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All the Benefits of FBO Private Jet Services

Fixed Base Operator, or FBO, is a company that handles everything needed by those who own private jets, whether individually- or corporate-owned. FBO private jet services keep planes running smoothly and safely. Of course, FBOs come with a long list of amenities, too. They commonly offer fuel, routine maintenance, repair services, hangar storage, supplies for operation, and more. Everything that the owner and the jet require can conveniently be found in this location – a significant benefit.

Let’s break it down a little more and look at all the benefits of FBO private jet services. 

FBO Private Jets Offer Increased Convenience

Most people love the convenience of private travel but don’t recognize all that is required to maintain them behind the scenes. Whether the jet is used for charter or personal use doesn’t matter. There is a lot behind the scenes to care for these jets properly. 

Routine maintenance, solidly-trained flight crew, having the jet ready to travel when you want to use it and securely stored when you don’t, and other things that need to be handled by someone. This could be taken care of by the owner – or it can be handled by the FBO. 

Choosing an FBO comes with increased convenience and less overall stress. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the jet is being cared for or if it is safe to fly once you are ready. Nor do you have to worry about finding someone to fly the plane. Everything is handled in this one-stop shop for you. 

Are FBOs just convenient for jet owners? Not at all. Any travelers looking to get away from busy commercial airports can benefit from the convenience found here. They offer concierge services, fewer crowds, and more flexible flights. This convenience has pulled more and more travelers from the hustle and bustle of commercial travel. 

FBO Private Jets Are Cost Effective 

Buying a private jet is expensive – but the hefty costs don’t stop there. For instance, the cost of routine maintenance, addressing any repairs, and storing the plane can add up. And that isn’t even every cost you will encounter. Maintaining a plane is quite costly, too. 

With an FBO, you have access to a skilled team of mechanics that offer their services at a high cost. You also have hangar storage – or even outdoor storage if you prefer. And competitive pricing on fuel and various services. 

Ease of Flying

What good is having a private jet if it is an ordeal to use? And even once a pilot is willing to take you somewhere, how do you know if the plane is safe? When was the last time it was examined and routinely maintained?

Give yourself peace of mind with an FBO. Need to fly out this afternoon? No problem. Your jet has been cared for and maintained regularly. They will have a flight crew ready, too. All you have to do is show up. 

You can step on board and feel confident that your jet is in excellent condition and ready to take you where you need to go. 

Maintenance Services

As you can tell, maintaining your jet is super essential for its health – and your safety. When you enlist the services of an FBO, you are getting a maintenance and repair team at a competitive price. 

These individuals are contracted with the FBO and have a proven level of experience. They will provide you with routine maintenance, handling any upkeep on the jet based on hours flown. These recommendations may come from the manufacturer and the FAA

An experienced and skilled maintenance crew can make for an easy repair process. And, of course, you will have peace of mind knowing that others trust those handling the repairs at the FBO. 

An FBO Provides Amenities and Services

When was the last time you had any amenities at a commercial airport? While it may depend on the FBO, you will encounter plenty of amenities and services. You will have everything needed to ensure a pleasurable experience. 

The FBO handles everything required of your jet, and it will also ensure you have things you need, such as flight planning services, rental cars, comfortable lounging areas, a business center, refreshments, and more. 

The staff at FBOs are often very knowledgeable about the local area and the world of private travel. This makes them an excellent source for answering any questions or offering insight when needed. 

Increased Safety

When using an FBO, you can feel confident that the flight experience comes with increased safety. They often follow high safety standards that surpass the local, state and federal safety regulations. 

You can always feel confident and secure while at an FBO or in flight on a private jet. 

Enhanced Flying Experience

Finally, you get an enhanced flying experience when using an FBO. FBOs offer a sense of community, such as enjoying the ease of getting from point A to point B. 

You don’t have the busy crowds or long lines you do with commercial travel. You also don’t have to arrive hours before your flight either. But, should you, you will find comfortable accommodations and amenities to help you enjoy your flight.

When you invest in FBO services, your flight experience will improve drastically. 

