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The Various Private Jet Sizes Available for Charter

There are so many perks that come with chartering a private jet. And much of that is the flexibility and convenience to make choices concerning your travel — such as which private jet you’d like to fly high in. 

Of course, to make decisions like this, you are going to need to gain some insight; and get to know your options.

Let’s take a moment to look over the various private jet sizes available for charter. 

Passenger Seating on a Private Jet

One thing you can always count on when you book a private jet charter is getting comfortable seating. Every make and model will have a different interior when it comes to seating design, holding space for a certain number of passengers. And, because many jets get remodeled, you could have three of the same types of jets in a charter fleet — and each may look different inside.

Unlike commercial airliners, the goal isn’t to fill up as much space as possible with seats for paying passengers. Private jet charters are more focused on ensuring your surroundings are relaxing and spacious. Comfort is a top priority.  

Bear in mind that passenger capacity changes on flights offering some shut-eye. Those with seating that can transform into beds will reduce the number of passengers, sometimes by half. This is definitely something to pay attention to when booking. 

The Size of a Private Jet Charter

There are different sizes of private jets available so you will always find one to meet your needs. However, it is important to understand that this range in size is often directly related to the number of passengers the jet can hold, as well as the distance it can fly.

Most private jet charters will fall into one of these categories

  • Very light jets
  • Light jets
  • Super light jets
  • Midsize jets
  • Super midsize jets
  • Heavy jets
  • Ultra long-range heavy jets
  • Jumbo jets 

Every charter company has a select charter fleet of varying sizes to meet client demand. 

What Does a Private Jet Interior Look Like?

The interior of the jet may look different. Some may feel more roomy and spacious whereas others may feel more compact. Some may be brightly colored while others may be dark and elegant. And some private jet interiors may have forward-facing seats whereas others may have club seating, even including a sofa. 

Inflight Entertainment. You may find monitors installed throughout the aircraft, one main monitor at the front of the cabin, or small personal monitors at every seat. Nearly all private jets come equipped with inflight connectivity and entertainment systems. 

Galleys. Something you can expect in your private jet’s interior is a galley. While they are not always standard, they are quite common. Some galleys are small only offering refreshments and snacks. Some jets have galleys with full ovens capable of cooking a hot meal while in flight. 

Lavatories. Lavatories are another standard feature on a private jet, except on some of the lighter, shorter-distance jets. And, just like everything else, they too can vary. Most lavatories are small in size, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a luxury jet with a larger-than-normal place to go. 

Again, the size of the private jet is often related to what you will find onboard – including the number of amenities, lavatories, and galley size/offerings. 

Private Jet Sizes Available for Charter

Now that you know just how much the amenities and interior spaces can differ from jet to jet, it is time to weigh your options so that you book the perfect charter for your getaway.

Global Express

  • Passenger Capacity: 12, but sleeps 6
  • Range: 5,900 Nautical Miles or 12 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 8.2 feet
  • Cabin Height: 6.3 feet
  • Cabin Length: 48.4 feet

Gulfstream G500

  • Passenger Capacity: 16, but sleeps 9
  • Range: 5,200 Nautical Miles or 10.5 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 7.3 feet
  • Cabin Height: 6.4 feet
  • Cabin Length: 50.1 feet

Gulfstream GIV-SP

As stated above, some of the same jets can have very different interiors thanks to remodels. For instance, Sun Air Jets has three Gulfstream GIV-SPs with varying passenger capacities. Two of these jets have enough space for 13 passengers. The other jet has a passenger capacity of 16. All three have room to sleep 6. 

  • Range: 4,165 Nautical Miles or 8.5 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 7.3 feet
  • Cabin Height: 6.2 feet
  • Cabin Length: 45.1 feet

Challenger 605

  • Passenger Capacity: 10 Passengers, sleeps 5
  • Range: 4,000 Nautical Miles or 8 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 8.2 feet
  • Cabin Height: 6.2 feet
  • Cabin Length: 28.3 feet

Gulfstream G200

  • Passenger Capacity: 10 Passengers
  • Range: 3,400 Nautical Miles or 4 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 7.2 feet
  • Cabin Height: 6.3 feet
  • Cabin Length: 24.4 feet

Citation X

  • Passenger Capacity: 8 Passengers, sleeps 2
  • Range: 3,100 Nautical Miles or 6 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 5.6 feet
  • Cabin Height: 5.7 feet
  • Cabin Length: 23.5 feet

Hawker 900XP

  • Passenger Capacity: 8 Passengers
  • Range: 2,800 Nautical Miles or 6 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 6 feet
  • Cabin Height: 5.9 feet
  • Cabin Length: 21.4 feet

Hawker 800XP

  • Passenger Capacity: 8 Passengers
  • Range: 2,650 Nautical Miles or 5.5 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 6 feet
  • Cabin Height: 5.8 feet
  • Cabin Length: 21.3 feet

King Air 350i

  • Passenger Capacity: 8 Passengers
  • Range: 1,800 Nautical Miles or 4 Flying Hours
  • Cabin Width: 4.6 feet
  • Cabin Height: 64.9 feet
  • Cabin Length: 19.6 feet

Find These Private Jets at Sun Air Jets

One of the many great reasons to charter a private jet through Sun Air Jets is that our team will be able to guide you through your booking. We are the aviation experts — and we don’t expect you to have all the answers. 

Since you will find all of the above as part of our charter fleet, you can gain a bit of insight as to what you are looking for. We can work together to ensure that you book the perfect private jet size available for charter while giving you the best luxury travel experience possible.

Aside from our fleet, you can count on a high level of safety, a world-class flight crew, and so much more. 

Contact us today to discuss your next charter flight.   

Man calling to learn how to book a private jet

How to Book A Private Jet for Your Next Trip

More and more people are walking away from commercial travel as they find joy and comfort on a chartered private jet. The price tag may be a bit higher, but many travelers feel that the reward far outweighs any extra cost. 

