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July Vacation Destinations to Visit by Private Charter

July is the heart of summer. By this time, you have likely adjusted to your new summer schedule and have maybe even had a few adventures. Don’t stop yet. This time of year also signals that the season is moving forward and will soon be over. Life will get back into its regular, everyday routine, and all the free time to explore new places will disappear. Here are some of the top July vacation destinations to try this summer.

Top July Vacation Destinations

So, if you are not ready to let go of summertime, take advantage of all July offers by booking a private charter to one of these unforgettable vacation spots. Here are some of the top July vacation destinations.

Abruzzo, Italy: Adventurous July Vacation Destinations

Many people have traveled to Italy, but few have made Abruzzo their focus – and they have missed out. This destination is a quiet village along the Trabocchi Coast. It presents you with breathtaking natural landscapes (mountains and sea) and the motivation to slow down and breathe. 

Here you will indulge in some delectable yet hearty cuisine and sip some award-winning wines. You will find hiking, medieval treasures to explore, markets, and more. It’s like seeing Italy through new, uncharted lenses, sure to make your soul sing. Visiting Abruzzo boasts numerous amenities making it a top destination this summer.

Anguilla: Tropical July Vacation Destinations

Why not go to a tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean ocean to fulfill your summer fantasy? An island that outshines all the others, there is something for everyone in Anguilla. Here is a complete Anguilla travel guide to provide all you need to know about this tropical vacation destination.

Anguilla is the perfect place for those seeking adventure, with hiking and four-wheelers to explore the island. Or hope on a boat to do some fishing. Or, if relaxation is more your speed, you can sit by the water and soak up the sun and the sound of the waves – or enjoy great spa treatments. There are dolphin encounters, too. 

Anguilla is the perfect place for a couples getaway and a family getaway. It has it all. 

The Bahamas: Caribbean Paradise

If you have never been to the Bahamas, now is your chance. This group of islands is known for its see-through waters and white sandy beaches. Depending on which island you choose, you can shop at the straw market, enjoy some water adventures, indulge in seafood and the local cuisine – including fresh conch, and even try your luck in one of their casinos. Of course, relaxing in the spa or on the beach is acceptable, too.  

A visit to the Bahamas isn’t too far off the Florida coast, but you will feel like you are worlds away from real life. 

Burgundy, France: Wine Country

Visiting Burgundy gets your more than delicious wine – it is rejuvenating for your whole body. The vast greenery next to canals and rivers makes for spectacular views. You can explore the area on foot, by bike, or even by boat. There is no need to rush here.

Small villages throughout this area in France will take your breath away. As if perfectly placed among the green land, you will want to explore and discover all they have to offer. Places such as Vezelay, Flavigny-Sur-Ozerain, and even Noyers-Sur-Serein were listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France. 

If you are looking for a spot to detach from the hustle and bustle while surrounding yourself with culture and good people, charter a private jet to Burgundy. 

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is another Caribbean island getaway, this one is known to be under-developed – which is what most people find intriguing. Sure, it has everything necessary for the perfect island getaway, but it has more of its natural, untouched beauty than you will find in other places. 

Here you will find white sandy beaches, mountainous cliffs, and the perfect water for sailing and diving. It’s an excellent place for those looking to detach from the real world for a few days and refresh. 

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia: Beautiful July Vacation Destinations

Yet another island, Costa Smeralda, boasts beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery. You surely don’t want to miss an opportunity to check it out. There are the resorts you’d expect to find in a place that offers luxurious beaches and delicious wine. But this destination is so much more. 

You will find everything from archeological sites to villages beaming with nightlife, boutique shops, and yachts galore. The food is fantastic, too!

Crete, Grece: Mediterranean Getaway

The largest island of Greece, Crete, has a mixture of things to do and landscapes to see. Mountains, beaches, valleys, gorges, and more. You will want to explore every inch of this breathtaking land. While here, you will discover the rich culture, intriguing old towns with impeccable architecture, and beaches. There is something for the whole family here in Crete. 

Finger Lakes: Scenic July Vacation Destinations

Located in New York, The Finger Lakes may be a bit off the beaten path, but it shouldn’t be. This place is beautiful, and it is a great destination to visit in July. From rolling hills and waterfalls to wineries and adventures on local farms, you will create memories of a lifetime. 

It presents the perfect place to get outdoors and fill your lungs with fresh air – without leaving the mainland U.S.

Galápagos Islands: Outdoor Enthusiasts Dream

You hear about people visiting the Galapagos Islands and the fantastic stories they share, but not everyone has an opportunity to visit. You will find these isolated 120 islands home to beautiful sea life west of mainland Ecuador. You can’t get more adventurous than hiking the active Sierra Negra Volcano for those looking for an adventure. If you want to end your summer with some great memories to share, this is where you need to visit. 

Lanai, Hawaii: Tropical Paradise

There are many places to visit in Hawaii, but Lanai is one of the islands’ quietest and most luxurious spots. It boasts brightly colored coral reefs, quiet secluded beaches, unpaved paths for hiking and exploring, horseback riding, and fishing – yet some of the most exceptional resorts and spas, too. 

You can indulge all your senses in Lanai.  

Before your summer turns into fall, book your private jet charter to one of these locations – or any destination you have written on your bucket list. And don’t forget your camera!

empty leg charter flights - SUN AIR JETS

Save, Fly, and Relax with Empty Leg Charter Flights

Opting for empty leg charter flights enables you to enjoy exceptional value as a potential customer. Essentially, an empty leg flight occurs in aviation when a private jet chartered to drop passengers at a specific location doesn’t have any passengers on its return flight. If, at the time, the aircraft lands and doesn’t have any booked passengers to fly back with it, it is classified as an empty leg flight. Other terms to address these types of flights include dead-heads, empty flights, one-way flights, ferry flights, or repositioning legs.

