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Why Jet Charters are Great for Private Travel

Buying a private jet is not within everyone’s reach – and it may not always be in your best interest financially. Not only is the purchase price high, but the upkeep is too. Calculating a few of the most common costs, such as storage, maintenance, repair, and fuel, you will see how quickly the amounts add up. 

Does that mean your upcoming travel plans require that you book a commercial flight? Not at all. Unless you are interested in subjecting yourself to a crowded plane of strangers without any say in flight time, routes, layovers, wasted time, and so forth, don’t lose sight of private travel. 

Jet charters are a great option for private travel. They give you all the benefits of a private jet and private travel without all the hefty expenses. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the many reasons to make this choice. 

Ease and Convenience

When you are ready to enjoy your destination, the last thing you want to deal with is all the frustrations of getting there. With private travel, you aren’t subject to the same security regulations that you find on commercial flights; you don’t have to go through extensive checkpoints. You also have greater flexibility when it comes to booking your flight, too. 

You simply book your private jet with your preferred charter company. You choose what date and time you would like to travel as there are no pre-set flights required to select from. Moreover, you can decide what airport you’d like to travel to. Because of the smaller aircraft size, you open up to many more airport options. 

In short, jet charters allow you to get closer to your destination – when you need to be there. 


Once time passes, you don’t get it back. This is one of the things that makes commercial travel so aggravating. When you have to arrive hours before your flight just to stand in line and wait around the gate, you are spending time you will never have again. Think of all the things you could be doing besides simply waiting. 

Private travel is about improving your travel experiences while saving you time. You don’t have to worry about standing in long security checkpoint lines or those lines meant for checking in your luggage. You also won’t find yourself waiting in traffic just to get a parking space. 

With the time you save – and your ability to stay connected while on a flight – you can get things done without considering the travel portion of your trip as wasted. In other words, you can be efficient and travel rather than giving up one or the other. 

Book a jet charter, arrive about 15 to 20 minutes before your flight, and board your private jet. It is quick and easy – and parking at an FBO is a breeze, too. 

Greater Dependability

How often have you prepared for a commercial flight only to find out it was delayed – or even canceled? Not only does this impact your current flight, but it can also ruin your chances of making any connecting flights. 

Spend a few minutes reading news headlines, and it is evident that commercial airlines are not as dependable as they used to be – if they ever really were. This poses a great problem for those with a specific itinerary for their trip. 

Put your mind at ease with the dependability private travel provides. When you charter a flight, you can guarantee that your jet will take you where and when you need to go. Unless serious extenuating circumstances arise, you can count on your flight. 

Comfortable, Enjoyable Experience

Traveling on a commercial airliner means sharing space with a random stranger. This includes the air that you breathe as well as your armrest. It is not uncommon to find yourself elbow to elbow and knee to knee with someone you don’t know while in the air somewhere between Los Angeles and New York City

Flying private is much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Let’s start with the seats. They are definitely not your average airliner seat. They are luxurious, engulfing you with comfort as you sit down. Depending on the specific jet, you may find that your seats move from all different angles, even lounging back so you can catch up on some sleep. You may even find that some chairs and couches convert into a bed so that you may stretch out nicely. 

Flying shouldn’t mean giving up comfort. Choose private travel for the most enjoyable and relaxing experience. 

Private Surroundings

It may sound obvious that private travel would provide you with private surroundings, but this should not be overlooked. The way that this can enhance your trip is unmatched. From the moment you step onto the jet, you will be greeted only by a flight crew. No other passengers or strangers will join you on your flight unless you invite them. 

This makes it easy to let your guard down while traveling, especially if you intend to handle business, make phone calls, have conversations, take a nap, watch a movie, etc. You don’t have to worry about breaking confidentiality or having others involved in your personal conversations. Nor do you have to worry about interrupting others with whatever you decide to do onboard. 

Because of it, you can enjoy the private surroundings and have greater peace throughout the trip. 

Private Travel with Sun Air Jets

At Sun Air Jets, we understand the value of private travel – and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience it. By booking a jet charter, you are opening up to an unforgettable experience with benefits you won’t want to miss. 

solo travel tips

7 Solo Travel Tips to Consider

There are many different reasons why people travel alone. Whether they don’t have someone to travel with or seek experience, solo travel can be the answer they seek. Think about it – a solo traveler is in charge of choosing their destination, travel dates, what sights to see and when, and so much more. Simply put, they hold the key to the itinerary in their own hands.  

If you have never traveled solo before, all those who have will tell you that you are missing out – and that it is time to take the leap. But, before you do, it is important to note that traveling alone is a bit different than traveling with others. That means there are a few things you need to be aware of to have a memorable and safe getaway. 

Below are 7 solo travel tips to consider. 

1. Research Before You Go

Learn as much as possible about your destination before leaving home. Dig into the good, the bad, and the ugly. Talk to those you know who have been to your destination – or use social media to your advantage. Getting a first-hand account of a visit is always beneficial rather than solely following tourism and guidebooks. 

Already jumping into your trip before you get there is a great way to save time once you arrive. You know the places you want to see, the things you want to experience, and areas you should avoid or be on guard, etc. Plus, knowing where you want to spend time helps when booking your hotel reservations. 

