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Important Safety Tips For International Jet Travel

There are risks anywhere you go. Whether in your neighborhood or thousands of miles away in an unfamiliar country, you risk becoming a crime victim. If you’ve got anything of value, there is always someone out there who wants it. And they may be willing to take the chance to try and get it. Because of this, it’s important to listen to all safety tips at your disposal.

Important International Safety Tips

It is one thing when a purse snatching, for instance, happens when you are a few blocks from home. It’s an entirely different scenario when you are worlds away. 

Ready for some good news? You are here – which means you will learn some important safety tips for international jet travel. That way, the next time you head out on an adventure, you will be more prepared to fly safely

Don’t Draw Attention

You want to spend more time blending in in a different country than standing out. Don’t look like a tourist, act like a tourist, or draw unwanted attention to yourself. You may be stunning and, naturally, get attention when you walk into a room. You may not look like anyone in the country you are visiting, so it may be hard to blend in. And that’s ok. 

But don’t head out for a night on the town wearing some expensive-looking jewelry – even if it is a knockoff. Being flashy like this makes you a target. Don’t walk the streets looking at the map; never make it noticeable that you are lost. 

Mind Your Money

Only carry some cash with you – and keep large amounts of money on you all at once. Imagine doing so and getting mugged when you least expect it. All your money would be gone – and you would be stuck. Never, ever carry all forms of cash with you at the same time or keep it all in the same place, such as in a wallet. Spread it around so you always have a backup in an emergency. 

Notify your bank of your travel plans before you leave the country, so you don’t get flagged for fraud. Bring your bank card to use in the ATM to get cash when you need it. Or, consider using a credit card or two for your trip to stay safe – and then pay it off when you get back home. 

If cash is your thing and you cannot leave home without it, leave it in a locked safe at your hotel and only take what you need for the day. 

Familiarize Yourself with Local Emergency Services

You know to call 911 when you are stateside, but who do you call in another country? If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to call for help in an emergency, you need to know how to do that. After all, you may need more time to figure it out. 

Keep contact information for your local embassy handy, too.  

Digitize Important Documents

You always want to be in another country and retain your passport or another form of identification. This valuable information could lead to a lot of headaches if it gets stolen. Make your life easier by having a digital copy of all your important documents. And better yet – make sure someone back home has a copy, too. That way, should something happen to you or should something happen to the device that houses the digital copy, you will still have access to it. 

Keep these documents in a password-protected folder on your laptop or phone so that they cannot be accessed if your device is stolen.

Leave Information With a Trusted Friend

Before you head out, make sure someone you trust in the U.S. knows where you will be and when. Give them a copy of your itinerary and all information concerning your trip, where you will stay, and so forth. 

This person could be the same one to hold onto the copies of your important documents, too. 

Make a plan for checking in and stick to it, such as every morning or every evening. That way, should the unthinkable happen, someone knows everything and can get in touch with the proper authorities. 

Safety Tips: Drink Responsibly

When you are on vacation, it is natural to want to go out and have a good time – especially in a city with great nightlife. But mind your drinks while you are out, never letting them out of your sight. And also, watch how many drinks you consume. 

When it appears you have had too much, your risk of being a victim of theft – or something worse – increases significantly. Not to mention, you may easily get lost trying to get back to your hotel. 

That extra drink is just not worth the risk. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When visiting a new place, getting caught up in everything around you is so easy that you overlook something potentially dangerous. For instance, sightseeing throws you into the I-am-a-tourist-look-at-me increased risk category. But when you get so distracted that you stop paying attention, look out. 

Local criminals know where to find distracted tourists and how to take advantage of them. When you go out exploring, do so with the awareness that they will lurk in the background. Sounds sketchy, sure, but it is a thought that may help you to remember to stay alert. Make sure to look up dangerous countries and plan your trip accordingly.

Fly Private With These Safety Tips

International travel on a private jet can be enriching and will likely leave you with many lifelong memories. But to ensure they are good memories, research your destination, always be aware of your surroundings, take extra precautions, and be sure someone back home always knows where you are – and check in with them regularly. 

Happy travels!

International Travel Checklist For A Private Jet Vacation - Sun Air Jets

International Travel Checklist For A Private Jet Vacation

When you think of our vast world, there are so many destinations to visit and sights to see that you could spend countless hours trying to take it all in. Of course, while everyone may love exploring these international destinations, many cringe at the idea of organizing and planning this type of trip. Traveling internationally can be daunting, and having an international travel checklist can make all the difference. And that’s why more and more people are turning to private jets.

Essential International Travel Checklist

Personalized comfort + luxurious surroundings + worldwide travel? Traveling by private jet is the only way that makes sense. As you get excited to pack your bags, use this international travel checklist for a private jet vacation you will never forget. 

Book Your Private Jet

Booking your private jet charter is easy. Working with a world-class concierge team can give you the personalized attention you need when making reservations – especially if you are traveling to a new destination. 

Private jets can reach private airports rather than major commercial airports. This can be more convenient for you in reaching your specific destination. Share your travel information with the charter team, such as where you intend to stay (so they can determine the closest airport) and how many passengers you will take with you. Ask about empty-leg flights if you want to save even more time and money. Getting into all the specifics can help to elevate your travel experience by customizing it to meet your needs. 

The ideal time for making any special requests is when booking your flight. This allows time for everything to come together so that it is perfect on your day of travel. See, private jet charter companies love to help you have an incredible flight. So, if you prefer to make the trip as comfortable as possible, ask for a private charter in advance. This could include a special snack or drink, a catered meal, maybe a special surprise for someone you are traveling with, etc. 