Sometimes, the aviation broker can offer to take new passengers to the location at a discounted cost before the aircraft returns to a new location to pick up passengers or their home base. The flyers who don’t have problem booking flights on short notice or plan to save on travel can benefit from learning more about empty flights and their mode of operation. This way, they can figure out the best flight that suits their budget and needs.

Private Jets and Empty Leg Charter Flights

Empty leg flights are widespread with private charter jets. First, it is common for charter jets to fly empty when a jet is flying back to its home base after dropping off passengers on a charter leg and doesn’t have passengers on returning. It can also occur when a private jet has been taken for servicing away from its home base and has to fly empty to pick up passengers.

An empty leg flight can be a regular occurrence when a passenger books a one-way flight, and the private charter jet doesn’t have passengers to take back to the destination it took off from. Cost is also another reason empty leg flights occur. It is more affordable for an aircraft alongside its crew to return to its home base instead of waiting for potential passengers to charter a flight from the base where the jet is waiting.

What Makes the Difference in an Empty Leg Flight?

Certain things make an empty leg flight differ from a commercial flight. Unlike standard charter or commercial flights, empty leg flights come at a lower cost than the regular air travel price. This allows you to travel while flying private, but at a discounted price, which means you experience the individualized luxury of private travels at a lesser cost. Most passengers use ferry flights while going on vacations or business trips. You need to know that these empty leg flights only follow one-way routes, so you’ll need to book another flight when it is time to return.

An empty leg flight offers buyers a more private experience accompanied by the luxury that a standard flight can’t guarantee. If you fly with an empty leg charter flight, you can also decide to fly with a small selection of passengers or even fly alone. This way, you also avoid the cramped conditions of commercial travel. Some extra services are also offered while flying so you’ll be more comfortable and experience an unforgettable trip.

Empty Leg Charter Flight Perks

Many flyers look out for the opportunity to fly empty leg flights because they get to skip queues, enjoy privacy, experience flexibility, and save. Outlined below are some tips and benefits you’ll gain from empty leg flights:

Flexible Schedules

The scheduling requirements for empty leg flights are sometimes stricter. Still, many of them are flexible regarding departure or arrival times. As a result of this flexibility, you get to choose a take-off time that is convenient for you. If you run late to your flight, the jet would also wait for you and take off whenever you are ready.

No Queue

A more relaxed security process ensures you get on your plane and to your destination faster if you are traveling on an empty leg flight. When you opt for an empty leg flight, you skip all those long screening processes or the security queues before departure. For international flights, many airports have a private area secluded for those flying private, which also helps save waiting time.

You Get to Enjoy Luxury and Privacy

As you would experience on a private jet, a one-way flight offers you a more incredible experience of privacy and comfort. You can book a flight to fly private where you would only have your party flying with you. This way, you have enough privacy to focus on work you have to do or have time to relax. Also, this one-way flight experience allows for more personalized service from the crew, with your needs being catered to when you want them.


Another benefit you can enjoy in flying on an empty leg is that you enjoy luxury at a lower cost than a standard jet trip. Many factors would determine the prices, from the popularity of the route, the season you’re flying, to the type of aircraft. Also, when you fly as a group, it can be more affordable than a commercial flight.

Must-Knows Before You Book an Empty Leg Flight

It would help if you considered some unique factors in booking an empty leg flight beforehand, including (but not limited to):


Empty leg flights are often available last minute. This means you don’t have the luxury of time to plan out the flight in advance. These flights are also available on short notice, so it is advised that you regularly check for their availability if you have plans to fly soon.


Their routes most times tend to be unpredictable. The jet’s needs determine the routes, so you can’t pick the destination. You have to be flexible with your travel destination or wait longer to get a flight that fits your travel plans.


If you opt for an empty leg flight, you should also consider your options to return home. It would help if you remembered that empty leg flights could be canceled or have a change of plans last minute for several reasons. If the aircraft needs maintenance or changes route, a potential passenger may have to check out other bookings or change departure date as they won’t be able to go with that flight anymore.

7 best summer destinations in Europe

7 Best Summer Destinations in Europe

Are you wondering or worried about where to go in Europe this summer? You may be in crowded spaces many times when it is summertime in Europe, but this time is also one of the most beautiful times to tour the continent. Some cities may be extreme with the sun scorching, but others, like the coastal and mountainous regions, are the most serene in June, July, and August. Today, Sun Air Jets has composed some of the best summer destinations in Europe that will inspire you to pack your bags, book a flight, and visit.

Exploring the Best Summer Destinations in Europe

From the classic beach you can plan to have your getaways to summer road trips that are a delight, and then lush islands that are the brightest in summer, we have outlined some of the best places to explore in Europe via private flying! Regardless of where you choose to stay in Europe this summer, you will have the time of your life.

1. Andalucia, Spain 

Andalucia is a destination in Spain that is popular for being home to many beautiful beaches. The coastline of Spain’s Andalucia region, in particular, is one of the best summer destinations to visit in Europe. It is located in the southern part of Spain and offers a natural beauty that is stunning to the environment. It is surrounded by villages that are glossed over, and it carries that generous dose of the famous sunshine Spain is characterized by. The famous Costa del Sol, located between Gibraltar and Malaga, is the highly recommended coastline for summer getaways in Europe.

Although the inland cities in Andalucia are not ideal places to visit in Europe during summer, destinations like Granada and Seville are scorching during summer. However, they are still excellent additions to the vacation in southern Spain if you can stand the heat. In Costa del Sol, you would find the loveliest sandy beaches in Europe. As a bonus, a vacation spent in Andalucia would make you spend less than you would in Italy or along the coast of France that is just nearby.

2. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

The sparkling coastline of Croatia has made its growth from a popular destination to spend summer to widespread international fame in a few decades. You won’t have to think twice before approving it as one of the best destinations for a vacation in summer, and you are going to revisit the scene every time you get the opportunity to visit Europe.

If you enjoy sailoring, the 79 islands in Croatia are a legendary place to cruise around using a boat.

3. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is located in Portugal, on the southwestern side. It was once a secret summer destination, but it has gained popularity following many visits to this destination like the Dalmatian coast. The increase in popularity of the Algarve is primarily a result of its irregular beauty, low prices, and uneven rock formations forming along the coast.

In Algarve, you would be tempted by the sights of charming towns like Portugal and Lagos and the enormity of sandy beaches in this destination. Still, the centers of attraction here are the arches, rocky cliffs, and sea caves that make Algarve stand out among other themed places you can visit in Europe during summer.

4. Sicily, Italy

Sicily, located in the southern part of Italy, is a place you would love to be in summer. It features exciting highlights like the Italian beach towns, a stunning volcano, excellent food and wine, and low prices for remarkable services.

Before you leave Sicily, you shouldn’t miss out on the sight of the beaches of Cefalu and Avola, the unique Val di Noto towns, the streets of Palermo that are always bustling, the Greek theater, and the never-ending attractive views from Taormina. Sicily is a fantastic opportunity in Europe to explore a summer road trip.

5. Provence, France

Provence features extensive fields of lavender that delightfully charms small surrounding villages and makes it to some of the best farmer’s markets. These lavenders have made Provence a classic destination for summer getaways in Europe. You will see these lavender fields’ full bloom and beauty if you plan your trip to arrive between June and July.

If you don’t get to witness the full bloom of the lavender fields, there are still a lot of places in Provence you would want to check out. The natural beauty of Provence is noteworthy beyond the lavender fields. Places like the Calanques national park and Verdon Gorge are among the beautiful places on the south side of France.

6. Turquoise Coast, Turkey

The Turquoise coast is highly underrated in mentioning perfect destinations for people who intend to spend their summer in Europe or near Europe. It is located in the southwest part of Turkey, and it provides a gorgeous array of beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

The only part of Turkey that has crept into Europe is a small area in Istanbul’s far west and a half side. This coast is also known as the Turkish Riviera, and it is a phenomenal sight.

7. Greek Isles

In the Greek Isles, you may have trouble picking a particular destination as there is a wide range of options to choose from among the islands, and most of them are vacation opportunities in Europe. Still, there are popular options like the Santorini, famous for its classic white with a melange of blue villages and cliffs, and Mykonos is popular for its windmills and famous party scenes.

Also, you can consider Corfu for its beautiful and serene water. The largest island in Greece, Crete also prides itself in everything historical to some of the breathtaking beaches in the country.

Your Next Summer Destination in Europe Awaits

If you want to enjoy some of the best summer destinations in Europe and tick a lot of locations off your bucket list, consider contacting us today. At Sun Air Jets, we take pride in our fleet of private jets and providing our passengers with the luxury and comfort they deserve.

Charter a private flight for a luxury experience

Charter a Private Flight at Camarillo Airport for a Luxury Experience

The Bureau of Transportation statistics revealed that in 2021, only about 86.38% of flights kept to time with their flight operations. This would mean approximately 13.62% were either delayed or canceled altogether, leaving people stranded or disoriented regarding how they could get to their destination. If commercial travel were the only option left to journey around the world, it would be tough when disappointments like these occur. Thankfully, the private travel experience can also be explored when you charter a private flight from the Camarillo Airport (KCMA).

While many people think private charter is an expensive path to tow when you need to tow the skies, I think you’ll get enough value for your money, coupled with all the perks that come with the experience, that would always outweigh the cost of the trip. Here are 7 reasons why you need to consider chartering a private flight at our Camarillo airport for a luxury experience on your next trip.

1. Make Your Schedule

Because it is a private travel experience, you have the luxury of fixing your schedule. You won’t have to rush to be at the airport two hours before your flight, which can be tiring some days. After you hire for private travel, you get to decide what departure time is best for you and who you would like your travel companions to be.

If children come on board with you, it will be beneficial if you can fix your travel schedule through the private charter. This will allow you to create your plan around your children’s naptime and bedtime to avoid a meltdown or any other tricky situation that can come up during travel. This way, you are assured of a hassle-free travel experience as opposed to worrying about your next stop for a child’s needs.

2. Up to Par Safety Measures

You are guaranteed safety when you travel by commercial and private methods, but the safety advantage is more when you fly privately. While private jets could be more susceptible to weather hazards due to their smaller size, they fly higher, about 40,000 feet above ground level, which is much higher than commercial aircraft. This means that these jets can fly at high altitudes and maintain a smooth flight regardless of the weather.

3. Clean Flight, Clear Skies

As the world passes, hygiene constantly gains credence as an essential topic that can’t be overlooked. The safety from crowds a private charter experience affords keeps you away from contracting infectious diseases that could be transmitted from a queue or air from the crowd.

4. Choose Your Travel Companions.

There are many people booked for flights at different times for different reasons. Regardless of your reason for flying, you may not always find it convenient to stay stuck with a total stranger for a lengthy flight. You can avoid all the awkwardness of a commercial trip by hiring a private charter.

If the purpose of your travel is business, you can bring your business partners on board with you and have your meetings as you fly. Most private charter airlines also have internet facilities active on their planes, which will allow you to get your work done while on the air.

