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Charter A Private Jet and Travel in Style

Charter A Private Jet and Travel in Style

Why should you charter a private jet? What can you get from flying on a private jet that isn’t available on, say, the business class of a commercial airliner? Are there advantages to chartering a private jet? You must have asked yourself these questions at one time or the other. Let’s give you several reasons why chartering a private jet isn’t just travel in style method, it is the smartest way too.

Saves Time

One of the reasons why we fly is to save time. However, if you are a frequent flier, you would have noticed that there’s always a probability of delayed flights. If getting to your destination on time is essential to you, chartering a private jet must be considered. You save flight time by flying straight to your destination, saving time in reduced custom checks. While others go through time-consuming searches and custom checks, yours is a breeze.

Suppose you arrive at the airport simultaneously with some flying commercial. In that case, you will certainly be in the air while the person is still going through TSA checks. Within fifteen minutes of arriving, you are good to go, and you have access to loads of airports globally while you travel in style.

Unrivaled Comfort

Though most private jets are smaller than commercial planes, private jets offer more comfort than commercial planes. Not even business class can compare to the comfort a private jet can provide. Private jets combine more than enough space with plush leather seats and a beautiful interior that screams elegance. Also, if you are thinking of taking a nap during your flight, private jets are equipped with chairs you can turn into beds. 

Quality Service

There’s a marked difference between the quality of service on commercial flights and chartered ones. Even if you are flying first class with the best in-flight service, it’s still not comparable to when you hire a private jet.

First, with a chartered flight, you can drive to the tarmac, a few feet to the plane, then walk in and board. That’s not possible in first class on a commercial aircraft. Also, there’s the personal touch the flight crew gives you. Greeting you by name when you are boarding or the pilot coming to have a conversation with you before the flight makes you feel special. On a commercial flight, the crew has to show no preference for the passengers, treating everyone equally. However, on a chartered flight, you receive quality service from the moment you arrive at the airport to the time you disembark.

Total Privacy and Confidentiality

Another plus of flying private jets is being assured of your privacy and complete confidentiality. You don’t have to be bothered about nosy or disturbing co-passengers if you are traveling alone. Passport checks are done more discreetly and without fuss. You fly away from the crowd and prying eyes. Everything from the point of departure signifies that your privacy is important.

Travel Without Stress

Flying can be stressful, the stress of custom checks, the boredom of layovers, and the stress of a co-passenger. You can eliminate all these when you charter a private jet. The crew ensures that your satisfaction is their priority when you are flying. Even if they have to refuel for long-distance travel, it’s nowhere near the long wait associated with commercial flights.

As we have stated here, it takes about fifteen minutes from the moment you arrive at the airport for you to take off. You aren’t subjected to the ignominy of having to take off your clothes as you pass through security. When you charter a private jet to take you somewhere, know that you will arrive at your destination with minimum or no stress.

Convenient Luggage Handling

When you charter a private jet, there’s no restriction on the weight of your luggage. On commercial flights, everyone has a luggage quota. Sometimes, you have trouble deciding what to leave out, so you are not charged with excess luggage penalties. Also, there’s no chance of your luggage missing in transit with private jets. Just like you, your luggage is handled with utmost care and attention. So you have nothing to fear about missing baggage or luggage allowance.

You Are Treated Like Royalty

You don’t just fly with comfort when flying on a private jet, you are treated like royalty. Private jets have a crew ready to attend to your every need, the best food and drinks, and different forms of entertainment. All these combine to make your flying experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. Be prepared to be pampered like the star that you are.

You Can Travel Along with Your Pets

Many of us are torn about leaving our pets behind when we travel. Commercial airlines don’t allow you to fly your pets with you in the cabin, which can distress both of you. You don’t have to worry anymore. All you have to do is charter a private jet. There’s no need to be separated from your pet while flying with a private jet. You can share the cabin and receive first-class treatment from the crew while you and your pets travel in style.

Specialized Catering Services

Meals are prepared to the highest standard when you fly via a chartered private jet. It’s almost as if you are dining in a Michelin-rated restaurant while flying. Care is taken to understand your palate, and everything is prepared to your exact standards. You are royalty, and royalty shouldn’t be treated to generic meals like in the case of commercial airlines. The catering services, from the meals to utensils, are top of the line because they believe you deserve the best.

Travel in Style with Sun Air Jets

This is how you travel in style, Is it worth it to charter a private jet? The answer is a resounding yes! When you think of the advantages of chartering a private jet, there’s no hesitation in saying the best way to fly is by chartering a private jet.

If you think of what private jet charter company to work with, look no further than Sun Air Jets. We offer you everything we have listed and loads more at competitive prices when you book a private flight with Sun Air Jets.

For questions about our private jet fleets and accommodations, contact us anytime.

A family enjoying different places to visit in May

Breathtaking Places to Visit in May

With the Covid-19 pandemic and its attendant issues in the rearview, it’s time to book a flight for a summer vacation. May is one of the best times to travel, the weather is glorious, and the summer crowd isn’t in place yet. To cultivate some ideas on where you should go, Sun Air Jets has gathered a list of some of the best places to visit in May–specifically countries. We’ll uncover why we think you should see them and fun activities you can engage in!


Visiting France at the tail end of spring and the cusp of summer provides picturesque scenery for visitors. Everyone knows that France is the bastion of fashion globally, so you are sure to enjoy yourself shopping.  

If you are a wine lover, visiting France in May will be a treat because their vineyards are in the harvest season. The glorious weather allows you and your partner to take romantic strolls through the streets or enjoy delicious French cuisine in cafes. Instead of doing the usual things like visiting the Eiffel Tower, you could head to the French countryside and enjoy rustic activities like cheese and winemaking? Or you could take boat rides on the majestic River Seine.

If you are thinking of staying in Paris, you should visit the Louvre for its magnificent works of art or experience firsthand what French elegance and luxury look like by visiting the French Riviera. No matter where you decide to visit in France, you are sure to enjoy your stay and hope to revisit next May. 


When you think of vacationing in Great Britain, you either think of England or the Scottish Highlands. For many people, the Southwestern part of the British Islands is still a mystery. Wales specifically is a beautiful experience.

In May, the temperature in most of Wales is between 6 to 15 degrees Celsius, with clear skies and less rain. Fantastic weather to undertake hikes through the country’s rugged terrain. Unlike France, Wales is more suited to the outdoorsy tourist who would like to explore the various castles like the Cardiff, Conwy, and Beaumaris Castles.

