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11 Reasons Your Family Should Travel by Private Jet

It is often the case that while a vacation or trip should be relaxing, getting to your destination is not. A trip through the airport and a regular commercial flight with family can be a stressful experience. You’ll find flying private an altogether different experience. Today, we will show you 11 reasons why your family should travel by private jet. 

We are certain that, once you have tried it, you’ll realize it is the only way to travel.

1. Flying Private is A More Pleasant Experience

All in all, flying private is an easy experience. Because the aircraft is yours and yours alone, you’ll find that traveling is so much easier. This is true in almost every sense.

There’s no need to worry about missed connections, delays, or an arduous check-in process. In short, you turn up and are on your way in the minimal possible time. 

You and your family will be greeted as valued customers, not ‘one of the crowd’ when you arrive.

2. You Depart and Arrive Quicker

Flying private is a world apart from your normal airport experience. There is no arrival at the gate two hours before your flight departs. No lines. No weighing of bags. And absolutely no fuss. Usually, boarding your very own aircraft from getting to the terminal takes minutes, literally.

What’s more, because private jets can access smaller, more local airports, you arrive closer to your final destination, minimizing the journey time even further. 

3. Better Onboard Entertainment

It’s an unavoidable fact that younger travelers get bored quite quickly. The good news is that most modern private jet aircraft have great inflight entertainment systems. And unlike ‘regular’ commercial flights, as the sole occupants, you get to choose what is shown on the inflight system.

As an additional bonus, you’ll tend to find that most jets also come with multiple screens, so all family members can watch something that they find entertaining to pass the time as you fly towards your destination.  

You can see the onboard entertainment options on Sun Air Jets aircraft here.

4. Quality Time

When flying private, you are free of the arbitrary seating rules that often accompany regular air travel. You will all be able to sit together in a wonderful shared experience. 

For many, the opportunity to spend private quality time with their family makes the trip, and it starts as soon as your board.

5. You Choose the Times

It is often the case that different family members are ‘at their best’ at different times of the day. Younger travelers, in particular, are not always the biggest fans of traveling when tired. Furthermore, there can often be a disappointment if the last day of vacation is cut short due to rigid flight schedules.

Flying private allows you to choose when you depart and arrive, meaning that everyone can get the most out of their trip and enjoy it to the fullest. 

6. You Choose the Destination

Different family members often have different ideas about where it would be fun to visit. 

Often, when flying using regular commercial services, you have to work around the airline’s schedules, destinations, and your family’s own requirements.

With flying privately, it is different. 

You and your family can choose exactly where you want to go, meaning no compromises or workarounds are necessary. With your own private aircraft, you can be really specific in your choice of destination.

7. No Other Guests

Traveling with children can often be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to manage their behavior for your own sake, but for that of other travelers too. When flying private, this is not an issue. 

Traveling with family via private jet allows everyone to relax and be themselves, allowing you to completely free yourself from worrying about other passengers. It is as easy as a shared family car journey. 

8. Hassle-Free Check-in

Long lines, bags, and frayed tempers are all things that may have characterized your previous airport experiences. 

Flying private couldn’t be more different. Check-in is quick, effortless and there are certainly no long lines. 

Once you have completed a quick check-in, you’ll be able to enjoy a private lounge in utter comfort where you and your family can relax and look forward to your adventure. 

9. It’s Tailored to Your Requirements

One of the great things about flying private on your own personal aircraft is that the flight is uniquely tailored to your family’s needs. 

Whether a family member has dietary requirements, a preference for a certain type of wine, or wants to enjoy the flight relatively in relative quiet, it can all be arranged. With personal catering onboard and crew that are professional, friendly, and highly trained in treating customers as individuals, you can expect a flight that is bespoke to your needs.  

10. Onward Transport

Long journeys don’t end at the airport for many thousands of travelers. Often there is a requirement for further onward travel once the flight has finished. This can be extremely trying, especially if the flight has been long.

When flying private with family, good private jet companies can offer the option to arrange onward transport as soon as you exit the aircraft. There is no bustling baggage carousels and absolutely no stress. Step off the aircraft, and you and your family are taken directly to your final destination. Stress-free.