5. Personalized Catering Experience

If you have flown on a plane before, you would know that foods that leave lasting memories may not necessarily be ones you’ll eat on a plane, but all of that can be different if you fly private.

As opposed to the one or two fixed options you would be offered on commercial flights, you have the luxury of choosing what you want to eat on your private travels. You will also have access to catered custom meals onboard and an extensive collection of in-flight snacks to pass the time when needed.

6. No Baggage Fees

A significant hassle you would experience flying commercial is restrictions on what you can carry as baggage. There is a specific size and weight required to be onboard a commercial flight as you aren’t the only one traveling, but this isn’t the case when you are flying private.

While you won’t get to carry a whole resort with you onboard, flying private would still afford you the luxury of freedom to bring the items you can bring along. This advantage comes in handy when you are flying with children as you will be able to carry enough with you to ease the trip for them. Also, you won’t have to wait to get them or take your bags through the whole checking process, or that occurs upon landing.

7. Travel in Comfort

The choice to travel on a private charter experience is a choice of comfort, and the comfort you will experience during your travel time will be next to none. From the moment you get to the airport, everything you need will be catered for before going onboard, such that your departure process will be stress-free.

When flying on a private jet, you have access to a private lounge to cool off before your flight. The exclusiveness of the reserve or lounge helps you mentally prepare for the trip. You can also be personally accompanied to the tarmac when your flight is ready.

Charter a Private Flight with Sun Air Jets

The luxury of private travel is open to everyone, not just celebrities. On a private charter, there are no assigned seats to anyone, so you get to sit where you feel will be the most comfortable for you all through the flight. It is easy to stretch out your legs as you want, and there’s a lot of space compared to commercial flight, mainly because the average private jet seats less than ten people.

You also have access as much as any other to fly private, and the guarantee is that you may never opt for commercial flights again after trying out private travel just once. However, flying private is a luxury and could be very expensive. It is more costly than first-class trips but what you stand to benefit is beyond the cost.

So what are you waiting for? Book with us now to charter a private flight from our Camarillo airport. At Sun Air Jets, we go above and beyond to cater to all of our passengers’ needs before and after to make the journey a memorable one.

11 beautiful private jet vacation spots

11 Beautiful Private Jet Vacation Spots

Every day, we thank the universe for the gradual resumption of everyday life after the shutdown of all activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that regular travel has resumed, it’s time to look at some of the US’s best private jet vacation spots.

Today, we are explicitly looking at vacation spots where you can travel via a private jet charter. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Vermont

Vermont is one of the most popular resort towns in America. The perfect-looking town is a great spot to visit for summer vacations. There are a lot of places to visit in Vermont, the Connecticut River, which is the longest river in New England, or the beautiful Passumpsic River, which is one of the tributaries of the Connecticut River.

Apart from sparkling rivers, there are several state parks where families can go on hikes and enjoy nature. Vermont contains a lot of well-preserved towns and has stories that date back centuries.

Summer isn’t the only time to visit Vermont. During winter, Vermont receives a lot of snow, and skiing in its mountains is an experience many would love to savor over and over.

2. Aspen

Aspen is another one of the most popular resort towns in the US. Perfectly tucked in the Rocky Mountains, Aspen is the ideal location for the several all-year ski resorts that are located there. Apart from resorts, Aspen also boasts top-rated restaurants and boutiques.

Though Aspen is available to receive tourists and visitors all year long, the time to visit the city is from December to February, at the height of winter.

3. Vail

While the best period to visit Aspen is in the winter, Vail, another town in Colorado, is an ideal vacation spot both in the winter and summer. Vail is famous for its beautiful mountain scenes, several trails perfect for hiking in the summer, and upscale shops and restaurants.

A visit to Vail is guaranteed to produce excitement, non-stop activities, and a perfect bonding time for the family. The best periods to visit Vail in the year are June to September in the summer and December to March in the winter.

4. Cape Cod

Let’s head over to Massachusetts for one of the ideal spots for a summer vacation. Especially for those who love water, lighthouses, being close to famous people, and not forgetting Martha’s Vineyard.

For anyone thinking of visiting Cape Cod, May to June and September to October are the best times to visit the rustic town.

5. Nantucket

They might both be in Massachusetts, but Cape Cod and Nantucket could be more different. Nantucket is more high-end, with several exclusive restaurants and shops. These aren’t the only points of attraction in the town. Its tower churches and cobblestone streets take you back in time.

Additionally, Nantucket is a perfect mix of elegance, history, and foggy weather. Visitors can take in several festivals that happen in Nantucket, and if you are interested in such things, whaling.

6. Los Angeles

The City of Angels is one of the most famous cities globally and the home of Hollywood. Los Angeles has too many attractions for anyone interested in visiting, and it’s an ideal vacation spot for couples, individuals, and families. 

Another great thing about Los Angeles is that there’s always one fun activity or the other available for everyone, no matter what your interests are. There are also fantastic shopping malls and upscale restaurants everywhere in Los Angeles.

7. Telluride

Telluride is the third town in Colorado that makes this list. Considered to be a morning town, it’s arguably one of the most magnificent mountains and mountain views. Telluride is where you will find people who take their skiing very seriously, wealthy homeowners with their families, and those just interested in leisure.

Despite its affluent residents, Telluride has this ancient charm that makes it a favorite of many tourists and ski resorts.

8. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is located in Florida, the home of beaches. It is a popular vacation spot for families and groups. The presence of various beach activities such parasailing, sightseeing cruises, an airboat tour on the Everglades, or non-beach activities like an ocean view helicopter tour adds to the attraction of Fort Lauderdale.

