Book A Global Express Charter for a Luxurious Trip to the Southwest

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Booking a Global Express charter for your Southwest trip offers unparalleled luxury and efficiency. This aircraft stands out for its long range, spacious cabin, and speed, ensuring a smooth, comfortable journey. Ideal for the vast landscapes of the Southwest, it minimizes travel time, offering more leisure time at your destination. Plus, its sophisticated amenities ensure a top-tier travel experience, epitomizing convenience and style.

The Southwest region of the United States has so much to explore that you won’t want to miss. Of all the different air travel options today, many may limit the leisure time you have at your destination. Therefore, finding a way to arrive swiftly and maximize your time is important.

This article explores why you should book a Global Express charter for your next trip to the Southwest.

The Southwest’s Allure: Unique Landscapes and Culture

The Southwest is like a playground for those who love to explore the outdoors. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, California’s Mojave Desert, and Utah all boast majestic landscapes of canyons, vistas, and hoodoos that will take your breath away.

While in the region, you can visit the Grand Canyon, journey through Zion National Park, see the sunset at Arches National Park, and more.

The weather is always great, the food is incredible, and the outdoor adventures are abundant. A visit here promises to be as rejuvenating for the body as it invigorates for the soul.

Right now is the perfect time to visit.

Why Book a Global Express Charter

While you may have options for reaching the Southwest, chartering the Global Express will surely enhance the experience. The smooth flight, comfortable surroundings, and luxurious amenities epitomize class.

Here are a few reasons to book a Global Express charter for your next trip.

Exploring In Style: The Global Express Advantage

There are many different private jets available for charter to the Southwest. So, why choose the Global Express? What sets it apart from others?

This heavy jet is all about style and comfort. It has state-of-the-art entertainment, overstuffed seating, and room for 6 to sleep. And because the flight is ultra-smooth, you can easily get up and move about.

Overall, this jet offers a wide range of configurations and amenities that can be customized just for you. That’s the Global Express advantage.

Unmatched Comfort: Spacious Cabins, Luxury Amenities

You can enjoy the large cabin and all of its amenities without restrictions. Its high level of comfort makes it a home-away-from-home in the sky.

The inside of the Global Express charter is spacious and luxuriously equipped to make your travel more enjoyable. In addition to the elegant touches, this jet has an entertainment system with three large LED monitors, four personal monitors, and USB charging power outlets at each seat so that you always remain connected while using the complimentary domestic WiFi.

There is a full galley and full-vanity lavatory onboard equipped with everything you need to nourish and refresh your body while in flight, including a high-temp oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, and refreshments.

Efficiency and Speed: Less Time Traveling, More Exploring

The Global Express is highly efficient in its travels meaning that you will spend less time in the sky and more time exploring the Southwest.

Unlike commercial air travel, you won’t find yourself standing in long lines waiting to get through security checkpoints or waiting hours at the gate to board. You arrive at the airport about 15 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule, board your flight, and make it to your destination without worry of delay or layovers.

Privacy and Exclusivity: Your Personalized Flying Experience

With the Global Express comes privacy. It may have enough space for 12 passengers, but whether you fill those seats is up to you. Regardless of who is traveling with you, your time onboard is private as you exclusively use the jet.

What’s more, your charter team will discuss your travel plans when booking and ensure that your travel is enhanced with personal touches to make it an extra special flying experience.

Versatile Destinations: Access Remote and Popular Sites

The Southwest region is vast. Accessing remote and popular sites with ease can be very beneficial —- and efficient. With Global Express, you have the opportunity to land at major international airports as well as smaller private airports.

Depending on your destination, you may be able to utilize an airport close to it and reduce the time spent with ground transportation. This not only reduces your travel time but it gives you more time to experience the beauty found here.

Making Memories: Elevate Your Travel Experience

On your adventures to the Southwest or beyond, make memories on board the Global Express, which offers luxurious amenities and personalizations to enhance your travels.

With room for 12 passengers, you can make memories alone, with a significant other, or with the whole family. Either way, the flight experience on the Global Express will be remembered as much as the vacation itself—if not more.

It’s that good.

Book a Global Express Charter Today

Time spent at your destination shouldn’t be the only enjoyable part of your vacation. Traveling on a Global Express charter today booked through Sun Air Jets’ private jet charter services can transform your entire travel experience.

From the moment you book your flight until you arrive home, you will experience what it means to travel in luxury and style. With the help of a world-class team, you can arrive quickly, stay long, and enjoy the personalizations along the way.


If the Southwest calls your name, a private charter will get you as close to the adventure as possible. And with an emphasis on efficiency and comfort, it’s the only way to travel.

Contact us to book your Global Express charter with Sun Air Jets today.

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