Gather Your Travel Documents

When traveling abroad, you will want to have a few critical pieces of documentation to ensure that you arrive and return safely. Begin preparing this well in advance of your flight so that you have time to obtain what you don’t have. These documents include the following: 

  • Travel itinerary 
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license with REAL ID
  • Health insurance cards
  • Proof of medical prescriptions
  • Emergency contact information
  • Bank contact information

As you are putting this together, leave a copy of your travel itinerary and passport with someone in the U.S. that you can reach out to if something happens. Make copies of this information and keep it in a different place than the original. That way, should it get lost or stolen on your travels, you have proof of who you are. 

Sort Out Your Money

Remember that traveling abroad means having a currency exchange, so look at the current exchange rate and prepare yourself accordingly. As for credit cards, most major brands like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are used worldwide. Discover is available in some places, too. 

You should contact your banks and credit card companies before you travel and let them know your travel dates and where you will visit. That way, you can avoid any fraudulent flags on your account and the inability to make a purchase. No matter where you are traveling, it is always recommended that you carry some cash on you – just in case. 

International Travel Checklist: Pack Appropriately

As you begin packing your bags for your trip, be sure to research your destination so that you know what to expect. It is always a good idea to throw in a nice outfit. Throw in weather-appropriate comfortable shoes and clothing that will allow you to explore easily. 

  • Pack up your electronics and chargers, ensuring you have outlet converters if necessary. 
  • Grab your medications and vitamins – and put together a small first aid kit. 
  • Put together your toiletries. When flying private, you do not need to worry about sticking to the TSA’s allowed 3.4 ounces of liquid

What you always want to do is over-pack. Carrying your luggage to your hotel, in and out of various modes of transportation, can be exhausting – even more so if you have a lot of unnecessary extras. 

The more you know about your destination – and what you intend to do while there – the easier it will be to pack your bags with everything you need. So take the time to do your due diligence. 

Plan to Arrive On Time

Just because you are flying a private jet and you don’t have to meet the standard of arriving three hours before your flight, you still don’t want to come at the last minute. Arriving for your flight about 30 minutes in advance will give you enough time to meet the flight crew, get your baggage onboard, and do any last-minute checks while still taking off on time. 

International flights can be long, and the last thing you want is the entire experience to feel rushed. 

Immigration and Customs

While traveling on a private jet vacation has many conveniences, remember that it does not override immigration/customs laws. Whether flying personally or not, you will still have to go through this. The good news is that you don’t have to stand in long lines for extended periods, just waiting to get through it. The process is much more efficient, smooth, and hassle-free. 

International Travel Checklist With Sun Air Jets

Traveling internationally can help you create some lifelong memories. And when you choose to fly via a private jet with Sun Air Jets, you make the trip much sweeter. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, don’t skimp on the details. Let Sun Air Jets’ exceptional FBO service show you how private travel is meant to be done. 

The Convenience of Sun Air's Private Jet Charter Service - Sun Air Jets

The Convenience of Sun Air’s Private Jet Charter Service

While the idea may sound wonderful in theory, it is quite the opposite on paper. Owning a private jet can be costly and require routine maintenance, storage, operating costs, and much more. This may be why more and more people are turning toward a private jet charter service. 

You get the best of both worlds by opting to charter a private jet rather than buy one. You get access to a private jet when you need it without all the added cost and responsibility. 

Still on the fence? Let’s take a look at the convenience of Sun Air’s private jet charter service. 

Choosing Your Jet Charter Service

When you fly on a private jet charter, you conveniently get to choose your destination. If you fly on a commercial airliner, you are stuck traveling on pre-planned flight routes to the nearest bustling commercial airport. And there are few things less exciting than that. 

On a private jet charter, you can choose when you want to travel and where you want to end up. For instance, if you are traveling to Camarillo, you could fly into LAXBurbank, or Santa Barbara on a commercial airliner and have to commute nearly an hour to get to your destination. Or, you could hop on a private jet charter and fly into the FBO at Camarillo Airport. And, let’s face it, it is sure to be a much more enjoyable travel experience. 

Jet Charter Service Saves Time

Because you get to choose your destination when you book a private jet charter, you also can save time and reduce stress. As discussed above, with a private jet charter, you can choose to fly into private airports. You can come just before your flight time and take off. And as a result, you can arrive after two to three hours in advance.

Further, private airports come with comfortable accommodations. For example, Sun Air Jets offers an award-winning FBO that has been Green Aviation Business Certified. It provides around-the-clock amenities, including:

  • 5-star concierge services
  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Conference rooms
  • Comfortable seating in a modern facility
  • Personalized catering
  • Electric car charging station
  • So much more

By skipping significant airports, you also avoid long TSA security checkpoint lines, waiting around the gate for the plane to arrive and board, wasting time (sometimes hours) in random airports due to layovers, and so much more. And let’s not even talk about how often those commercial airliners have delayed or canceled flights. One look at the statistics and you will find that it is expected. 

Choosing a private jet charter eliminates the stress of commercial travel and all the planning that goes along with it.

Choose Who You Want to Travel With

When was the last time you traveled via a commercial airliner? You have spent a lot of time over the years traveling with strangers. You know, elbow to elbow and knee to knee with people you don’t know, breathing in the air filled with the germs that the person next to you exhaled. While air travel gets you to where you need (or want) to be fast, there are better situations than this, especially when it comes to being comfortable and feeling good. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to worry about is a private jet charter. You get to choose your destination and who will travel with you. You can even bring your pet on board too. That’s right – no more cargo for Fido. The luxurious seating you will encounter inside the jet will give you a sense of comfort you have never had in the air. And you will be able to have space to relax and move about without feeling suffocated by strangers. 

You can exhale and let your guard down when you step into your private jet charter cabin. Whether traveling with family, friends, colleagues, pets or someone else, you can rest easy knowing it will be a great flight. The best part is that no matter what you do, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others. It’s private, remember?