2. Don’t Overbook Yourself

While your research will excite you enough to see everything, you don’t want to do that. Don’t overbook your time at your destination. Instead, take it easy. Plan your days so that you can enjoy the getaway rather than exhaust yourself from it. 

If you want to visit a major sight but then decide to get some lunch at a nearby cafe or explore a neat bookstore, then you should. Don’t restrict yourself because you created an unrealistic time schedule. 

Remember, this is your trip, so enjoy it for yourself in any way you want.

3. Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Use your solo travel trip as a time to get close to the locals. Don’t just stick to touristy areas. Local events, restaurants, shops, and more can all be a recipe for a wonderful time. You will learn more about the area, better understand the culture, and maybe even learn about some gems off the beaten path. This is how you create a unique and unforgettable experience. Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for solo travelers to make lifelong friends by hanging out with locals they met while visiting. 

4. If You Get Lost, Ask For Help

As you explore a new city, there is a good chance you are relying on your GPS or a map to get you where you want to go. But when in unfamiliar territory, getting turned around can happen quite easily. 

Here’s the thing. You never want to stand still looking confused while staring at your GPS. This signals to everyone in the vicinity that you are lost and likely a tourist. As a solo traveler, this makes you a very easy target regardless of the destination. 

Don’t rely only on yourself and your capabilities in this situation. If you take the time to study the GPS more, maybe you could figure it out. In the meantime, someone could take a moment to figure out what they will do to you. Don’t risk it – ever. Look for a friendly face, like the barista in the coffee shop or a couple passing by, and ask for help. 

5. Sign Up for a Tour or a Class

As you allow yourself to get immersed in the culture of your destination, why not take a tour of a famous landmark or museum or even of the city itself? Or how about taking a class? After all, you cannot get much closer to a community than to learn how to cook their most famous dish, right? 

This, too, gives you an experience all your own. 

6. Nervous About Eating Alone?

Many solo travelers are excited about the adventure but feel uncomfortable eating alone. It is understandable since you may not often do it at home. Here are a few ideas to make it more enjoyable – or at least manageable. 

  • Find a restaurant that you like and visit regularly. This will help you become familiar with the staff and make the experience more enjoyable. 
  • Consider sitting at the bar – this will give you more interaction with those around you and the bartender without the uncomfortable feeling of sitting alone. 
  • Read a book, call a friend, or journal while eating. This will keep you busy but will also distract you from thoughts of eating alone. 

You may be surprised and enjoy dining on your own. You will never know until you try it. 

7. Let Someone Know Where You Are

When you travel alone, it is important that someone knows where you are – especially if you are traveling outside of the country. Provide your flight information, the name of your stay, and so forth. Leave a copy of your passport with this individual, just in case, is also a good idea

Some solo travelers will check in with this individual once daily to let them know they are alive and well. Others don’t want the hassle of being connected and prefer the freedom that solo travel brings. You decide what works best for you. 

Interested in solo travel? Decide on your destination, book a private jet charter, and create your own adventure. 

business travel trends 2023

Top Business Travel Trends for 2023

The COVID-19 global pandemic brought many changes to the world of air travel in 2020. After a complete halt, many travelers sought out alternate methods of travel – including private jet charters or decided to stick with virtual meetings. 

Fast-forward three years later and we have seen a pickup in the number of air travelers that even surpasses previous numbers – without any sign of slowing down. In fact, the trend shows that as we get further into 2023, most companies will almost be back at their pre-pandemic spending level regarding travel. 

So what else can we look forward to in 2023? What other business travel trends are sure to arise? 

Smaller Companies Take the Lead

According to Morgan Stanley Research, many business travel trends point to small businesses and their need for corporate travel. “More than two-thirds (68%) of companies with under $1 billion in annual revenue expect travel budgets to increase next year, versus just 41% of companies with annual revenues over $16 billion.”

This could prompt the need for low-cost carriers for more localized travel.

Virtual Meetings Slash Travel Needs

Virtual meetings became vital as the world had to figure out how to do life during a global pandemic. These were easy to get together face-to-face across oceans – without anyone needing to travel. While this reduced business costs, it didn’t benefit air carriers. 

Because there is something to be said for meeting in person, many companies returned to traveling to meetings rather than relying on any virtual option. Others, however, have not. In the same survey mentioned above, Morgan Stanley Research estimates that online meetings will replace nearly 18% of corporate travel. This will only fall to 17% in 2024. They believe this ” suggests a degree of permanence in the shift with companies recognizing the benefits of virtual meetings ranging from cost savings to lower carbon footprints.”

Blended Travel is Here to Stay

Another thing we have learned over the last couple of years is to appreciate the time we have with experiences. In other words, creating a sense of work balance is crucial for a healthy, happy, thriving life. 

This is where blended travel comes in. Those who have to travel for business are choosing to combine some leisure travel. Many have been doing this for years – others are just now realizing the power of it. 

This can mean extending trips an extra couple of days to get in some leisure activity and even bringing loved ones along. They have time to explore destinations, indulge in cultural experiences, and get some rest and relaxation before returning to work. 