Are you ready to take the leap and see what luxury travel is all about? While it is quite easy to do, sometimes you need to have a bit of direction. After all, private travel may be a common form of air travel, but it is an entirely different world than commercial travel. Here you have choices and can make decisions about when you travel and what type of jet you take off in. 

Below you will find everything you need to know about how to book a private jet for your next trip. 

Choose Your Charter Company Wisely

One quick Google search and you will find that there are many charter companies out there offering you the best deal on a luxury flight. What you may not know is that some of these “charter companies” are actually brokers. These are individuals or companies that serve as a middle person between the owner or operator of the private jet and you, the traveler. 

Avoid the broker and go directly to the charter company. Do your research and find one that operates a fleet of charters and takes your safety seriously. That means they put an extreme emphasis on things like: 

You can always pick up the phone and call the charter company to discuss these things, as well as the fleet diversity and services they offer. This is also a great time to discuss their booking process since each charter company will have a slightly different way of doing things. 

While being catered to and being offered extensive services is always exciting, make sure the charter company you speak to is more concerned about your overall experience and safety rather than just selling you upgrades. 

Learn About the Available Charter Aircraft

As mentioned above, when you book a private jet, you get to choose the aircraft. The only general rule is that every passenger is going to need a seat. If you are traveling solo, does that mean you cannot choose a larger jet? Not at all. You have choices. But since bigger doesn’t always mean better, you will want to educate yourself on what is available. 

Most reputable charter companies will list their fleet on their website, along with the specs of each one. They will let you know the amenities you can expect and what the interior looks like. This will help you make decisions. 

Of course, all of this can also be discussed with a representative for the right charter company. 

Choose your aircraft based on who you are traveling with, the distance you are traveling (no one wants to stop to refuel), and the amenities you are looking for. 

Select the Best Destination Airport

One of the many benefits of traveling privately is being able to have access to many additional airports that are not used by commercial airliners. Most of these are smaller, private airports and are only able to accommodate smaller jets. 

When traveling to a big city, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the major airport and, instead, turn to outside private airports. You may even find that there is a smaller airport closer to your destination which will cut down on your travel once on the ground. 

Want more? Many private airports, or FBOs, have amenities you wouldn’t find in a commercial airport. For example, they may offer refreshments, provide business centers and conference rooms, a lounge, comfortable seating, and more. 

Decide Between a One-Way and a Round-Trip

Since you are new to private travel, it may be hard to wrap your head around the fact that your private jet is there for you. So, while you are doing what you do in the destination city, your jet will be at the airport waiting to take you back home. 

A round-trip flight means that your jet and your flight crew aren’t going anywhere until you are ready. This can add up when it comes to ramp fees, salaries, and so forth. But, if you are only going to be at your destination for a short time – say, a night or two – booking a round-trip flight may be your best option. 

Should your travels keep you away for longer, it may make most financial sense to book a one-way ticket each way. Discuss your options with your charter team. 

Additional Tips for Booking a Private Jet

Before booking a private jet charter, there are a few additional tips you should know so that you have the best experience imaginable. 

  • Cheaper is not always better. Sometimes you will find a great deal with a top-notch charter company, but for those offering the lowest prices all the time — you may want to do a little research first. 
  • Dress appropriately. Take some time to learn about attire for traveling on a private jet. No one will know it is your first time because you will blend right in. 
  • Make special requests when you book. If you want any special touches or catering onboard, make these requests when you book. Or, at least well in advance of your trip. 

Most importantly, ask questions. If you aren’t sure about something, ask. Booking a private jet charter is not only an experience but an investment. Make sure you understand all aspects. 

Book a Private Jet with Sun Air Jets

Looking for a reputable charter company with a high safety record? 

Sun Air Jets has a versatile fleet that is maintained by some of the best airline maintenance technicians in the industry. Our flight crews are world-class and undergo routine training. And our charter services are unmatched. 

If you want your first private jet experience to be unforgettable, contact us today. Book your charter with Sun Air Jets. 

Vineyard found during California Wine Country Trip

The Ultimate California Wine Country Trip with the King Air Aircraft

Imagine sipping a glass of world-renowned Cabernet Sauvignon as you soar over the breathtaking landscapes of California’s wine country. 

You may be interested in planning a California Wine Country trip that combines the allure of Napa and Sonoma valleys with the unbeatable comfort and convenience of flying on a King Air Aircraft

In this guide, we’ll explore a dreamy itinerary, discuss the benefits of flying private, and delve into why King Air is the ideal companion for this adventure.

Why the King Air is Ideal for this Journey

King Air Aircraft interior

The King Air 350i sets a new standard for short to medium-range flights. Offering top-tier performance and sophisticated interiors, this aircraft is perfect for regional jaunts like the one to California’s wine country. 

Its versatile performance allows for landing at smaller airports, bringing you closer to your ultimate destination. And let’s not forget the elegant design and luxurious amenities that ensure your journey is just as enjoyable as the vineyard visits awaiting you.

  • Unparalleled Efficiency and Convenience: Shorter takeoff and landing capabilities for accessing smaller airports, reducing ground travel time.
  • Comfort and Luxury in the Skies: Spacious interiors, adjustable comfortable seating, and cabin amenities for a luxurious experience.
  • Technological Advancements for a Smooth Ride: State-of-the-art avionics and navigational systems, as well as onboard Wi-Fi, ensure a safe and connected journey.
  • Versatility and Reliability: Dependable performance in various weather conditions and the flexibility for last-minute itinerary changes.
  • Environmental Considerations: Designed for fuel efficiency and fewer emissions, offering a more eco-conscious travel option.

Advantages of Flying Private to Wine Country

Flying private offers a level of flexibility, comfort, and convenience that commercial flights simply can’t match. The King Air’s ability to land at smaller airports means you can skip the crowded hubs and go straight to the heart of wine country. 

Your schedule is entirely yours to command, allowing for last-minute changes or extended stays at your favorite vineyard. And let’s not forget the privacy and personalized service that make your journey as pleasant as possible. In essence, when you fly private, the journey itself becomes an integral part of your luxurious getaway.