Jet Charter Service Safety Measures

When you travel on a private jet charter, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. Routine maintenance ensures that every precaution is taken before a jet leaves the ground. Certified aviation maintenance technicians ensure that all records are kept, and that maintenance is routinely organized and tended to. 

Experienced pilots, too, will look over the jet as part of their pre-flight checklist. 

Not only can you feel good about the mechanical health of the jet, but also about your health. Flying on a sanitized private jet can let your guard down with the world around us focused on things like COVID-19, the flu, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and fly comfortably. 

Extra care is always taken to ensure that the jet is safe to fly – in all ways. 

The Sun Air Jets Difference

So what is it that sets Sun Air Jets aside from others? The private jet charter services you will encounter with us will outshine all the others. You will receive world-class treatment that is both private, convenient, and personalized. You will have personal amenities on board that will ensure your flight is as comfortable and relaxing as possible, including everything you’d love to have on board, including catering. 

Sun Air Jets also emphasizes safety, ensuring everyone is safe every time they get on their chartered jet. They have a highly-skilled maintenance team and flight crews to make it happen. 

Whether you are heading to your destination alone or with an entire entourage, a vast fleet of private jets is awaiting you. Let us show you just how convenient a private jet charter is.

8 Reasons to Visit Santa Barbara - Sun Air Jets

8 Reasons to Visit Santa Barbara

Maybe you have seen the photos and even heard stories. Perhaps you have seen paintings. Santa Barbara is just one city that makes each of these things worthwhile. With its wide sandy beaches that meet the road and its unforgettable sunsets, it is no wonder that big names like Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Costner, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Cruise call this place home.

So whether you are looking to hop on a private jet for a day trip or a getaway to stay and play, we’ve got eight reasons to visit Santa Barbara. 

1. Santa Barbra Beaches

Santa Barbara is found along California’s Central Coast, where it is always sunny regardless of the season. And it makes beach days inevitable. Luckily there are plenty of beaches to choose from here – and they are said to be the best in the state. Of course, staring out over the beautiful blue water with the Ynez Mountains in the background is like consuming eye candy. You won’t see anything like it anywhere else in California. 

While none of the beaches will disappoint, here are a few you won’t want to miss: 

  • Leadbetter Beach – this one is close to everything 
  • East Beach – this is the longest beach, and it, too, is conveniently located
  • West Beach – the touristy beach that is the waterfront to Stearns Wharf
  • Carpinteria City Beach – known as the world’s safest beach, is excellent for families with kids
  • Mesa Lane Beach – a hideout that allows you to enjoy the beach with a little more privacy

Santa Barbara has an incredible dog-friendly beach, Hendry’s Beach, so brings your pup along for the getaway. 

Visit one or visit them all; you will have a wonderful time with the sand, the water, and the waves. It is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and paddleboarding.

2. Boating Excursions

As many do, you are always welcome to stay on the shore in Santa Barbara. But if you love getting out on the water and feeling like you are worlds away from land in the peaceful waters, you may want to go kayaking or sailing. Both are very popular in this city with tourists and locals alike. 

Just something about the scenic coastline of Santa Barbara enhances the entire experience. 

3. Whale Watching

Who wouldn’t love to see a giant whale, the biggest mammal on earth, swim passed your boat? Pods of humongous blue whales, gray whales, and humpback whales are found to pass through the Santa Barbara channel yearly as they migrate from Alaska to Baja, CA. Whale watching is one of the major attractions in Santa Barbara. Enjoy a day trip out on the yacht and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

4. Santa Barbara Landmarks

If this is your first time in Santa Barbara, you must take the time to see the historical landmarks that make up this city. With a rich Spanish culture, you can learn a lot about it by adding these stops to your to-do list. 

Old Mission Santa Barbara is a Spanish mission considered one of the most famous spots from the 18th century. The incredible architecture, twin bell towers, and lush gardens are lovely. 

Another must-see landmark is the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. This building has murals and rooms covered with kaleidoscopic tiles, which are something to see. If you make it up to the clock tower, you can have a panoramic view of the city! And, no – not for any legal troubles.

5. Hiking In Santa Barbara

You may not think this classy coastal city is the best place to hit the hiking trails, but you may be surprised. Remember those Ynez Mountains we said were the perfect backdrop to the beach? Well, they are full of hiking trails. 

The trails are for every skill level, from the easy beginner to more challenging hikes. The higher you go into the mountains, the more incredible everything looks. And if you are looking for amazing views, keep climbing. This is something you will surely treasure. 

6. Good Eats In Santa Barbara

Can we mention that the world-class restaurants of Santa Barbara are divine? There is no limit to the fine dining you will encounter here. There are so many restaurants with cuisine from around the world. Plus, indulge in some of the best seafood as you overlook the water. 

7. Top Tier Shopping

We say shopping because, well, why not? There are many places for those waiting to swipe that card and walk off with a bag in hand. From surf shops to the finer things, you will want to stroll along the streets of Santa Barbara. One of the best? State Street is where you are sure to find fantastic shopping.

8. Museums and Theaters

Lastly, museums and theaters should be on the itinerary when you visit Santa Barbara. 

Attractions such as the Museum of Natural History contain displays for those interested in anthropology, geology, astronomy, and paleontology. And the Museum of Art shows off some of the most magnificent art pieces, including Monet. 

As for the theater, you can let your artsy side loose in places like Arlington Theatre and Ensemble Theatre Company, which always perform something spectacular on stage. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that the buildings themselves are worth experiencing as much as the performance! That’s thanks to Spanish architecture. 

Don’t Forget the Private Jet

As we mentioned in the beginning, hopping on a private jet to Santa Barbara is the best way to get here, no matter your starting point. Then not only are you allowing yourself to enjoy all the city has to offer, but you are giving yourself the ultimate experience in luxury. Private jet travel is one of the best ways to enjoy all your vacation destination has to offer.