FBO Private Jet Services at Camarillo

We don’t take shortcuts when caring for the jets at our FBO. With over 20 years of proven experience and an extensive network of experts in the aviation industry, Sun Air Jets’ award-winning FBO has become a leader. 

It’s where to go if you are looking for all of these benefits of FBO private jet services – and more. 

private jet in hangar

Storing a Private Jet in Hangar: Types and Benefits

It wouldn’t be odd to consider a private hangar as a garage of sorts for your aircraft because, in a sense, that is what it is. These permanent buildings or temporary structures are designed with different size aircraft in mind – and are the perfect place for routine maintenance and storage. Investing in a private jet hangar could be a valuable asset down the road.

Driving past an airport or FBO, you will see these large buildings, some big enough to hold just one aircraft while others significant sufficient to keep many in all different sizes. Let’s take a closer look at what these hangars are and why so many choose to take advantage of them. 

Benefits of a Private Jet Hangar

So why do private jet owners and those otherwise invested in private jets look to hangars? What benefit can they provide? Believe it or not, they serve an essential purpose – storing the aircraft. The FAA does not mandate that private jets stay in a hangar, but choosing to do so can provide you with an extra layer of protection and a few essential benefits

Safety From Vandalism And Theft

Private jets cost a great deal, but their parts and various components are worth a lot. Jet owners consider their aircraft investment and take a lot of pride in owning one. Despite the high level of security found at airports, it is not impossible for theft or vandalism to occur. It could be someone simply targeting fuel or parts but left exposed; you could be facing a costly replacement bill. 

Under a hangar, your chances of theft and vandalism drop significantly, providing you with the safest space for your jet. Not to mention that if you choose to lease hangar space at the right location, you can benefit from 24-hour security within the hangar. 

Reduce The Chance of Corrosion

Leaving a private jet exposed to the elements opens the possibility of weather damage. Without a hangar, corrosion control is a huge task that takes much time. This corrosion damage is especially an issue for those housed on either coast. And when an aircraft begins to rust and corrode, it will eventually be unable to fly. Thankfully, hangars keep them out of the outdoor conditions and significantly reduce their risk of corrosion. 

Lower your Maintenance Costs

Owning an aircraft is expensive, and lowering maintenance costs is a great way to save money. When you provide care and security for your private jet, you will find that your expenses for maintenance are lower. Maintenance is needed because it limits excessive damage from the weather and the sun’s UV rays. Not to mention that you will save due to no corrosion or theft, as we mentioned above – all of which justifies the cost of leasing a hangar for your private jet. 

Types of Private Jet Hangars

Not all private jet hangars are one-size-fits-all. There are a few different options available. Many airports and FBOs will choose a hangar that relates well to their clientele and environmental conditions. Additional size aircraft, wind, and snow loads are essential when selecting a suitable private aircraft hangar. That way, when you need a hangar rental, you can rest easy knowing that your jet will be protected and cared for underneath its roof. 

So, what are the types of private jet hangars? We’ve two main types – temporary fabric structures and aluminum frames. 

Temporary Fabric Structures  

Because the tents feature fabric and a PVC frame, the structures are easily customized and ready to use. They are more affordable than building a more permanent hangar – yet they still do a good job protecting private jets. 

Aluminum Frame Hangars

Aluminum frame hangars are more robust and sturdier, withstanding inclement weather of all types – including high winds and snow. Moreover, this type also offers fire suppression – good news for protecting your jet. Any harsh weather climates are no match for these hangars. 

While temporary fabric structures are significant for storage, aluminum frame hangars work beautifully for fall arrest systems. This type of hangar means thorough jet maintenance with access to all areas of the private jet.

How To Choose The Right Hangar

With these two types of private jet hangars, you can customize them to meet various sizing needs, and because they are wide open underneath, you can design the interior layout. You can even include other facilities inside, too. 

As you begin to decide which hangar is suitable for your private jet, consider the following: 

  • The size of your private jet
  • What do you intend to use it for – Just storage? Regular maintenance? An overhaul? 
  • The amount of space you will require to meet that need


Discussing these things with your local FBO facility can get you the protection you need. 