Additionally, you can take walks through the various pebbled beaches or visit the Great Pit National Coal Museum in Torfaen to experience a real coal mine that was in operation for around a century. Apart from the castle in Conwy, you can also walk around the walled town. A walk through any of Wales’ towns like Cardiff or Anglesey will show you just how much of an industrial hub Wale was during Britain’s industrial revolution. 

If you are interested in hiking, you are in luck. Snowdonia National Park combines nature, wildlife, and a touch of human existence. The park boasts unique wildlife living harmoniously with rail tracks, beautiful lakes, and bushes. Visit Wales to experience the rugged beauty of Britain. Relive history, and enjoy nature in a way only Wales can offer.


Leaving Europe, let us talk about some other beautiful places. An island country located in Africa boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Though May is the winter season in Mauritius, the tropical climate still ensures an average temperature of 27⁰C.

The clear skies and the warm weather combine to ensure beautiful warm beaches ideal for the various water sports available on Mauritius beaches.

Apart from having fun at the beach, you visit the Bois Cheri Tea Plantation. It’s the first tea plantation in Mauritius, and it is one of the stops on the Mauritius Tea Route. Another fun activity is kite surfing and scuba diving. Furthermore, stop by and explore the beautiful Bella Mare. 

For more extreme water sports, you could go cave sea kayaking at Albion Cove. You could also sign up for a luxury yacht ride. Nature lovers aren’t left out. A hike through the Mauritius National Botanical Garden is a thrill. Finally, you can’t visit Mauritius without visiting Tamaris Bay and watching the dolphins.

Australian West Coast

Australia is a continent with different climatic conditions at other times of the year. So it’s impossible to tell you the best time to visit Australia. However, we are concentrating on the western coast of Australia, which includes the Ningaloo Reef, Perth, and Exmouth.

Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef exhibit the wild side of Australia. The weather in May makes shark sightings a certainty in Exmouth. May is also the time for the Whale Shark Festival in Exmouth, where you get to swim with sharks (it’s an exhilarating experience) and see various colorful parrots, emus, and kangaroos. 

Also, you should visit Kimberly to experience waterfall picnics, swim in their beautiful lakes, and check out amazing rock formations. If you are interested in passive tourism, visiting parks, and shopping at various malls, Perth is the place for you. No matter how you choose to spend your May vacation on the Australian West Coast, we are sure you will find something that will interest you.


Our last pick is the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Japan is one of the few countries that has successfully blended its history with changes due to advancing technology. Japan has a global reputation for technological innovations and industries, and it is home to several automobile giants.

You might be wondering why you should vacation in Japan, and it’s simple. In May, the spring season transforms Japan into a land of natural beauty. The cherry blossom season starts in April and extends to May. Apart from a picnic amidst the blossoms, you and the family can have fun at the Tokyo Disney Park. Or visit the various temples in Kiyomizu-Ji and the serenity, lakes, and lake houses of Kinkaku-Ji. This is why Japan is one of our favorite places to visit in may

Fly with Sun Air Jets

Other countries you would have fun visiting in May are Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Seychelles. The east coast of the United States of America is also a great tourist spot at that time of the year. But, wherever you decide to visit, you should know Sun Air Jets has you covered. We offer chartered flights to all these destinations, discreet luxury, and excellent service.

So, why don’t you get in touch with us? Discover one of these amazing places to visit in May on one of our private jets, sure to whisk you on the ultimate journey!

Reviewing the Hawker 900XP specs

When Serenity Meets Comfort: Hawker 900XP Specs

Serenity, performance, and luxury. Many jets have it, but one has it all–the Hawker 900XP. When you’re looking for comfort and safety, with a touch of luxe, the Hawker 900XP specs and everything it has to offer is a spectacular choice. It’s a craft that continues to amaze and gather attention to this day.

Today, we focus on taking flight with this outstanding private jet known for its luxury and reliability. We’ll explore the Hawker 900XP and all the details that come along with it. Our guide will help you learn more about this particular fleet, its features, and why it’s a great option for your next private charter flight.

What is the Hawker 900XP?

The line of business jets in the Hawker Beechcraft line represents the last set of manufacture of this reverential aircraft line. According to the private jet blog in 2020, the Hawker 900XP was described as the newest jet among the world’s most popular midsize jets.

It is majorly used for business purposes. It is a jet plane that offers payload abilities improved from existing models. This model is designed to perform at an enhanced level. It has systems that are well up to date to ensure that operations and maintenance are easily carried out.

What Year Was the Hawker 900XP Manufactured?

This incredible jet plane that offers maximum comfort was manufactured between 2008 and 2012 as a design that evolved from the Hawker 850XP. The Hawker 850XP is also a buildup of previous models.

When it was introduced into the market, the design turned out to be an advanced model of the previous one, the Hawker 850XP. This means that it had all the properties of the Hawker 850XP but at an advanced level.

Hawker 900XP Specs and Features

The Hawker 900XP retained certain traits from Hawker 850XP that include; fuel efficiency, comfort, and aerodynamics. One of its key features would be the new engine introduced, Honeywell TFE731-501R, designed to suit the aircraft and ensure maximum performance in flight operations.

The engine is rated close to 5,000lbst, which would increase the range of performance at climbing. The engine’s efficiency coupled with longer life means its renewal cost falls below 10%, and it burns 4% less fuel per hour.

Also, there are other familiar features on the Hawker 900XP, such as; the Proline 21 avionics you would find on the flight deck. It also has the main cabin design, a prototype of the one on the 850XP, and the winglets.

Range and Payload Ability

The Hawker 900XP is midsized in shape and covers almost 3,000nm. It can conveniently take eight passengers, including reserves from the view of Conklin and de Decker. If all the eight-passenger seats were complete, the aircraft would still fly at about 2,733nm.

The available payload of the jet plane, including full fuel, is 1,620lbs. This implies that with a crew of two and five passengers who averagely weigh 200lbs, there would be a payload enough to carry luggage of 220lbs.

Cabin Measurements

The volume of the Hawker 900XP is 551 cubic ft., which is spacious enough to seat eight people, and the two crew members conveniently in the jet plane. Conklin and de Decker state that the cabin has a dropped aisle design, and its measurement in length is 21.3ft. It also spans into a full 6ft, and its height stands at 5.65ft.

The way you sit in a Hawker is the typical double club seating way, with the refreshment center to the front and a lavatory towards the rear. The jet plane also has an internal baggage space of 50cu.ft.