Alas, no matter what you decide to do on your visit to Santa Barbara, you are sure to have an incredible experience that will bring you back time and time again. 

Top 10 Spooky Getaways For Your Next Halloween Vacation - Sun Air Jets

Top 10 Spooky Getaways For Your Next Halloween Vacation

Do you love being spooked? Do you love feeling the tingle of hair standing up on the back of your neck? While some people run from fright, others run toward it. It may be time for a Halloween vacation getaway if you are the latter.

Halloween is about letting the kids dress up and walk through the neighborhood, ringing doorbells and hollering out trick or treat, smelling my feet, and giving me something good to eat. It is about carving pumpkins, decorating the house with spooky decorations, and watching scary movies. 

You can let the kids have their fun – and you can have your fun, too. Check out these top 10 spooky getaways for your next Halloween vacation. 

1. Sleepy Hollow Halloween Vacation

There is a good chance that you have at least heard of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. In this fable, Ichabod Crane runs into the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow. And did you know Irving wrote it based on this place in New York? Do you think it is just a story, or he wrote it based on his experience there? We may never know. 

This destination allows you to wander only through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery by lantern light. In addition to walking the town and the cemetery, they have a haunted hayride and a Horseman’s Hollow haunted house created in the historic Philipsburg Manor. 

2. New Orleans, LA

Voodoo culture makes the perfect place setting for Halloween adventures. No wonder New Orleans has dubbed itself the most haunted city in the United States. Of course, it was the setting for Interview with a Vampire, True Blood, and American Horror Story Coven. 

There are haunted places throughout the city, haunted tours, and many who practice the mystical arts. And who knows what you may run into on the streets of New Orleans. Ghosts? Vampires? Witches? Warlocks? 

3. Savannah, GA

Savannah has also titled itself “America’s most haunted city.” Although its antebellum architecture is spooky, this city offers even more. Say, the Mercer Williams House Museum (rumored to be haunted) that was portrayed in Berendt’s, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. 

While here, you can take a cobblestone ghost tour, do a haunted pub crawl, and even visit one of the many haunted mansions. 

4. Salem, MA

Back in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials have never been forgotten. Many people were accused of witches; some were convicted and even executed. 

But what exactly happened? And why? 

Get to the bottom of the witch trials with a Halloween trip to Salem. There is a massive connection between witches, witchcraft, and other dark cultures found here – and they’ve got the Halloween activities to emphasize it. 

Don’t forget to check out the Salem Witch Museum, Salem Witch Village, Witch House, and the Witch Dungeon Museum. 

5. Halloween Vacation In Las Vegas

There are lights, casinos, sequined shows, and so much more that make Las Vegas look like it is all glitz and glamor – and no fright. However, there is a haunted history that hasn’t been told much. It even has a few hotels that are considered haunted, too, if you are looking for a place to stay. This includes Bally’s Las Vegas, Flamingo, and the Luxor Resort. The Mob Museum and La Palazza Mansion are also supposed to be haunted – and worth checking out. 

Las Vegas also has some fun Halloween festivities, as if you would expect anything less from sin city. This includes haunted houses, fear-themed escape rooms, ghost hunt tours, and more. 

6. Orlando, FL 

Universal Studios in Orlando has Halloween Horror Nights – need we say more? There are ten haunted houses, five scare zones, and two live shows in one place. You are guaranteed a scream or two. Michael Myers may even make his way around the park this year. 

While you are here, check out Disney World, too. It is rumored to be haunted, with ghosts found in the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, Huck’s Island, the castle, and Main Street, USA. Do the ghosts wear Mickey Mouse ears? You have to go to find out. 

7. Key West Halloween Vacation 

Not too far south of Orlando is Key West. And this is where you will find Fantasy Fest. It is not for the faint of heart, as these festivities can get wild. Parades, street fairs, body painting, costumes, and even a zombie bike ride can get you in the Halloween spirit. 

Besides, it is Key West! So you will have a good time no matter how many ghosts or goblins you see. 

8. Estes Park, CO

What do you think of when you hear the word, redrum? Or how about the line, All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy? If you guessed the movie The Shining, then you are right. And guess what? You can stay at the Stanley Hotel, which gave Stephen King the inspiration for the book. 

What’s more, you could turn this into a pleasant getaway with hiking trails and river recreation Estes Park also offers a great view of Rocky Mountain National Park. 

9. Williamsburg, VA

The city of Williamsburg, VA, has a rich history dating back to America’s Revolutionary era. But its history is as rich as its reports of hauntings. Like Salem, this area saw witch trials, too. And many properties are said to be haunted. There are many ghost tours you can take to learn more. 

And, while you are here, why not check out Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream?

10. Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY, has a Thriller Halloween event in which zombies line the streets and reenact Michael Jackson’s classic music video. They also have a ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention, a Halloween Bar Crawl, and parades.  

The folks in Lexington also have some skeletons in their closet – which you can discover on one of their ghost tours. 

There are many reasons you may decide to book a private jet to get away for a long weekend. But this time of year, there is nothing more thrilling than heading out to do something frightening mixed with a lot of fun.

Jet Set Your Way to These Relaxing Wellness Retreats - Sun Air Jets

Jet Set Your Way to These Relaxing Wellness Retreats

Life does not stop. Work is always busy and requires you to put out one fire after the next. The calendar is booked with all sorts of things that need to be taken care of – usually for others. And then there is home life where it is next to impossible to keep up with the kids and their practices, lessons, and homework, as well as the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, bill paying, and vet appointments for the dog. If this sounds like you, it’s important to take a break and relax from the busyness of life. Wellness retreats are one of the best options to focus on rest and relaxation.

The list of the things in life that keeps you busy is astounding. And they don’t stop. No wonder you go to bed tired and wake up tired, too. Life is exhausting, and you need a restart. That’s right – you need a getaway to be reminded to slow down and breathe. It would help if you let all of the stress from the hustle and bustle slide right off of you. 

