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king air aircraft interior

The Benefits of the King Air Aircraft

The King Air aircraft is the perfect choice for those traveling short distances of 1800 nautical miles or so— or about 4 hours of travel. Of course, it is not the range of the flight capability of this aircraft nor the fact that it can comfortably accommodate 8 passengers that sets it apart from others. 

The King Air aircraft is a unique experience on its own. 

With a design that differs from most other private jets, everything about this turboprop is meant to be enjoyed. And its proven performance reflects its durability, strength, and reliability. 

If you are looking for a safe and relaxed flight to your destination, don’t miss out on the benefits of choosing the King Air aircraft. 

Why Choose the King Air Aircraft?

Are you still unsure about whether or not a King Air aircraft will meet your private travel needs? You may actually be surprised at how easily it can surpass them. And just to prove it to you, we have put together a few of the biggest benefits that will make the King Air your go-to option. 

Before you book your next charter, check out this amazing turboprop and discover all that it has to offer you. 

Luxurious Amenities

The King Air aircraft, primarily the King Air 350i, comes with a lot of luxurious amenities to keep you comfortable on your flight. From the moment you step inside, you will see that many windows (14, to be exact) line either side of the plane and bathe the interior in sunlight. 

The executive seating is arranged in a double-club configuration with storable worktables. In other words, you can easily work, dine, or relax when you want to. 

Onboard, you will also find a refreshment center so that you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat before you make it to your destination. An enclosed lavatory is also quite beneficial. 

A few additional amenities on the King Air aircraft include:

  • Complimentary domestic wifi
  • Ample baggage storage to hold anything you may be bringing with you
  • Convenient power outlets to keep your devices charged

When you choose this turboprop for your charter, you can enjoy all of this and so much more from the time your flight takes off. 

Highly Efficient Travel Choice

The King Air aircraft is a turboprop aircraft. This means that their engine runs a bit differently than other jets. Most noticeably, their propellers are on the outside of the aircraft. 

King Air aircraft are incredibly safe and well-designed. 

Commonly used for shorter distances of less than 4 hours, King Air aircraft are highly efficient and economical. They are designed with a focus on sustainability and have been dubbed as one of the greenest business aircraft in the industry. 

They may be a bit slower than other private jets when it comes to reaching their cruising altitude, but don’t let that discount all that they have to offer their passengers. This is one truly quality aircraft. 

Comfortable Flight Experience

The flight experience you will have on a King Air aircraft is beyond what most people expect. An incredible flight from a turboprop? Absolutely. King Air aircraft stand out amongst others in the industry. 

This aircraft gets in the air fast and with ease. And, using the latest technology, they have created a quiet aircraft with a soaring reputation. 

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, alone or with a whole crew, you will find that every minute on this turboprop is comfortable. Don’t be surprised if you invest in this charter flight again — most travelers tend to come back again and again. 


What is the best King Air aircraft?

There are different options for the King Air aircraft available, each with some of the highest safety ratings in the industry. When it comes to size, safety ratings, features, and more, many interested in King Air aircraft find themselves focused on the King Air 350. It checks all the boxes of what you could want in a private aircraft. 

Are King Airs hard to fly?

No, King Air aircraft are not hard to fly. In fact, most pilots will tell you that they are very easy to handle and very hard to mess up. It maneuvers very well and makes for a good flight experience for the pilot – and the passengers. 

Are King Airs loud?

Contrary to popular belief, King Airs are not loud. For many years, those in the world of aviation have known turboprops to make excessive noise due to the propeller blasting its way through the air. However, with today’s technology, a flight on the King Air 350, for example, will prove that turboprops can be quiet and enjoyable. 

Charter the King Air Aircraft with Sun Air Jets

If you are interested in seeing what King Air aircraft can do for you,  Sun Air Jet offers the King Air 350i turboprop as part of our charter fleet.

You can experience the onboard amenities, the comfort, and the bright surroundings. You will feel the ease of motion and the gentle breeze that seems to carry you all the way to your destination. 

Before you book your next getaway, contact Sun Air Jets and secure your flight on the King Air 350i. 


Well, there you have it. A few of the major benefits of a King Air aircraft. With luxurious amenities and highly efficient travel, you are sure to have a comfortable experience you can feel good about. 

But why just take our word for it? The next time you find yourself in need of a private charter, why not book the King Air 350i and see for yourself? 

best private jet for long distance

The Best Private Jet for Long Distance Travel

When your destination is far, make the most of your travel by choosing the best private jet for long distance flights.

Depending on where you are going, you can find yourself in the sky for several hours. Imagine spending your time cooped up and uncomfortable while surrounded by strangers. Combined with all that comes with commercial air travel, it doesn’t sound enticing at all.

Thankfully, you have a choice.

Why not enjoy your time in the air while basking in the luxury found in the cabin of a private jet?

Many jets can handle long distance travel without having to stop to refuel. And each comes with its own set of amenities that allow you to make the most of your time while you travel to your destination. But if you want the greatest experience, you are going to want the best private jet for long distance travel – the Gulfstream GIV-SP.

The Best Private Jet for Long Distance Travel

Making the decision to fly private can be a rewarding one. And sure, the concierge team at the charter company can guide you in the right direction. Sometimes, though, it just helps to know your options.

When it comes to traveling to destinations throughout the world, you need a private jet that is capable of going the distance while providing you with the amenities you want. And one that continuously surpasses the expectations of travelers is the Gulfstream GIV-SP.