Airport Performance

When it comes to the Hawker 900XP specs at the airport, it performs well enough. When weighing 28,000lbs grossly, it maintains a balanced field length of 5,258ft and would need only a 3,803ft distance for landing. This gives it access to hundreds of airports from the United States to Canada, South America, Mexico, and Europe.

Still Selling at the Best Rate

With the serene ambiance the Hawker 900XP carries, it has gotten a lot of attention from all over the world, and it is considered one of the business jets still selling at the best rate. Considering that it was also manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of private jets, Hawker Beechcraft, it offers comfort in space and size. It would, no doubt, guarantee maximum comfort as it ascends in the air.

How Many Hawker 900XP Are in Operation?

Currently, the total number of the Hawker 900XP still in operation is 182. The Beechcraft Hawker company discontinued the manufacture of the Hawker 900XP in 2012. It happened because the manufacturer ceased the business of building jets to concentrate on the range of its King Air turboprop primarily.

In April 2019, the most significant percentage of the Hawker 900XP fleet, which stood at 70%, was housed in North America. The home for the remainder of the fleet, 14% and 9%, respectively, were Asia and Europe. This would account for 93% of the fleet’s whereabouts.

How Much Does a Hawker 900XP Cost?

A Hawker 900XP price significantly varies from one jet to another. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the value of an aircraft:

  • Production year of the jet
  • Total hours it has flown
  • Flight cycles the design has gathered
  • Upgrades done to the flight panel and cabin
  • New additions made

Also, the oversupply or undersupply of the model in the market can drive the eventual cost to those who will buy.

The models of the Hawker 900XP jets produced between 2008 and 2012 are priced between US$3.70 and US$5.50 million, according to the AircraftBluebook.

For more details, you can view the latest price data from the price guide on AVBuyer.

Experience Serenity with Sun Air Jets

Sometimes, things can get tricky for sales in the market, but then, the Hawker 900XP never goes out of style. This is a winning formula for the model any day. Currently, Beechcraft company no longer produces business jets. But, the Hawker 900XP specs still positively affects aviation generally amidst the light jet and mid-sized jet class. The model, which remains the newest design among first-generation business jets, remains the best one yet.

When you’re ready to take flight, book a flight with Sun Air Jets today and experience comfort and an unparalleled experience. For questions and other inquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

10 private jet benefits you'll love

10 Private Jet Benefits You’ll Love

Performance, privacy, and resilience are some of the private jet benefits and reasons flying private has become famous.

Did you notice that conforming to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, only 89.16% of flights were on time last year? That implies that canceled or postponed flights were a whopping 10.84%, leaving individuals rushing to get to where they demanded to be.

What Are Some Private Jet Benefits?

Fortunately, commercial travel is not your primary choice when you want to take to the skies. Although many individuals feel a private airplane charter is an extravagance they cannot afford, many advantages offset the expense.

Here are 10 private jet benefits you’ll love.

1. Less Stressful

Airports are stressful when everything works out in a good way. Yet, what about when it doesn’t? When you have unintentionally left fluid in your hand gear, you get halted at security when the lines are so long that you battle to board on time when there is no place to eat because it’s simply too occupied. And on the other end, what about when your baggage cannot show up on the carousel?

When the pressure transforms into an absolute nightmare, hire a private jet! It vastly reduces the risks of anything going wrong.

2. Simple to Arrange

Arrangements are challenging. At a specific time, you want to fly from the airport. You want access to a lounge and help at the airport. You might have exact plans for a layover, again with prices timings.

Figuring this out when flying with a commercial airline would be incomprehensible. But, arranging a charter flight is a lot easier than you could envision!

3. Better Legroom

Standard flight travel, primarily, involves being stuck into small seats with little legroom. You will likewise be in close contact with strangers for extended periods, which can be a concern for safety measures related to COVID. While flying on a private jet, this is not true.

Seats on private jets are extensive and comfortable, with some aircraft even having beds. In this manner, you can arrive at your final destination without the back, neck, or leg pains you would get in the cramped condition on most typical flights.

4. Phenomenal Service

Individuals who travel by private jet benefit from phenomenal service while soaring above the clouds.

Let that sink in. Pleasant, superb service–on a jet! Your grandparents used to recount that, correct?

There is no need to hang for a flight attendant to be in the same postal code as you and in the mood to serve you. They will be straight over whenever you need them. You can likewise expect extravagant food, a vehicle to pick you up, and other top-notch advantages of flying private.

5. Comfort and Amenities

Private jets highlight remarkable amenities that are far more extravagant than commercial airline’s top-notch suites. From spacious cabin space and elegant leather seats to the main bedroom and en-suite shower, private jets offer the best in air travel for an extraordinarily comfortable and relaxing flight.

Since travelers have the entire cabin to themselves, they can uninhibitedly carry their pets and all their travel necessities, including fluids, and augment the practically limitless baggage capacity.

Topping off the heavenly experience is a top-notch selection of gourmet catering complemented by the latest in-flight entertainment systems, attention, and customized service from the cabin crew and private terminal staff.

6. Extreme Privacy

In an age where it is so natural to access data about one another, privacy is becoming more and more valued. Private jets assist you with staying away from unwanted attention at the terminals by ensuring they accompany you to the plane’s private lounge area, where you will spend a few minutes holding up before being welcomed by your pilot to proceed with boarding.

Then, at that point, when you are in the air, you don’t have to stress over different travelers overhearing sensitive data or disturbing your sleep. You may act as you would at home or work without the gamble of compromising your privacy.

7. Safety

You choose your pilots and flight crew when you fly with a private jet. It will assist you with acquiring peace of mind about their capabilities and the ability to get you from point A to point B.

Good private jet administrators will likewise only recruit the best pilots and undergo a rigorous enrollment process to guarantee that their safety management frameworks outperform any commercial airline.

8. Flexibility

Do you need to travel in a few hours? Don’t worry about it. Your private jet will wait for you with everything prepared. And if you are stuck in traffic, relax! It won’t take off without you.

Bad weather is also not a concern in this situation since these planes can change the flight route quicker than expected, searching for alternative destinations to land.

9. Fewer Luggage Limitations

Fly public, and there are a lot of luggage limitations. There are huge lists of what you can and can’t take, what bag it needs to be in, and strict weight limitations. It can be troublesome when you are flying with young children who have a ton of needs.

When you fly with a private jet, this annoying obstacle falls away. It implies far fewer limitations and more possibilities for your luggage.