Work-From-Home Options Require Travel

Working from home became a thing during COVID-19 and it, too, has now become commonplace. With many companies opening up their available positions all around the country, more and more people are finding that they have the ability to work from home – or from anywhere they want. 

Once this trend began, many decided to pick up and move to their favorite locations since they no longer needed to head into the office. Of course, it also means that when they do need to show up in person, they will require air travel to get there. 

What’s more, many companies find that working apart doesn’t always give the same camaraderie as working in an office. To balance this, team retreats and meetings are becoming common. This gives the employees a chance to meet and form bonds with one another, increasing overall work satisfaction. And, they get to travel and visit some incredible places, too. 

Younger Workers Seek Non-Traditional Travel

The youngest employees are changing the way business travel is done. They seek traveling to meetings for the meeting and the experience. Quite often, they’d prefer to stay off the beaten path and have an opportunity to discover and explore – as well as handle business. 

This business travel trend will likely stick around into the future as more and more Gen Z-ers make it into the workforce. They approach work with a healthy balance, rather than a desire to burn the candle at both ends. 

They will appreciate non-traditional, private travel and finding their way outside the city and into private, AirBnB-type rentals or boutique hotels. 

Sustainability is a Growing Focus

Many in the aviation industry have been talking about sustainability for quite some time. Why? Because the ongoing emissions that are caused due to air travel are exorbitant. There has to be a better way. And many are seeking it in order to reduce the impact on the environment while still being able to travel. 

As airlines are scrambling to find affordable fuel alternatives, such as biofuels, as well as other steps they can take to become more eco-friendly, the majority of companies around the globe are doing the same. 

Then, as more companies implement these policies and find greener ways to reduce their carbon footprint, it is most likely going to carry over to their air travel needs, too. Many may find themselves seeking travel arrangements with carriers who are taking the initiative to create safer travel for the world around us. 

Choosing which jet or airline to fly isn’t the only way attention is focused on sustainability. There are a few other eco-friendly business travel trends, too, such as:

  • Packing minimally reduces the amount of luggage – and the amount of weight on the aircraft. This will reduce the amount of fuel burned.  
  • Purchasing carbon offsets to make up for travel emissions. 
  • Choosing nonstop flights. 

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, sustainability is going to be within the vision of businesses and their travel plans throughout 2023 and beyond. 

Beyond the Business Travel Trends

Beyond the business travel trends are those in the aviation industry looking to meet the needs of businesses. With the ability to provide non-stop flights to many airports in and out of the city while creating a pleasant travel experience, it is no surprise that private travel will continue to make strides throughout the year. 

valentine's getaway

6 Best Places to Visit for a Valentine’s Getaway

The expectations are always the same when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Every year there are a few ideas to choose from to symbolize the love you have for your significant other. For instance, it could be a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a bouquet of beautiful roses, a stuffed animal, or a balloon. Of course, it could also be an exquisite piece of jewelry or an elegant dinner reservation. 

Don’t you think it is time to change things up a bit? What if you forego the ordinary this year and reach for the extraordinary? 

A valentine’s getaway would give you both a chance to have an experience together that would get tucked away deep within the memory bank. You could even make it extra special with the help of a private jet charter. 

There are so many places to see and things to do that can add value to your relationship. And, if you really want to give chocolate or a piece of jewelry, you can still do that, too. Just enjoy it at your destination – or on your way to it. 

So, where should you take your valentine? Here are the six best places to visit for a valentine’s getaway

1. Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ is Phoenix’s classy neighbor. There are so many fun and romantic things to do while here – and some amazing places to stay, too. You will find a lot of romantic restaurants serving up delicious meals, scenic train rides, hiking, and lots of shopping. Plus, you won’t want to miss the live entertainment and drinks that you will find throughout the city. Snuggle up or dance – either way, it is sure to be a great time. 

And did we mention that the weather here is beautiful, too – especially during the month of February? 

2. Key West, FL

Looking for a tropical escape? Key West, FL – the southernmost tip in the continental U.S. can be a great getaway for lovers. Like typical island life, the pace here is slow. Wake up to the beautiful sunrise over the water and watch the magnificent sunset over the water on the other side of the island. 

It is typically still warm enough to spend your days by – or in – the water here. That means snorkeling, boating, fishing, and scuba diving. Stroll through the local shops, sip an adult beverage under a tiki hut, and listen to live music. You won’t want to miss some incredible restaurant options, too. 

Life here is a change of pace – and the perfect spot to spend time with someone you love. 

3. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans may have a reputation for being sultry, but romance is well and alive here, too. Imagine sitting snug in a booth listening to live music in a jazz club – after having a delicious cajun dinner. It is so simple yet it captures all that love the feeling of love is about. 

What to do in New Orleans? 

Go for a romantic walk through City Park, holding hands and taking in the world around you. Enjoy all the celebrations that take place in the French Quarter’s Jackson Square. Ride on a streetcar and see the sights. Take a river cruise. Eat at romantic restaurants. Take an airboat ride. Should we keep going? 

There is so much to do here that it is sure to help you create a valentine’s day that won’t easily be forgotten.