Gulfstream GIV-SP: The Specs

Is the Gulfstream IV-SP ( right for you? Looking at the specs, it is easy to determine whether or not it will accommodate you for your trip. Manufactured in 1995 and refurbished in 2022, the GIV-SP offers the following:

  • Seating for up to 8 16 passengers
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangements for two passengers
  • Traveling in a range of 4,165 nautical miles – or about 8.5 hours before refueling
  • 169 cubic feet of baggage space
  • 2 enclosed lavatories on board with full vanity

The physical dimensions of the space include:

  • Cabin width: 7.3’
  • Cabin height: 6.1’
  • Cabin Length: 45.1’

This means if you are traveling with 16 or fewer people and you’d love to be able to move around freely and relax comfortably while traveling, this could be a great private jet for you. Of course, you won’t want to make your final decision until you know about all the inflight amenities it comes with. (It won’t disappoint.)

The Inflight Amenities

Inflight amenities are abundant on the GIV-SP. As a passenger, you are meant to step onboard and feel comfortable before the flight even takes off. Elegant seating that you won’t mind relaxing in for a long flight, as well as pull-out tables, carpeting, and lots of bright windows, create the finished space.

When traveling on the GIV-SP, there are many different amenities, including complimentary domestic WiFi and an Aircell Iridium flight phone to stay in touch with those on the ground. The flight wouldn’t be complete without a CD/DVD entertainment system and eight full-screen LCD monitors. Eight power outlets allow you to keep your devices charged for the duration of the flight.

Hungry? Not a problem. Because this private jet for long distance travel is in the sky for extended periods of time, it comes equipped with a galley – and refreshments. You will find a microwave oven and a coffee dispenser. You can also order catering and have it on your jet when you arrive for your flight.

Perhaps the best part of the Gulfstream GIV-SP is that it is private and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about strangers or anyone else interfering with your flight and what you do on it. You can just relax and do whatever you want to do.

The Perks of Flying Private

When you travel via a private jet like the Gulfstream GIV, you get all the perks that come along with it, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Time-savings
  • Luxurious amenities
  • Safety and security
  • Peace of mind

It really is the only way to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Gulfstream GIV-SP travel internationally?

Yes, it can travel internationally. It can fly non-stop across the United States, North America, South America, and Europe. It can also travel non-stop from anywhere in the U.S. to the Caribbean. While it is considered to be a perfect option for transatlantic travel, there are some international destinations that will require a fuel stop to reach.

How many pilots are on the GIV-SP?

When traveling on the Gulfstream GIV-SP, you can expect to have two flight crew members in order to fly the jet. This is a requirement regardless of how near or far you are traveling. You may or may not also have a flight attendant onboard as this is up to the discretion of your charter company – and your personal wishes.

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Sun Air Jets offers nothing but the best to their clients. So, it only makes sense that their charter fleet would contain a Gulfstream GIV-SP. If you are looking for the best private jet for long distance travel, you will find it with the luxurious amenities and travel perks you will find once onboard.

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global express jet interior

A Look at the Beautiful Global Express Jet Interior

The Global Express jet interior is something that most people want to see, but very few ever will.

For those lucky enough to take the flight, your world of air travel will never feel the same from the moment you step into the cabin. This is luxury travel at its finest. 

This jet offers an extensive amount of comfort and elegance that is unmatched. Although words cannot express the inflight experience on this jet, below you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Global Express jet interior. 

A Look at the Beautiful Global Express Jet Interior

Whether you are traveling to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation destination or you are flying back to the office after a business meeting that went so wrong – there is nothing that this jet cannot make better simply by being plush and welcoming. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about the beautiful Global Express jet interior. 

The Global Express: The Specs

It is always a good idea to get to know your jet before you take your flight. The Global Express jet has a lot to offer, but is it right for you? Here is the breakdown of the specs:

  • This jet can hold up to 12 passengers comfortably – and has room to sleep 6. 
  • The Global Express model is from 2003, but it was freshly remodeled and modernized in 2021.
  • It can travel a distance of 5900 nautical miles before having to stop to refuel. 
  • It has a baggage capacity of 195 cubic feet. 
  • The height inside the cabin reaches nearly 6.3 feet and is roughly 8.2 feet wide. 

In other words, you have plenty of room to move about as you travel far and wide around the globe. 

With such an extensive range of travel, you have a long list of destinations you can reach. For instance, you could easily travel across the U.S. And, you can even leave Los Angeles and travel to places like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Auckland, Lima, Barcelona, Santiago, Beijing, Dublin, Stockholm, Osaka, Madrid, and Venice. And that’s just to name a few. 

The Global Express opens doors. 

Global Express Floor Plan

The Global Express jet interior floor plan can take on various configurations. This allows it to be customized for each party traveling on it, based on their preferences.

The daytime configuration includes club seating, tables, a sofa, and so forth. But the nighttime configuration includes beds made up for your comfort. Because there is a flight attendant onboard the flight with you, this transition can be done mid-flight for your convenience. 

Aircraft Amenities

There are lots of amenities found on the Global Express jet. When it comes to entertainment, you will find three large LED monitors throughout the aircraft and four personal monitors. A Honeywell Ovation Cabin Entertainment System can keep those on board entertained throughout the trip. 

For passengers who have brought their own devices, USB charging power outlets are available at each seat. 

The Global Express jet has a full galley that includes a: 

  • Microwave oven
  • Coffee maker
  • High-temperature oven

Many will be able to enjoy a hot meal while on board – whether that means making it from scratch or heating it up. Refreshments are always available, too. 

As for the lavatory, this jet has two. There is the aft lavatory with full vanity for use by passengers. And, there is a forward lavatory as well, primarily used by the crew. 

It’s pretty clear that the Global Express jet interior has all the comforts of home. 


Do you tip on a private jet? 

While there are no formal rules when it comes to tipping on a private jet, it is customary to tip the crew. Some do so every time they fly whereas others do it at the end of their trip. And others choose not to tip at all. Again, a tip is always welcome but not mandatory. 

