco-friendly. In […]

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