4. Blue Ridge, GA

Looking for a quiet getaway? Why not rent a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains? 

Waking up surrounded by the sounds of nature – and the view of mountains as far as you can see – can be incredible. You can explore the area, experiencing gem mining, ziplining, and hiking. You can also enjoy cozy mom-and-pop restaurants all throughout the area. You will even find neat markets and shops to check out, too. 

The best part? You can spend your mornings sipping coffee on your cabin porch – and your evenings by the fire. Follow it up with a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi before heading off toward bed. 

Blue Ridge allows you to slow down time and just enjoy one another’s company. 

5. Telluride, CO

Are you an avid skier? A novice? Regardless of your level, if you are interested in hitting the slopes with your significant other for a valentine’s getaway, Telluride is where you need to be. 

This town screams romance from the mountaintops. It is a fun, romantic winter wonderland just waiting for you to explore. 

While here you can do more than just ski. You can enjoy a couple’s massage at one of the local spas. Ditch the skis and go for a ride on a sleigh or wagon. There are romantic places to dine, shop, and snuggle up hand-in-hand. 

You are sure to enjoy your time in Telluride. 

6. New York, NY

Surprise your significant other with a trip to New York City – the city that never sleeps. Some of the most incredible restaurants are in this city (be sure to make a reservation) and shopping, too. You can enjoy each other as you grab a cup of coffee and walk through Central Park or check out Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Go see a show on Broadway. Overlook the city from the Empire State Building. Stop by Grand Central Station. 

There are so many things to see and places to go throughout the city. And, whatever you do, don’t miss the city at night. The sights and the sounds are all you need for a romantic night. 

Other Romantic Destinations?

Chartering a private jet can take you just about anywhere. And getting away anywhere can give you two a chance to step outside your daily lives and responsibilities – and relish your time together. 

Places like Las Vegas, Fairbanks, Charleston, Maui, and more are all wonderful options. All you have to do is book your private charter, pack your bags, and surprise that special someone. 

Wherever your travels take you, it is going to be a valentine’s day to remember. 

Bombardier Global Express Private Jet at Sun Air Jets

Top Air Travel Trends For The New Year

Every new year brings new air travel trends. What will the focus of the aviation industry be in the foreseeable future? Is it even necessary to stay on top of these trends? 

The world around us is always changing. In an instant, the focus of travelers may change, as well as their demands and preferences. Beyond passengers, certain social, political, and economical climates can impact air travel, too. For instance, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. back in 2020, there was an immediate shift from commercial air travel to private travel. Almost overnight, charter companies saw a significant increase in travel bookings from those who were entirely new to the world of private travel. 

Thanks to a watchful eye, they met the demand. 

By following air travel trends, private jet companies can take steps to ensure they are ready to meet any new demand that comes their way. 

Let’s take a look at the top air travel trends for the new year. 

Greener, More Sustainable Aviation

For some time now, there has been a great push for more sustainable and eco-friendly air travel. And it is no surprise since aviation contributes a lot toward global carbon emissions. 

A lot of initiatives are still in the beginning stages, but many in the industry have made the pledge to take steps to find more solutions that will allow them to make less of an impact on the environment. 

What does sustainable aviation look like? 

Some have been focused on electric aircraft, much like electric vehicles on the ground. Though the models already created are still in testing mode, this doesn’t seem like it will become a reality for 2023. There is no doubt that it will likely be a part of the future. 

Another focal point is sustainable jet fuel. By replacing it with biofuels, emissions can be greatly lowered – thus lowering the impact on the environment. This is a step that many are willing to take as soon as this year – and definitely going forward. 

As more and more investment is made and research is done, the greater the chance that the aviation industry as a whole can start making some visible changes for greener flights. 

Luxury Travel

Travelers want experience and comfort. For many, traveling has become less about finding the cheapest deal to get from point A to point B and more about finding out what luxuries can be received to make a trip more enjoyable. They are more willing to splurge

Investing this way in their travel has become a go-to for passengers. A greater focus on the self and fulfillment seems to have been a trend since the global pandemic and continues to be going forward. 

Perhaps this also has a hand in the increased attention on private travel and charter flights. Bringing luxury together with air travel is what private travel is known for – so it only makes sense that it will continue to see an influx in travelers due to this air travel trend. 

Welcoming Biometrics

Even though we are in an age where social media plays a huge role in our lives, as a human race, we aren’t as social as we once were. When we can take steps to avoid interaction with others and speed up timely processes, we are able to make a difference 

One new air travel trend involves the increased use of biometrics in airports. Passengers willing to give up their biometrics are able to pass more smoothly through security without waiting – and without having to worry about passport fraud when traveling internationally. 

Biometrics includes things like facial recognition, retina scans, fingerprints, and so forth. These markers are able to uniquely identify the specific person. This can make travel safer since it proves everyone is really who they say they are. 

As you enter and leave a country, everything will have to be matched up to show that you are who you are. Any discrepancies can involve a detainment to determine if there are any issues. In all, it can speed up the security process significantly and can even move airport personnel behind the scenes. Those passengers coming and going can scan their passports, use their stored biometrics, and then move on. Security will only need to make an appearance when something is wrong. This can do amazing things from an operational standpoint. 