It is time you jet set your way to one (or all) of these relaxing wellness retreats. 

Indulge In a Spa Wellness Retreat

It doesn’t matter who you are – everyone can benefit from a spa day (or two… or three… ). So much of life’s daily stresses are carried with you in your body, and you may not even realize it. Tense muscles, headaches, fatigue, and brain fog can build up from your busy life. And not taking the time to slow down and rejuvenate the body can lead to more significant health problems like gastrointestinal upset, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, sleep disturbances, and so on.  

What’s more is that the time you spend at the spa can benefit your mental health, too. It has been known to reduce depression, diminish anxiety, and boost your mind. Spa days can help your body physically and mentally, so you must take them seriously.  

Investing in a spa getaway allows you to take advantage of massages, meditation spaces, esthetic treatment, gourmet meals, and peaceful sleeping. 

Mark yourself down on your calendar and plan a getaway. It doesn’t have to be far. Fly to The Ranch in Malibu, CA, the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, TX., or even Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ. 

You are a priority, so book it!

Awaken Your Senses on a Wellness Retreats

A wellness retreat is a solo getaway that allows you time to focus on your well-being – mind, body, and spirit. You will cleanse and detox the body while nurturing your health. You will feel stronger, healthier, and more clear-minded when you head back home. 

Wellness retreats can vary in what they focus on or run, but they all have the same goal. While here, you may fill your days with yoga, meditation, eating nutritious meals, getting a massage, going for a walk in nature, taking lifestyle classes, and learning new relaxation techniques. 

There are so many benefits of going to a wellness retreat. And if you are dealing with your hefty schedule and daily demands of life at work and home, heading off to a wellness retreat may be all needed to get you back on track in a healthy, happy way. 

The benefits you will get from this trip include: 

  • Find a sense of inner peace and tranquility
  • Let go of the tension and stress you have been carrying around
  • Improve your emotional well-being and feel good inside
  • Inspire yourself to be more self-aware
  • Fuel your body with healthy nutrition
  • Engage in fitness that will make your body feel good
  • Relax, clear your mind, and practice breathing
  • Transform your outlook and mindset – and bring this back home with you

You may consider a few well-known wellness retreats: Seven Senses in Mexico City, 3 Night Journey at Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona, or even Willka T’ika Luxury Retreat in Peru. There are some locally, too. Do your research and find the getaway spot that feels as though it was created just for you!

Bring joy back into your life with a wellness retreat getaway. 

Find Nature Wellness Retreats

While the spas and the retreats may sound like unforgettable experiences, sometimes you want to shut the world out and be in solitude for a while. To escape it all, you must travel someplace with breathtaking scenery. Unplug and take it all in. 

Choosing where to go or what to do on this solo getaway is totally up to you. If you like adventure, you might want to go hiking and camping in a national park like Yosemite. Or perhaps you’d prefer to stay in a cabin on the outskirts of Nashville and listen to nature. On the other hand, you might be a city person and want to travel to NYC and see a show on Broadway. Then again, perhaps the beaches of Miami or Panama City are more your speed. This trip is all about you. 

Whatever it is or wherever you’d like to go, do it. Now is the time. When you return to your day-to-day life, you will find that things will flow better because you took the time to put yourself first. 

Let Sun Air Jets Rejuvenate You

When you travel with Sun Air Jets, you get exceptional treatment. You can breathe, relax, and enjoy your flight because we will handle everything else. Sure, you could book a trip on a commercial airliner – but why would you want to undo everything you have embraced and are bringing home from your unique experience? You wouldn’t, so it is time to book a private jet charter

So whether you are looking for a retreat, an exceptional spa, or a getaway surrounded by majestic landscapes, start and end your trip in a luxurious private jet. Your mind and body will thank you. Consider it the icing on the cake. 

Best 2022 Fall Vacation Ideas - Sun Air Jets

Best 2022 Fall Vacation Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to head out on a nice little getaway. There are so many seasonal changes throughout the United States that you won’t want to miss. The crispness in the air, the slight drop in temperatures, early morning sunshine, and all the fun, festive fall activities that go along with it. The trees are changing colors, the air is filling with the scent of certain spices, and finding the best fall vacation ideas is the top priority.

Top Fall Vacation Ideas

Whether you are looking to escape somewhere that will allow you to enjoy everything that falls, or you are looking to get in one more tropical beach getaway before the holiday season, here is a list of the best 2022 fall vacation ideas

New York City

Dubbed The City That Never Sleeps, New York City is always full of fun and excitement. And fall may be the best time to visit. First, you cannot ask for better temperatures (expect little humidity and highs in the mid-70s), and the crowds are sparse. That doesn’t mean I don’t expect crowds because, well, NYC has a lot of people, but the number of outsiders will be considerably less than during the summer, so it is a little easier to experience the city. 

While here, you will want to walk through the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze and visit Halloween Town. There you can see Into the Woods (or any other show) on Broadway, do some shopping, do incredible dining (book your reservations in advance, and, whatever you do, don’t miss a trip to Central Park.

Salt Lake City 

Salt Lake City, Utah, may not be a place on your go-to list for fall destinations, but there is a lot to do here – and it seems to be a favorite for fall travel. 

While on your visit, you can have fun in many different harvest festivals, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and spooky fun attractions found here. It is also the perfect time to go camping under the stars, take a train ride through Provo Canyon, go on one of the many hiking trails, visit Timpanogos Cave National Monument, and enjoy the fresh fall goodies at the farmer’s market. 

You may be surprised at how much you will love this destination during the fall season. 

Yellowstone National Park

Everyone should visit Yellowstone National Park at least once in their lifetime. And, if possible, it should be in the fall. The colors absorbed by your eyes can take your breath away. And when combined with the cooler temperatures – you won’t want to stay indoors. 