11. Little Ones can Meet the Pilots!

For many young children, aviation is a magical world full of mystery. The good news is that it is highly likely that they will be able to meet the pilots of their aircraft and visit the cockpit. This alone makes the trip for younger travelers!

Flying private is an entirely different experience from regular commercial air travel. It is a refreshing change that will breathe new life and excitement into your family trips. Sun Air Jets are experts in providing bespoke private jet experiences for guests traveling with their families. For more information, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

winter family vacation ideas 100

Winter Family Vacation Ideas

Just because the weather turns cold doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice vacation. Flying elsewhere in the winter using private aviation opens up a world of possibilities. You will no longer have to rely on a standard airline’s schedule to determine where you can go, allowing the option to even see place ‘out of season’. Today we will look at some great winter family vacation ideas. All of which can be easily accessed by private jet. 


Mid-December could be the perfect time to visit Hawaii. Located around 2100 miles southwest of the United States in the middle of the Pacific, it resides on a similar latitude to the Caribbean, offering a pleasant climate and breathtaking scenery. 

The advantages to visiting in the winter months are numerous. During the winter, there are fewer crowds, meaning you can pick the popular attractions away from the masses. For those who love surfing, the best season is winter. The Island’s north shore is a mecca for those who love watersports. 

Lake Tahoe 

While Lake Tahoe is a joy in the summer, it is also in its prime during the winter. For skiing and snowboarding, few can compete. Granite shelves, mountainous and snowy peaks, and the lake itself offer a feast for the eyes. 

Walking is also a worthy pastime, there are countless trails to while away the day in a leisurely fashion 

Winter sports aside, there is still plenty to see and do. The north shore of Lake Tahoe is festooned with excellent restaurants and bars, alongside very exclusive shops to browse.  

U.S Virgin Islands 

The U.S. Virgin Islands form part of the 700 islands of the Caribbean, located at the East end of the Greater Antilles. The islands are famous for their warm and azure tropical seas, powder white sandy beaches, and picture-postcard good looks. 

Due to the Island’s size, you won’t find long runways, and they can be difficult to reach using commercial airline services. 

The U.S Virgin Islands, and their close Neighbor, the British Virgin Islands, are considered a haven for those who love to indulge in sailing. With the Sir Francis Drake Channel nearby and a plethora of tiny islands to choose from, the resort is perfect for island hopping.  

Jackson Hole 

Wyoming has always had a reputation as the place to go for those seeking peace and solitude. While skiing is an obvious possibility, there is so much more to see. Particularly in the shoulder months and winter.  

Huge expanses of space, rolling mountains, woodland, and snowy plains all combine to make this winter destination a real treat. 

The town boasts numerous luxury hotels, numerous high-end dining establishments, and local breweries. 


Any location that housed the winter Olympics has to be worth a visit when the weather turns cold.  

Whistler is one of North America’s stand-out ski resorts. While you’ll find slopes with excellent infrastructure, there is also the possibility to explore hundreds of miles of backcountry trails. 

The ideal time to visit is March, the weather is slightly milder, but the snow is still in pristine condition. 

It is a resort for culture as well as activity. There are many museums, galleries, and theatres within the town if you want to indulge.  


When it comes to premier skiing venues, Aspen is truly iconic. Log cabins, excellent powder, and an overall classy ambiance characterize this city located to the west of Denver in the heart of Colorado.  

High-end boutiques and bourgeois shops exist in abundance. There are also museums rich in culture. Most notably, Aspen is famed for those who love outdoor pursuits. There is the option to hike snowy trails or admire a view from above in a hot air balloon tour, not to mention horse riding, dog sledding, and other adventures in crisp and beautifully clean air.   

Quebec City 

Mixing European and North American in equal measure, Quebec City has plenty to offer. It offers a taste of French culture on a Canadian canvas. Described as ‘the birthplace of New France, ‘ Quebec is truly exemplary. Enjoy walking Paris-inspired cobbled streets as you take in the sights of 17th-century architecture exported directly from Europe. 