There are many bonuses to involving biometrics in air travel. And since it has already started, we can assume that it will continue to be a trend throughout the year and into the future. 

Alternate Airports

There are billions of travelers that are expected to take to the friendly skies throughout 2023. And that number is only set to increase in the next decade or so. Imagine going to an airport like LAX today. It would be bustling and crowded at any given time, right? Now imagine going back tomorrow – and having there be twice as many people. A miserable experience for everyone, no doubt. 

There has been a trend of turning toward alternate airports. Instead of only flying to the large main airports found in major cities, passengers are looking to have greater convenience by flying to smaller nearby airports. 

These airports may be small, private airports, or large commercial airports – but they are just those that are off the beaten path. 


Primarily for convenience. The alternate airports can be closer to the destination and can be easier to access. They may also be less busy, too. 

The trend this year and going forward will be to see flights scheduled to these alternate airports – away from major hubs. 

Traveling with Sun Air Jets in 2023

Sun Air Jets is making strides in giving travelers what they want, according to these air travel trends. With steps in motion to increase sustainability, world-class service on luxurious private jets, and flights to anywhere in the world – why would you consider traveling any other way? 

Make this year your year of private travel experiences. 

Why CEOs Are Flying Private on Their Business Trip - Sun Air Jets

Why CEOs Are Flying Private on Their Business Trip

CEOs of all types of industries and all sizes are taking advantage of private travel for their business trip. Whether small sole proprietors to large Fortune 500 companies, private jet travel is the way to go. Air travel has broken global barriers in business. Today, for example, it is so easy for a small company in Bismarck, North Dakota, to work in tandem with those worldwide to make more significant strides in their success. 

To make this happen, CEOs don’t book flights on commercial airliners to get to where they need to go. Instead, they focus on flying privately. This step alone affords them many benefits they cannot find elsewhere. 

Why CEOs Fly Private on a Business Trip?

So why do CEOs and other business executives choose private jets for their air travel needs? Believe it or not, there are many benefits to doing so. Let’s take a look. 


When you are the CEO, you have an entire business that always relies on you. Your role doesn’t stop because you have travel plans – regardless of whether or not they are for business or pleasure. 

Traveling via a private jet means you don’t have to waste time standing in line at TSA security checkpoints or sitting at the boarding gate with hundreds of other passengers waiting for your future plane to arrive. All of this wastes time – including the time that could be spent being more productive in other ways. 

  • Private jets give you access to airports all over the country – even the private airports – so you can get as close to your destination as possible.
  • The flights are non-stop and don’t have any layovers. 
  • You choose your flight times without sticking to predetermined flight schedules. 


When traveling as a CEO, there is a good chance you will – at some point in the trip – need to take a phone call, make a phone call, catch up on emails, or otherwise handle business. On a commercial airliner, you risk breaking the rules of confidentiality. But as its name suggests, on a private jet, you have privacy. And thanks to solid in-flight connectivity, you can handle business in the air just as you would on the ground – without wondering if someone is overhearing you. 

Luxurious Amenities

When you are the CEO of a company, you carry the status with you. And there is a good chance you expect a bit of luxury, too. In the world of private travel, this includes comfortable seating, favorite refreshments, catered meals, an easy booking and boarding process, and so on. 

Affordable Pricing

Flying on a private jet charter will cost more than a coach ticket on a well-known commercial airliner. But that doesn’t mean private travel doesn’t come with competitive pricing.

Since the global pandemic changed how air travel happens, more and more travelers have turned to private jet charters. This made the cost more competitive. Plus, it does not matter how many passengers fill the seats on the jet; the price is the same. In other words, the price will remain the same whether you are traveling as one passenger or with the whole team.


CEOs are in demand and are very important in what they do. And that means many people rely on them to maintain their safety and security. When traveling on a private jet charter from a reputable company, you can feel confident that your safety is in the best hands. 


While it is essential to plan in business, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes things come up that require immediate attention. And having a means of transportation you can rely on at all times is essential. For instance, if you need to travel from Los Angeles to New York tonight, you need to know that one phone call will ensure a plane is ready to get you there. And that is something you will find with a private jet charter company that offers world-class service. 

Do CEOs Own Business Trip Private Jets?

Some CEOs may own their private jet – especially those who spend a lot of time traveling. Others may prefer to charter a private jet when they need it. Private jet ownership can come with many expenses, such as storage, maintenance, and the management of the jet. 

Deciding whether or not to purchase a private jet is a personal choice. If it does include owning your private jet, be sure you find the right management company in every aspect of it to get the most out of your investment. It is best to assess the need, the frequency of travel, and the cost to determine your best option. 

Choosing the Right FBO For Your Business Trip

Having a private jet to get you from one point to another is just part of the equation for a traveling CEO. The other is finding an FBO that will give you everything you need – and more – to make each business trip a success. 

An FBO, short for a fixed-base operator, is a company that operates at airports to provide aviation services to the passengers, the flight crew, and even the aircraft itself. While they may all provide these services, the level at which they do so will vary – and this is why it is so common for companies to choose the FBO with a lot to offer. 