Leasing A Private Jet Hangar in California

When it comes to Hangar rental in California, it pays to go with the best. Why? Because it is the only way to ensure you receive a premium level of security, privacy, and luxury. In other words, you will enjoy perks such as private offices, lounges, conference rooms, gated guest parking, on-site EV charging, and other sustainable amenities. 

Hangar leasing at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, you get access to one of the busiest and largest hangar facilities. And it comes with some great features, including: 

  • 24-hour/day operation
  • State-of-the-art web-accessible surveillance security system
  • Kitchen facility
  • Crew lounge
  • Airside lounge areas for passengers and guests
  • Low-speed, high-volume fans for air circulation
  • Solar panel rooftops
  • Integrated technology
  • 100,00 sq ft of hangar space


You will find a full-service FBO and ample indoor hangar space for those more interested in Camarillo Airport hangars. This hangar space is in addition to the following features: 

  • 131,000 sq ft of office and hangar space
  • Large hangars to accommodate multiple heavy jets
  • State-of-the-art surveillance system
  • Operated 24 hours/ day
  • Kitchen facility
  • Foam fire suppression
  • Sleep and shower rooms for crew
  • The 4.8-acre concrete ramp area


The benefits of choosing Sun Air Jets for your hangar rental space are pretty extensive, though they vary by location if you want a place to store your private jet, do your due diligence and have the right hangar rental place.

Experience the Best FBO at Camarillo Airport - Sun Air Jets

Experience the Best FBO at Camarillo Airport

There are different reasons people choose to fly private, and it is becoming the go-to option for many – especially since there are so many perks. For instance, you can enjoy more luxurious accommodations and amenities, flexibility, and convenience. The personalized treatment and private surroundings can make choosing a private jet your preferred method of travel. But choosing the best FBO can be a challenge.

It is not only about your experience on board, however. Having the opportunity to experience an FBO rather than dealing directly with a major airport can enhance your trip. And, in Camarillo, that experience is unlike any other. 

What is an FBO? 

Fixed Based Operator (FBO) is a commercial operation providing all types of aviation services. FBOs offer services and amenities to both travelers and flight crews. Some FBO services include maintenance, repairs, fueling, parking, and the like, providing a comfortable and luxurious experience for the travelers passing through and a crew needing a break. FBOs typically operate in both large commercial airports and small private airport hangars. 

FBOs take the hassle out of dealing with busy airports and, instead, allow a pleasant experience for everyone. 

Benefits of the Best FBO

FBOs are known for providing some comfort and convenience with their amenities. However, they don’t always offer the same for each one. Most are privately leased and have control over what they choose to provide. All in all, choosing to fly private and take advantage of an FBO can allow you to experience some great benefits, such as:

  • Fantastic customer service, ensuring you have everything you need for your flight – and tackling any challenges that may arise. 
  • Lots of amenities. Again, this will vary from FBO to FBO, but you will often find comfortable seating, food and beverage options, wi-fi, and others. 
  • A private waiting area – without a commercial airport commotion. 
  • Speedy check-in and boarding process. This check-in process means you can arrive just before takeoff – and make it on your flight in time. There are often no lines, and you can avoid the hustle and bustle found with the TSA security checkpoints in commercial airports.

Features of the Best FBO at Camarillo

If you are looking for the features of Camarillo’s FBO, hold on tight because the list is long. Most FBOs operate as booked charter flights to get to a destination and not to hang out before boarding the private plane. But if you find yourself here, for one reason or another, you can rest easy knowing that it will be one of the most comfortable periods of rest and waiting you’ve ever encountered. And here’s why. 

At the FBO at Camarillo, you will be able to enjoy the following features:

Business Center

We know it is not likely that you want to spend your time in an amazing FBO getting work done, but it is sometimes necessary. If that’s the case, you will be glad to know that there are various conference rooms wired for conference calls, copies, fax machines, printers, internet access, teleconferencing, computers, and anything else you may need in our business center. 