What to Pack and Prepare

This isn’t just any trip; it’s a luxury experience. Pack casual but elegant clothing that allows for both comfort and style. Don’t forget versatile footwear—something suitable for vineyard tours but elegant enough for fine dining. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera for capturing memories are also recommended.

Day 1: Departure and Arrival

Begin your California Wine Country trip at Sun Air Jets’ Van Nuys or Camarillo locations, boarding the luxurious King Air aircraft. With impeccable interiors and an attentive flight crew, even the brief flight to Sonoma or Napa feels indulgent. Landing amidst sun-kissed vineyards, you’re whisked to your first wine-tasting destination, setting the mood for a trip rich in both scenery and flavor.

The region’s vineyards offer a variety of options, whether you prefer robust reds or delicate whites. Your day concludes with a dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, a culinary journey in itself. Each dish, a masterpiece, is expertly paired with local wines, encapsulating the region’s reputation for both its viticulture and cuisine.

From the moment you board the King Air to the final sip of your gourmet dinner, your first day marks the beginning of an unparalleled journey through California’s iconic Wine Country, designed for ultimate luxury and enjoyment.

Day 2: Exploration of Napa Valley

Begin your day at renowned wineries like Opus One, where you’ll explore the fusion of Robert Mondavi’s and Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s visions, and Stag’s Leap, famous for its 1976 Judgment of Paris win. These iconic estates offer guided tours through their vineyards and tastings of their globally celebrated Cabernet Sauvignon.

As the afternoon sunlight pours over Napa Valley, choose from a variety of leisure activities. Rejuvenate at a high-end spa offering treatments like grape seed facials and volcanic ash mud baths, all inspired by the valley’s natural bounty. If relaxation isn’t on your agenda, explore the rich art scene of Napa. Galleries abound, featuring an array of styles, from contemporary to traditional, often inspired by the valley’s own picturesque landscape.

As evening approaches, Napa Valley’s gastronomic richness comes to life. Choose from a wide variety of dining experiences, ranging from Michelin-starred establishments to more intimate eateries. Here, farm-to-table is not a trend but a way of life, and the locally sourced dishes are designed to pair perfectly with the region’s wines. In Napa, each day offers a trifecta of wine, wellness, and culinary wonders.

Day 3: Exploration of Sonoma Valley

Start your day in Sonoma at intimate, family-run wineries where the owners themselves often lead tours, sharing their passion for winemaking. Sample a range of varietals, from Pinot Noirs to Chardonnays, each offering insight into Sonoma’s unique terroir and generational expertise.

For a mid-day respite, choose between nature and culture. Unwind at scenic parks like Sonoma Plaza, an eight-acre haven perfect for strolls and picnics, or immerse yourself in local history by visiting landmarks like Mission San Francisco Solano.

As evening unfolds, Sonoma’s culinary scene steals the spotlight. Dine at premier local restaurants, where the farm-to-table ethos shines through in every dish. Each course is paired with local wines, epitomizing the essence of Sonoma’s vibrant flavors.

Like the King Air aircraft, your Sonoma experience blends efficiency, luxury, and timeless charm, serving as an enchanting continuation of your California Wine Country trip.

Day 4: Return

As dawn breaks on your final day in California’s Wine Country, consider an early morning vineyard tour for a serene experience or stroll through charming boutiques for keepsakes and favorite wines. As departure nears, the richness of the trip—each winery, meal, and sunset—fills you with cherished memories. You’re transported back to your King Air, its comforts as inviting as on day one.

The plane takes off, offering a final birds-eye view of the stunning landscape. You’re pampered with gourmet snacks and perhaps a glass of wine discovered on your journey. The King Air lands at Sun Air Jets’ base, concluding your trip but leaving you with an insatiable urge for more adventures. As you disembark, you realize your Wine Country experience has set a high bar for future travels.

Booking and Planning Tips

The wine country is a popular destination, so consider booking your private flight and accommodations at least two months in advance. 

Sun Air Jets offers the flexibility of last-minute bookings, but availability may be limited. Communicate any specific needs or wishes you may have in advance to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Contact Sun Air Jets today and start planning the ultimate California wine country trip.


California’s wine country offers an unparalleled blend of sensory delights, from the taste of world-class wines to the beauty of its landscapes. 

When you add the luxury and convenience of a King Air Aircraft, the experience elevates to a whole new level. Don’t just dream about it—live it. Book your ultimate California Wine Country trip with Sun Air Jets today.

how to charter a private jet

How to Charter a Private Jet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today’s travelers are realizing that the experience of getting there matters just as much as the destination. For that reason, more and more are taking an interest in private travel.  

So, if you have found yourself here, that must mean you have decided that you are going to go for it — you are going to charter a private jet for the first time. While you should be patting yourself on the back for all the luxurious amenities you are about to surround yourself with, it is understandable if you are standing there scratching your head. 

Where do you even start?
How do you charter a private jet? 

Questions such as these have confused many a traveler who has decided to indulge in the epitome of luxury travel by chartering a private jet. 

To help you see just how easy it is to go wheels up, here is the step-by-step guide you have been waiting for. 

Step One: Organize the Basic Details of Your Travel

Before you can book your charter, it is always a good idea to know when and where you’d like to travel. The reason for this is that choosing a private jet is going to be based on these details. For instance, you want to ensure that the jet will be able to travel from your starting point to your destination without having to stop to refuel. Also, if you choose to travel to a smaller airport, you want to make sure that it will be able to accommodate the jet. 

When you go to secure your charter, you are sure to be asked where you are headed – and when. Iron out these basic details and then move on to step two. 

Step Two: Choosing the Right Private Jet

When you travel privately, you have a wide selection of private jets you can charter. When have you ever been able to do that in commercial travel? Having a jet that will specifically meet your needs is just another way private travel enhances the overall experience. 