Can you drink on a private jet? 

Yes, you are allowed to drink on a private jet – both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. It is customary for the charter or jet management company to provide refreshments for the flight. And if you have a preference for food or beverage, you may request it when booking. Most private jets will allow you to bring your own alcohol onboard. 

Can you have a shower on a private jet? 

It depends on the jet. Some jets have lavatories that are equipped with a shower while others do not. This is often something you will find on larger, long-range jets – especially those that have multiple bathrooms and, of course, full plumbing systems. 

Charter the Global Express Jet

If you have an upcoming vacation or quick getaway planned, why not use it as an opportunity to get up and personal with the Global Express jet? 

At Sun Air Jets we have a large fleet of charter jets available for our clients – and that includes this luxurious and stunning aircraft. Whether it is all the extra space you are after, its long-range capabilities, or its beautiful surroundings, there is something about the Global Express that sets it apart from every other private jet. You just have to experience it for yourself. 

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When you travel, you have two choices. You can either waste your travel days or make the most of them. Booking your trip on the Global Express jet will definitely make your air travel feel like a vacation of its own. 

This jet is incredibly spacious with so many amenities. And from the entertainment system to a full galley – and everything in between – you are sure to enjoy it all. 

Once you have seen the Global Express interior, it is going to be tough to travel any other way. 

A luxurious Private Jet Interior of the Gulfstream GIV-SP

Luxurious Private Jet Interiors: Inside the Ultimate Flying Experience

With the exception of color and a few design specifics, you can walk on any commercial airliner and know what to expect. Generally speaking, they all look the same. This isn’t the case with privet jet interiors.

Private travel opens the door to the ultimate flying experience. And each jet has its own design. 

If you are interested in flying on a private jet and surrounding yourself with luxury and comfort, then this may be the best idea for your next travel adventure. Just look at these luxurious private jet interiors. 

What to Expect with Private Jet Interiors

Each private jet offers its own unique experience. Even on the same model, the private jet interiors may be different. But there is one standard for all private jets – and that is luxury. 

When you book a trip, you can expect the inside of your private jet to include a few sensational attributes, including: 

A Lounge Area. Rather than seeing rows of seats when you board the jet, you will see a lounge area. This will typically include a mix of comfortable, soft sofas and lounge-type recliners. 

Roomy Lavatories. The bathrooms you will find on a private jet offer much more room than they do on a commercial airliner. So forget about having just enough space to turn around. Here you will often find full-size bathrooms. Sometimes they will even have a shower available in them, too, so you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you land. 

A Fully Functional Galley. Private jets have kitchens. Some smaller than others, some fully loaded with an oven and refrigerator and everything you would need to cook a delicious meal. But, why do it yourself? Flight attendants usually prepare this meal – though some travelers have been known to have a chef on board, as well. No bags of pretzels here. Just delicious food that you can enjoy while on your way to your destination. 

Relaxing Bedrooms. Sleeping on a private jet is easy when you have a bedroom. If your jet has one, then you will find it decked out just like any hotel – and likely with a king-size bed. Though not all jets come with a bedroom. Those that don’t often have seating that transitions into bedding so that you can have a comfortable snooze before you arrive. 

Technology. There is a lot of technology found throughout private jets that can enhance the flight experience. Although it will vary from jet to jet, this technology can include wide-screen televisions, surround sound, wifi, ambient lighting, and more. For travelers looking to get work done while onboard, many jets offer business services, too. You will be able to stay connected with those on the ground and in your office while you are flying high. 

Just remember that the luxurious experience you have on one jet can be different on the next as they are individually remodeled to keep up with the most modern amenities. No matter what, you can always feel confident that they will all provide you with everything you need to have the most enjoyable flight. 

Let’s take a look at a few different jets and what they have to offer you. 

Global Express

On board the Global Express up to 12 passengers can enjoy this 2021 remodel. Once you step inside, you will be engulfed in the modern decor. It has a full galley with a microwave, oven, and coffee maker. This is in addition to two lavatories and an entertainment system with large LED monitors. 

Comfortable seating throughout the jet that offers USB charging at every seat makes it easy to sit back and relax. Tables allow work to get done, games to be played, or meals to be enjoyed. And, finally, we cannot forget to mention just how the soft sofa – and the chairs – can transform into dream-worthy beds. 

Gulfstream GIV-SP

Experience the fusion of high performance and superior comfort in the Gulfstream GIV-SP. This exceptional aircraft, originally designed in 1995, underwent a complete overhaul in 2022, marrying its timeless design with modern updates to offer the ultimate travel experience.

The Gulfstream GIV-SP comfortably accommodates 16 passengers, creating an intimate yet spacious environment that perfectly balances both privacy and sociability. Further enhancing its overnight travel capabilities, the jet comfortably sleeps six, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination rested and refreshed.

With an impressive range of 4,165 nautical miles, this jet stands as an excellent choice for both cross-country and intercontinental flights. Its extended range capability means you can traverse large expanses of the globe without refueling, increasing your efficiency and travel comfort.

For travelers who need to take everything with them, the Gulfstream GIV-SP boasts a generous baggage capacity of 169 cubic feet, ample space to accommodate your luggage, equipment, and personal items without compromising on cabin space.

The jet ensures your comfort isn’t compromised, even on the longest of flights, with two fully-equipped lavatories onboard. This combination of performance, comfort, and attention to detail is what sets the Gulfstream GIV-SP apart, cementing its place in the premium air travel sphere. With this exceptional aircraft, every journey becomes a pleasure.

Challenger 605

Flying on the Challenger 605? Another 2021 remodel, this jet holds up to ten passengers – and comfortably sleeps five. 