An FBO may offer services such as: 

Each FBO will offer its amenities, some more elaborate than others. It is common for them to offer comfortable seating and waiting areas, refreshments, wi-fi, and business services. Anything you need to make traveling more convenient is offered through private flying. And, if it is not? The concierge team can take steps to accommodate you. 

With the right combination of private jet and FBO, traveling as a CEO will become so much more enjoyable. 

6 Holiday Travel Tips for Stress-Free Private Flying - Sun Air Jets

6 Holiday Travel Tips for Stress-Free Private Flying

It is no secret that the holiday travel season can be stressful and overwhelming. The sheer volume of travelers is enough to put bottlenecks at every turn. Traffic increases, the demand increases, the weather can be unforgiving, and everyone seems to be in a hurry. All travelers need holiday travel tips to get through this stressful time.

In commercial airports, the lines are very long, resulting in the need to arrive earlier and earlier to get through them. Flights that are overbooked and delayed are more of the norm than they are the exception. There is no sign of holiday cheer here. 

Important Holiday Travel Tips

You have chosen the perfect way to kick off your travels. The good news is that you have decided to fly private this holiday season and can avoid all the unwanted hustle and bustle of commercial air travel. So, pat yourself on the back for that one. 

Check out these six-holiday travel tips for stress-free private flying to ensure everything goes as planned.

1. Book Your Flights Early

If you are a seasoned private jet traveler, you may be used to booking your private jet at the last minute. And on any typical day, that is fine. However, booking at least 3 to 4 weeks before your travel date is best regarding the busy holidays.

Since COVID-19, there has been an increase in how many people consider private charter flights their preferred travel method. This means that there is much greater demand during busy travel times like the holidays. To ensure you get the right private jet for your needs (and wants) – and at the price you want – you will want to heed this advice and book your flight now. 

2. Quotes are Not a Guarantee

When you inquire about a private flight and receive a quote, take action immediately. These are not guaranteed and can be gone by the time you decide if you drag your heels. 

If you are still trying to come up with your travel plans and are unsure what you want to do but would like some cost ideas, your quote may help – for the moment. The prices can change quickly based on several factors. 

It may be best that you get all your travel information in order and then request a quote for your private travel. That way, if it meets your budget, you can book it right away so that it is secured for you when you need it. Otherwise, not acting swiftly could leave you without a flight altogether!

3. Holiday Travel Tip: Be Flexible

The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to get a flight when you need it – and at a price, you can afford.  One thing about flying on private jet charters is that you have more options regarding airports and travel times. The commercial airport of your destination no longer binds you. Instead, you can choose to fly into one of the many private airports that are nearby. Allowing this flexibility will get you more options with your charter booking. 

Every time you fly a private jet, you get a hassle-free experience. You also don’t have to worry about layovers, pre-determined flight schedules, etc. So, as long as your schedule allows, be flexible with your travel times during this busy season. You know you will still make it to your destination when you need to – and you can also count on an enjoyable trip. 

Having flexibility regarding the dates you want to fly and the airports you want to fly into may allow you to find greater access to private jets. You won’t be disappointed.  

4. Talk to Your Concierge

When you book your flight, the person on the other end of that phone call or email is there to help make your experience the most enjoyable. Allow them to do that. 

For example, request catering if you know you will be arriving but won’t have a chance to eat. Or, at the very least, some snacks and refreshments. This service will allow you to show up at your destination, ready to go.

This team of professionals is skilled at enhancing your experience and reducing stress. So whether you have questions about the flight, need information on ground transportation once you arrive, or anything else – ask. They are there for you. 

5. Take Advantage of Private Airports

You’ve likely seen the pictures on social media and news outlets showing travelers stranded in airports, trying to get comfortable with all their luggage knowing they have no idea when they will get to leave the airport. Outside the airport, parking garages are full, traffic is backed up, and car horns are honking in a dreadful scene. Everyone wants to get where they need to go, but no one is moving. 

That is a scene no one wants to go through. Not even for the sake of visiting loved ones for the holidays. Avoid the chaos in and around commercial airports. Instead, opt for smaller, private airports and FBOs. They provide you with luxury and comfort you won’t find elsewhere. You won’t find passengers sleeping on the floor with their luggage piled high. Instead, you will find many amenities to make your visit there more enjoyable and stress-free. 

Choosing private airports can get you closer to your destination without finding your way via ground transportation when you arrive. 

6. Bring Your Dog

Dogs are family members, and leaving them behind over the holidays can be heartbreaking. That’s why so many people want to know if they can travel with pets. Unlike commercial travel, dogs are not stuck in a crate or cargo but can roam on private jets. This simple benefit can reduce the stress of leaving them behind and give you a reason not to worry. 

Implementing Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel doesn’t have to take a toll on your mental, physical, and emotional health. Booking a private jet to get you to your destination will help you avoid the stress and chaos of holiday travel. Learning how to avoid the busyness of national airports will help your holiday travel experience be much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Business Travel Tips For Flying Private - Sun Air Jets

Business Travel Tips For Flying Private

Traveling for business can be rather rewarding, depending on how you look at it. You get to visit new places and meet new people. You also get to boost your business and break down global barriers. Before air travel, growth opportunities were significantly limited. Fast forward to today, and businesses are no longer held back. This has put many executives and business professionals in a position where they are required to travel regularly. Traveling for work can be challenging, but staying up-to-date on the best business travel tips can improve the experience.