9. Jackson

Jackson, Wyoming, is a vacation spot with different activities and attractions to keep visitors occupied. These tourist activities include ghost tours or visiting the Grand Tenton or Yellowstone National parks for family hikes.

The magnificent Jackson Town Square is a place that is worth visiting. For extreme skiing, vacationing at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the place to be. Snow King Mountain offers more gentle and affordable skiing.

No matter what time of the year people decide to visit, Jackson has something to keep them occupied.

10. Naples

Naples is another Florida entrant on this list, and the town is another perfect vacation spot. It has several beautiful beaches which offer a jaw-dropping view of what a lovely sunset should be.

While there are various outstanding dining and shopping establishments in Naples, tourists could decide to visit food truck parks for a more casual lunch. Then there are the fishing trips that make a visit to Naples the perfect spot.

11. Maui

Maui is paradise on earth, a beautiful oasis located in Hawaii. It has many incredible beaches, beautiful valleys, a volcano, and a national park. Maui is a popular vacation spot.

Some of the must-see locations in Maui are the Pa’iloa or Wai’anapanapa black sand beaches, the Haleakala volcano that makes everyone feel relatively small, and the hiking trails of the Haleakala National Park.

Your Next Private Jet Vacation is with Sun Air Jets

All these vacation spots are available by private jet and are pretty popular among those who can afford to charter a plane and fly to these destinations. Sun Air Jets has jets capable of flying vacationers to and fro these locations. We also offer additional services for hotel bookings, chauffeur-driven cars, and other information on your chosen vacation spot.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and choose your next adventure with Sun Air Jets!

A family enjoying different places to visit in May

Breathtaking Places to Visit in May

With the Covid-19 pandemic and its attendant issues in the rearview, it’s time to book a flight for a summer vacation. May is one of the best times to travel, the weather is glorious, and the summer crowd isn’t in place yet. To cultivate some ideas on where you should go, Sun Air Jets has gathered a list of some of the best places to visit in May–specifically countries. We’ll uncover why we think you should see them and fun activities you can engage in!


Visiting France at the tail end of spring and the cusp of summer provides picturesque scenery for visitors. Everyone knows that France is the bastion of fashion globally, so you are sure to enjoy yourself shopping.  

If you are a wine lover, visiting France in May will be a treat because their vineyards are in the harvest season. The glorious weather allows you and your partner to take romantic strolls through the streets or enjoy delicious French cuisine in cafes. Instead of doing the usual things like visiting the Eiffel Tower, you could head to the French countryside and enjoy rustic activities like cheese and winemaking? Or you could take boat rides on the majestic River Seine.

If you are thinking of staying in Paris, you should visit the Louvre for its magnificent works of art or experience firsthand what French elegance and luxury look like by visiting the French Riviera. No matter where you decide to visit in France, you are sure to enjoy your stay and hope to revisit next May. 


When you think of vacationing in Great Britain, you either think of England or the Scottish Highlands. For many people, the Southwestern part of the British Islands is still a mystery. Wales specifically is a beautiful experience.

In May, the temperature in most of Wales is between 6 to 15 degrees Celsius, with clear skies and less rain. Fantastic weather to undertake hikes through the country’s rugged terrain. Unlike France, Wales is more suited to the outdoorsy tourist who would like to explore the various castles like the Cardiff, Conwy, and Beaumaris Castles.

Additionally, you can take walks through the various pebbled beaches or visit the Great Pit National Coal Museum in Torfaen to experience a real coal mine that was in operation for around a century. Apart from the castle in Conwy, you can also walk around the walled town. A walk through any of Wales’ towns like Cardiff or Anglesey will show you just how much of an industrial hub Wale was during Britain’s industrial revolution. 

If you are interested in hiking, you are in luck. Snowdonia National Park combines nature, wildlife, and a touch of human existence. The park boasts unique wildlife living harmoniously with rail tracks, beautiful lakes, and bushes. Visit Wales to experience the rugged beauty of Britain. Relive history, and enjoy nature in a way only Wales can offer.


Leaving Europe, let us talk about some other beautiful places. An island country located in Africa boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Though May is the winter season in Mauritius, the tropical climate still ensures an average temperature of 27⁰C.

The clear skies and the warm weather combine to ensure beautiful warm beaches ideal for the various water sports available on Mauritius beaches.

Apart from having fun at the beach, you visit the Bois Cheri Tea Plantation. It’s the first tea plantation in Mauritius, and it is one of the stops on the Mauritius Tea Route. Another fun activity is kite surfing and scuba diving. Furthermore, stop by and explore the beautiful Bella Mare. 

For more extreme water sports, you could go cave sea kayaking at Albion Cove. You could also sign up for a luxury yacht ride. Nature lovers aren’t left out. A hike through the Mauritius National Botanical Garden is a thrill. Finally, you can’t visit Mauritius without visiting Tamaris Bay and watching the dolphins.

Australian West Coast

Australia is a continent with different climatic conditions at other times of the year. So it’s impossible to tell you the best time to visit Australia. However, we are concentrating on the western coast of Australia, which includes the Ningaloo Reef, Perth, and Exmouth.

Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef exhibit the wild side of Australia. The weather in May makes shark sightings a certainty in Exmouth. May is also the time for the Whale Shark Festival in Exmouth, where you get to swim with sharks (it’s an exhilarating experience) and see various colorful parrots, emus, and kangaroos. 

Also, you should visit Kimberly to experience waterfall picnics, swim in their beautiful lakes, and check out amazing rock formations. If you are interested in passive tourism, visiting parks, and shopping at various malls, Perth is the place for you. No matter how you choose to spend your May vacation on the Australian West Coast, we are sure you will find something that will interest you.