While shopping and sightseeing are fun, life is relaxed in Quebec. You can stop and watch the world go by while enjoying a freshly baked croissant along with a strong coffee. 

The Bahamas 

The weather turning cold in the Northern Hemisphere is not limiting when you fly private. Instead, it is possible to be in the sunshine paddling in turquoise seas in just a few hours. The Bahamas are a prime example of how accessible this can be. 

From the east coast of the U.S., they are reachable in under three hours. 

While sunbathing in winter destinations is luxurious, you can also be more energetic and explore the islands. There are several national parks to enjoy where you can take in the local flora and fauna. 

Saibel Island, Florida 

Staying closer to home is always a viable option too. Flying private to Florida means you will be able to enjoy the familiar while also experiencing milder climates, especially in winter. This low-key resort isn’t quite as polished as some of the more well-known locations. However, its shabby vibe is what gives it a unique air of beach-life charm.  

Go collecting sea shells as mementos on Bowman’s beach, or experience luxury shopping and fine dining on Periwinkle way. 

Our list of winter family vacation ideas 100 should provide food for thought, but it is by no means exhaustive and deliberately so. When flying private, you have the option to visit anywhere that you desire.  

Whether you are looking for winter activities or something much more sedate and warm, you’ll be able to go by flying private. Sun Air Jets offers private jet hires for individuals and large parties. There are several options regarding your budget and the means to take advantage of our diverse fleetContact us today to see what we can offer to assist your winter escape. 

summer vacation destinations

Top 10 Summer Vacation Destinations Away from the Crowd

Getting away from it all is one of life’s luxuries. However, standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other visitors (often with kids in tow) is not our idea of ‘relaxation’. However, fear not, today we are going to show you our top 10 summer destinations away from the crowd. Peace, tranquility, and relative solitude, here we come! 

Stanley, Idaho

If solitude and outdoor pursuits are what you crave, then Stanley, Idaho could be just the place for you. Located in the heart of Idaho County, Stanley is sparsely populated and full of natural wonders. You’ll be in fur trapper country. Make no mistake. Wooded glades, crystal clear rivers and streams, and towering mountains will make this a year-round destination. Climbing, rafting, skiing, riding, and fishing are all on the menu. What will you do?

There are numerous regional airports nearby, making it the perfect place to drop in and relax.

Deer Isle, Maine

Deer Isle (not to be confused with ‘Deer Island’ in an entirely different state) has a population of fewer than 2000 people. No crowds here. Situated on the southwest corner of the Bay of Fundy, you’ll be greeted with fields of lupins, quaint houses and shops, and an overall agreeable vibe. 

There are no chain hotels here, just independently owned and run small hotels. Once you’ve had coffee and afternoon cookies, you’ll be able to kayak, fish, or take a long hike among rolling woods and trails. 

There are more than a few airports within a one-hour drive too. Nice!

North Cascades National Park

Azure blue waters, pine forests, and glades are all set in a backdrop of brooding black and snow-topped mountains. Sounds ideal? Jagged peaks and glaciers await, provided you don’t mind walking. This is one of the lesser-known national parks that has managed to evade the threat of becoming over touristy.

The best place to start is by planning your wilderness trip. This is a true wilderness, so you are going to have to come prepared.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Think what you know about Colorado… We are willing to bet that ‘huge crowds’ wasn’t what came to mind. This mountain town offers a great many outdoor pursuits and activities. In the winter, it becomes something of a skiing mecca. You can hike amongst valleys teeming with wildflowers in the warmer months, enjoy mountain biking down mountain trails, and enjoy views across the Rocky Mountains.

If that all sounds just a little too energetic, then you can soak away the aches and pains of the day at Indian Hot Springs.

Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

Another quiet one for your list. The Mid-West is well known for being remote. There are no crowds, as there is too much space! Jump off the airplane and onto a boat, exploring bays and remote islands, before relaxing and enjoying lunch afloat.

As the national park service states, it is a park of water, islands, and horizons. You will find plenty of all three. Time your visit right, and you might be able to spot the Aurora Borealis.

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

Let’s face it, to get away from the crowds, you might have to put in a little effort to get off the beaten track. It doesn’t come much more remote than Alaska. You won’t want to drive, and flying is the best option if you want to visit this national park.