You can enjoy the wildlife (as the bears prepare for their hibernation and bison begin to migrate), go hiking or biking along the trails, fly fishing, and more outdoors. But after a day out exploring, it is always good to follow it up with some shopping, dining, and entertainment in the surrounding cities of Jackson Hole, WY, Bozeman, MT, Big Sky, MT, and more. 

Daytona Beach

As the rest of the country is prepping for winter and painting its leaves in hues of oranges, reds, and yellows, Florida is still green. The waves are still crashing, and the temperatures are reminiscent of summer. 

If you are looking for a tropical escape before the busyness of the winter season arrives, then spend your days in Daytona Beach. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding along the seashore, and more. Check out the old-Florida shops and dine on some delicious local seafood. And you won’t want to miss the nightlife here, either. 

Depending on when you go, you may catch one of the fun fall festivals that take place during the fall. 

Fall Vacation In Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield in Vermont is the highest peak in the area. Some say it looks like a man’s face looking upward toward the sky. Found 4,393 feet above sea level, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful fall colors while feeling close enough to touch the sky. 

The entire hiking trail can be incredible for those looking to get to the top. And there is a visitor’s center at the top. Of course, there is always a 4.5-mile toll road that will get you to the top. With the cool, crisp fall air, the walk seems less tolling than at other times of the year. It is guaranteed to be the most scenic drive you’ve had in a long time. 

When you are done hiking, the areas around Mount Mansfield offer lots of dining, shopping, and entertainment. You will have plenty to do on this fall getaway. 

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge, Georgia, is right in the Blue Ridge mountains. 

This quiet, picturesque area will help you find peace while taking in breathtaking views. But you didn’t just come here to stare out into the trees, did you? There is also a lot of fun to have. You can go zip lining, gem mining, hiking on one of the many trails (even a piece of the infamous Appalachian Trail), take in the magnificent waterfalls, go for a bike ride amongst the fall foliage, and so much more. And with cabins found throughout the mountains, you are sure to feel tucked away from life back home. 

Making Your Fall Vacation Ideas Reality

 As you head out to your fall vacation destination, make it exciting. From the moment you leave home until the moment you return, you want to be able to create a memorable experience. And what better way to do that than by chartering a private jet?

Flying private comes with a lot of perks, including: 

  • Getting you closer to your destination
  • Comfortable, private onboard accommodations
  • Enhanced in-flight experience
  • Flexible travel dates and times
  • Less time spent waiting or standing in line
  • Increased safety and security

What good is a vacation when getting to and from causes you headaches? Leave commercial air travel in the dust and make the most of your time with a private jet charter.

The Luxury of Traveling by Hawker 900XP Charter - Sun Air Jets

The Luxury of Traveling by Hawker 900XP Charter

There are so many different private jets to choose from that deciding on which one to charter can be a bit overwhelming. You want to consider the distance you will be traveling, the number of travelers you will have with you, and what you intend to do while in the air. There are many private jets to choose from with different things to offer. Some offer more amenities, while others feature more space onboard. And some travel further distances before needing to stop and refuel. The Hawker 900XP is waiting for you on your next chartered flight. 

But no matter what you are looking for, there is a good chance that the Hawker 900XP will be the right fit for your needs. 

Advantages of Flying via Hawker 900XP Charter

Why spend the extra money on a private Hawker 900XP charter when commercial airliners are cheaper? Well, that is one thing you may not truly appreciate until you try it yourself. When you choose to forego traditional air travel and book a charter, you will notice the difference before you even finish booking. 


You get to choose when you would like to fly out. This makes traveling convenient for your plans. If you want to leave at 6 am to have a full day at your destination, great. If you prefer flying after the sun sets, that’s great too. 

Non-Stop Flights

Unless you must stop for fuel, you can rest easy knowing that your flight is nonstop—no need to change planes halfway through your trip or have a layover that is hours long. Your private jet will take you directly to your destination. After all, you are the only passenger. 

Comfortable Accommodations

You aren’t squished with strangers on a private jet. Instead, you have comfortable seating, the ability to move around, lounge back and sleep, dine comfortably at a table, and much more.

Fly Into Private Airports

You don’t have to make your way through commercial airports. Instead, enjoy the amenities that come with FBOs. You won’t have to worry about long security lines, arriving hours ahead of your departure time, or crowded airports. The experience at most FBOs is better than you could imagine. 

Safety Standards

Chartered jets must maintain specific licenses and certifications with the FAA to prove their level of safety and maintain charter services. They perform routine maintenance and thoroughly check the plane before each flight. And, due to their size, they are much easier to sanitize. 

Choosing Your Charter

Flying via a private charter gives you access to the above advantages. But perhaps one of the most under-rated reasons for flying a private jet charter is that you can choose your jet. This is even better than owning your jet because you can take advantage of all types and sizes of jets available. And that includes the Hawker 900XP. Because there are numerous private jet benefits, choosing charter services will be worth it.

In the meantime, let’s talk about a few perks of chartering a Hawker 900XP.

Travel by Hawker 900XP Charter

Ready to take a flight that may change your life? The Hawker 900XP charter is an excellent choice for traveling and has a high luxury and reliability rate. From the moment you step on board, you come face-to-face with an aircraft that has pushed through to advance the aviation industry. Many in the industry believe it to be a legacy. 

A few incredible features set it apart from other charter options. Let’s talk about what this jet has to offer you as its passenger. 

There is space for eight passengers comfortably, and it can also hold a decent amount of baggage, up to 50 cubic feet. There is one lavatory on board with a full vanity in the back of the jet and a full forward galley with a microwave oven and coffee maker. 

You can relax in the cushioned reclining chairs and put your feet up. Though getting up and moving around is relatively easy, the height is 5’9″. It may not accommodate all passengers but allows more overhead space than many other options. 