Dining Options

Fuel your body while you wait. Bottled water, hot chocolate, Starbucks Coffee, iced and hot tea, fruit, freshly baked cooking, vending machines, a kitchen, a restaurant, and more give you ample opportunity to feel complete and ready for your flight. 

Freshen Up

Traveling can leave you feeling a little run down, unlike your usual self. With long flights, jet lag and sleep deprivation can kick in. At Camarillo’s FBO, you can freshen up and feel rejuvenated, whether you are waiting on your flight to take off – you just stepped off of a long flight and want to feel better before leaving the airport. You will find restrooms, showers, complimentary toiletries, and a snooze room. 

Look Your Best

After you freshen up a bit, you always want to look your best. Things like shoe-shine service and dry cleaning help make this possible.  

Have Some Relaxation and Fun

Having a little fun is essential, especially for those traveling with little ones. The FBO at Camarillo offers unique features, including video games, magazines, satellite TV, internet access, and nearby golf!

The Best FBOs Bring Convenience

When traveling, you usually have a set amount of time to get things done. It makes it challenging when dealing with the busyness of a commercial airport – especially when you have to arrive hours before your flight. But an FBO is different – and incredibly convenient. You have everything you need right there under one roof. FBOs feature everything from entertainment and business to feeling and looking the best. Coming and going through them is a breeze. 

There is even more, though. The best FBO will know that your destination doesn’t end with them. You may stay for a bit, but your goal is often somewhere in the surrounding city. And, it would help if you still had a means of getting there. For this reason, it is common for FBOs to offer short-term and long-term vehicle parking, valet parking, access to rental cars, and even a limousine service. 

For those sticking around awhile, having a lounge to kick back in and wait comfortably for your flight – with your family and your pets – makes it more convenient, too. 

Choose Your FBO

Are you looking for an award-winning FBO experience? At Sun Air Jets, we are a signature partner with the best FBO network in Camarillo. Signature partner status means that when you choose us for your private jet and charter needs, you have access to a beautiful experience before you even step onto the jet!

Flying a private jet charter comes with many benefits, like privacy on board, freedom to move around and get comfortable, exceptional safety and health standards, flexibility in choosing your travel, and bringing your pets on board. They have so much to offer that, combined with Camarillo’s FBO experience, you may never fly commercial again! Of course, the experience only grows once you are in the air.

What are you waiting for? Book your flight today!

What is a fixed based operator

What is a Fixed Base Operator?

FBO stands for a fixed base operation or fixed base operator. So what exactly is an FBO or a fixed base operator? They are your right hand when you are in corporate aviation, handling everything on the back end and making the flight attendants’ and the pilots’ jobs easy, and providing customer services to the passengers.

In general, they handle fueling, parking the aircraft, or putting your airplane in a hangar if you have an overnight. If you are flying and your plane has a mechanical problem, maintenance is available by an FBO.

Fixed base operators also offer VIP lounges to the passengers and a comfortable place to relax while the crew gets the airplane ready. Basically, an FBO does everything.

Furthermore, a fixed base operator is an organization granted the right by an airport to operate at the airport and provide aviation services such as hanging tie-down, fueling, parking aircraft, top maintenance, flight instruction, and similar activities.

In common practice, an FBO is the primary provider of support services to general aviation operators at a public-use airport. It is on land leased from the airport or, in rare cases, adjacent property as a “through the fence operation.”

fixed based operator is an essential part of smooth flight operations. Today, we will summarize the different services they offer.

Services Provided to Airlines

Typically, an airport will be owned by the government or city, and then they’ll lease out the business space to private companies. So, FBOs are typically owned by a private company, but they are renting the space from the airport.

FBO provides integrated solutions to hundreds of airlines from around the world, including passenger handling operations, ramp services, cabin cleaning, ground handling, and spot services at international airports. 

It ensures the on-time departure of all running flights with precession, accuracy, safety, and efficiency to minimize turnaround time.