It is decked out in beautiful white seating matched against the lush blue striped carpeting. It has a large sofa, too. 

On board, you will find a full entertainment system, complimentary wifi, an inflight phone, LCD monitors, eight power outlets, a full galley with microwave, convection oven, Nespresso coffee maker, and more. And, of course, a full lavatory. 

The gold touch on the hardware throughout the cabin takes it to the next level. 

Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 900XP may be slightly smaller in size compared to the aforementioned jets, but with its 2022 remodel, it outshines many others. Incredibly luxurious seating engulfs you in comfort – and the sofa allows you to stretch out when you need to. 

A full galley has a microwave oven and coffee maker for your convenience. There is also a full vanity lavatory, too. 

Complimentary wifi, a full entertainment system, and more all make this private jet a great option for any travel. It easily holds up to 8 passengers. 

Experience the Ultimate Flying Experience at Sun Air Jets

If you are looking for custom private jet interiors, you won’t be disappointed in the fleet you will find at Sun Air Jets

Ranging from very light jets to some of the most extravagant heavy jets, we take pride in maintaining the private jet interiors and exteriors of our fleet so that passengers like you can have an unmatched world-class experience. 

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Sun Air Jets hanger with several types of private jets

The Many Types of Private Jets and Classes

When it comes to private aviation, the experience is much more than just a mode of transportation–it’s an embodiment of personalized luxury, time efficiency, and unparalleled convenience.

Yet, as one steps into the dazzling world of private jets, the various types of private jets can feel a bit overwhelming. Each jet offers a unique blend of range, capacity, amenities, and performance that sets it apart, thereby suiting a myriad of diverse travel needs. How do you discern which private jet type is the perfect match for your travel requirements?

In this article, we demystify the world of private aviation by breaking down the key characteristics and distinctive features of various jet classes – from very light jets to heavy jets. Whether you are a seasoned flyer seeking to better understand your options or a newcomer dipping your toes into the realm of luxury travel, this article will provide valuable insights into the world of private jets.

Let’s take a look at the differences between various types of private jets.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Private Jet

Certain factors play a large role in deciding what type of jet will work best for each traveler. This helps to narrow down the many options available so that you can find the optimal type. When booking a charter, be prepared to discuss these things with your concierge team so that they have an idea of what you are looking for.

Factors to Consider:

The number of passengers. You will need to determine how many people will be traveling with you so that you have a jet equipped to handle them. For instance, if you are the only one traveling, it doesn’t matter how small or large of a jet you choose. However, if you are traveling with 12 passengers, you will need to make sure the private jet is equipped to handle that many passengers before booking.

The range of travel. One thing everyone loves about private travel is not having to deal with layovers or connecting flights. So you surely are not going to want to have to stop for the jet to refuel. To avoid this, you need a jet that can travel to your destination without having to stop.

Cabin space and amenities. What is it you are looking to do while onboard? Are you going to be bringing a lot of luggage with you? Will you be needing strong inflight connectivity? Do you look forward to sleeping in a bed while traveling?

You will want to ensure that the private jet you choose has all of these things and more so that you are able to make the most of your experience. Once you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down the type of jet you will need.

So, how many types of jets are there? You may be surprised.

Very Light Jets

Very light jets are one of the smallest types of private jets. They are the perfect option for those passengers only traveling short distances, such as 3 hours or less of flight time.

One of the benefits of very light jets is that they can have access to smaller airports and runways that other private jets cannot even access. As a result, it opens up your possibilities for destinations.

Very light jets can often accommodate anywhere from 4 to 7 passengers and have a small lavatory onboard. And while you may get some complimentary refreshments, you won’t find much of a galley on these jets – or a flight attendant.

Light Jets

Light jets are slightly bigger – and they have the ability to travel a little bit further. On average, they fit about 6 to 8 passengers (or more) and can hold quite a bit of luggage. You will find comfortable seating, an enclosed lavatory, and a small galley. But, again, no flight attendant will be on board this flight.

Mid-Size Jets

Mid-size private jets are great for those who are looking to travel longer distances – about 5 hours of air travel time, or so. Though they are great for any short or long trip.

Most mid-size jets have space for about 5 to 10 passengers, depending. And there is plenty of space for them to move around comfortably.

Depending on the jet itself, you will have a lavatory, but it may include a shower, too. And many of the chairs will turn into beds for those looking to get some sleep. Hungry? You will often find a full galley, along with a flight attendant on these flights.

Did we mention that there is additional space for luggage too?

Mid-size jets are stylish, comfortable, and convenient. They come with a great deal of inflight entertainment so that travelers can remain in contact with everyone on the ground, whether for work or personal reasons.

Super Midsize Jets

Are you looking for large, roomy cabins and a jet that can travel about 7 hours to your destination? Maybe room for 8 to 10 people or so? Perhaps this is your category.

Super midsize jets can go the distance – and let you get around while you do. You can walk freely, sit back, and watch a movie on the entertainment system, take a nap, visit the bathroom, enjoy a nice meal, and more.

High levels of comfort come with a super mid. You will also enjoy the nice treatment from your flight attendant, too.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are one of the most common categories for larger jets. So much so that they can hold anywhere from 10 to 19 people depending on size. And they are jam-packed with amenities.

  • Large cabins with ample space to move around
  • Comfortable seating areas
  • Inflight entertainment
  • Two flight attendants
  • A full galley
  • An executive or club-style layout
  • Designated sleeping areas

These jets are able to travel up to 9 hours or so – without having to stop to refuel. This means they are the perfect option for international travel.