Enjoy the complimentary WIFI to stay connected in any critical way – whether that means getting work done, answering emails, binging your favorite Netflix show, or catching up with everyone’s life on social media. Or, you can kick back to some music or watch a movie on the DVD/CD entertainment system and LCD monitors.

Of course, you can just nap because your accommodations are 100% private. You don’t even have to worry about snoring. 

Specs of the Hawker 900XP

Regarding numbers, the Hawker 900XP specs are very impressive. So not only does it look fantastic and give you a comfortable flight, but it even measures up with the nitty-gritty technical details. 

  • It can fly up to 2800 Nautical Miles, so you can easily travel between Los Angeles and New York. And in well under 6 hours. 
  • The cabin is 6ft wide and 5’9″ in height
  • You may find a cold food box 
  • Coffee maker

And so much more. 

Hawker’s Dependability

Hawker aircraft have been around for decades. Just after WWI, the engineering for these jets started to take form. By the time WWII came around, Hawker jets had played an essential role in winning many battles. 

Today’s Hawker 900XP has turned from war hero to luxury jet. But the name and history that backs them show how dependable they are. At Sun Air Jets, we offer travelers only the best of the best. And that includes this Hawker jet. Not only will you get the comforts found on board, the confidence in the maintenance and safety, and the understanding that they come with outstanding reliability, but you also get a private jet charter experience like no other. 

Where will you have the Hawker 900XP take you? 


8 Fall Vacation Destinations to Explore In 2022 - Sun Air Jets

8 Fall Vacation Destinations to Explore In 2022

We are nearing the end of summer. The days will soon get shorter, and the air will start to get cooler. Some call it spooky season; others call it pumpkin spice season. But why don’t we call it fall vacation season? There are numerous fall vacation destinations that often get overlooked. Fall is an excellent time to take advantage of these great places and have a memorable experience.

Top Fall Vacation Destinations

If you think about it, Fall is the perfect time to head out on a getaway. Most families are returning home, getting the kids ready to start yet another school year. A whole transition occurs during this time – one that frees up many of the hot destination spots for those looking to hop on a private jet. 

When you are ready to take advantage of this downtime, check out these eight fall vacation destinations to explore in 2022.

1. Napa Valley

The Fall is the best time of year to visit Napa Valley. The harvest season is in full swing, and the vineyard’s colorful foliage can take your breath away. While here, there are many events and experiences that you can enjoy – that you can’t want any other time of the year. For instance, harvest parties, the Great Grape Stomp, and the most magnificent views from the Napa Valley Wine Train. Of course, wine tasting tours are always a must. 

Napa Valley is an excellent choice for couples, friends, or even a girls’ or guys’ trip. 

2. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is where many summer memories happen for those who grow up in this area. But as they head back to school, you are the only one left making memories on Lake Michigan! 

There are so many spots where you can enjoy this Great Lake, especially since it borders places like Chicago, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. But the best option is to take the coastal tour among M-22. This tour is a 116-miles stretch of scenic highway with fun things to see and do. Plus, incredible views of the lake with the fall foliage.

Make memories here with someone special. 

3. New York City

Have you ever seen Central Park in the Fall? Now is your chance to enjoy bright orange, red, and yellow colors. New York City has many events this year before the weather turns cold. 

There is always something going on for everyone of every age. See a Broadway show, take a Hudson River Cruise, rent a rowboat in Central Park, or enjoy the food, the lights, and the views. You won’t be disappointed. It is the best destination for those wanting to have a good time. 

4. Acadia National Park

The winters in Maine can get cold but in the Fall? It is beautiful. The crowds are gone, and all left is an incredible view of Fall, no matter where you turn your head. The scenic landscapes are unlike no other here. The weather is right to get out, hike, and see wildlife up close and personal. 

Be prepared for this visit, as the peace and serenity you find within these mountains and waterways can be rejuvenating and even life-changing. If you are looking for a fall escape to refresh yourself going into the holiday season – Acadia National Park is where you need to be. 

5. North Shore, Minnesota: Fall Vacation Destination

If you are interested in going somewhere off the beaten path, North Shore, Minnesota, with its backcountry campsites, is the place to be. You’ve got Lake Superior (the 2nd Great Lake to make our list), Superior National Forest, and Gunflint Trail. 

Go for a hike, camp under the stars, sit on the dock, reminisce about life, visit Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, and more. For art lovers, don’t miss the fantastic art tours. Many restaurants, shops, craft breweries, and cafes are located in and around North Shore. You just may be surprised by what Minnesota has to offer you.

6. Yosemite National Park

Northern California is home to Yosemite National Park, where you will find breathtaking waterfalls, sequoia trees so high you can’t see the top, and lots of wildlife. But there is no better way to see it than by foot. 

If there is a one-in-a-lifetime place you need to experience in the Fall, you may find it here. So head to Yosemite, get out there, and explore. Go hiking, go fishing, and spend the day taking it all in. 

Breathe in that fresh air!

7. White Mountains of New Hampshire

This entire area of New Hampshire can seem worlds away from anywhere else when you are here. You will find quaint towns with neat shops and cafes tucked away amongst mountains and brightly-colored tree-lined streets. There are state parks to hike – or casually stroll through. Scenic parkways, waterfalls, ATV adventures, and ride to the top of the hill for a bird’s eye view. 

8. Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia

Finally, the country feels of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia can allow you to spend your time tucked away in a log cabin, venturing out only to go on a hiking trail, do some gem mining, or perhaps fly through the sky on a zipline. 

You will also find artisan shops, farmers’ markets, and downhome eats here. It is the perfect getaway for those looking to find a slower pace of life. And who knows, maybe you will enjoy bluegrass nightlife in some small towns. 