10. Layovers

Nobody likes to devote hours waiting in an airport terminal to get their connecting flight. Whether traveling for business or leisure, you need to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. Layovers are another flying headache that will vanish if you decide to recruit an airplane for your travel.

If you are flying on a smaller private jet, the pilot may need to make a stop to refuel if your destination is a significant distance. If you are traveling on a newer or somewhat bigger private jet, it should be able to handle the longer route without needing to stop.

When you create your itinerary, you will only travel to the spots you want to go. It implies that you can get to where you need to be quicker than flying a commercial flight, saving you valuable time.

The speed and luxury of the Citation X

The Speed and Luxury of the Cessna Citation X

Cessna’s chief business jet has gained its position as one of the all-time favorite private planes in business and luxury aviation. We know the Cessna Citation X as the world’s fastest private plane and the third-fastest civilian airplane ever delivered.

There was much passion in the aviation community when Cessna originally reported its objectives for the Citation X – in short, to outperform the contending private planes. Cessna surpassed everyone’s assumptions with the Citation X – it was the fastest, most efficient, and most proficient private jet available.

Citation X was even awarded the renowned Collier Trophy in its launch year in honor of its advances in aeronautics and aerospace technology. It redefined the super-midsize cabin class with certification in May 1996. The airplane has an unmistakable ramp presence. It challenged the status quo creating the fastest business jet currently in production.

Although briefly – thrown by Gulfstream G650, Cessna quickly answered with the Citation X. The aircraft being fast is an understatement during early flight testing. The Citation X, at times, broke the sound barrier. It represents one of Cessna’s most successful platforms, spanning two decades, including the latest citation X plus. The Citation X airframe has been tested to 75,000 flight hours. 

Aircraft Engines

There are three prominent features to Citation X. 

  • Aggressive aerodynamics
  • Drastic 37 degrees swept-back wings  
  • Massive engines

The Rolls-Royce has three AE 3 0 0 7 C engine variants. The first 174 aircraft have the AE 3 0 0 7 C series engine, producing 6000 442 pounds of thrust each, and the next 141 aircraft featured the AE 3 0 0 7 C 1, increasing thrust to six thousand seven hundred sixty-four pounds. Cessna installed the AE 3 0 0 7 C two engines on Cessna’s latest citation X-plus with an impressive 34 pounds of thrust each.

The Citation X wing was a clean design, and there was no need for any additional stabilizing attachments. The 37° swept-back wing incorporates a supercritical airfoil design. It was designed to optimize efficiency, drag stability, and control at high speeds.

Further improvements came in the way of optional elliptical winglets developed by winglet technology. Winglets on Citation X provide numerous economic gains, including improved takeoff performance, reduced time to climb, increased range and payload, and reduced fuel consumption under standard conditions.

Aircraft Performance

While there are many excellent features and luxuries aboard, the performance of the Citation X is by far its most notable feature. Cessna set out to produce the world’s fastest private jet during the design of the Model 750, and it presented just that.

The Citation X has excellent takeoff and landing performance at max takeoff weight. The aircraft will need 5,000 140 feet of runway at max landing weight. It requires 3,400 feet maximum operating altitude.

On Citation X, it is 51,000 feet with 8,000-foot relative cabin pressure. A standard equipped Citation X with all eight seats full and NB double-a IFR reserves has a published range of 2848 nautical miles cruising at Mach 0.82 by reducing passenger load to four and utilizing the same assumptions.

The Citation X has a published range of 3,100 nautical miles cruising at the same Mach 0.82 in mind. The airplane is certified to 51,000 feet, and typical cruise speeds range from 470 knots to 525 knots. This airplane is a true non-stop coast-to-coast performer and can reach Europe and Hawaii.

There are several reasons the Citation sold a larger number of airplanes than any other ever did in history. The extraordinary performance and payload are the key attributes. However, we can add the safety, quality, interior convenience, and peace of mind standard with every Cessna airplane.

Aircraft Cabin

A spacious interior equipped with enough of arranged head and shoulder area, where the seats are flexible, and you can stretch out in various positions. They will also swivel 180 degrees for a diversity of casual groupings. The ample head and shoulder area provide each passenger with enough space. The Citation X cabin range has about 24 feet (7.29 meters), and the peak measures 1.73 m.

You will find a private dressing room vanity with a flushing toilet, washbasin, a large closet, and a wide countertop.

They composed the interior personally; you will choose from different cabin compartments, cabin attendant arrangements, information centers, and global galleys for a three-meal service. The international galley has catering trays and positions in exquisite china, stemware, and cutlery, all within easy reach.

Essential details like a flushing toilet with hot and cold water, a beautifully designated lavatory, and cabinetry for storing essentials give a feeling of great taste.

Communications and entertainment facilities cover global satellite phones, domestic U.S. Wi-Fi, airshow moving map, and entertainment center. Each passenger has a personal display monitor and simple control over the cabin environment.

The elegantly finished galley offers a drip brew coffee maker, microwave oven, ice drawer and chiller, and a fully enclosed lavatory in the aft cabin.

Aircraft Advanced Cabin Technology

Clairity ™ is a brilliant cabin authority and entertainment automation solution incorporated with the jet’s avionics and electrical operations. Clairity ™ gives passengers cabin control, connectivity, data, and media sharing to other passengers.

Through the Clairity ™ temperature control, touch screen system, window shades, control of cabin lighting, entertainment, audio (digital media, MP3/iPhone), and video (digital media, Blu Ray), with an individual interactive moving map is at your fingertips. WIFI connectivity to a personal electronic device for your entertainment needs is also accessible.

Aircraft Baggage Compartment

The only compartment on Citation X is an externally accessible baggage compartment with 54 cubic feet of storage. It is pressurized and ample size for your entire luggage.

Aircraft Flight Deck Technology

Garmin G5000 avionic suite induced the Citation X advanced flight deck. Never has jet operating been so appealing. With smartphone-like touch-screen controllers, the flight staff can customize the presentation of data, see dimensional renditions of land, know actual weather types, and see traffic from literal miles away.

The fundamental and multi-function flight display has three multi-panel; widescreen displays with Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT ™).

Gulfstream 200 private jet

The Sophistication of the Gulfstream 200 Private Jet

The Gulfstream G200 is a superb mid-range global business jet that launched in the year 2000, two years after a model of the aircraft arrived.

The aircraft was first produced as the Galaxy business jet by Galaxy Aerospace, headquartered at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas. In June 2001, Galaxy was acquired by Gulfstream parent company General Dynamics, and the aircraft was renamed the G200.