Because this may be your first time to charter a private jet, you will likely want to speak with a representative for the charter company to make sure that you are choosing a jet that will give you what you are looking for. 

Consider these key factors: 

  • The number of travelers. How many people you are bringing with you will play a significant role in the private jet you charter. Each one is designed to comfortably seat a certain number of passengers, so you must choose the right one. 
  • The distance you are traveling. Remember, unless you want to stop to refuel, you want to charter a jet that will easily get you to your destination with ease. 
  • Your baggage. Most private jets are very accommodating with luggage. If you are taking more than normal or large, odd-shaped items, you need to make sure they will fit on the jet. 

Addressing each of these things before you book your private jet charter can help you to avoid any issues when it comes time to depart. Again, always consider speaking to a representative from your chosen charter company for expert insight. 

Step Three: Find Your Preferred Charter Company

Your charter team plays a very big role in your overall private travel experience — which is why finding your preferred charter company is so important. Never, ever settle. 

Find a company that can offer you the following: 

  • A flight crew with a high level of training and experience
  • Top-level security and safety measures, both on the ground and in the air
  • Personalized treatment 
  • A comfortable, easy experience
  • Many amenities to offer

Most importantly find a charter team that listens and is responsive to your needs and requests. This is sure to make a huge difference in bringing together your travel arrangements. 

Step Four: Obtain a Charter Quote

Next up, obtain a charter quote. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned private jet traveler or this is your first time, everyone will reach out for this quote. 

You will need to provide the basic information we discussed above, such as where you will be traveling to, the dates of your travel, how many passengers you have, and so forth. 

Once provided, the charter team will go to work putting together the most incredible experience. They may ask you about any specific details for your trip, such as whether or not you want a catered meal, require special amenities, inflight entertainment and connectivity, and the like. 

All of this will help them to narrow down the perfect aircraft for your flight. 

Most jets come equipped with a lot of amenities, but the charter team wants to ensure you have the best possible experience and may take it a step further to add some personal touches along the way. 

Step Five: Book Your Trip

When everything is ironed out and you have your quote and ideal private jet selected, it is time to finalize and book your trip. And this means paying for it so that you may secure your travel arrangements. 

Always make sure all the details are correct and then book it. 

Charter a Private Jet with Sun Air Jets

If you have been on a quest for the ideal charter company with a high safety record and a high level of customer satisfaction, then you can stop looking. At Sun Air Jets, we have those things and more. 

Our charter team is one of the best in the industry, providing our travelers with quotes and getting them in the sky without any issues. They ensure that they have everything they need to create an unforgettable travel experience. 

Are you interested in seeing what charter flights are all about? Simply give us a call or fill out our online form and we will reach out to you right away. We want to get to know exactly what it is you are looking for so that your charter experience surpasses your expectations. 

luxury private jets

5 Luxury Private Jets You Can Charter

The next time you need to book air travel, imagine yourself flying on one of the many luxury private jets in the sky. 

Air travel doesn’t have to be boring and uncomfortable. You have options – and chartering is one of them. This allows you all of the perks of flying private without having to have the funds of owning and operating your own aircraft. 

You get private surroundings, personalized treatment, and luxurious amenities. But the perks don’t stop there because you also get to choose your jet. 

So, let’s talk about the luxury private jets you can choose from. 

Charter These Luxury Private Jets

As you learn about the following luxury private jets available for charter, it is important to consider a few things before booking. For instance, how many passengers will be traveling with you? How far do you intend to travel? What amenities are a must-have? 

While nearly all private jets can give you an incredible experience, having one that checks off all your boxes can take that experience to the next level. 

Are one of these luxury private jets what you have been looking for? 

1. Global Express

The Global Express is a private aircraft that can hold about 12 passengers and fly for a range of 5900 nautical miles— which is equivalent to 12 hours in the sky. 

For those who would love to show up at their destination well-rested, the Global Express has room for 6 to snooze while mid-air. There are also two lavatories and a full galley with a high-temperature oven, microwave oven, and coffeemaker. 

Kick back, relax, and watch something good on one of the few LED monitors onboard with the Honeywell Ovation Cabin Entertainment System. 

2. Gulfstream G500

The Gulfstream G500 is another one of the luxury private jets available for charter. It is beautiful inside and designed for comfort. With the capability of carrying 16 passengers for a range of 5200 nautical miles (or 10.5 flying hours). 

Inside, you will find room for 9 to sleep peacefully. Or, take advantage of the complimentary domestic WiFi, the Gogo Vision Inflight Entertainment System with a media library, several LCD monitors, and more. 

The Gulfstream G500 has a full-service galley with a sink, microwave oven, and Nespresso coffee maker. 

3. Gulfstream GIV-SP

Another luxury private jet is the Gulfstream GIV-SP. This jet is decked out with wood trim and a modern interior that engulfs you in comfort. It has plenty of room for 13 passengers (6 sleeping) to travel distances up to 4,165 nautical miles (or 8.5 flying hours). 

On this jet, you will find two lavatories and a full-service galley with a sink, convection oven, microwave, and coffee maker. Plus, it gives you everything you need to stay entertained while in the air, such as complimentary domestic WiFi, flight phones, Airshow Full Entertainment System, LCD monitors, and plenty of outlets to keep your personal devices up and running. 

4. Challenger 605

The Challenger 605 comes with a spacious cabin that has enough room for 10 passengers – or 5 sleeping. It can travel distances up to 4,000 nautical miles (or 8 flying hours). 

Once on board, you will find that this private jet has a full-service galley with a convection oven, microwave, Nespresso coffee maker, and more. It also has a lavatory with full vanity. 

While you wait for your meal, you can enjoy the entertainment amenities, including complimentary domestic WiFi, flight phone, Air Show 500 entertainment system, LCD monitors, etc. 

5. Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 900XP is a luxury private jet that holds 8 passengers and can travel up to 2800 nautical miles (or 5.5 flying hours). It is roomy and comfortable for those on board, offering a great flight experience. 