The park’s remoteness only adds to the appeal. Depending on when you visit, you’ll be lucky if you encounter another soul as you explore the wilderness. It is recommended that you hire a guide if you are not used to touring backcountry areas.

Ogden, Utah

Head outside of the city, and you’ll find a range of delights. If skiing is your thing, then you couldn’t be in a better place. There are three resorts, all just outside the city center. Ogden is only 40 miles north of Salt Lake City.

Don’t feel limited to winter sports, either. It can get pretty hot (up to 106°F) in summer, so be sure to take some sunscreen as you enjoy various independent eateries, summer festivals, and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

Islamorada, Florida

Nothing says summer luxury like the ‘Keys’, an area famed for hidden mangrove-filled bays, turquoise waters, and a true Florida ‘buzz’. This location is the antithesis to Miami. Instead of packed beaches and summer parties, think more about fresh seafood restaurants, powder white sands, and palm trees.

Unlike the more well-known areas of the Keys, this still remains one of the South’s best-kept secrets and feels much more natural and serene. 

The Black Hills, South Dakota

Sure, you could visit Mount Rushmore, or instead, how’s about going a little further out and exploring the verdant mountain terrain surrounding the area in the Black Hills? Hidden caves and virtually untouched trails await. Also, the thunderstorms here can be pretty amazing for those who like photography, especially in the summer months.

A really worthwhile experience is leaving the crowds to stare at Mount Rushmore while you visit Wind Cave, which, to date, has over 150 miles worth of passages mapped, with more being discovered yearly.

Finger Lakes, New York

Formed due to glacial meltwater, these lakes in New York State represent a great all-year-round destination. You’ll be able to get an outdoor fix of skiing, kayaking, fishing… And even ice-fishing (if you can stand the cold).

In recent years Finger Lakes has undergone somewhat of a ‘foodie revival’. Paired with a nice glass of locally produced wine, you’ll find artisanal fayre and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Orcas Island, Washington

Guess what you can see here? The clue is in the name. Our advice is to avoid going too fancy and enjoy the simple life in a privately owned boutique guesthouse. Equally distant from Seattle and Vancouver, you have various options if you want to travel here. Relax, enjoy nature and spend your day hiking and seeing if you can spot a Killer Whale.

What keeps our suggested destinations crowd-free is that they aren’t always the most accessible by conventional means. If you haven’t considered flying private before, the above might give you the ideal opportunity. Sun Air Jets offer private jet charters to allow you to travel where and when you wish. Why not contact us and see what is available?

Flying Private

10 Tips for Flying Private

Flying private is such an amazing experience. It will revolutionize your thoughts regarding air travel. With such a special experience, you want to make sure that you get the most out of it. For that reason, we have gathered 10 tips for flying private to help you get off to a flying start.

1. Choosing the Right Airplane 

Choosing the right airplane is one of the key points you need to consider when flying private. While a ‘business jet’ is a good general term, there is a whole manner of different aircraft suited to different roles and goals.

As a general rule, smaller private jets cost less than bigger types. Furthermore, you’ll find that some aircraft have a greater range than others and may even fly faster. The aim of the game is to match your aircraft based on several criteria. This could include: –

  • How many people you are traveling with
  • How far you intend to fly
  • The time you wish to travel (some aircraft have dedicated sleeping areas)
  • How fast you need to get somewhere

Do your research on aircraft types. Also, make sure that you choose an aircraft from a safe and reliable operator.

2. Be Selective with Your Point of Departure and Arrival

One great advantage of flying private is that you can be much more selective of where you fly from and to. As private jets are smaller, they can often land at airports that are too restrictive for the big jets. 

Take advantage of this fact. Often you’ll find that a business jet can takeoff land at airports that are much more convenient. Aside from the benefits of being closer to home, they generally tend to have less traffic, meaning you can get up into the air that much sooner!

3. Be Sure to Specify the Extras

When flying private, you’ll find highly capable staff, well trained to look after you. Nothing is too much trouble. Whether you have a favorite magazine or newspaper that you would like onboard or have particular dietary requirements, the crew and staff will be more than happy to help, both before and during your flight.