Our last pick is the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Japan is one of the few countries that has successfully blended its history with changes due to advancing technology. Japan has a global reputation for technological innovations and industries, and it is home to several automobile giants.

You might be wondering why you should vacation in Japan, and it’s simple. In May, the spring season transforms Japan into a land of natural beauty. The cherry blossom season starts in April and extends to May. Apart from a picnic amidst the blossoms, you and the family can have fun at the Tokyo Disney Park. Or visit the various temples in Kiyomizu-Ji and the serenity, lakes, and lake houses of Kinkaku-Ji. This is why Japan is one of our favorite places to visit in may

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Other countries you would have fun visiting in May are Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Seychelles. The east coast of the United States of America is also a great tourist spot at that time of the year. But, wherever you decide to visit, you should know Sun Air Jets has you covered. We offer chartered flights to all these destinations, discreet luxury, and excellent service.

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How safe is flying during COVID

How Safe is Flying During COVID?

It’s been two years since COVID-19 set foot upon the world. Now, society is trying to get back to a state of normalcy and pick up the pieces with everyday tasks, including flying. But, how safe is flying during COVID?

The pandemic troubled aspects of living around the world in an instant, with the travel industry being one of the strong-hit sectors. It isolated airports for months because of jets operating far below their scope. While commercial airlines are recovering lost revenue, private aviation has increased inactivity. Private airplane sales expanded, and so did bookings of private jet charters.

The interest in private jet flights has not dialed back. In this article, we direct our concentration on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on private jet travel. We will explore what is causing increased interest in private flights and how you can travel securely during the pandemic.

Advantages of Private Flights

Private flights are more secure and limit the risk of contagious illness incurring, not only during the covid-19 pandemic. The private airline will take you from the chosen area and will ship you to a private airport terminal, so you will not come into contact with other travelers on other flights on the way. You will fly by yourself or with individuals who have accompanied you.

The airport staff and the flight crew representatives need to follow stringent prerequisites for complying with cleanliness standards and are bound by strict principles regarding contact with people showing potential indications of disease. They need to use expendable elastic gloves, masks, or respirators and conform to other internal guidelines in line with the official regulation of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The private jet organizations give special consideration to guaranteeing the ideal state of the airplane to ensure the travelers on board are safe, likewise regarding health. The flight crew has a disinfecting set accessible to all clients and provides the proper cleaning of the aircraft cabin and disinfection after each flight under the issued checklists. It is one more benefit of private flights contrasted with commercial ones. The size of the private jets empowers the organizations to focus on even the most minor subtleties.

Control and Flexibility

Recapturing control of travel itineraries was a far-off reality for the travelers flying commercial in 2020 and 2021. Private aeronautics conveyed that guarantee throughout the pandemic, allowing clients to adjust their flights to their schedules and not the other way around.

That flexibility has been the differentiator for travel fragments since the beginning. It has turned into a security net for those in need of urgent travel during uncertainty.

More Domestic, Less International

The association between range and travel limitation is clear; domestic areas are back to 2019 levels, while worldwide executive jet sectors are still down by 20% to 2019. The gap diminished toward the end of 2021, firmly attached to vaccination drives in countries that lead annual business aviation tasks.

Fewer Passengers

COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020. While the National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization guide routine cleaning plans for many airplanes, private jets are in the air on rare occasions and ship fewer travelers than most commercial airplanes.

These factors make the coordinated operations of cleaning the airplane easier to manage, with fewer opportunities for cross-contamination.


According to a 2005 review, disease transmission is associated with flights exceeding eight hours and sitting within two rows of an infected individual.

One published review of all flights with potential SARS – Cov-2 transmission from January 24 to September 21, 2020, summarized the low risk of in-flight transmission as low. 

An October article on the JAMA patient page points out that risk is often low on flights due to how the cabin air is maintained. The air volume in a plane’s cabin is refreshed regularly, with air entering from overhead and flowing downward to exit at floor outlets. From there, around half of the air is vented outside while the rest is sent through high-efficiency particulate air filters, like those used in filters. Once filtered, this air is mixed with fresh air bought in from the outside and then pushed back into the cabin. 

A 2003 study examined three separate flights known to have carried someone infected with SARS, another coronavirus. On one 3-hour flight, they found 22 probable transmissions, with 34% of those who sat in the same row or within three rows of infected individuals reporting illness, although 56% of the individuals who became infected were not seated within that proximity. 

However, their examination of the other two flights found possible infection of only one person on a 90-minute flight carrying four symptomatic individuals and no infection detected on a 90-minute flight carrying one pre-symptomatic individual.

Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

Besides choosing to fly privately rather than commercially during this pandemic, there are a few Coronavirus flying securities you can take, paving the way to flying during your travels.

Clean Hands and Keep Distance

During this pandemic, you should frequently wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and try not to touch your face, nose, and mouth. Specialists likewise encourage wearing a mask over your nose and mouth and keeping up with no less than six feet of distance between you and individuals outside of your family.

Masks and Pre-Flight Recommendations

Mask coverings are recommended on all forms of public transportation worldwide, including planes, trains, and buses, alongside transportation centers. Inside the 14 days before your travels, the CDC suggests no social gathering with individuals outside your family unit. It incorporates going to crowded areas like restaurants, gyms, bars, and mass get-togethers, like weddings, parties, and funerals. If you do any of these activities before your trip, the CDC encourages you to postpone your travels.

Consider the COVID-19 Vaccine

If you are acceptable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, specialists suggest getting the suggested dosages before traveling. If you cannot get the vaccine yet, step through a viral test one to three days before travel. These tests are significant because the virus can unknowingly infect you and spread it without feeling any symptoms.