Originally titled Astra Galaxy, the G200 came out as a brand of Israel Aircraft Productions’ subsidiary Galaxy Aerospace Inc. Design of the model was first introduced in the 1980s. The first flight took place in 1997, and it got certification one year later from the Israeli aviation agencies and the United States.

The Galaxy was renamed “G200” after Gulfstream Aerospace bought Galaxy Aerospace in June 2001, two years after shipments started. Manufacture ended in 2011 with a total of 250 deliveries, of which nine have been retired.

The Gulfstream 200, combining the performance and style of a long-range business jet with the efficiency and utility of a super mid-sized aircraft hailed as the super-midsize champ and revolutionary, provides a class-leading combination of range, speed, and payload.

Aircraft Range

The aircraft’s cabin amenities and flight depth technology ranked among the most advanced in private aviation. A synergy between the tail engine and wing designs results in the Gulfstream 200 superior performance delivering the range of 3,400 nautical miles.

Aircraft Performance

The aircraft reduces flight times on high-demand routes like New York to Paris and London to Dubai by soaring above airline traffic at cruise altitudes up to 45,000 feet. The Gulfstream 200 ATS aerodynamic ingenuity begins with a clean wing design with no leading-edge devices and all flap tracks and mechanisms located inside the structure.

The wing reduces drag and contributes to fuel efficiencies as much as 12% better than its rivals. The EM finish was sized to improve crosswind performance and accommodate the increased gross weight.

A signature Gulfstream design features an electrically trimmable stabilizer, hydraulically boosted elevators, a fly-by-wire rudder, and two powerful Honeywell engines. They produce a thrust-to-weight ratio that drives the G 200 an initial cruise altitude of 43,000 feet in less than 20 minutes.

Aircraft Engines

The engines, along with the new wing and tail configurations, contributed to the aircraft setting more than 30 city-pair records in its first year of service. Adding to the engine’s high performance are their low emissions

These tremendously efficient power plants outperform Committee on aviation environmental protection standards. The engines are quiet — creating a more relaxing environment inside and outside.

Aircraft Safety

The Gulfstream 200 ATS front office is designed to ease the pilot workload and increase safety. The sleek radome and wheel structure house the aircraft’s radar and its acclaim Plainview. Gulfstream 200 avionics gear, the Plainview suite originally developed for Gulfstream’s long-range aircraft, provides excellent situational awareness and the optional enhanced vision system — penetrating darkness, enhancing private aircraft enforcement system, and other low visibility conditions.

The fly-by-wire hydraulic and mechanical systems are combined to create the aircraft’s advanced flight control systems. The standard autothrottles up first in the super-midsize class keep the engines operating at peak efficiency and maintain aircraft speeds while enhancing safety.

The aircraft is the first super mid-sized jet pairing a trailing link arrangement with a break-by-wire auto brake system. The combination results in gentle touchdowns and smooth braking for improved safety in both short runway landings and rejected takeoff situations. The auto breaks also reduce wear on the brakes and the landing gear components from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip.

Aircraft Cabin

The Gulfstream 200 ATS cabin design promotes passenger comfort and productivity. The fuselage features 19 windows, including two in the lavatory, allowing significant natural light into the cabin.

These windows accentuate the cabin’s class-leading length and generous width. The Gulfstream 200 features an expansive baggage compartment twice the size of baggage areas found in other super mid-sized jets. It has in-flight baggage access through the cabin, allowing passengers to retrieve that forgotten reading material or change of clothes while airborne even.

The cabin door was designed to exceed expectations. Hydraulically powered entryway rests on the ground when open, adding stability. The low-rise stairs are wide, and the staircase is gently angled as it rises to the cabin for safe and easy access. An enjoyable flight demands a smooth landing that the Gulfstream 200 delivers.

What Makes the Gulfstream 200 Comfortable for Passengers

The G200 delivers high luxury and speed, earning a reputation as a world-class business jet. It is the best of everything with a combination of speed, efficiency, and overall comfort. There are few aircraft that carry as much clout in the world of private aviation as the G-class. They’re flown by celebrities, they’re mentioned in rap songs, and they live up to the hype.

The Gulfstream 200 became the corporate world’s first super-midsize jet due to its height, the width of the cabin, and its comfort more than almost anything else that passengers discuss. It is comfortable for passengers for a lot of reasons.

The Gulfstream 200 can provide a smooth ride even in turbulent air. It is configured for ten passengers, and regardless of whether it is a cabin chair or the side bench, each seat has its light and fresh air source.

According to Galaxy Aircraft Corp, the Gulfstream 200 can cool the cabin to 75ºF on a 113ºF day. The cabin chairs for the passengers are some of the most comfortable in the business.

A wide cabin allows for more oversized chairs that adjust forward, aft, and laterally. The seats also pivot. Once seated, passengers have a large table nearby that pulls out easily for meals and work. Both the chair and table can be illuminated.

One of the best features about the Gulfstream 200 is the sheer size of the cabin. It is taller and wider than any other mid-sized jet.

Redefining the Business Jet

All in all, the new Gulfstream 200 redefines the super-midsize business jet with incredible speed, range, improved safety, efficiency, and unmatched comfort. Fly with us today and see for yourself!

Global Express jet for business aviation

The Many Benefits of the Global Express Jet

The Global Express was the first of four business jet aircraft models manufactured by Bombardier Aeronautics to contest in the new ultra-long-range vast cabin market. The aircraft occupied the top-end of the Bombardier production area. In October 1991, the first flight took place on October 13, 1996, and Canadian type certification was granted in July 1998.

As the fourth grand corporation of profitable aircraft for airlines until 2018 after Airbus, Embraer, and Boeing, since 2021, Bombardier has been devoted to the manufacturing of business aircraft.

The Bombardier Global Express model is a long-haul private jet. It is one of the most valuable aircraft in the world of private aviation. The aircraft has a vast range allowing it to carry out international flights of nearly 14 hours without stopover, thus enabling you to reach almost any destination in the world.

There are some factors to consider when it comes to business aviation, including speed, comfort, and cost. However, the range is equally important with the most extended range. In Private jets, luckily, the bombardier global express jet will meet all of your needs.

In this article, we’ll examine the many benefits of the Global Express Jet. So let’s dive into it!

Aircraft Cabin

The interior of the Global Express offers noise-reducing cabin insulation and improved engines that produce less vibration for unmatched comfort during transoceanic flights.

