Aircraft Management Services

Justin Sherrill

Director of Aircraft Management

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Managing your aircraft with Sun Air Jets grants access to industry leading expertise in tax and revenue optimization, as well as maintenance and operational support. We give you an unmatched ownership experience in asset management.



Asset Management Expertise

Sun Air Jets obtains FET refunds for the owner:

  • Sun Air Jets obtains for the Owner FET refunds on jet fuel.
  • Sun Air Jets obtains for the Owner jet fuel diesel tax refunds.
  • Sun Air Jets provides aviation legal and financial consulting at no cost to manage transportation excise tax exposure on Owner’s

Sales Tax Refunds and Consulting at no cost to aircraft Owner:

  • California sales and use tax exemption application to avoid tax on the purchase of the aircraft prepared and submitted for Owner by Sun Air. Proper paperwork to be submitted to California taxing authority will be accumulated throughout the test period.  Interim consulting with Owner to ensure exemption tests will be satisfied.
  • Aircraft parts exempt from California sales tax.
  • Refunds of California sales taxes on fuel.
  • Exemptions from California sales tax on fuel.
  • VAT and GST refunds for international fuel.

Property Tax Protests and Consulting at no cost to aircraft Owner:

  • Annual aircraft property tax protests spearheaded by Sun Air Jets.
  • Sun Air Jets obtains the phantom sales tax exemption on CA property tax bills.

Income Tax Consulting at no cost to aircraft Owner:

  • Tax gain or loss on disposal of aircraft.
  • Alternative minimum tax consulting.
  • Passive activity loss consulting.

Financial Security & Performance

Full revenue sharing:

  • Sun Air pays Owner on all revenue, not just flight time revenue, including: under-flown charter hours, cancellation fees, daily minimum charges, empty leg revenue.
  • Predictable additional charter revenue received per flight hour; that bonus revenue has no offsetting aircraft operating costs.
  • Bonus revenue dramatically improves charter profitability for the aircraft Owner, therefore subsidizing aircraft ownership costs.

Detailed financial reporting:

  • We provide detailed and organized monthly management statements with all supporting invoice records or separate invoiced items into distinct account codes such as fuel, handling, ramp fees, etc.
  • Our statements simplify bookkeeping for aircraft Owner office staff or business manager.
  • Sample reports are available to review.

Crew benefits surcharge rate:

  • Sun Air charges Owner for flight crew benefits at rates typically much lower than other management companies.
  • Sun Air doesn’t charge the aircraft Owner for vacation time accruals.
  • Rate of benefits charge is based more closely on actual costs.

No markup on fuel or maintenance away from home base:

  • Fuel and aircraft maintenance costs incurred on the road are managed by Sun Air and charged through to Owner without markup.