Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

How the Coronavirus Outbreak is Impacting Business Aviation

As we navigate the fluid challenges amid the current pandemic crisis, our friends at Universal Weather have outlined how the coronavirus outbreak has impacted business aviation.

Visit the Universal Weather website for the latest information on airport travel restrictions and other news effecting private and business jet travel around the world.

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Sun Air Jets has taken precautions to protect against COVID-19

Read about the updated processes we’ve enacted to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers, crew members and employees. Learn more here.

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Sun Air Jets Takes Precautions to Protect Against COVID-19

With rising concerns over Coronavirus (COVID-19), Sun Air Jets would like to reassure charter customers and aircraft owners of its proactive and thorough process to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and their guests.

As one of the top safest rated operators in the nation, Sun Air Jets is dedicated to high quality, risk-averse safety and operational processes that permeates our company culture. Private jets have the advantage of being one of the most sanitary modes of transportation, and we have implemented very stringent procedures to be sure we follow that trend.

On board every Sun Air Jets aircraft, we offer our clients an immaculate cabin, cleaned by our in-house professional cleaning staff, and amenities such as hand sanitizers and a PhoneSoap cleaning device to disinfect guest’s devices. Our cleaning procedures include a thorough cabin cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants.

In response to COVID-19, our Director of Safety is spearheading a daily strategy team to keep our flight crew and staff well-informed on the latest news, recommended strategies, and regulatory travel recommendations and considerations.

Sun Air Jets vows to keep up our award-winning best practices on safety, while increasing vigilance company-wide until concerns over COVID-19 have subsided.