You may have to plan ahead a little, but be sure to inform the company that you choose about any particular requests. They should be able to accommodate them. If you are in doubt, why not ask?

4. Get Where You are Going Quicker

Private jets have immense ranges and fly considerably faster than most ‘regular’ commercial airliners. 

But that’s not all…

Often when flying long distances, you face difficult decisions when planning your journey. Do you risk it and go for a short layover? Or face the prospect of waiting hours in a terminal while you could be doing other things?

With private flying, neither of the above is applicable. Depending on what aircraft you choose, it may be possible to fly point to point with ease!

5. Enjoy Check In

When private flying, checking in is a great experience. There are no queues. No complicated procedures and no pushing baggage trolleys for miles through empty terminals. There are certainly no crowds!

As a result of all of the above, you won’t need to be at the airport two hours before departure. Instead, you can arrive and be at the door of your very own private aircraft in a matter of minutes.

Some private flying departure lounges have to be seen to be believed. They are as luxurious as the jets they serve.

6. Take Advantage | Stay Connected

One great advantage of flying private is that you can stay connected. Often you will find that the aircraft will have onboard wifi, allowing you to continue your business, or simply send a picture to your friends as you relax and enjoy onboard luxury. 

7. Anything You Need? Just Ask!

While on board, your crew is happy to cater to any requests. Because of the small numbers of people on board a private aircraft, the crew has the time to keep you comfortable. Whether it’s a cold drink (or something stronger to cater for those pre-takeoff nerves), the crew will be delighted to help. Don’t be shy, if you need something, just ask!

8. Take What You Need… And Then Some More!

Have you ever been at check-in wondering how your bag seems to have gained 20 lbs. between leaving home and arriving at the airport? Those excess baggage fees can get expensive! 

It’s a different story with private flying. There is plenty of room to accommodate all of your baggage, and there are no limits on baggage weights. Take advantage of this fact and be sure to pack everything that you like.

9. Be Sure to Thank the Crew

Nothing brightens the crew’s day more than the reward of seeing a smiling face as you leave the aircraft. Private flying crews are very highly trained, and it’s a nice gesture for you to show them how much their hard work means. 

It’s a small world in private aviation, and if you return, there is a good chance that you will see the same crew again!

10. Plan Your Time

We’ve saved the best until last. 

You’ve arrived at your destination much quicker than you are used to, well-rested and relaxed. Don’t waste the extra time you’ve gained! Use it wisely! What are you going to do? Go for a quick lunch? Spend a while enjoying the sights, or just make your way to your final destination in a leisurely and relaxed fashion?

Hopefully, our 10 Tips for flying private has opened your eyes to the possibilities and excitement that awaits. You’ll be able to save time, travel in style, and be well looked after along the way. With unlimited baggage allowances, there’s even room for a few treats for your friends and family when you make the return journey! Sun Air Jets specialize in providing exceptional service, with a modern and diverse fleet to suit any requirements. Contact us today and find out what we offer.

benefits of chartered flights

The Benefits of Chartered Flights

If you haven’t done it before, flying private is a new world compared to regular commercial aviation. There are some obvious benefits of chartered flights and some that are not quite as obvious. 

Here are some of the benefits of chartered flights.

Private Chartered Flights

The clue is in the name… Private chartered flights. 

If you’ve traveled any considerable distance on regular aircraft before, you’ll undoubtedly be aware of all the pitfalls that can await. This is especially true if you ‘luck out’ with your ‘seat mate’. 

If you’ve ever had to ask the passenger in front to return their seat to the upright position or spent a large portion of your journey enduring meaningless small talk while you try to sleep, private flying could be for you.

As it’s your own personal chartered flight, you get to choose the company that you keep. Furthermore, you aren’t limited to the 2-foot square area surrounding your seat. Gone are the days of placing bags under seats and having to manhandle your hand luggage into an overhead compartment. It’s your aircraft; spread out and enjoy the space. 

Save Time

Those familiar with national and international travel will be aware of the requirement to be at the airport two hours in advance. This, followed by a stressful experience at security before sitting in a packed departure lounge watching the clock tick by while you could be doing other things.