Choosing Fall Vacation Destinations

While all these destinations are perfect for Fall, they will not be nearly as enjoyable as they could be with a private jet charter to take you to and from them. Wherever you choose to travel – Yosemite, White Mountains, Lake Michigan, Blue Ridge, or any other destinations we have discussed – allow your goal to be relaxing and unforgettable when you add the luxuries of a private jet. 

Don’t know where to get started? Fall will be here before you know it! Sun Air Jets’ private jet charter service has everything you need to book your trip and take flight. 

July Vacation Destinations to Visit by Private Charter - Sun Air Jets

July Vacation Destinations to Visit by Private Charter

July is the heart of summer. By this time, you have likely adjusted to your new summer schedule and have maybe even had a few adventures. Don’t stop yet. This time of year also signals that the season is moving forward and will soon be over. Life will get back into its regular, everyday routine, and all the free time to explore new places will disappear. Here are some of the top July vacation destinations to try this summer.

Top July Vacation Destinations

So, if you are not ready to let go of summertime, take advantage of all July offers by booking a private charter to one of these unforgettable vacation spots. Here are some of the top July vacation destinations.

Abruzzo, Italy: Adventurous July Vacation Destinations

Many people have traveled to Italy, but few have made Abruzzo their focus – and they have missed out. This destination is a quiet village along the Trabocchi Coast. It presents you with breathtaking natural landscapes (mountains and sea) and the motivation to slow down and breathe. 

Here you will indulge in some delectable yet hearty cuisine and sip some award-winning wines. You will find hiking, medieval treasures to explore, markets, and more. It’s like seeing Italy through new, uncharted lenses, sure to make your soul sing. Visiting Abruzzo boasts numerous amenities making it a top destination this summer.

Anguilla: Tropical July Vacation Destinations

Why not go to a tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean ocean to fulfill your summer fantasy? An island that outshines all the others, there is something for everyone in Anguilla. Here is a complete Anguilla travel guide to provide all you need to know about this tropical vacation destination.

Anguilla is the perfect place for those seeking adventure, with hiking and four-wheelers to explore the island. Or hope on a boat to do some fishing. Or, if relaxation is more your speed, you can sit by the water and soak up the sun and the sound of the waves – or enjoy great spa treatments. There are dolphin encounters, too. 

Anguilla is the perfect place for a couples getaway and a family getaway. It has it all. 

The Bahamas: Caribbean Paradise

If you have never been to the Bahamas, now is your chance. This group of islands is known for its see-through waters and white sandy beaches. Depending on which island you choose, you can shop at the straw market, enjoy some water adventures, indulge in seafood and the local cuisine – including fresh conch, and even try your luck in one of their casinos. Of course, relaxing in the spa or on the beach is acceptable, too.  

A visit to the Bahamas isn’t too far off the Florida coast, but you will feel like you are worlds away from real life. 

Burgundy, France: Wine Country

Visiting Burgundy gets your more than delicious wine – it is rejuvenating for your whole body. The vast greenery next to canals and rivers makes for spectacular views. You can explore the area on foot, by bike, or even by boat. There is no need to rush here.

Small villages throughout this area in France will take your breath away. As if perfectly placed among the green land, you will want to explore and discover all they have to offer. Places such as Vezelay, Flavigny-Sur-Ozerain, and even Noyers-Sur-Serein were listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France. 

If you are looking for a spot to detach from the hustle and bustle while surrounding yourself with culture and good people, charter a private jet to Burgundy. 

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is another Caribbean island getaway, this one is known to be under-developed – which is what most people find intriguing. Sure, it has everything necessary for the perfect island getaway, but it has more of its natural, untouched beauty than you will find in other places. 

Here you will find white sandy beaches, mountainous cliffs, and the perfect water for sailing and diving. It’s an excellent place for those looking to detach from the real world for a few days and refresh. 

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia: Beautiful July Vacation Destinations

Yet another island, Costa Smeralda, boasts beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery. You surely don’t want to miss an opportunity to check it out. There are the resorts you’d expect to find in a place that offers luxurious beaches and delicious wine. But this destination is so much more. 

You will find everything from archeological sites to villages beaming with nightlife, boutique shops, and yachts galore. The food is fantastic, too!

Crete, Grece: Mediterranean Getaway

The largest island of Greece, Crete, has a mixture of things to do and landscapes to see. Mountains, beaches, valleys, gorges, and more. You will want to explore every inch of this breathtaking land. While here, you will discover the rich culture, intriguing old towns with impeccable architecture, and beaches. There is something for the whole family here in Crete. 

Finger Lakes: Scenic July Vacation Destinations

Located in New York, The Finger Lakes may be a bit off the beaten path, but it shouldn’t be. This place is beautiful, and it is a great destination to visit in July. From rolling hills and waterfalls to wineries and adventures on local farms, you will create memories of a lifetime. 

It presents the perfect place to get outdoors and fill your lungs with fresh air – without leaving the mainland U.S.

Galápagos Islands: Outdoor Enthusiasts Dream

You hear about people visiting the Galapagos Islands and the fantastic stories they share, but not everyone has an opportunity to visit. You will find these isolated 120 islands home to beautiful sea life west of mainland Ecuador. You can’t get more adventurous than hiking the active Sierra Negra Volcano for those looking for an adventure. If you want to end your summer with some great memories to share, this is where you need to visit. 

Lanai, Hawaii: Tropical Paradise

There are many places to visit in Hawaii, but Lanai is one of the islands’ quietest and most luxurious spots. It boasts brightly colored coral reefs, quiet secluded beaches, unpaved paths for hiking and exploring, horseback riding, and fishing – yet some of the most exceptional resorts and spas, too. 

You can indulge all your senses in Lanai.  

Before your summer turns into fall, book your private jet charter to one of these locations – or any destination you have written on your bucket list. And don’t forget your camera!