Sun Air Jets Offers a Variety of Jet Types

At Sun Air Jets, we understand that the needs of our clients are personal to each one. That’s why we offer a wide range of private jet types so that there is always a jet to meet the need.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today. Or, book your flight online.

private luxury jets interior with deep wood paneling, leather seats, flowers, and fine dinnerware

The Most Lavish Private Luxury Jets

If you want to experience luxury when you travel, consider flying private. Not only do private luxury jets offer you the convenience and flexibility of being able to travel on your own schedule, but you won’t have to deal with the hassles of commercial flights either. And did we mention that it is much more comfortable?

But not all private jets are created equal.

The most luxurious jets are those that come with the latest amenities and features, as well as a level of comfort and convenience that you won’t otherwise find.

What Makes Private Luxury Jets Luxurious?

There are a few things that set certain luxury jets apart from others. It comes down to the comforts of seating, food, and entertainment.

For instance, you won’t be sitting elbow-to-elbow with strangers. Instead, one of the biggest luxuries of flying private is the space. Private jets are much roomier than commercial airliners, so you have plenty of room to spread out and relax. You can choose to sit in a comfortable seat, recline back, or stretch out and lie flat in a bed. And, yes, there is always plenty of space to get work done or engage in other activities.

Entertainment is another big luxury. Most private jets come equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems that feature TVs, movies, music, and games. You can also typically connect your own devices to the system, so be sure to bring them with you.

Food is different when flying on a luxury private jet. You won’t have to worry about a mini bag of pretzels coming your way. Instead, you can enjoy a delicious meal personalized for you. Depending on the jet, it may be cooked onboard – or catered and delivered fresh before takeoff.

A few other things that make private luxury jets so luxurious are:

  • Privacy. Flying private means that you can travel without having to share your space with other passengers. And this means a lot – especially if you need to get some work done during the flight or would like to enjoy relaxed conversations with those you are traveling with.
  • Flexibility. With a private jet, you can fly whenever you want, wherever you want without worrying about pre-set flight schedules or awful layovers.
  • Comfort. Private jets are equipped with all the amenities you need to relax and enjoy your flight, such as seating, bedding, stocked galleys, in-flight entertainment, and more.
  • Security. Flying private gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re traveling in a secure environment. Flight crews are highly trained and the jets themselves have high safety ratings.

Here are a few of the most luxurious private jets used in private charters.

The Global Express

The Global Express is a heavy jet that is perfect for traveling internationally. Due to the experience it provides, it is often the first choice of many business executives who are traveling a distance.

Measuring in at 42’ long and over 8’ wide, this jet is huge – and it surely doesn’t feel like a little jet. It can hold up to 12 passengers and offers club-style seating to make the space feel even more relaxed and enjoyable.

On board, you will have access to exceptional inflight entertainment, including LED monitors. A full galley and lavatory also round out the amenities.

The Global Express will come with a flight attendant so you always have what you need.

The Gulfstream G500

Another heavy jet, the Gulfstream G500 has a large cabin that can hold up to 16 passengers. It even has room for 9 passengers to sleep.

Size-wise, it is a very roomy jet – 42’ long and over 7’ wide. It is the epitome of luxury with a stateroom that has 4 panoramic oval windows. And, again, comfortable club seating.

Passengers can enjoy the in-flight entertainment system as well as delicious food from the galley.

From takeoff to landing, the Gulfstream G500 provides passengers with a highly enjoyable experience.

The Gulfstream GIV-SP

The Gulfstream GIV-SP is one of the most popular private jets in the world – and for good reason. It offers a level of luxury and comfort that surpasses other jets in its class.

So, what makes the Gulfstream GIV-SP so wonderful?

The space it offers plays a big role. It is a 16-passenger heavy jet with a very spacious interior – with a cabin that is 28’ long and 6’ 6” wide, which gives passengers plenty of room to spread out and relax. Comfortable seating is always found with some being able to turn into a bed allowing you to get some shuteye while traveling.

A galley on board allows passengers to enjoy food and beverages – even full meals – while flying high in the sky.

Combine all of this with a lot of in-flight connectivity and it makes for a wonderful experience.

The Bombardier Challenger 605

The Bombardier Challenger 605 is another really popular private jet, especially among charters. This is likely due to the great amount of comfort and luxury that it brings passengers – as well as its high safety rating.

The Challenger 605 also has a lot of space for travelers to move within it, measuring 27’ long and 6’4” wide. It can usually hold up to 10 passengers.

Comfortable seating, a galley, and great in-flight entertainment systems can enhance one’s overall experience. But it does not stop there.

With a Challenger 605, you will enjoy a private lavatory – sometimes one for travelers and a private space for the flight crew. Plus, you will almost always have a flight attendant present on these flights.

The extra luggage space you will find on this aircraft is almost always a plus, too.

Ready to Experience These Luxurious Private Luxury Jets?

When you are ready to experience these private jets for yourself and see what they have to offer, then Sun Air Jets has just what you need.

We provide luxurious accommodations in the sky and world-class treatment on the ground. You just have to decide on your destination.

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The Different Types of Private Jets

The Different Types of Private Jets: Which is Right for Your Trip

Private jets are known for their luxury and their high levels of comfort. They all come with lots of privacy and conveniences. And they are the epitome of glitz and glamour even though everyday people regularly use them. 

Whether or not you have much experience with private jets, you know that there are different sizes and different types of jets available. 

Below is a breakdown of the different categories most private jets will fall into. Which one is right for your trip? 

Very Light Jets

Very light jets are those that are designed to handle short distances with minimal passengers. They are light and small which makes them incredibly efficient. While they may not be the most luxurious jets on the list, they are still comfortable. 

You may hear these jets referred to as ‘personal’ jets due to their size. But that doesn’t mean it only holds one passenger. Jets that fall into this category hold, on average, 4 to 6 passengers. And, they can travel a distance of about 500 to 1,000 miles before having to refuel. 