FBOs deliver services at the highest possible quality and applies to every aspect of the business from cabin cleaning to baggage, ramp handling, passengers, cargo handling, and training.

FBOs also give basic airport, public access, and a steady, reliable supply of aviation fuel. Without this basic framework, general aviation would have fewer flying opportunities and more hurdles to our vital and shared mission of increasing the GA pilot population.

Moreover, FBOs compete vigorously with each other on service, price, and quality of facilities.

Major Services Provided

The fixed base operator provides two significant services:

  • Ground Handling Services
  • Field Operation Services

Ground Handling Services

Ground handling addresses the service requirements of a passenger aircraft between the time it arrives at the terminal gate and the time it goes on its next flight.

Efficiency, speed, and accuracy are critical in ground handling service in order to minimize the turnaround time (turnaround time is the time during which the aircraft must remain parked at the gate).

Cabin Service

Cabin services include cleaning of passenger cabin and replenishment of onward consumable or washable items such as soft pillows, tissues, blankets, etc. 

Catering Service

Catering services include the unloading of new drinks and food from the aircraft and the loading of fresh drinks and food for passengers and crew. 

The Airline typically delivers meals in trolleys, and the freshman replaces the trash-filled trolleys from the previous flight. In order to reduce the amount of preparation required in the air, the airlines mostly prepare meals on the ground.

Ramp Services

This includes services on the ramp or an apron, such as lavatory drainage and air-conditioning (more common for smaller aircraft).

Ramp services also include refueling, passenger stairs, air start unit, luggage handling, air cargo handling, catering trucks, de-icing, and ground power units.

Passenger Services

It includes services inside the airport terminal, such as providing gate arrival, check-in counter, and departure services. The FBO agents are required to meet a flight on arrival as well as offer departure services, including boarding procedures, closing the flights, etc. It also includes staffing the transfer counters, staffing the customer service counters, airline lounges, etc.

A large part of FBO services is to provide a comfortable experience for its patrons. That’s why many FBOs support their customers with amenities like wireless internet, light refreshments, and bathroom facilities. Larger or more specialized FBOs offer luxury concierge, hotel rooms, and conference facilities—they want their customers to feel at home.

Field Operation Services

This service dispatches the aircraft, maintains communication with air traffic control, and the rest of the airline operation at the airport.

Services Provided to Customers

Many fixed-base operators provide much more than basic repairs and maintenance for their customers. Most of the FBOs also have a VIP lounge within the airport terminal, or it can involve a large facility built specifically for private jet usage offering a range of services for private jet customers, aircraft, and crew.

Crop-dusting taxi or car services, aerial pictures, and filming and baggage handling are some services FBOs might offer. Also, a Fixed Base Operator commonly has lounge facilities like restrooms, showers, and conference rooms. A number of them even provide food and drinks as well as a place to relax.

They are also great at arranging car rentals. If you have just day trips, they will give you a crew car. This way you can leave the airport for a little while. Get some fresh air, go to a restaurant and have a nice meal and not have to sit around in the FBO all day long. When passengers arrive, there is a screening process for them that is different than general airport security.

Most of them supply baggage services and security screening, and some have concierge services for passengers, pilots, and flight crews. So FBOs strive to bring top-quality maintenance facilities and conveniences for customers to make the air travel experience as pleasant and hassle-free as it can be.

Other common FBO services include maintenance of aircraft, sale of aircraft parts, aircraft rental and or sales, basic aircraft line services, aircraft charters, and aerial advertisements.

airplane hangar rental

Choosing the Right Airplane Hangar Rental and FBO Service

Choosing the right airplane hangar rental, FBO service, and location for your needs is an important part of aircraft ownership. As any private jet owner knows, finding the right aircraft hangar is just as important as finding the right aircraft management company to work with.

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a hangar, including location and utilization. We’ve assembled a list of considerations that you will need to think about when choosing the right airplane hangar rental and FBO service.

Choosing the Right Airplane Hangar Rental

Where is your airplane going to be based? Will it be easily accessible?

