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9 of the Most Luxurious Private Jets in the World

Flying private has long been associated with luxury travel. Everything, from your check-in experience to your choice of destination, is a cut above. This also includes the things you’ll find onboard. Today we will show you 9 of the most luxurious private jets in the world, all of which feature in our fleet, available for charter. 

Bombardier Global Express 

The Bombardier Global Express is the literal definition of a luxury private jet. It is roomy, bright, and finished to an exceptionally high standard. The Global Express can seat up to 12 people comfortably, making it ideal for larger groups. With a maximum range of 5900 nautical miles, there are few places on the globe that it can’t travel in a single journey. With the option to sleep 6 people at a time, everyone can arrive well rested too. The onboard amenities and attention to detail are staggering. It boasts three large LED screens with a full entertainment system and a galley and mini bar area so you can enjoy the onboard catering while you make your way to your destination in utter luxury. 

Gulfstream G550 

For even larger parties, the Gulfstream G550 is a perfect choice. Boasting the ability to accommodate 14 passengers in luxury and comfort is easily achieved with a hugely spacious cabin and a colossal baggage capacity.  The range of this aircraft is exemplary, offering travelers truly transcontinental travel.  The finish in the cabin is stunning, with spacious and comfortable white leather seats which perfectly compliment the polished wood trim. It is a shining example of what most people envisage when thinking about flying private. 

Gulfstream GV  

The Gulfstream GV is an ultralong range private jet. With its extended cabin and comfortable seats, passengers can stretch out and relax with ease. It would be the ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. Onboard Wi-Fi allows passengers to stay connected at all times, and the comfortable and quiet cabin is the ideal place to conduct their business in a luxury environment. With ample capacity to accommodate up to 14 guests and onboard facilities to sleep a maximum of 6. There is no better choice when planning a long trip for a large group. 

Gulfstream G500 

Recently refurbished to an extremely high standard, the Gulfstream G500 has plenty of features that make it stand out as a luxury jet. This aircraft can seat 16 passengers, and with 226 feet of additional baggage space, everyone can bring what they need.  The tall 6’4″ cabin gives the feeling of space, and with a 50′ cabin, there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Full-screen monitors feature throughout the cabin to while away the hours. The onboard amenities, including a full-service galley, will allow travelers to indulge as they relax.  

Gulfstream GIV-SP 

For coast-to-coast travel, the Gulfstream GIV-SP is a wonderful and luxurious option. Things that make this jet stand out are the comfortable sleeping area which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. And the exquisite interior trim that has a really classy look. With a maximum range of over 4000 nautical miles and a maximum cruising speed of around 500 miles per hour, it is a fantastic choice for those who want to get to their destination quickly. ‘SP’ stands for “Special Performance”, it is considered the upgraded version of the standard Gulfstream GIV. This comes from the fact that it has a faster maximum speed, longer range, and hugely reduced journey time.  

Bombardier Challenger 605 

The Bombardier Challenger is a mid-sized jet that could be considered the upgraded and improved version of Bombardiers’ flagship, the Challenger 600. This intercontinental jet boasts an impressively high cabin. Its large windows offer an exceptionally bright and spacious experience. For parties of 13 people or less, this is a go-to choice for coast-to-coast travel. In night configuration, the interior can be adapted to form up to 5 beds, allowing guests to arrive refreshed and well-rested at their destination.  

Dassault Falcon 2000 

The Dassault Falcon 2000 is superb for both luxury business and leisure travel. With a range of around 2600 nautical miles, the Falcon can easily connect any two points within the United States. The standout features of this remarkable jet include a large and spacious cabin, whose opulence is only exceeded by its quietness. Business guests can take full advantage of the connectivity provided onboard, with seamless integration with tablet devices and onboard Wi-Fi included. For those who are getting away from work, there are also features to be enjoyed. With an integrated Gogo Vision in-flight entertainment system and wireless speakers, the enjoyment can begin as soon as you board. 

Citation X 

The citation X boasts a modern and luxurious cabin that can allow up to 8 people to travel in style. This aircraft has performance in abundance and is one of the fastest passenger aircraft globally to date. It also boasts an impressive range. At around 3700 miles, it can easily provide point-to-point travel between any US city pairing. The comfortable leather seats with modern cabin accents make this a real treat to experience.  