Don’t be surprised to not find a lavatory onboard, either. Though this usually isn’t too big of a deal since this type of jet is usually used for quick flights. 

Is a very light jet right for you? If you are looking to travel a short distance alone or with a couple of additional passengers and you are looking for the most efficient way to get where you are going, this could be a great option. You will find this is usually the most affordable private jet charter, too. 

Light Jets

Light jets have a little more bulk to them, compared to very light jets. They have extra space to move around, extra seating, and extra space for luggage. And most will have a lavatory on board. Why? Because light jets can go further – so someone is sure to have to go.  

Light jets have enough space to carry up to about 6 passengers, though this can vary from jet to jet. And, they can travel roughly 1,500 miles without needing to refuel. 

Light jets are great for traveling throughout the U.S. 

Midsize Jets

Going even bigger, midsize jets are the ones that can offer you a trip from one coast to the next without stopping – including everywhere in between. This is the size of jets that begin to get even more comfortable and luxurious. 

When you choose a midsize jet for your charter, you can expect a great deal of inflight connectivity, lots of luggage space, and even space to get up and move about. They often come with more amenities, too. 

Overall, midsize jets are a perfect choice, whether you are traveling for work or for fun. They easily hold up to about 8 to 10 passengers without feeling overcrowded. And they can travel between 1,400 to 2,500 miles without having to stop. 

And, yes, you will find a private lavatory and galley on board for your convenience. 

Super Midsize Jets

Super midsize jets are the next size up when it comes to private travel. These are larger and can travel greater distances than the others we have discussed thus far. And the variances in them get even greater when it comes to how many passengers they can hold and the distances they can travel. Though, expect a super-midsize jet to be able to carry a maximum of 10 to 12 passengers comfortably. 

These are perfect for those who are branching out and looking for a private transatlantic flight. Most in this category have a range of 3,000 to 4,000 miles before needing to stop.

Often referred to as super mids, these jets are very popular amongst business executives and those looking for some of the best in comfort, amenities, entertainment, and more. They offer top-notch connectivity and usually come with a flight attendant. 

You will find ample luggage space, a private lavatory, and a galley. 

Heavy (Business) Jets

Heavy jets, a/k/a business jets, are some of the largest private jets. They can often hold up to about 18 to 20 people comfortably and can travel abroad quite easily. Most have a range of about 7,000 to 7,500 without stopping. Don’t let their name cause you to think they are slow – because they can travel at top speeds, allowing you to arrive at your destination quickly.

Many heavy jets are decked out in incredible surroundings that allow you to sit back and relax while you travel. You may sleep, enjoy a catered meal, indulge yourself in the inflight connectivity, get work done, and more. 

These jets typically have two lavatories and even a full-size galley for cooking. But you won’t have to worry about preparing the meal because you will have a flight attendant who will ensure you have everything you need for a great flight. 

Jumbo Jets

The last category – jumbo jets – are the largest category of private jets. These hold about 50 to 60 passengers. Unless uniquely designed (some even look like an office or living room in the sky), most of these jumbo jets are set up similarly to commercial jets, but with more comfortable seating and amenities.

They can travel intercontinental and can go 10 hours or even more without having to land. 

Fly with Sun Air Jets

At Sun Air Jets, we have a versatile fleet of private jets that can meet your every need. Whether you are looking for a comfortable flight for yourself or the most luxurious flight for your whole office, we have you covered. 

Talk to our private jet charter services team to uncover the perfect jet option for your trip. We can make sure that you enjoy a customized experience, taking care of every detail for you and your guests. 

To put in your request for a charter, contact us at (805) 389-9335. Or, if you are ready, book now online. 

How to Choose the Right Private Jet

How to Choose the Right Private Jet for Your Trip

If you have made the wise decision to book a private jet charter for your next getaway, you are well on your way to a luxurious and unforgettable experience. However, if this is your first time doing so, you may be surprised to find out that you get to decide which jet you choose. 

There are so many different jet sizes and inflight amenities that it may be tough to decide the best option. And, since you are an avid traveler and not an aviation expert, knowing which one to choose can be confusing and overwhelming. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

Doing your research (as you are doing right now) can help guide you in the right direction so that there are no unwanted surprises on your day of travel. 

To get you started, here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right private jet for your trip. 

Look for a Convenient Home Base

Choosing a jet that has a convenient home base means that everything you need for your flight is close by. If you are in the Los Angeles area, for instance, working with a charter company out of Miami doesn’t really do you much good. Opting for one that runs out of Van Nuys or Camarillo, on the other hand, makes it easy. 

Your concierge team is so close and can make your entire trip more personable. And this will enhance your overall experience. 

Get to Know Your Destination

While most airports can accommodate any size private jet, there are exceptions. This is why it is a good idea to take a closer look at your destination. You may need to narrow down your choices based on which jets will fit on the runways. 

Accessing smaller, private airports can get you closer to your destination – and can be your only way to certain remote destinations. Unfortunately, some of these airports cannot handle jumbo jets or heavy jets. So be sure to take this into consideration. 

The Number of Passengers

Every jet is different when it comes to the number of passengers it can accommodate. Even if two jets are the same make and model, they may vary in how many passengers they hold due to uniquely designed interiors.

It is best to work with a charter team to choose the aircraft that will best meet your passenger requirements. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to learn about the different types of aircraft and the approximate number of passengers they can handle. 