Part of the joy of owning your own airplane is the flexibility to travel whenever you choose. It seems remiss to lose this benefit if you have to undertake a massive logistical operation every time you want to fly.

While it may seem like good value to base your airplane at a smaller and cheaper regional airport, it could be a false economy.

The cost of fuel alone each time the airplane is repositioned to the correct starting point could easily outweigh the difference in costs to base your airplane at your normal departure point.


The type of hangarage you need will vary depending on the size of the airplane. Operators with diverse fleets will tell you, they all have different requirements. And it isn’t just about ‘making the plane fit’ either.

You may need extra room for equipment such as ground power units or tugs. Further to this, certain types have specific maintenance requirements, tools, equipment. You’ll need to consider whether there is room for this as well.


If the airplane develops a technical fault, will your choice of location have the facilities and means to deal with it? An airport in the middle of nowhere is unlikely to have dedicated maintenance staff on hand 24/7. Even if personnel are available, have they got the expertise and training to handle your particular type of aircraft?

It isn’t all about maintenance either. There are other things that you will almost certainly need.

Flying in the winter? Are de-icing services available at your chosen destination? What about refueling services? It might not be obvious, but not every airport has the means to cater to larger private jets.

Is Chartering an Option?

You can often offset the costs of your own airplane by offering it out for charter when you are not using it.

There is a caveat, however.

Ideally, it is most cost-efficient if the jet is already in a location where people want to travel from and to. You’ll find that metropolitan centers are much more popular than airports out in the back and beyond.


This covers several key areas.

First, let’s talk about the weather. The main reason you will want your airplane in a hangar is to protect it from the natural elements. In fact, some manufacturers specify that a private jet must be in a hangar when it is not in use.

This may seem trivial, but get it wrong, and it could be costly. Dirt, dust, water, and other elements (such as saltwater if you are stationed near the coast) can cause significant damage when left to sit on airplane parts and components.

The elements aren’t the only threat. Unauthorized personnel have always been a significant threat to aviation. You must ensure that you aren’t a victim of unauthorized access. The easiest way to negate this threat is to choose a hangar space with a sturdy and established perimeter. Features like dedicated security staff, monitored CCTV, and secured entryways should come as standard.


Just like renting a house, renting hangar space gives you flexibility. It would be a shame to purchase or build a hangar, only to discover that it wasn’t working out as you’d hoped.

Hangar rental affords you a degree of flexibility. Depending on your agreement, you would be tied in for far less time than if you permanently bought a hangar. If you upgrade (or downsize), you safeguard yourself against the hangar being unsuitable to fit your aircraft.

Renting Hangar Space

There are lots of options open to you when choosing the right airplane hangar rental: –

Shared Airport Hangars

This is generally considered the cheapest option. You rent a ‘parking space’ within a hangar that is owned by a fixed base operator (FBO). Depending on where the aircraft is based, this could include certain maintenance and handling fees.

Shared Private Hangars

This is an alternative if you are looking for a less costly option. It is quite similar to the above. However, instead of renting from an airport authority or a fixed base operator (FBO), you will be renting from a private individual.

Individually Rented Hangars

If shared airport hangars equate to renting a hotel room, individually rented hangars are comparable to renting the entire hotel.

The advantages include greater convenience, and can even house multiple aircraft if you own more than one.

The downsides are that it is (naturally) more expensive. You might find that the hangar is much bigger than you require, yet you will likely be responsible for the upkeep and MX. In addition to this, you will tend to find that the availability is limited in busy and popular areas and therefore will be priced at a premium.

The Easy Way to Choose the Right Airplane Hangar Rental?

With all the above in mind, you have an ideal solution. Sun Air Jets provides secure hangar storage for private jets that ticks every box in the requirements above. In addition, we offer a great level of luxury and sophistication. Our hangars offer excellent facilities, including maintenance, offices, meeting rooms, private lobbies, and gated parking.

Choosing the right airplane hangar rental or FBO service isn’t just about finding a place to park your aircraft. Your choice can have a direct implication on the overall costs of the airplane. Contact Sun Air Jets for more information.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

A safe & affordable way to reduce your impact on the environment.