Contingent upon your travel plans, the airline may approach you to present a copy of your negative test. If your test results are positive, don’t fly. Overall, good hygiene and private air charters can help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.

Fly Safely with Sun Air Jets

If you’re looking for a private jet charter company, consider flying with Sun Air Jets. Our team is committed to passenger and crew safety at all times.

When you book a flight with us, we take utmost care to follow all safety measures regarding COVID-19, including our COVID Care–a set of additional procedures for protection. We are also dedicated to monitoring the health of our crew members, performing proper sanitation techniques, and being proactive when it comes to creating a safe environment.

Top 12 vacation spots for couples in 2022

Top 12 Vacation Spots for Couples in 2022

What is your interpretation of modern vacation spots for couples looking to spend some alone time? Relaxing at home or something more spontaneous such as traveling abroad by flying private? For some couples, it is all about sitting back on a beach somewhere equatorial and pleasant, while others prefer a unique experience in a lively, fast-paced destination.

The Best Vacation Spots for Couples in 2022

Whatever your travel style, we have you covered with our list of romantic getaway locations to visit in the United States and worldwide. Whether you are simply looking to escape with your partner or merely celebrating your honeymoon, the following are the top 12 vacation spots for couples in 2022

1. Portland, Oregon

Portland is the populous city in Oregon that sits on the beds of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. It is famous for numerous things, and among those, the most commonly known are its unique bridges, multipurpose parks, bicycle paths, and eco-friendliness. Also, it is an always-evolving city with dozens of cultural attractions and a desirable transit system. Enjoy sales, tax-free shopping, and a mindful community. 

Portland has everything from city parks to wilderness, from busy shopping markets to peaceful riverbeds. If you are a music lover, this city has a lot to offer. Its art clubs and theaters are great. Go and hear the performance at the Oregon Symphony or Portland Opera. In short, this city is the perfect place to visit on weekends or to relax.

2. New York City, New York

New York City is a one-of-a-kind city in the United States and probably worldwide. For the first time, those who visit this iconic landmark will feel like walking through a movie set with famous sites at every turn. There are numerous attractions in the city, like the Empire State Building, Time Square, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty.

Take a short trip to Liberty Island, and from there, a fantastic view of the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline. Visit Central Park and enjoy your weekend trip.

Either walk or have a carriage ride through crisscrossing pathways as it is an amazingly entertaining thing to do. Attending the Broadway show is one of the most fun parts of visiting New York.

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is also one of the most entertaining parts of visiting New York. It has inspired many poets and songwriters with its mesmerizing view. New York has various food spots offering a variety of world-class international cuisine.

3. Kauai, Hawaii

If your interpretation of paradise includes rugged cliffs, sunny sand, emerald hills, and epic hikes, fire up your laptop and book a trip to Kauai

The “Garden Isle” is a verdant wonderland. You can take a helicopter tour past the Jurassic Park waterfall, kayak Hawaii’s only navigable river, or walk the wild NaPali Coast—though no one will blame you for kicking back with a cocktail on the beach.

4. Aspen, Colorado

There is no wrong time to book a trip to this Rocky Mountain town, where romantic enticements beckon, from luxury hotels and sophisticated dining to hot air ballooning, and hitting the slopes.

Whether you carve with your partner or settle into a couple’s massage and the nightly Champagne sabering at the extravagant St. Regis, you will leave Aspen more in love.

5. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard, Obama’s go-to summer getaway has always charmed visitors with its windswept beaches and lovely towns. Base yourself at Hob Knob in Edgartown or rent a home, where you can borrow bikes or charter a sunset cruise aboard the hotel’s 27-foot boat. Browse local shops, hit the beach, marvel over the sunset, and stuff yourself with fresh seafood. It’s not a Vineyard visit without lobster from Larsen’s Fish Market.

6. Charleston, South Carolina

This scenic Southern city doesn’t just feel like a movie set; Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook was shot around Charleston. Create your own love story as you roam the historic district by checking out the exquisite dining scene and wandering through the gardens at the Boone Hall Plantation.

7. Chassignolles, France

Livradois-Forez is a village in France’s largest national park, secluded and rural-ideal for couples looking to move away from everything. You can check out the local ranches and meander among the country paths. 

Auberge de Chassignolles is the only accommodation in town, with nine rooms close to the village’s twelfth-century church.

8. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is famous worldwide for its spectacular sunsets, beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, and whitewashed houses sitting on cliffs. The island is a most romantic and world-acclaimed destination for couples. 

While you are here, go hike on the Fira trail for beautiful views, sit in the sunset in Oia, and explore the black-sand beach.

9. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Thailand’s most populous island and is considered to be the most famous. Blue waters, sandy beaches, spicy Thai cuisine, snorkeling, and diving are all part of the charm. Couples flock to Phuket for relaxation and adventure from different parts of the world, making the island one of the most popular destinations in Thailand.

10. Uvita, Costa Rica

Uvita has developed into a couple’s favorite for its lovely beaches with full sunsets, whale watching, and close location to National Park. The village itself is a mix of paved and unpaved roads with wildlife, trees leaning over, little cafes, and eye-catching restaurants tucked away.

11. Sante Fe, New Mexico

Romance is viable in Santa Fe. This Ancient World city attracts lovers with its scenic style, small trails, mountain views, and breathtaking sunsets. 

Home to a hypnotizing mix of cultures, its old streets are a treat to explore with attractive Native American adobe buildings and charming Spanish colonial churches alongside magnificent Mexican missions.

12. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., draws in couples and honeymooners with untainted parks and great domains. We may know Washington for its historic landmarks and memorials to former pioneers. However, there are a lot of fun and heartfelt activities to enjoy with your adored one.