  • 2 to 4 passengers: Very light jets
  • 6 to 7 passengers: Light jets 
  • 7 to 8 passengers: Super-light jets 
  • 8 to 9 passengers: Midsize jets
  • 8 to 10 passengers: Super-midsize jets 
  • 10 to 16 passengers: Large jets 

Remember, you want to ensure that you have a seat for every passenger – especially for safety reasons. However, you also want to make sure that you have enough room for everyone onboard to feel comfortable for the duration of the flight. 

Going the Distance

Private aircraft will have to stop to refuel if the flight distance is longer than what the aircraft can handle. To have a nonstop flight with enough fuel to get you from one point to the next, you will want to take a look at the different aircraft and the distances they are able to travel. 

For the most part, a jet’s range is tied very closely to its size.  

Below is a very general overview that can give you an idea of distance based on size:

  • Light jets can travel anywhere between 1,200 nautical miles to 2,500 nautical miles 
  • Midsize jets can travel anywhere between 1,800 nautical miles to 3,300 nautical miles 
  • Heavy jets can travel anywhere between 2,500 nautical miles to 4,750 nautical miles

Special Accommodations

Finally, you always want to consider any special accommodations you may require – or desire. 

Flying private comes with the ability to have a lot of personalizations. So if you are taking a business trip and expect to get work done with your colleagues while in the sky, you may want to have a certain seating/table arrangement or ratio. Perhaps you are taking a family trip with kids and you need to be able to keep them occupied with an inflight entertainment system. Or, maybe you and your buddies are heading out for a golf getaway and you are all bringing your clubs, requiring a luggage compartment capable of handling the volume. 

Remember private jets are much different than flying commercial. You can have certain refreshments and snacks on board, a catered meal, and so forth. You may even request to have a flight attendant on board the flight. 

Are you looking for the most comfortable and luxurious private jet experience or are you just wanting to get to and from your destination in the most affordable way possible? 

Consider all the things that will make your trip complete and choose a private jet that can fulfill it. 

Guidance from the Experts at Sun Air Jets

If you are not sure what type of private jet to choose – or you would like a professional opinion – then you need to consult with the experienced staff at Sun Air Jets before you book your charter. 

See, we know our fleet inside and out. And once we discuss the details of your travel with you, we will be able to provide you with a private jet that will exceed your expectations. 

It doesn’t matter if you have traveled on a private jet before or if this is your first time, each trip is different. Having the right jet to accommodate it can mean the difference between an ordinary flight experience and an extraordinary flight experience. 

The experts at Sun Air Jets can answer any questions you may have and guide you along your journey – wherever it may take you. 

Ready to book your private charter? Contact us today at (805) 243-3717. Or, book online. 

cessna citation X amenities

The Many Amenities of the Cessna Citation X

Flying private gives you access to different types of incredibly luxurious aircraft. And although none will provide you with the same experience you will find on a commercial aircraft (thankfully), they each give you their own experience. 

Private aircraft come in different sizes and with different offerings. For instance, some have a galley and others don’t. 

So, whether you are booking your flight today and want a better understanding of what is available – or you are booked on a Cessna Citation X and want to know what you can expect – we’ve got everything you need to know. 

Here are the many amenities of the Cessna Citation X as well as additional information that can help you make informed decisions when booking. 

The Cessna Citation X: The Basics

The Cessna Citation X has often been dubbed the fastest private jet in the world, getting you where you need to be  – fast. Thanks to the power behind two Rolls-Royce engines, it can reach speeds of 700 mph. Though it is worth mentioning that the high speed of the Citation has now been topped by its successor, the Citation X+. 

Being fast isn’t all that this midsize private jet is known for. It comes with quite a few other beneficial specs, too, including: 

  • Passengers: 8
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Year of model/remodel: 2000/2018
  • Range: 3100 nautical miles
  • Baggage Capacity: 54 cubic feet
  • Lavatory: 1
  • Cabin Width: 5.6’
  • Cabin Height: 5.7’
  • Cabin Length: 23.5’


Citation X is known for giving passengers a smooth and efficient flight to wherever their destination is taking them. This is thanks to the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controls) that work with the engine to get you to your destination with maximum efficiency. 

You must understand that this jet can handle both short trips and international trips with ease and great performance. 

Amenities of the Cessna Citation X

You simply cannot choose your private jet solely based on specs though, can you? Not at all. While you want to make sure the jet is safe and efficient, as a passenger, you are more concerned about what is going on inside the Cessna Citation X than the size of its wing or what engine it has. And let us tell you – this jet has a lot going on inside.  

The amenities on this jet are enough to make those who have flown on it come back time and time and time again. 

Comfortable seating. The 8 leather chairs you will find throughout the cabin are very comfortable. They make you forget you are sitting in an aircraft seat. What’s more, two sets of chairs are designed to be used to create two beds. You can comfortably get some shut-eye so you feel rejuvenated and ready to go. 

Complimentary Domestic WiFi. First, connectivity while in-flight is a big deal. This allows you to do everything from checking your emails, scrolling social media (i.e. posting a selfie on Instagram while inside your Citation X), binging the latest Netflix series, taking conference calls, and otherwise handling business in the sky. 

In-flight connectivity keeps you in touch with those on the ground even while you are traveling. For so long, air travel meant being shut off from the rest of the world for the duration of your flight, but this is no longer the case at all. Especially on this Cessna. 

And, to prove our point, your private jet comes equipped with an Aircell Iridium flight phone so you are always in touch when you need to be. 

DVD/CD Entertainment System with LCD Monitors. For those who are less about staying connected and more about staying entertained, the Cessna Citation X has you covered. This private jet comes with a DVD/CD entertainment system and full-screen LCD monitors throughout the interior. That means you can watch any selection of DVDs or jam out to some music while on board. Of course, you can always put in a Pure Moods cd, close your eyes, and drift off to sleep. 