Private chartered flights are the answer. 

Checking in when flying private is a world apart from your everyday experience. For a start, you don’t have to be there two hours before. When you arrive, you will receive a warm welcome and find the whole process much quicker and much more agreeable. 

Because you have booked private, the aircraft is waiting for you, not the other way around. 

Travel According to Your schedule

Often traveler’s flying commercial find that their travel plans are dictated according to the schedule of the airline. They often have to pick a destination and time that works but is not necessarily the best fit for their needs. Booking a private aircraft gives you the flexibility to have more control. Not only can you go when you want, you can go to alternative airports that may be closer to your planned destination. That itself can save additional unnecessary travel time and get you to where you need to be with privacy, luxury and ease!

One of the major benefits of chartered flights is the destinations. Regular business travelers normally have to pick the closest ‘hub’ or major airport. Once they disembark, they have the prospect of a long car ride to get to where they want to go.

Because private jets are smaller, they can land in much more restrictive and smaller airports. Often these can be located in the heart of a city center! Aside from convenience, this also saves you time.

The Service

Once you are on board, you’ll realize why those who fly private never go back to ‘regular’ travel.

You are not just a seat number when you fly private! Private travel is much more personal and catered to your specific needs. You get to formally meet the highly rated pilots that will be flying your trip who are willing to help from start to finish of your entire flight. If you would like a specific magazine, beverage onboard, or set up bedding, no problem! With a little forward planning, we can ensure that any catering, planeside transportation upon arrival, or special request is on board.

A Luxury Touch

Provided you choose a high-quality private jet operator, you will be amazed at the sheer number of little things that will make your flight so much more luxurious. 

The cabin interiors are next-level beautiful. Gone are plastic trays, worn carpets, and net seat pockets. Instead, you will step into a world of comfortable leather seats, dedicated sleeping areas, polished wood, and ambient lighting

Choose Your Own Company

Traveling solo? Or with company? Either way, with private flying, you get to choose the company you keep. With chartered flights, there is no need for tactical booking as you try and secure a window seat on an empty row in the hope of being able to get some sleep. Nor will you face the prospect of someone else’s child disturbing you as you try and relax.

A private charter allows you to pick your own company, and your experience will be better for it.

Ease of Booking

It is a common misconception that it is difficult to charter a private jet. However, you’d be happy to know it’s very simple and some may say easier than booking a commercial flight! With a quick phone call or email, you can request your specific travel needs. From destination, departure times, and size of aircraft – to catering, ground transportation on arrival, and anything in between! Booking private doesn’t stop at just the flight and we are here to simplify anything we can for the client.

Lots of Choices

Smaller airplanes tend to be less costly than large ones, so if you are only traveling with a small party, why not look at the different options available. An 8-seat business jet is still pretty luxurious!

Chartered flights have many benefits. You get to travel how and when you want, with the company you want, in utter luxury. You’ll also find that it saves time too! Those little touches all add up to a wonderful travel experience that makes traveling in any other way pale by comparison. If you like the sound of the ‘little touches,’ why not see what else we can do for you? Sun Air Jets are specialists in ensuring that your private flight runs smoothly. 

how to fly on a private jet

How to Fly on a Private Jet (Top 10 Tips)

Ok, there is more than the words ‘in style’ when it comes to knowing how to fly on a private jet. Although it is certainly true, there are a few things that you will want to think of in order to make your experience amazing.

Today we will look at a few tips on how to fly on a private jet.

How to Fly on a Private Jet in Style

Flying private opens up a whole world of possibilities. It is very different from regular commercial air travel. If you haven’t flown private before, you are in for a treat!

Here’s how to fly on a private jet in style.

Pick the Perfect Airplane

Many private jet operators will have a fleet of aircraft that are suited to different forms of travel. The airplane that you choose will depend on many factors. You might intend to go intercontinental, so the range might be what influences your decision. Airplanes like the Bombardier Global Express boast impressive ranges (they’ve also got a supremely classy interior too!)