While in flight, you can enjoy a full galley with a microwave oven and coffee maker, as well as a lavatory with full vanity. 

Of course, a flight on the Hawker 900XP wouldn’t be complete without some entertainment. Two large monitors and a Blue Ray/DVD entertainment system are all you need. 


New to the world of chartering private jets? Below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions. 

How much does it cost to fly on a luxury private jet?

The cost to charter a luxury private jet will depend greatly on a few things, such as the size of the jet, the distance you are traveling, and the demand or season. Reach out to a highly-respected charter company with the details of your trip to get a quote for travel. 

What if I am the only passenger?

Many single travelers choose to charter their flights. Private jet charters hold different numbers of passengers depending on their capacity. If you are the only one traveling, you may have a greater selection to choose from – just ask your charter company. 

How do I know which private jet charter to choose?

Having options is always a good thing— unless it becomes overwhelming. If you are new to chartering, your charter company should be able to help you choose the best option. Look at the jet’s specs concerning the number of passengers it holds, the distance it can travel, and any amenities it has. 

Charter a Luxury Private Jet Today

Don’t waste any more time with commercial travel. Instead, book one of the many luxury private jets available to you at Sun Air Jets

Chartering has many advantages. Come experience them for yourself. 

Contact us today. 


Choosing private travel means being able to select from all of the luxury private jets available – and booking the one that meets your needs. At Sun Air Jets, we have an extensive charter fleet available to our customers. 

Will you travel on the Gulfstream G500? The Hawker 900XP? Something else? 

Let us help you find which jet will give you the greatest travel experience overall. 

A Turboprop on runway - what is a turboprop

What is a Turboprop Plane?

A turboprop plane is an aircraft powered by a turbine engine that drives a propeller, combining high speed with fuel efficiency.

What is a turboprop plane? Have you ever heard of one? While they are popular and significant in the world of aviation, they do not often get the attention they deserve.

Turboprops include the best of both worlds. Propeller-driven aircraft are known to be highly efficient. And jets are known to be reliable. Turboprops combine these strengths, creating the greatest opportunity for safe regional travel.

While many are quick to turn a blind eye to turboprops, many others are taking advantage of all they have to offer. So, before you make a decision on your next chartered flight, get to know more about them.

So, again, what is a turboprop?

What is a Turboprop?

A turboprop is an aircraft that has a unique type of engine not found on other jets. More specifically, it is designed to use a turbine that, in turn, rotates the aircraft’s visible propeller.

This type of aircraft works beautifully for local or regional traveling. They tend to fly at slower speeds and at lower altitudes— and are commonly used to meet the needs of modern aviation.

Turboprops don’t have as many moving parts as other types of aircraft. Yet, this does not make them any less safe. Instead, they are easier to maintain. For those who want to invest in a private jet, having a turboprop can lead to lower costs of owning and operating.

How a Turboprop Works

What is a turboprop’s engine like? Understanding this is important since it is the exact thing that sets a turboprop apart from other jets. Here is how it works:

Simply put, a turboprop’s engine is a gas turbine that gives power to an external propeller. And this propeller is what makes the engine move forward.

Air is pulled into the engine and pushed through a compressor assembly. The airflow is slowed down so that pressure can build before it moves into the combustion chamber where the air and fuel combust, releasing hot gases capable of turning the turbines. As the air moves through them, the energy created is used to make the propeller rotate rather than just get pushed out as exhaust.

Keep in mind that this is just a general overview of a turboprop engine as there are different types found on these aircraft.

Turboprops are not to be confused with turbojets as these are two different things. For instance, a turbojet’s engine relies on the thrust it produces to gain forward momentum. A turboprop relies on the propeller to create the thrust needed for forward movement.

Benefits of Flying a Turboprop Plane

Interested in taking a flight on a turboprop plane? There are many benefits of doing so – in addition to being able to say you did it. Here are a few of the many worth noting.

  • Turboprops can take off with only a short runway (only requiring about 3200 feet)
  • They can increase their altitude quickly – with a much faster response time than jets
  • High level of fuel efficiency
  • Cost-effective to own and operate
  • Spacious and comfortable interior

While turboprops are not known for their fast speeds, they can still get you where you are going in a reasonable amount of time.

Chartering a Turboprop

Did you know that turboprops are available for charter? Aircraft such as the King Air 350i can give you a great charter experience in a comfortable and social environment.

Turboprops are great options for those trips that warrant air travel but don’t venture too far.

One thing worth noting is that chartering a turboprop can be a very affordable option—and do not mistake this for being less-than option because of it. Quite the contrary. Turboprops can create savings because they require less fuel than jets. And, since fuel is one of the greatest expenses for jets, this cost savings can be passed on to you.

What’s more, turboprops offer a lot of space to move around comfortably – and extra baggage space, too.

FAQs About Turboprops

What are turboprops good for?

Turboprops are good for local or regional travel due to their lightweight and fuel efficiency. They require very little maintenance and the costs of owning or chartering one are more affordable than other options. Turboprops are also good for not needing a lot of space to get in the air — and can increase their altitude at rapid rates.

Are turboprops as safe as jets?

Yes, turboprops are as safe as jets. They are, after all, powered by the same types of engines. Except, one has a visible propeller. Turbine engines are very reliable and easy to manage. So, whether you are traveling on a turboprop or a jet, you can feel confident in your level of safety.

Why are turboprops so noisy?

Turboprops may be noisy due to the propeller blades cutting through the air as they turn. This is what creates the sounds that make turboprops seem so noisy. The good news is that this noise has been greatly minimized while inside a cabin of a modern turboprop.

Charter a Turboprop Plane

Turboprops can be a fun experience next time you find yourself in need of local or regional travel. At Sun Air Jets, our charter fleet consists of the incredible King Air 350i. This turboprop with room for 8 passengers is ready to show you a whole new side to air travel.

Book your trip now.


Wherever your travels take you, consider a turboprop. This light aircraft with high fuel efficiency and room for your entire party (and their luggage), will give you an experience you won’t be disappointed in.