Art admirers can devote hours marveling at thousands of monuments by renowned artists from all over the world. Furthermore, the city’s distinct dining site offers plenty of food choices for any budget, from casual food markets to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Your Destination Awaits

So what do you say? Fly today with Sun Air Jets to a fantastic place where you can relax, explore, and spend time with your beloved. Visit us online to check out our range of private jet fleets, accommodations, available in-flight features, and more!

How to conquer your fear of flying

How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

As humans, our relationship to flight has transformed in the last century. Air travel has formed from a dream into a typical and broadly used mode of transportation.

Conferring to the International Air Transport Association, around 100,000 flights estimated that 3.7 billion passengers globally would travel during 2017. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that an unsurpassed high of almost 718 million travelers flew on 8.6 million flights during 2016 globally.

Air travel has increased in the last few years in recurrence and general security. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, the 2016 accident rate of 2.8 accidents per million takeoffs is the minimal airline accident rate in recent history. According to a report in Transportation Economics, air travel is more secure in terms of fatalities than any other common mode of transportation, including:

  • Ferries
  • Cars
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Subways

Still, some moments make even a competent passenger uncomfortable. When the wheels run down the landing area, or you hit an awful patch of turbulence, it’s not unusual to grip the armrests faster.

These moments of feeling shoved or confused are primarily short-lived, and they go once the second is over, except if you have a definite fear of flying, known as aviophobia. Individuals with aviophobia have a deep-rooted, persistent fear of flying that is substantially more than a transitory sensation of anxiety.

While it’s not uncommon for passengers to have fear flying, it’s challenging to legitimize with individuals shaking from their nerves. Not even the travel insurance plan can diminish the fear of flying if you have one. It’s 100 percent a personal battle that each person deals with separately. However, there are ways of adapting to a fear of flying, so you don’t need to sacrifice traveling because of fear.


A person with aerophobia or fear of flying might abstain from flying no matter what. It could mean missing family holidays or refusing to travel for work. You might demand other modes of transportation, like buses, cars, or trains – regardless of whether they are less convenient than flying.

If you fear flying, you might likewise stay away from films, books, or news reports that connect with air travel. Or you may become fixated on finding out about safety measures at airports and on planes.

It is additionally possible for individuals with fear of flying to have panic attacks before or during a flight. Symptoms may include:

  • Chills
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath (dyspnea)
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Upset stomach or indigestion (dyspepsia)


While many things can contribute to a traveler’s fear of flying, some of the most common causes include:

  • Fear of heights
  • Claustrophobia
  • Turbulence
  • Bad weather, including strong winds, rain, thunderstorms, etc.
  • Specific flight paths, including over large bodies of water
  • Time of day (e.g., red-eyes and night flights)
  • Medical conditions (e.g., IBS)
  • Life events include pregnancy, new babies, young children, etc.
  • Smaller sized planes and aircrafts

If you suffer from aviophobia, you may feel that this list will only boost your fears. However, we have featured these typical causes for two reasons. The first reason is that the individuals who fear flying will realize that they are not alone.

Feeling alone frequently adds to the stigma of having these fears and can fuel your aviophobia, particularly if you are traveling solo. Realizing that others experience comparative circumstances is often encouraging for aviophobes.

Many individuals with aviophobia have conquered their fears through treatment, medication, and experience.

Identifying the cause (or trigger) is an initial step and may help defeat your fear of flying.


There is no specific diagnostic test for fear of flying. Your health care provider will cautiously review your symptoms and ask you various questions about your fear of flying.

Aerophobia can range from mild (you will fly if you need to, yet it makes you restless) to severe (you have refused to fly for over five years). Your specialist may diagnose you with a specific phobic problem, for example, aerophobia, if you:

  • Develop symptoms at the thought of the fearful object or circumstance, for example, airplanes or air travel
  • Experience your fear for a considerable amount of time or longer
  • Avoid the thing or situation you fear
  • Have difficulty working at home, work, or in social situations because of your fear


Individuals who are hesitant to travel via plane need treatment by psychiatrists who are specialists in this field with techniques like hypnosis. The severity of flight phobia can be extremely high, so diagnosis and treatment are essential in such cases.

We suggest that individuals who carry this fear should not travel via airplane before conquering their fears. If you wish to conquer this fear, you can get help from accomplished experts.

Treatment for fear of flying involves medications or treatment. Specialists may suggest antianxiety medicines. You take two types: when you experience triggers for your stress and another that you take daily.

Specialists may likewise recommend psychotherapy, including:

  • Exposure therapy
  • Modeling
  • Hypnosis
  • Talk therapy
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises

5 Tips for Conquering Fear of Flying

If you wish to conquer your fear of flying, the following tips may assist with diminishing your discomfort on your next flight.

1. Stay Centered

Inhale profoundly for four counts and then release for six.

2. Find a Focus

Cross your ankles and cross your hands in front of your chest. Inhale while laying your tongue on the top of your mouth.

3. Eliminate Stressful Interruptions

Bring down the window shade so that moving components do not divert you.

4. Select Your Seat

Limit turbulence by sitting at the front of the plane, which is less affected than the back. Booking a walkway seat could likewise assist you with feeling less contracted and panicky.

5. Be Prepared with Soothing Components

Find things that assist you to stay on track and be less anxious. Find music that is relieving—pack snacks you like and make you feel good. Avoid things with sugar, which is an energizer.

What is a Charter Flight

What is a Charter Flight?

Charter flights, scheduled flights, commercial flights?

There is, in fact, a vast difference between the types of flights that you can opt to take, and it’s more than just a word. Today we’re taking a closer look at one of the most common questions we hear – what is a charter flight? Read More