The business aviation industry has long been dedicated to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft. With a proven record of advances in carbon reduction, the business aviation community has aspired to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 (relative to 2005).

Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is an important element to help the aviation community reach its goal and reduce its environmental impact. But what is SAF?

About Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Clean Alternative

Sustainable aviation fuel is a clean substitute for conventional jet fuel. Rather than refined from petroleum, SAF is made from organic & renewable materials and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 23%.

Safe for all Jet Aircraft

SAF has been tested and approved by manufacturers of aircraft, engines and components to assure their reliability and safety.

Ready to Use

Equally important, SAF can be blended with current fuels, so manufacturers do not have to redesign engines or aircraft – the fuels can simply be “dropped-in” whenever they are available.


SAF is currently offered at the same rate as conventional jet fuel at the Sun Air Jets’ FBO in Ventura County. Requesting SAF instead of conventional fuel is an affordable & safe way to reduce your impact on the environment.

SAF is now available at Sun Air Jets in Ventura County.

For more information or to request SAF, contact our FBO at (805) 389-9301 or info@sunairjets.com.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Truck

Sun Air Jets Offers SAF in Southern California

SAF will be offered at the same rate as conventional jet fuel

(Greater Los Angeles Area, California – February 9, 2021) – Signature Select member FBO Sun Air Jets is pleased to announce it will be blazing new trails, offering sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at their full-service FBO in Ventura County. Sun Air Jets will be one of the first FBOs in the Signature Select network to offer SAF.

With the rising need for environmental sustainability, Sun Air Jets is excited to join the private aviation industry’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. As a clean substitute for conventional jet fuel, SAF is made from organic and renewable materials rather than refined from petroleum and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 23%.

“Now, more than ever, it is important for everyone to do their part,” says Brian Counsil, President and CEO of Sun Air Jets. “We’re thrilled to partner with Signature Select and Epic Fuels to be one of the first companies to offer SAF and help our company and clients reduce their carbon footprint.”

SAF will be offered at the same rate as conventional jet fuel

Sun Air Jets will begin offering SAF at KCMA in Ventura County at a special low rate. Due to a generous donation by an anonymous benefactor, the company will offer SAF at the same rate as conventional jet fuel while supplies last.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to extend this unique partnership to our Signature Select FBOs, and we will continue to focus on environmental stewardship and safety, paving the way for a more sustainable future,” said Marius Ronge, President of EPIC Fuels and Signature Select.

To encourage the purchase of this alternative fuel source, Sun Air Jets is offering Signature TailWins loyalty program members five times the amount of Signature TailWins reward points for SAF orders. This offer is available for a limited-time during February and March 2021.

To learn more or make a reservation for SAF in Southern California, contact us today.

Call (805) 389-9301 | Email info@sunairjets.com

About Sun Air Jets: Sun Air Jets operates one of the safest rated private jet fleets in the nation with a flawless safety record spanning over 20 years. Serving the greater Los Angeles area, Sun Air Jets, a SIGNATURE SELECT™ member FBO, provides aircraft management, maintenance, private luxury hangars, and private charter jet services on a diverse fleet including Gulfstream, Bombardier, Citation, Hawker and Falcon aircraft. Along with maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry, Sun Air Jets remains dedicated to serving clients with the highest levels of operating expertise and personable customer service. With bases located in Camarillo and Van Nuys, California, including a full-service FBO at the company’s KCMA headquarters, Sun Air Jets is a fully certified Part 145 repair station and 135 charter operator.

To learn more about Sun Air Jets, visit sunairjets.com.

About Signature Select

Signature Select is the leading FBO network affiliation program enabling third-party FBOs to join the world’s most traveled network.  Select FBO licensees (Select Partners) can access a multitude of network programs aimed at existing and new Signature Flight Support end-user customers that enhance the value and service delivery at Select Partner FBOs.