Contact Sun Air Jets today to book your next flight!

5 Family Travel Destinations To Escape The Cold - Sun Air Jets

5 Family Travel Destinations To Escape The Cold

Winter is fun and exciting. It means pulling out your favorite sweaters, watching the snowflakes fall from the sky, and enjoying all outdoor activities, from sledding and tubing to ice skating and building a snowman. But as quickly as winter comes – it wears out its welcome. All the excitement soon gets overshadowed by short and dark days, the hassle of scraping ice off your vehicle, and always having to wear layers of clothes to leave the house. That’s where the best family travel destinations come into play.

Finding The Best Family Travel Destinations

While there is no magic formula to finding the best family vacation spot, you can charter a private jet and head to where the sun is shining, and the temperatures are warm. Bring warmth and vitality back to your family with your kids in tow by escaping the cold. Here are five family travel destinations that are sure to be a hit. 

1. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, AZ, is a well-kept secret regarding warm family vacations. Many other cities throughout the state get all the attention – but Tucson has a lot to offer. 

What better thing to do than go horseback riding through the desert – and visit a dude ranch? Or visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (a zoo combined with a natural history museum and botanical gardens). You will also get to learn something new while seeing local wildlife. 

Depending on the age of your kids, the older ones may find a trip to Biosphere 2 fascinating. Guided walks through this world under the dome are so neat – it is no wonder it is one of the 50 wonders of the world. Tucson is full of outdoor hiking, desert fun, dining, and shopping. There is a lot to do here – without the heavy crowds. And, hey, the weather is warm. 

2. Miami, Florida

Heading to the southeast, Miami is calling you. This time of year is considered the season in Miami, so it is bustling with things going on that your kids will enjoy. Warm tropical weather, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant culture welcome you and your family. 

First, of course, is the beach. Lots of swimming, wave jumping, snorkeling, and sandcastles here. Outdoor adventures of boating in the ocean or airboat rides throughout the Florida Everglades. The latter gets you up close and personal with all sorts of wildlife in their natural habitat – including gators. 

Depending on when you visit, check out the many festivals around town, and indulge in local cuisine and shops. Want more? Miami is a close drive to the Florida Keys (or take a private jet straight into the southernmost point of the U.S. – Key West). Make it a day trip – or longer – and visit the area. This is how you make memories. 

3. Cancun Family Travel Destinations

Cancun is a tropical paradise with some of the most beautiful beaches ever. You can swim, go snorkeling and see the sea life, take a boat ride, go fishing, swim with whale sharks or dolphins, or build sand castles on the beach. 

Your family will love having fun out of the water, too. Spend an afternoon at the Interactive Aquarium in La Isla Shopping Village or get up close and personal with wildlife at the Croco Cun Zoo. Take the kids on an ATV ride off-roading through the jungle. Or take a pirate dinner cruise with Captain Hook – where kids enjoy all the games and fun onboard. 

There is so much fun in Cancun that your family won’t want to return to the cold weather once it is over. 

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Sure, there is gambling and partying – and it may not be everyone’s go-to option for a family vacation. However, Vegas is a lot more family-friendly than people may think. 

What do you do as a family in Las Vegas? Let’s take a look. 

First, many different hotels are unique and have many different offerings the kids will love. Visit Discovery Children’s Museum, drive go-karts at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix, the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, Hershey’s World of Chocolate, and the indoor amusement park at Adventuredome, go ziplining, etc. And, for those who are daring- try indoor skydiving. Of course, there is always incredible dining, shopping, and shows here, too. 

The possibilities are endless in Vegas. Oh, and the weather is perfect, too!

5. San Antonio, Texas

Another destination that is off the beaten path in San Antonio. There is a lot of exploring to be done throughout the city that will keep your little ones intrigued, regardless of their age. For instance, you can head down deep below the earth’s surface into the caverns at Natural Bridge Caverns. While here, you can go ziplining, mining, or try out a ropes course. 

Visit The DoSeum Children’s Museum, San Antonio Zoo, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio, SeaWorld’s water park – Aquatica, Legoland, and so much more. You can enjoy the warm weather while visiting one of the many amusement parks and attractions or walking along the San Antonio RiverWalk. San Antonio may not be on the top of everyone’s family vacation list, but it should be. 

Reaching Your Family Travel Destinations

While you plan your family’s escape from the winter weather, remember one thing – book a charter flight to get there. Winter can wreak havoc on air travel and cause delays and cancellations throughout commercial airports. Don’t find yourself – and your kiddos – stuck in this mess. Instead, travel smart by booking a private jet charter

Private jets can often fly when others are grounded – and you don’t have to worry about any disruptions in your travel. You can relax and enjoy your trip, confident you will get there and back without a struggle. 

The 6 Best Winter Vacation Ideas for 2023 - Sun Air Jets

The 6 Best Winter Vacation Ideas for 2023

Have you been thinking about some beautiful winter vacation ideas? While everyone is just returning from the busy holiday travel season and air travel is catching its breath, you can take advantage of the quiet and get away for a while. 

What Makes Great Winter Vacation Ideas?

What makes the best winter vacation destination? The list could be extensive, but let’s focus on a few: 

  • It has to have the weather you are looking for
  • Things you will love to do, whether skiing or snorkeling
  • Lovely accommodations and amenities
  • Preferably no large crowds of tourists
  • Good culture and surroundings

If you are looking for some fantastic winter vacation ideas that promise to give you a great experience, then we’ve got a few for you. 

1. The Bahamas

Suppose you would love to visit the tropical surroundings of the Bahamian islands but are not a fan of high temperatures and humidity. In that case, January is a great time to visit. 

The water is usually on the cooler side, with an average of 74 degrees Fahrenheit during this time of year, so it is swimmable. You could find yourself sitting on the white sandy beaches, looking out into the bright blue waters. Or, you can stroll through caves at Lucayan National Park, visit the local markets, or go kayaking or kiteboarding. The Bahamas is always fantastic for enjoying the culture and indulging in some great seafood. Take advantage of the fresh conch! 