For those who enjoy monitoring their flight and knowing where they are at any given moment, the LCD monitors can also reflect current flight status. 

Power Outlets. Yes, you will even find two power outlets on board because it is imperative that your devices stay charged so that you can stay connected. Plus, this gives you one less thing to worry about when you reach your destination because you will be charged up and ready to go. 

The Galley and Lavatory on Citation X

Who doesn’t want refreshments and snacks while on board a flight? It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for a few minutes or a few hours – this is something we have become accustomed to. The forward galley on the Cessna Citation X is equipped with a microwave oven and coffee dispenser. 

You will often find an array of snacks and beverages for your enjoyment while you make your trip. But, if you’d like something more, you can always talk to your charter team before your flight. You can request any specific foods that you want, whether catering, local restaurants, or even just a particular snack or drink. 

Having a full belly as you travel just adds to the comfort of this flight. 

Of course, if you are eating and drinking, then you are going to want a lavatory, too. Citation X has an Aft lavatory with full vanity. This will give you peace of mind as you travel to and from your destination. 

Charter a Cessna Citation X

If you have ever booked a private jet charter, then you know that there are so many different options to choose from. The Citation X is perfect for business executives, families, corporate travel, group travel, or even just a happy couple on a getaway. 

So, the next time you head out on a getaway and find yourself in need of air travel, consider the Cessna Citation X. You won’t be disappointed. 

Sun Air Jets private fleet

The Versatility of Sun Air Jets Private Fleet

When looking for a private jet charter company, you can’t just choose the first one you come across. Rather,  you need to do your due diligence and find one that has a lot to offer. In other words, one that can meet your needs, whether for corporate or personal use – no matter what it is. 

By looking at their private fleet, you can get an idea of how well they will accommodate you today, tomorrow, and in the future. 

As you build and nurture your relationship with the company that handles your travel needs, take the time to learn about their fleet so you can rest easy knowing that you will be taken care of. 

At Sun Air Jets, we offer a wide range of private jets and features to meet the needs of every flight you take. This includes turboprops, very light jets, light jets, midsize jets, super–midsize jets, heavy jets, luxury private jets, executive jets, and business jets. 

The Need for Versatility

Private travel needs can change based on the trip. From one flight to the next, there could be different requests, a different number of travelers, different amenities required, and so forth. Versatility is key in making sure that the company you choose to do business with has everything you need to meet your travel needs. 

Imagine planning a beautiful getaway and you gather up your family and your luggage and you are waiting outside for the limo you ordered – and a smart car pulls up. It was the only thing available when you needed a ride. Now what? The same situation can arise when chartering a jet if you aren’t careful.  

Even if you are the only one going up in the air, you may have special tasks that need to get done – such as handling some work while in the sky. Therefore, you need to know that there will be a jet to accommodate you. Or, if, by chance, you decide to bring along your entire department for a corporate retreat, then you need to know that there will be a jet large enough to accommodate you then, too. 

Once you establish your relationship with your charter company, you want to know that you can always count on them. So it is important that their private fleet can meet the demand you bring. This is precisely why versatility is key. 

Sun Air Jets Charter Fleet

When you turn to Sun Air Jets for your charter needs, the different types of private jets you have access to are incredible. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are not always needed for everyday travel, but the need does arise. And, when it does, you know where to find one in a private fleet. Depending on the jet, they can accommodate up to 18 passengers and fly large distances without stopping. This is perfect for those traveling across the country, transatlantic or transoceanic. You can get up and move around easily, and there is plenty of space for stored luggage. 

Getting some much-needed sleep on a long flight is not a big deal either when you can fold down the seats and stretch out to sleep. Some even find this quite comfortable – and very beneficial in avoiding jet lag. 

Long-Range Heavy Jets

Looking for a jet that can accommodate several passengers and travel comfortably internationally? Then a jet such as the Challenger 605 is exactly what you need – though there are many others to choose from, too. 

Depending on the type of jet, it can reach a maximum flight distance of nearly 12 hours or 6,000 miles. That makes it comfortable for traveling nearly anywhere in the world. You will find a full galley where you can enjoy meals or have them catered, as well as refreshments – as well as a full lavatory, too. You will also have a flight attendant onboard. 

Super-Midsize Jets

Super-midsize jets hold about 8 to 10 passengers comfortably, depending on the jet, of course. And they don’t require you to skimp on luggage either, which is always a plus. These jets also have a galley and lavatory, including space to move around. 

Enjoy luxurious accommodations as you travel nonstop domestically.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets are some of the most commonly used private jets. Don’t be surprised if a charter fleet is made up of quite a few options for this type. They can get you to and from a destination within the U.S. mainland. 

While onboard, you will find all types of amenities, such as a galley, lavatory, and a decent size baggage space. They are not as large and extravagant as you may find on the super mids or the heavy jets, but they are perfect for the traveling you will do on board the midsize. 

Light Jets

For those looking to get from one location to the next quickly – light jets can help. They are small, light, and perfect for staying within about a 1,400-mile range. Of course, the actual distance they can go will vary based on the specific jet. 

It is common for light jets to hold about 6 to 8 people. They don’t always have enclosed lavatories onboard, but it is more common than not – which many passengers appreciate. You won’t find a full galley on board, but you may still find some refreshments to enjoy. 

Due to the small capacity and short travel distance, flight attendants will be on board a light jet. 

Very Light Jets

These are the smallest jets available, usually having one pilot and about 4 passengers or so. They can travel easily throughout the U.S. and access many of the smallest airports. You are not likely to find an enclosed lavatory or a galley on this jet – but the seats are comfortable and it is private and convenient. 

A private fleet for you? At Sun Air Jets, we have a private jet for everyone. Combined with a history of excellence, we are your world-class charter company. 

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