Top Business Travel Tips

While some may find this enticing, time out of the office, time away from family, and jet lag can all deter your joy in business travel. It is no secret that it can be pretty disruptive to daily life. You can tend to business without too much disruption when you forego commercial air travel and fly via a private jet instead. When you choose private travel for your business trips, you give yourself the best opportunity to have the most successful business trip. 

Here are a few business travel tips for flying private that you need to know. 

Make Special Requests in Advance

Part of the private jet experience is having personalized treatment while on board. You are supposed to take advantage of the comfort and luxurious surroundings that come with private travel. You can do this by taking advantage of all they offer, such as anything special you would like to eat or drink, any special times you would like to travel, and so forth. 

You can be more involved in your trip when you fly on a private jet. You can even request travel to a smaller airport closer to your destination. All-around personalization and comfort can make your business trip much more doable. 

Pack Lightly with a Carry-On

When you travel on a private jet, there is rarely any interference with the luggage that you choose to use. There is no such thing as checked bags like with commercial airlines – and no opportunities for them to get lost. Your baggage gets loaded right into an area within the cabin – so you know you have it close by at all times. You can count on not getting charged an extra $50 because your bag weighed over a certain amount of weight, either. 

Still, despite all of this, packing light can enhance your business trip. It is much easier to drag a carry-on suitcase with you than a bulky and heavy suitcase. Even two carry-ons will be a more pleasant option. 

Pack what you need and leave what you don’t. Most business trips are relatively quick, so stay moderate on your packing. Investing in all travel-sized toiletries can help, too! Use a garment bag for your suits to look pristine upon arrival.

Business Travel Hacks: Bring Chargers

You can use many devices, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, earbuds, and more. You will likely use these things with your private jet’s inflight connectivity capabilities, but you will also need them when you land. Bring your chargers and charge them while on the flight so you can go once you get there. 

Make the Most of Your Flight

When traveling via a commercial airline, it is tough to get much work done. The surroundings are just not ideal. Not only is there no room to spread out, but it is nearly impossible to handle business without risking privacy. As a result, your time on the flight becomes wasted time. 

On a private jet, however, you have wide open space to do things as needed to get work done. You have the space to pull out your laptop, spread out your files, make phone calls, and carry on open conversations with co-workers who are traveling with you. Because it is a private flight, you never have to worry about breaking confidentiality or about who is looking over your shoulder. 

Not only does this allow you to prepare for your meeting and update things as needed on your way back home, but it also reduces the headaches you will face after you get back to the office. After all, work – especially emails – can pile up even if you are only out of the office for a short time. 

Reduce Jet Lag

Jet lag is a real issue for frequent travelers. More often than not, those who find themselves in the sky can quickly get confused about their location and the proper time. The body likes to follow a certain rhythm, and if you allow it to keep that, it can reduce the chance of jet lag. Therefore, consider taking a red-eye flight to your destination when flying privately. Then, sleep. 

Getting sleep when it’s time to sleep will help you to remain more refreshed when you arrive at your destination. It doesn’t matter which direction you are traveling – whether you are losing or gaining hours – resting in flight will assist in minimizing jet lag

What better way to be on point for your business meetings than to feel rejuvenated and ready to go as soon as you land? 

Business Travel Tips and Private Jet Charters

The best tip you can receive regarding having an excellent business tip includes starting on the right foot – with an exceptional charter company. When you have a team that has been designated to provide you with the following:

  • Private hangars
  • Convenient locations
  • Professional staff
  • Personal amenities
  • A high level of safety and security

There are many different private jet charter companies out there. But when you want to get the most out of your trip, you must ensure you fly with a charter company that offers world-class service. You want the best flight crew and the most highly skilled maintenance team. And you surely want personalized treatment, too. 

This one step can change your entire outlook on business travel. 

The Best Travel Hacks For Private Jet Charters - Sun Air Jets

The Best Travel Hacks For Private Jet Charters

Are you in need of a vacation or looking for an adventure? Are you trying to make the most of your business trip? There are many ways to reach a destination, but air travel is the most widely used. If you want to take your travel experiences to the next level, it is time to ditch commercial air travel and book a private jet charter. But if it’s your first time flying private, you may need some private travel hacks to make the most of your experience.

There is a good chance you may feel like you are facing a lot of unknowns if you are new to chartering – especially when it comes to knowing how to book a private jet, how to afford a private plane, and how to get the most out of your experience. All you need is a few tips on bringing it all together. 

Top Private Jet Travel Hacks

Below are the best travel tips for private jet charters that you won’t want to miss. 

Choose an Experienced Charter Company

If you hop on Google right now and type private jet charters in the search bar, you will get many results. Many charter companies want to get you to your destination for a fee. Unfortunately, they are not all created equal. 

It is highly recommended that you do your research before you book your flight. You can look online, ask around, and even contact the charter company and have a friendly chat with the representative. All of this will help you get a feel for a company to make a wise decision. 