2. Vienna, Austria

If you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with Vienna without dealing with all the crowds, this will be your time to shine. You will find it to be breathtakingly beautiful and cozy. Though, it is a bit chilly and windy, so plan accordingly. 

You can easily visit and enjoy time at the palaces, museums (did you know there are over 100?), and churches – or sit snugly in one of their cafes and enjoy your surroundings. You will find so much to do here between the deep culture, local festivals, thermal spas, and ice skating. Be rejuvenated by the peace this destination brings. 

3. Mazatlán, México

Located in the Sinaloa State of Mexico, Mazatlán is just across the peninsula from Baja, CA. It has the most beautiful winter weather and a lot of tourists. However, it never seems overcrowded or unmanageable. 

While here, you will want to check out its rich history, including street food, art galleries, shopping, and more. You will find one of the most extensive waterfront promenades in the world – which means you can do all of this while enjoying a fantastic ocean view. Visit the cathedral of the immaculate conception, do some whale watching, and check out one of the many carnivals or festivals that occur during this time of year. 

4. Park City, Utah

When you think of Park City, UT, in winter, you think of skiingPeople come from all over the world to ski on these legendary slopes. Yet Park City has so much more to offer. It is a charming area where all public transportation is free, so you can get around and enjoy all it has to offer. 

Spend time exploring Park City’s history and enjoying its architecture, indulge in delicious foods and beverages, go shopping, try your hand (err foot) at snowshoeing, and laugh. At the same time, tubing, making your gun, and much more. 

Of course, there are always slopes waiting for you at Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. 

5. Charleston, SC

A little off the beaten path, Charleston rarely makes it on the must-visit list of travelers, but it should. The city has a lot to offer in its relaxed surroundings. Consider it a getaway when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and experience the hospitality of the south. 

While in Charleston, you can see the sights with walking tours. There are ghost tours, civil war tours, and even a historic Charleston walking tour. Most of these can be self-guided, too, so you can take your time. 

On your visit, you can enjoy delicious southern cooking, get tickets to live theater, take a dinner cruise, do some shopping, and much more. If you time it just right, you will experience the Lowcountry Oyster Festival on January 29, 2023 – or enjoy shucking oysters at one of the many local restaurants. Charleston is a happening place for winter events, so check the local calendar when you plan your trip! 

6. Jamaica: Winter Vacation Ideas 

Jamaica is another island you will want to take advantage of during a winter getaway. Found in the heart of the Caribbean, the island is laid back, breezy, and downright beautiful. And during the winter months, you can enjoy the perfect weather. 

Spend time on the beach – swimming, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, paddleboarding, jet skiing, etc. For those feeling adventurous, go on a Black River Safari, swim with horses, and view the bioluminescence of the Luminous Lagoon. Bamboo rafting on Brae River is always a good time, too. 

You will go back home feeling rejuvenated from your time on this island. 

Picking The Best Winter Vacation Ideas

It is always a joy to head out on vacation. After a busy holiday season, sometimes you need a little time away to feel rejuvenated and get back into the swing of things. Make it extra enjoyable with the help of a private jet charter. When looking for a quiet winter vacation getaway, the last thing you want is the chaos of a large commercial airport. Instead, take your time at the FBO and take advantage of the amenities it has to offer. Then, when you are ready, board your charter. 

On your way home from your destination, you won’t lose that I’ve-just-been-on-vacation vibe when you return to real life. Why? Because you will be resting in luxury all the way home. Go ahead and treat yourself. 

empty leg charter flights

Save Time and Money With Empty Leg Charter Flights

Everybody likes to save money when they can. After all, a dollar is still a dollar. So what if we told you that you could enjoy all the advantages of flying private without spending full price? 

It is possible thanks to empty-leg charter flights. 

If you can take advantage of a private jet that is already heading where you want to go, you get to continue flying privately without feeling guilty about the price tag. 

Let’s talk about an empty-leg charter flight, how you can find one, and how it can save you time and money. 

What is an Empty Leg Charter Flight?

Empty-leg flights are those that fly from one destination to another to reposition a flight or get it back to its home base. They usually become available after someone booked a one-way flight. 

For example, if someone charters a jet from its base at Van Nuys Airport for a one-way trip to Las Vegas, it will still need to return to Van Nuys with or without a passenger. That jet could fly empty – or it could reduce its fare and allow passengers on board that are heading to the same location. The charge for the flight would be at a reduced rate, but the money received by the charter company will help offset the return flight costs. 

Instead of a passenger calling a charter company and stating they want a specific flight at a certain time to go to a specific location, they can ask about flights that are already heading somewhere without any passengers. Then, take advantage of these empty legs. 

Empty-leg charter flights are all about saving you money, though the amounts and percentage you save will vary. You get to enjoy the perks of flying on a private jet without paying full price for it. It’s a win-win for you and for the charter company. 

How a Charter Flight Saves You Time

Now that you know how to save money on an empty-leg charter flight, perhaps you are wondering how that saves you time. And, rightly so since you can’t shrink the distance between two destinations. The flight time will be comparable no matter what airliner you use to get there, right? 


Flying a private jet charter is very different from flying a commercial airliner. There are no long TSA security checkpoints, you do not have to arrive hours early for your flight, and you will not risk having to chase down lost luggage or fight for parking in a full garage. 

The private aviation sector is much different – and much more enjoyable. Arrive about 20 minutes before your flight, and you are ready to go. A quick walk through security and right out onto the tarmac will get you onboard and in the air within just a few minutes. 

How is that for saving time? 

Tips For Taking Advantage of Savings

If you are used to chartering private jets, then you are used to calling the shots. When it comes to taking advantage of empty legs, you are a little less in control. But, hey – there are savings to be had! 

We have a few tips for you that can help you take advantage of the savings and make the most of empty-leg travel. 