The cabin of the Bombardier global is designed with precision to fulfill the travel needs of today’s business executives. Moreover, the global express jet has been designed to enhance passenger productivity on long-haul flights. The global express large jet was also first produced by Bombardier in 1989 and is still in production.

Today, the bombardier global cabin is divided into three zones to give customers more freedom and options. When deciding on floor designs, the cabin is 45.6 feet long, 8.2 feet wide, and 6.25 feet high, with a total capacity of 2236 cubic feet.

The dimensions allow for 12 passengers to be comfortably accommodated with a maximum configuration seating capacity of 17. In addition, if your average piece of luggage is smaller than five cubic feet, the baggage compartment can store up to 28 bags range.

Aircraft Range

The global express has a maximum range subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity of 5,900 miles, and a top speed of 510 miles per hour. It connects some of the world’s most expensive city pairings, including Los Angeles to Dubai, Sydney to Apollo, or Tokyo to San Juan.

The passport engines designed particularly for the global business jet power it up to a maximum speed of match 0.925 with dependable reliability and advanced fuel efficiency. 

Aircraft Design 

A cutting-edge wing design with great wing loading enables the global express jet to deliver the industry’s most comfortable and smoothest flight for a ride quality that is merely unmatched in business aviation.

The global express exterior design and technology are designed to give over the top level of technological advantage. The lodge’s length is 31.2 meters. The width is 2.8 meters, and the tail height is 8.3 meters. Its wingspan is 31.7 meters, and cantered winglets reduce turbulence at the tips of the wings, a fusion of comfort and power.

The global express features a fantastic cabin design tailored with precision to meet the travel need of today’s business chiefs.

Additionally, the global express private jet has been created to maximize passenger productivity on long-distance flights.

Aircraft Internet Connectivity

The Bombardier Global Express is the first business aircraft manufacturer to make ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi services available in-flight globally. It is the first to offer performance commitments for network availability and speed.

The global express jet provides office-like connectivity via aviation’s fastest global in-flight internet connectivity allowing you to video conference, download high bandwidth material, stream high-definition content seamlessly in an interior suite, and stay in touch at all times while flying around the world.

Aircraft Comfort and Privacy

Onboard you may always find solace and privacy. Furthermore, the global express jet provides the most up-to-date exquisite comfort. This private space comes with an unrivaled selection of furnishings, including an aft lavatory with full vanity and a forward lavatory.

The cabin offers a permanently accessible and well-equipped crew rest area that maximizes comfort and privacy on long-haul flights.

Aircraft Safety

The global express has a bombardier version flight deck with adjusted fly-by-wire technology. Bombardier’s proven fly-by-wire system was designed to maximize safety through a balanced architecture that combines control input freedom with the industry’s most comprehensive flight envelope protection.

The Global Express offers unlimited travel options. Its cabin size, range, and speed are more than sufficient for flights anywhere in the world.  

Other private jets cannot compare to the large-scale capabilities of the Global Express.

Aircraft Amenities

The global express cabin has a standard interior configuration entrance, the industry’s most extensive galley with dual convection microwave oven, high-temp oven, sink and faucet, coffee maker and chilled storage, and a lavatory with natural lighting featuring a vanity sink and faucet.

The private crew area is equipped with breathable seat power outlets and a storage wardrobe for passengers and crew members’ items.

Aircraft Suites

The global express has a club suite that contains four padded ergonomically adjustable executive seats, two concealable side tables, detailed side ledges, six ultra-large windows, and large wall-mounted high definition TV.

Its conference suite consists of a four-seat meeting and dining space, a large wall-mounted high-definition TV, a large entertainment cabinet with media storage, and six ultra-large windows.

The global express always prioritizes safety; that’s why it has a private suite. Moreover, it contains a three-place breathable patented ergonomically adjustable executive seat, concealable side table corner, entertainment cabinet, large high definition TV, and six ultra-large windows.

It has tailored suites that define your cabin from many configurations, floor plans, and furnishings. The global express aircraft’s unique design features super large windows and virtually limitless freedom and how each of its three luxurious suites can be featured. This remarkable flexibility also extends to the carefully crafted furnishing options to enhance and personalize each living space.

most popular private jets

The Most Popular Private Jets You Can Charter

It can be challenging to choose the right private jet that perfectly matches your needs and budget. Whether you are planning to buy your own business jet or you wish to charter a private jet it is best to know which type will suit your needs and preferences better so you can have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

In this article, we will explore the 5 most popular private jets in the world to help you decide the best private jet aircraft for you.

Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 private jet aircraft is produced by General Dynamics Gulfstream Aerospace unit, located in Savannah, Georgia. It is the company’s second-largest business jet, after the G650. Beginning production in 2003, Gulfstream has built 580+ aircraft as of June 2019. 

The aircraft is a reliable balance of performance and tactical adaptability with its large versatile cabin and award-winning technology. It is an ideal companion for challenging missions. This aircraft can impress on the technical side of things. It can travel over 12, 000 kilometers without refueling which amounts to a range of 12 non-stop hours of flight. The aircraft delivers superior reliability without sacrificing productivity and comfort being the perfect combination of range, speed, and operating costs.

It comprises of spacious luxury interior designed to an impeccable standard allowing passengers to enjoy more space, comfort, and class. The aircraft offers a quiet functional space to work and relax usually configured to host passengers on adjustable seats, executive tables and armrests can be stowed away easily to allow for greater movement and flexibility when they are not in use. 

The cabin benefits from natural light because of its large windows and features a versatile and efficient forward lavatory, aft lavatory with full vanity, full galley with high-temp oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, espresso machine, wireless cabin management, and optional phone and internet capabilities. 

Gulfstream GV

When the Gulfstream GV launched in 1997 it was the longest-range business jet ever made and the first aircraft to truly belong to the category of Long Range Jets. Intelligent aerodynamic design and powerful, fuel-efficient engines provide the GV with its exceptional range and maximum cruise speed and enable it to complete uninterrupted flights from London to Los Angeles and Paris to Hong Kong. 

The Gulfstream GV impresses with its generous cabin space. Every component has been carefully chosen to create an exceptional level of comfort.

The stand-up cabin is over 50 feet in length. It is partitioned into three separate areas and can comfortably seat 14 passengers. Noise levels are uniformly low throughout the cabin. An external baggage compartment can hold 226 cubic feet of baggage for a total of 2,500 pounds and is accessible in flight. 