Another deciding factor may be the company you are traveling with. Are you traveling with a large party or alone? While you could opt for a smaller aircraft like the Citation X, you might enjoy having the luxury of lots of room in a mid to large size cabin on a bigger airplane, such as the Falcon 2000

Companies like Sun Air Jets have an extensive fleet and will be bound to have a jet to suit your exact requirements.

Enjoy the Convenience of Point-to-Point Travel

You’ll no doubt have heard the stories of commercial budget airlines selling tickets to one destination and landing at another, often in a different county!

This isn’t a worry with private flying. When you know how to fly on a private jet, you’ll be able to land at the exact destination you require. 

Because private jets are smaller, they can often operate into and out of much more restrictive airports. This will allow you to be really choosy in where you go to and from. 

Look at the Little ‘Extras’

When flying private, you can afford to be specific with your requirements. You can specify the food you want to eat on board and how many flight attendants you’ll need. You can even ensure that your favorite newspaper will be waiting for you! Private jets offer a great deal in the way of extras, with things like wifi and catering. By contacting your jet hire company in advance, you will be able to discuss your exact requirements.

Enjoy Departing (and Arriving) Quicker!

Private jets all boast phenomenal cruise speeds. They can also fly at very high altitudes, often above that of regular commercial air traffic. As a result of these two factors, you can expect greatly reduced flight times and the ability to arrive at your chosen destination much quicker!

Enjoy the Check-in Experience

Don’t make the mistake of turning up at the airport two hours in advance. It simply isn’t necessary. While you might want to spend a little time enjoying an executive lounge, you’ll find the check-in process much smoother (and, dare we say, rather enjoyable).

Because there are fewer people and the jet is yours, you can turn up and be on board in minutes and take advantage of this fact!

Ask for Anything You Need

You’ll find the world of private flying very different from a regular commercial experience. The staff on board are highly trained, both in safety and in customer service. What’s even better is you are vying for their attention amidst two hundred other people. 

If you need anything on board, all you have to do is ask! 

This is also true when booking your flight. If you have specific requirements, ask your jet hire company, who’ll happily assist. 

Four-Legged Friends? What You Need to Know

It is much easier to take your pets with you on board a private airplane. However, although it is easier, there is still a requirement to ensure that it is legal and safe to do so. This will vary from destination to destination. It will require documentation, and it is best to check before you fly.

Thank the Crew

The crew will always work hard to make sure that your flight is memorable for all the right reasons. Their one purpose is to ensure that your flight is safe and enjoyable.

A little return courtesy goes a long way. Often it is customary to tip your flight crew to show your appreciation for their hard work. What’s more, if you are a regular private flyer, you may very well bump into them again. It’s a great way to show how much you appreciate their service, and positive feedback is always well received.

Take Advantage of the Goodies

If you are flying private, you’ve essentially got your own airline for the day. Feel free to help yourself with what you need. It is your airplane, after all. Whether you require a pillow and blanket or something else, feel free to ask the crew or just help yourself!

Save Money on Business Travel

You might be able to save money if the travel is for business purposes, especially if the destinations do not have regular and reliable commercial service.

In addition, flying private might be more cost-effective considering the productivity loss of having executives flying commercial and on the road for weeks at a time would be a bigger hit to the company than flying private over a day or two. Plus business travel can usually be written off, whereas personal travel cannot.


Now that you know how to fly on a private jet, you’ll be amazed at the flexibility and comfort that await. Choose the right aircraft, ask for whatever you need, and enjoy your journey! Private flying offers a distinct world of possibilities. It often will save you time and stress when compared to regular commercial flying. Sun Air Jets specializes in providing memorable and luxurious air travel experiences with a modern and diverse fleet. 

wet lease vs dry lease

Wet Lease vs. Dry Lease – What’s the Difference?

As a result of recent events, leasing a private jet has become many people’s go-to option when planning to travel long distances quickly. The benefits are numerous. There are various options available when it comes to flying private, and it really pays to know the difference between a wet lease vs. dry lease.

Today we will explain what each term means and look at some of the benefits of both options.

Wet Lease vs. Dry Lease – The Different Types of Jet Leases

To put it simply, the difference between a wet and dry leasing boils down to what is included in the lease of an aircraft. The good news is that whichever option you choose, all leasing is performed under the strict guidance of the FAA.