Use a reputable charter company. Don’t just choose any charter company for your empty-leg travel. If you find yourself with a quote for empty-leg travel that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Choose a reputable charter company that gives you the best service, safety, and flight experience imaginable – whether you are flying an empty leg or not. 

Wait until the last minute to book. Waiting until the last minute to book your flight may go against everything you have ever thought about booking travel. However, it is the best way to reduce your risk. Empty legs may be available months in advance. But if you are relying on someone else to keep their charter flight – you may find yourself left without a jet. 

Travelers book and cancel charter flights all the time. Waiting until a couple of days before the travel date to book the flight can give you a boost of confidence that your trip likely has the green light. 

Always have a Plan B. Because you never know whether or not your empty leg is going to be available, it is a good idea to have a backup plan, just in case. This is especially necessary when you have hotel reservations and such booked at your destination. 

Be flexible. The more flexible you are, the greater your options. You may be able to fly out of or into a different airport – or maybe you could leave a day later or earlier. Giving yourself some flexibility in your travel plans could help you reap the rewards.  

Be realistic about your expectations. Empty-leg flights can save you a lot of money, but it is important that you be realistic about your expectations. You are not likely to score a deal that will give you an entire private jet to yourself for less than you would pay for a commercial flight ticket. 

It should be noted, too, that you don’t have much negotiating power, either. You can try to negotiate and see what happens, but there is a good chance you won’t get very far.  

Don’t forget your return flight. When you fly on an empty leg, you are flying one way. That means you do not have a way back from where you are going unless you book another flight. You may be able to see if you can find another empty-leg flight back or make alternate plans. 

Do you have future travel plans? Why not see if an empty leg is available? You will get to enjoy the experience of flying privately – with privacy, luxury, comfort, and flexibility – all while saving time and money. 

Top New Years Vacation Ideas - Sun Air Jets

Top New Years Vacation Ideas

New Years’ celebrations are some of the most highly anticipated events of the year. Ringing in the new year is a fun opportunity to celebrate the past year with friends and look forward to what the next year holds. There are many well-known New Years’ Eve celebrations in cities around the world. Whether watching the ball drop in New York or enjoying the fun atmosphere in New Orleans, there are plenty of winter vacation options to enjoy the new year. But, oftentimes, choosing the right destination is the most difficult part, but finding the right new years vacation ideas can make all the difference.

Must Visit New Years Vacation Ideas

As you get ready to turn the calendar over to 2023, why not take a trip to an unforgettable destination to end the year well? Here are some top New Year vacation ideas you may want to consider. 


London itself is always a fun place to visit. Many famous landmarks and attractions exist, such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the River Thames, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. But that’s not all. Theatre in London is top-notch, as is the nightlife. So, spending New Year’s Eve here makes sense. 

How do the English celebrate? 

London knows how to do the holidays. Well, there are lots of fireworks to light up the sky as you sip champagne from a rooftop bar. Many clubs host spectacular events, or you can relax on a river cruise. And that is to name a few. 

New York City

At some point, you have likely seen the crowds at Times Square in New York City. They are massive, and it looks like one big party just waiting for the ball to drop. While this may or may not be your cup of tea, other things happen on New Year’s Eve in the city. 

NYC is also known for its theater, shopping, and dining. There are plenty of attractions and amenities to consume your time while here.

  • Party and dance at the party at Rockefeller Center
  • Hang out at one of the many Times Square Ball Drop Parties with drinks, dinner, and more
  • Watch fireworks on the Bow Bridge in Central Park
  • Or, just like in London, you can sip champagne from a rooftop bar and watch fireworks
  • NYC is always a fun place to ring in the new year. It is also a fun vacation spot with so much to do. 

New Orleans: New Years Vacation Ideas

Looking to head to the Bayou and indulge in some cajun eats? New Orleans is always a good time, regardless of when you go. So, imagine they go all-in for New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

Instead of the ball dropping as it does in NYC, the Fleur de Lis drops at midnight, and there are fireworks along the river. In typical New Orleans fashion, you can expect lots of parties to spill into the streets. 

Because you have to eat, many restaurants are open on New Year’s Eve, offering delicious special menus with multi-course meals. And, of course, whatever you do, don’t forget to eat the King Cake at midnight for a year of good luck! This is a great way to get some substance before you head out for all the partying.

While you are here, be sure to enrich your life by learning about the deep history and culture of the city from the locals. 

Palm Springs

We’ve talked about the parties and the celebrations, but what about having a low-key, laid-back holiday? Palm Springs, CA, offers you a world-class experience ringing in the new year in style. 

Here you will find delectable dining spots with special holiday menus where you can dine early or late. You can then drink champagne or cocktails at one of the many parties, including a block party, or take it easy in a dark ambiance of live jazz performances at The Purple Room. 

The crowds are fun, but you have control over your excitement while in Palm Springs, which can be welcomed by many looking for something different this year. Be sure to check out the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Indian Canyons – and get in a round or two of golf, too!


Does a tropical escape sound good? If sitting on the beach with your feet in the sand while watching stunning fireworks displays is your type of new year’s celebration, you need to hop on a private jet to Hawaii

Choose any island to visit, and you will get a feast under the stars with drinks, local music, and one of the most romantic settings imaginable. What sets this apart from others is that you can enjoy a peaceful new year’s day on the water. The waves sound and the salty air smell are refreshing and rejuvenating. It’s the perfect way to start the new year right. 

Fly Private for Your New Years Vacation Ideas

As you know, the holidays are a hectic time to travel – with most travelers returning right after the new year to return to everyday life. This means overcrowded airports, long lines, and many delayed commercial flights (often overbooked). Regardless of where you decide to ring in the new year, nobody wants to kick off 2023 dealing with this hassle. 

Consider booking a charter flight to enjoy all the luxuries that accompany it. From comfortable accommodations to flexible scheduling and many private amenities, you will be glad you did. It’s the most peaceful and rewarding way to enjoy the new year to and from a remarkable destination. 

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