Hawker 800XP 

The Hawker 800XP is one of the world’s most popular midsized luxurious private jets. The cabin is exceptionally spacious for an aircraft of its size. It has a modern trim and attention to detail that can’t be found elsewhere. The Hawker offers comfortable and luxurious travel to 8 people or fewer. The cabin is comfortable, quiet, and has fully adjustable seats, rotating through 360 degrees. The cabin is just over 21 feet long, combined with its marginally lower passenger capacity, which will mean that everybody has room to enjoy the journey.  

The above list of the most luxurious private jets features as part of Sun Air Jet’s extensive fleet. We have a great deal to offer with a range of options to suit all party sizes and budgets. You can view further details of our fleet here. Alternatively, contact us to make an inquiry. We can offer more information and advice on which option will be the best for you. 

luxurious private jets

Private Jet Shortage Leads to Industry-wide Dilemmas

When the Covid-19 pandemic began in March of 2020, the private jet travel sector slowly ground to a halt along with so many other industries. With ever-changing restrictions and unknowns at every turn, the logistics of travel became overwhelming. Suddenly, the vast majority of travelers, whether for business or pleasure, decided that it was a better idea to just stay home for a while. For the next few months, the private jet industry watched and waited patiently with the rest of the world to see what would happen.

While 2020 produced ebbs and flows in private jet travel due to varying and unpredictable travel restrictions, by the time the calendar flipped to 2021, demand exploded. The resurgence and exponential growth that the industry is seeing now is more than anyone was expecting. Anyone able to afford a private flight has decided it is the perfect time to take advantage of that opportunity. With the influx of new demand and a much too small current supply of private jet availability, the supply side of the supply and demand equation is historically out of balance.

Why the sudden outsized demand for private jet travel? For many, the idea of sitting on a packed commercial airplane with strangers suddenly seemed less than appealing. The seclusion and safety offered by a private flight took on new meaning to the Covid-wary traveler, along with the appeal of no crowds. Some other contributing factors are:

• No logistical gymnastics at huge commercial airports.
• The number of commercial flights was greatly reduced by the airlines.
• Labor issues within the commercial airline sector.
• Much more convenient and relaxing travel experience.
There are new and unforseen factors that are affecting the private jet domain, such as:
• Maintenance parts for jets have become much more difficult to get, resulting in delayed repairs.
• Jet fuel deliveries have become delayed due to a shortage of truck drivers.
• Private jet owners are chartering less, playing catch-up with their own businesses or personal travel.
• The inventory of available aircraft to purchase is at a decade low inflection point, severely limiting the supply of
jets available for customers to purchase and charter.

What is the repercussion of all of these snowballing trends? The industry is in a dilemma that has led to much more expensive costs for private jet travel industry-wide and little to no excess aircraft availability for private jet operators to provide flexibility or options to even their most frequent flyers. Clients who used to be able to call and plan their travel on a moment’s notice are finding that they now have to plan weeks in advance to procure their trips while paying significantly higher prices than in the recent past. And it is not just the private jet travel sector being impacted. Hotels and rental car agencies are also seeing historic shortages. The lack of available rental cars and limited hotel rooms at any price further complicates travel planning.

But don’t let the current environment be a deterrent to traveling by private jet. There are several steps to be taken to mitigate the shortcomings of the current market.

• Planning well in advance for your trip is the number one factor in finding the right aircraft at the best price.
• Being flexible with any travel plans and avoiding the usual holidays and busy times will certainly help too.
• When booking, be sure of your plans. With very little excess supply of charter aircraft, changes after booking
may not be possible, potentially disrupting or cancelling plans.
• Working regularly with a trusted operator like Sun Air Jets will allow charter customers to find the flights that
best fit your needs.

In the current market, even traveling by private jet can be somewhat stressful. Whether you’re on your first trip or are a seasoned private jet traveler, rest assured that the experts at Sun Air Jets will be doing everything possible to ensure a safe, comfortable, unmatched experience on every flight. For more information or for assistance with your flight plans, call our dedicated charter team at 805-389-9335 or visit

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The Many Types of Luxury Private Jets

If you have been looking at luxury private jets, you might find yourself a little perplexed. There’s actually a huge range and variety, and different aircraft are suited for different roles. Private jets don’t just refer to small aircraft either. There are some that seat a surprising number of people. 

Here are the many types of luxury private jets.Read More