Here are what the terms mean and some of the benefits of both.

What is a Wet Lease?

A wet lease is an all-in-one package that contains everything you need to get from A to B. It will include fuel, maintenance costs, and the most vital part, a crew to actually fly the airplane!

You’ll often hear wet-leasing referred to in a few different ways. One of the most common is the use of the term ‘ACMI’ charter. We mention this term as it gives a much better understanding of what is included in the hire of a jet. Let’s break down the acronym ‘ACMI’.

A: This stands for ‘aircraft’. This is obviously one thing that you definitely want to be included if you are going to jet off somewhere. 

C: Crew. This is another vital inclusion. By crew, this will mean the minimum number of pilots to operate the aircraft. It also usually means that you will get cabin crew included in the lease of the aircraft too.

M: This stands for ‘maintenance’. While you would expect an airplane that you are leasing to be well maintained, depending on the leasing option you choose, you might find that it is a requirement that you arrange and are responsible for the maintenance. This isn’t the case with a wet lease.

I: Insurance. Just as when hiring a car, a wet lease means that you are insured. This insurance can cover all sorts of things, from technical issues to being able to make an exchange, so you don’t waste travel time if an airplane becomes unserviceable or is delayed elsewhere.

When most private individuals set out to charter a private jet, they are looking for a wet lease option. It includes everything they need to start their journey.

Here are some of the benefits of wet-leasing: 

It is easy and stress-free.

The company you lease the jet from will handle everything. Essentially to travel, you just need to book the jet for your specific itinerary and be onboard for take-off. It really is that simple!

Every aspect of the flight is covered, including ground maintenance and onboard services

Wet leasing removes all those pesky areas that you might not have considered. While many will (obviously) be aware that a crew is required to fly the airplane, often, things like insurance and maintenance obligations can be overlooked.

It can save you time

While a dry lease might be cheaper, you aren’t able to just ‘get up and go’. It takes time to find a crew and have the airplane checked over. With a wet lease, you can literally pick a date, time, and destination and jet off without having to worry about all of the other details that go on behind the scenes.

What is the Meaning of a Dry Lease?

A dry lease is sort of a counter to all the above. It includes very little in terms of what you actually get.

If we put it in terms of the ACMI acronym we just saw above… You’d get the ‘A’ of the above combination. Yep, that’s right, just the airplane and nothing else.

You’ll often find that dry leases are used by companies that already have a pool of pilots, maintenance techs, and cabin crew. If wet leasing is akin to hiring a limo, dry leasing is similar to booking a rental car, as it doesn’t come with a driver! 

Why would anyone use a dry lease? What are the benefits? Well, here are a few: –

Dry leasing can work out cheaper

Obviously, the airplane will be cheaper as there are none of the costs of a crew included. This can be a great option if the jet is only used sporadically. 

It is ideal for companies who want to release the aircraft

Jets obviously cost a lot of money to buy. This allows owners and charter companies to utilize the aircraft but not be subject to depreciation as the airplane becomes older.

Many lessors want to use their own crew

Different operators have different standards of service. Many offer a luxury experience with crews who are trained in the utmost care and attention. Their operators may not want to trust a third party to provide a similar experience and use their own crews.

Wet Lease vs. Dry Lease – Which is Better?

The answer to which is ‘better’ depends on what you are looking to get out of your agreement. If you are looking to simply fly private and get from one place to another quickly, your best option would be a wet lease. It makes flying private very easy and can be arranged with a simple phone call.

For those looking for a private aircraft, it may be more economically viable to opt for the dry lease option without all of the trimmings. This would also be a great choice for those who benefit from time on their side and have the means of acquiring a crew and maintenance in advance of their trips.

When it comes to the subject of wet-lease vs. dry lease, there is quite a distinct difference, and each option will be valuable to different people or companies depending on their specific requirements. Get it right, and you’ll find the perfect choice. Get it wrong, and it can be costly, both in terms of time and money. Sun Air Jets offers a vast range of options when it comes to hiring luxury private jets

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