The seats of the aircraft are covered in tan leather and cabin amenities include a full-service aft galley equipped for hot and cold food preparation, a sink with running water, two coffee makers, microwave oven, a convection oven, 13 power outlets, fold-out work tables, international Wi-Fi, and separate lavatories for the passengers and crew.

Overall, the luxury and performance of the aircraft are unmatched offering an ideal environment for business, rest, and relaxation.

Challenger 605

The beautiful Challenger 605 comes with a range of over 4,000 nautical miles. This turnkey aircraft has the ability to make coast-to-coast and international trips with luxurious ease while travelers enjoy amenities for airborne comfort, productivity and safety.  

The Challenger 605 is designed to comfortably accommodate 10 passengers. In the Challenger 605 extended cabin configuration, the forward cabin section has a four-place Club grouping with stowing executive tables. Between each pair of single seats and the aft cabin section includes a four-place conference group opposite a three-place birthing divan that is certified for taxi takeoff and landing.

The forward full-service galley with sink is equipped with a microwave oven, convection oven, Nespresso coffee maker, and coffee maker. It also has an aft lavatory with full vanity, complimentary domestic Wi-Fi, two full-screen LCD monitors, and eight power outlets.

The Challenger 605 balances comfort, space, range, and speed in a way that provides maximum convenience for its passengers.

Hawker 900XP

An excellent performer in the medium jet segment, the Hawker 900 has an impressive maximum range of over two thousand-eight hundred nautical miles. Its large and spacious stand-up cabin has over twenty-one feet in length to comfortably accommodate eight passengers. This 2010/2021 Hawker 900XP has engines and APU covered on the Honeywell MSP Gold program.

With a full paint job completed in 2018, the exterior of this aircraft is overall marathon white with navy blue, Nobel red, and silver trinket accent striping. The interior of this aircraft had updates in 2016 and 2018 and has a forward club configuration, aft three-place divan, and forward-facing seat, and an aft lavatory with full vanity. The interior is also equipped with two large monitors, Blue-ray/DVD entertainment system interior, a full forward galley with a coffee maker, ice drawer, microwave oven, and waste container.

The Hawker 900XP improves on some of the best traits of the Model 850XP, including fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and performance capabilities.

Citation X

The Citation X is a long ranger specially designed for transcontinental flights, the whole design objective was to fit in a trans-Atlantic range within a mid-size package that can travel faster than any other aircraft in the world, and we must say that they have well succeeded.

With its outstanding performance capabilities and leading dispatch reliability, it is no surprise that the Citation X business jet ranks as the first choice of experienced flight operators around the world. 

The aircraft can accommodate up to 8 passengers delivering high style and comfort. Its refreshed cabin management system allows passengers to intuitively connect media to all of their personal devices.

The aircraft’s well-appointed galley is both beautiful and functional offering high-quality cooking amenities and plenty of storage space. Overall, it delivers unmatched versatility offering the perfect combination of range, speed field performance, and overall value.

leasing an aircraft

Everything You Need To Know About Leasing An Aircraft

Introduction to Leasing An Aircraft

The world is constantly witnessing an increase in economic uncertainty. The aviation industry is no different in this respect. 

According to Mondaq, there has also been a growing competition between the American and Chinese lessors which has added pressure to the leasing rates. Further to that, there is a growing demand for air travel across the globe. 

As a result, the airline operators and other aircraft stakeholders are forced to take into account several financial structures and different choices to enable a steady business revenue. Tax payments when owning an aircraft is a major factor that pushes businesses to take into consideration the option of leasing an aircraft rather than purchasing it. Several other aspects that lead to the choice of financing an aircraft rather than purchasing one are sudden change in fleet capacity due to fluctuating demand for an airline route in shifting seasons, fluctuation in the cost of short-term operation of an aircraft, change in forecasted revenue generation, burdens of carrying out maintenance, among others. 

Complexity in Aircraft Lease Agreements

The procedure of leasing an aircraft might look quite suitable for an airline in financial terms but looking at this process in greater detail reveals that going for an aircraft lease involves many intricacies and is a time taking process. 

As stated by Ryan Demoor, an Amway aviation financial analyst, “I think people are sometimes put off by it because leasing is complex and setting a lease-up requires legal consultation”.

This is due to the fact that complications arise when ensuring regulations and all technical characteristics are met to guarantee the safety of the passengers that will end up availing the airline facilities. An aircraft is a huge asset for both the lessors and the airlines or the lessees. A process of asset management needs to be carried out in order to maintain the value of the aircraft, the equipment, and the engines it comes along. The complexity of the whole process elevates when the lease agreement is topped up with complicated clauses to mitigate the effects of an unfavorable event taking place in the future. These unfortunate scenarios might include a default in payments. Other situations requiring pre-mitigation clauses are tough legal authorities and the use of the aircraft in the jurisdictions of multiple geographical locations, cumbersome maintenance of records of the complete aircraft’s lifetime, tough airworthiness requirements during aircraft operations, and aircraft’s conditions demanded by the lessor during redelivery, among others. 

Types of Aircraft Leases

Now that it has been explained why airline operators choose to lease an aircraft, it is equally important to know the types of lease agreements that exist. 

According to Aerotime, there are primarily three types of aircraft leases.

There are several types of lease agreement to cater to various factors of taxation and income requirements of the airlines or the lessees. 

Wet Lease

In the agreement of a Wet Lease, the lessor of the aircraft provides almost everything necessary to operate those aircraft. The acronym famous for this is ACMI which stands for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance. These are the services that a lessor provides with the aircraft in a Wet Lease. The Lessor provides the crew for the aircraft, takes care of the maintenance checks that need to be performed, and caters to the insurance requirements. The operator on the other hand only has to pay fees for the airports and fuel charges. This type of lease agreement is best suited for airlines that have a relatively low number of regular passengers and a small fleet of aircraft. Though, as peak seasons such as summers approach, these small airlines start receiving a greater demand for air travel due to which they have to increase upgrade the amount of aircraft by almost double or even more. But this sudden increase in the fleet comes at a huge cost which these small airlines cannot bear. As a result, the operators contact leasing companies for acquiring the needed amount of aircraft along with the crew. These lease agreements are usually of a short-term nature, as when seasons like winters approach, the demand for air travel returns back to normal and so does the demand for newly acquired aircraft. Although long-term wet-lease agreements are also signed, this is done only by bigger airlines that have a more stable customer base. 

According to Herdem, short-term wet-lease agreements are best suited for start-up airlines as it enables them to handle seasonal fluctuations and cope with sudden peaks in air travel demand. 