For more information, please visit www.signatureaviation.com

jet fuel prices available at sunairjets.com

FBO Special: Jet Fuel Price at $2.20

Jet fuel price valid Dec 24 – Dec 31

Sun Air Jets will offer a special jet fuel price for the end of the year at their Ventura County FBO – Jet A at only $2.20 per gallon (out the door). 

This end-of-the-year fuel special will be available starting Christmas Eve, December 24, 2020 and run until New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2020.

The Sun Air Jets FBO is located at the company’s Ventura County location: Camarillo Airport (KCMA), 855 Aviation Drive, Camarillo, Ca 93010.

This aviation fuel special coincides with the Signature Tailwins promotion that is offered throughout the entire month of December 2020. As a member of the Signature Select FBO network, Sun Air Jets is offering 5-10 times the amount of Signature rewards points on purchases of 300+ gallons of fuel to Signature Tailwins loyalty reward members.

Don’t miss out on the last fuel special for 2020. Make a reservation today!

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The Sun Air Jets Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) serves private and business aviation needs. The full-service FBO provides luxury hangar space, refueling, parking and other invaluable services to the general aviation community.

To learn more about the FBO and its current fuel prices, ramp fees and other fuel programs, please call (805) 389-9301 or email info@sunairjets.com.


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Black Friday Jet A Fuel Sale

Jet A Fuel Sale in Southern California

This holiday season, Sun Air Jets is offering a Black Friday Jet A fuel sale at their full-service FBO. Jet A fuel will be available for purchase at only $1.97 per gallon (out the door).

This jet fuel sale is only offered from Thursday, November 26, 2020 to Saturday, November 28, 2020. This special is offered at Sun Air Jets’ Ventura County facility at Camarillo Airport, 855 Aviation Drive, Camarillo, Ca.

As a Signature Flight Support location, Sun Air Jets provides fuel discounts and other promotions throughout the year to better serve customers. The company is also currently offering an end-of-year promotion to Signature Tailwins members. Those participating in the loyalty program can earn 5-10 times the amount of Signature rewards points on purchases of 300+ gallons of fuel.

Take advantage of these great fuel sales. Call (805) 389-9301 or email info@sunairjets.com to make a reservation today!

To learn more about the FBO, other fuel programs, or how ramp fees may be waived, contact our Customer Service Department at (805) 389-9301.

Located in Southern California, Sun Air Jets offers award-winning FBO amenities. As a full-service, 24/7 FBO, Sun Air Jets provide essential support services for business and private aircraft, including refueling and luxury hangar space. The company also provides a comfortable private crew lounge, maintenance services, and a variety of other necessities.

Jet fuel trucks at Sun Air Jets' FBO in Ventura County

Jet Fuel Special: 5-10x More Tailwins Points on Purchases

Earn 5-10x more Signature Tailwins points on jet fuel purchase

Sun Air Jets is partnering with Signature Flight Support and Epic Fuels to bring clients a special deal on jet fuel purchases for the end of 2020.

While purchasing jet A fuel at Sun Air Jets’ FBO in Ventura County, guests can take advantage of the following fuel program.

  • For orders of 300-499 gallons of fuel, earn 5 times the amount of Signature Tailwins points
  • For orders of 500 and more gallons of fuel, earn 10 times the amount of Signature Tailwins points

The Signature loyalty program, Signature Tailwins provides an opportunity for pilots to earn points for purchases within Signature’s FBO network. These points can be redeemed as a reloadable cash card or as gift cards to a variety of well-known retailers, including Starbucks, Amazon, Apple and more.

The fuel special is available during November and December 2020. This special is offered at Sun Air Jets’ Ventura County location at Camarillo Airport, 855 Aviation Drive, Camarillo, Ca.

To learn more about the fuel special discount or to make a reservation, call (805) 389-9301 or email info@sunairjets.com.

The Sun Air Jets FBO in Ventura County provides a variety of services to guests, including private luxury hangar space, refueling, private crew lounge, and more.

Guests can view the most current jet fuel prices at sunairjets.com. Other fuel discounts are available. Ramp fees may also be waived with fuel purchase. Call (805) 389-9301 to learn more.

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