Dry Lease

In this kind of lease agreement, the lessor only provides the aircraft and it is the lessee’s responsibility to come up with its own crew, carry out maintenance and pay for the insurance. Dry Lease agreements are suitable for bigger, well-established airlines which have a pool of large fleet and possess large aircraft crew. These airlines are capable of recruiting new crew and are able to train them. As opposed to a wet lease, dry lease is a long-term lease. This type of long-term lease extends to almost half of the aircraft’s life. 

According to Lexology, dry Lease is further divided into two categories, one being Finance Lease and the other being Operation Lease. 

In a Finance Lease, the rewards and risks are transferred to the lessee and a bargain purchase option exists at the end of the lease period while in the operating lease, the risks and rewards are not transferred and the aircraft is returned to the lessor upon expiry of lease period. 

Damp Lease

A damp lease is almost of a similar nature to a wet lease but there is no facility of the crew being provided by the lessor. The acronym used in this lease agreement category is AMI which stands for aircraft, Maintenance, and Insurance, the services provided in conjunction with the aircraft by the lessor to the lessee. 

Associated Risks

There is a constant rise in the number of Aircraft Leasing Companies surfacing in the market. This has led to extremely low-profit margins which is a necessity for every lessor to survive in this competitive market. Now more than ever, the risk related to the leasing business is that airlines have started going bankrupt, similar to the scenario that came up in the aftermath of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

luxurious private jets

9 of the Most Luxurious Private Jets in the World

Flying private has long been associated with luxury travel. Everything, from your check-in experience to your choice of destination, is a cut above. This also includes the things you’ll find onboard. Today we will show you 9 of the most luxurious private jets in the world, all of which feature in our fleet, available for charter. 

Bombardier Global Express 

The Bombardier Global Express is the literal definition of a luxury private jet. It is roomy, bright, and finished to an exceptionally high standard. The Global Express can seat up to 12 people comfortably, making it ideal for larger groups. With a maximum range of 5900 nautical miles, there are few places on the globe that it can’t travel in a single journey. With the option to sleep 6 people at a time, everyone can arrive well rested too. The onboard amenities and attention to detail are staggering. It boasts three large LED screens with a full entertainment system and a galley and mini bar area so you can enjoy the onboard catering while you make your way to your destination in utter luxury. 

Gulfstream G550 

For even larger parties, the Gulfstream G550 is a perfect choice. Boasting the ability to accommodate 14 passengers in luxury and comfort is easily achieved with a hugely spacious cabin and a colossal baggage capacity.  The range of this aircraft is exemplary, offering travelers truly transcontinental travel.  The finish in the cabin is stunning, with spacious and comfortable white leather seats which perfectly compliment the polished wood trim. It is a shining example of what most people envisage when thinking about flying private. 

Gulfstream GV  

The Gulfstream GV is an ultralong range private jet. With its extended cabin and comfortable seats, passengers can stretch out and relax with ease. It would be the ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. Onboard Wi-Fi allows passengers to stay connected at all times, and the comfortable and quiet cabin is the ideal place to conduct their business in a luxury environment. With ample capacity to accommodate up to 14 guests and onboard facilities to sleep a maximum of 6. There is no better choice when planning a long trip for a large group. 

Gulfstream G500 

Recently refurbished to an extremely high standard, the Gulfstream G500 has plenty of features that make it stand out as a luxury jet. This aircraft can seat 16 passengers, and with 226 feet of additional baggage space, everyone can bring what they need.  The tall 6’4″ cabin gives the feeling of space, and with a 50′ cabin, there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Full-screen monitors feature throughout the cabin to while away the hours. The onboard amenities, including a full-service galley, will allow travelers to indulge as they relax.  

Gulfstream GIV-SP 

For coast-to-coast travel, the Gulfstream GIV-SP is a wonderful and luxurious option. Things that make this jet stand out are the comfortable sleeping area which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. And the exquisite interior trim that has a really classy look. With a maximum range of over 4000 nautical miles and a maximum cruising speed of around 500 miles per hour, it is a fantastic choice for those who want to get to their destination quickly. ‘SP’ stands for “Special Performance”, it is considered the upgraded version of the standard Gulfstream GIV. This comes from the fact that it has a faster maximum speed, longer range, and hugely reduced journey time.  

Bombardier Challenger 605 

The Bombardier Challenger is a mid-sized jet that could be considered the upgraded and improved version of Bombardiers’ flagship, the Challenger 600. This intercontinental jet boasts an impressively high cabin. Its large windows offer an exceptionally bright and spacious experience. For parties of 13 people or less, this is a go-to choice for coast-to-coast travel. In night configuration, the interior can be adapted to form up to 5 beds, allowing guests to arrive refreshed and well-rested at their destination.  

Dassault Falcon 2000 

The Dassault Falcon 2000 is superb for both luxury business and leisure travel. With a range of around 2600 nautical miles, the Falcon can easily connect any two points within the United States. The standout features of this remarkable jet include a large and spacious cabin, whose opulence is only exceeded by its quietness. Business guests can take full advantage of the connectivity provided onboard, with seamless integration with tablet devices and onboard Wi-Fi included. For those who are getting away from work, there are also features to be enjoyed. With an integrated Gogo Vision in-flight entertainment system and wireless speakers, the enjoyment can begin as soon as you board. 

Citation X 

The citation X boasts a modern and luxurious cabin that can allow up to 8 people to travel in style. This aircraft has performance in abundance and is one of the fastest passenger aircraft globally to date. It also boasts an impressive range. At around 3700 miles, it can easily provide point-to-point travel between any US city pairing. The comfortable leather seats with modern cabin accents make this a real treat to experience.  

Hawker 800XP 

The Hawker 800XP is one of the world’s most popular midsized luxurious private jets. The cabin is exceptionally spacious for an aircraft of its size. It has a modern trim and attention to detail that can’t be found elsewhere. The Hawker offers comfortable and luxurious travel to 8 people or fewer. The cabin is comfortable, quiet, and has fully adjustable seats, rotating through 360 degrees. The cabin is just over 21 feet long, combined with its marginally lower passenger capacity, which will mean that everybody has room to enjoy the journey.  

The above list of the most luxurious private jets features as part of Sun Air Jet’s extensive fleet. We have a great deal to offer with a range of options to suit all party sizes and budgets. You can view further details of our fleet here. Alternatively, contact us to make an inquiry. We can offer more information and advice on which option will be the best for you. 

luxurious private jets