So, what are some things you can ask? Consider inquiring about things such as: 

  • Pilot qualification
  • Frequency and depth of aircraft maintenance
  • Their safety rating – and history of safe travel
  • Types of aircraft on their fleet

Good, honest customer service will provide you with the answers you will seek – and you will be able to feel the warmth and trustworthiness that comes from them. 

Choosing the right experienced charter company may not mean you get the cheapest fare. It would help if you understood that charter companies offer an elite air travel service. Providing high-quality treatment, amenities, and service may often come at a cost, but it is so worth it.  

Select the Right Jet

When you book your charter flight, you will be tasked with selecting the right jet. This can be tough if you are new to private travel. Again, working with the charter company’s expert customer service representatives can help narrow down the best choice. 

You may think that since you are splurging for private travel, you may as well get the best of the best, right? Wrong. The bigger the jet, the more expensive the cost. You are looking for a small plane to get you where you are going without all the unnecessary space. After all, the smaller the jet, the cheaper the cost. 

Don’t fret, though. The size of the jet doesn’t take away from the experience. Small private jets can still come with many amenities and luxurious accommodations. And thankfully, the charter company you choose will be able to help you find the most efficient plane to comfortably hold all of your passengers while also being able to travel the required distance to your destination.

Decide On Your Travel Times

One of the perks of traveling via a private jet charter is that you are not stuck selecting from pre-determined flight patterns. Instead, you can choose your flight time to make the most of your trip. You can also leave early to get there, so you have the whole day. Book it accordingly if you would instead head out after work, so you don’t miss a big meeting. 

When paying attention to fees, you may want to consider avoiding peak travel times. This means avoiding travel on the weekends and holidays as the fees during these times will be higher. 

Travel Hacks: Fill the Seats 

The more people you travel with on your private jet, the more affordable it is. You may be looking to book a private jet to avoid traveling with anyone else, which is perfectly fine. However, if your goal is to save money, there are options for cheap private travel

You don’t have to do the same things or stay in the same place once you get there, but the plane ride can be more enjoyable and affordable for everyone involved if you book a charter. So, if you can, fill the seats. 

Look Into Empty Leg Flights

Empty-leg flights are those flights that travel without any passengers. For instance, someone in Los Angeles booked a one-way chartered flight from Van Nuys to Boise, Idaho. Once there, the jet must return to Van Nuys without booking. This is considered an empty leg. If you are in Boise and looking to head to LA, then booking an empty-leg charter will help you score a deal. The jet is heading there regardless, so your fee will be adjusted accordingly. 

Depending on where you are traveling and how flexible you are, empty-leg flights can be a great hack to help you save a little money. 

Book Sooner Rather Than Later

Finally, unless you leave it to chance, hoping for an empty-leg flight, you will want to book your private jet charter early. 

Planning can allow you to personalize your in-flight experience, choose the perfect jet, and save on fees. Plus, it provides time for the charter company to ensure you have everything you need to make your experience incredible. Consider it a win-win for both of you. 

Take Advantage of These Travel Hacks With Sun Air Jets

Private jet charters are growing in popularity. Putting these best travel hacks to work for you before you head out on your next trip can be very beneficial. Besides, no longer is the charter world just for the super elite. With the proper steps, everyone can take advantage of all it offers.

5 Second Summer Destinations to Visit this Year - Sun Air Jets

5 Second Summer Destinations to Visit This Year

Who says that summer has to end with fall making its appearance? Just because you are holding a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a warm apple fritter in another doesn’t mean you can’t plan a getaway. Why not consider fall your second summer?

If you aren’t ready to dive head first into the holiday season and would like to pretend it is summer for a little bit longer, we’ve got five second-summer destinations to visit this year. 

1. Second Summer in Catskills, New York

Imagine sitting around a lake, letting the minutes pass you by while you take in the quiet surroundings and the breathtaking fall foliage. That’s what you will find in the Catskills. 

This area is full of rolling hills, crisp temperatures, and shades of fall. Just looking around will make you feel warm and cozy. There are a ton of amenities in the surrounding area, including fall festivals, taking strolls and drives, visits to cideries and breweries, theaters and museums, and so much more. 

A visit to this classic destination is sure to be peaceful and memorable.

2. Lexington, Kentucky

A little off the beaten path, Lexington, KY, has become quite the go-to destination for fall (or second summer) travel. Not only are the landscapes beautiful and incredibly colorful this time of year, but there is a lot for you to do while here, too. 

Lexington doesn’t get its nickname of Horse Country for nothing. It is an important equestrian center consisting of many farms. Do you know what that means? Yep – horseback riding tours through the fall foliage for an unforgettable experience. 

A few other must-do stops include touring (and sampling) the many bourbon makers, visiting art galleries in downtown Lexington, shopping antiques, and indulging in some excellent cuisine. You will also have access to boat river tours, zip-lining, and hiking along limestone cliffs and caves. 

You may be surprised at what Lexington, KY, can offer you. 

3. Anna Maria Island, Florida

Sometimes you want the beach. And sometimes, you want that beach to symbolize solitude and stillness rather than not being able to see all the sand because there are too many beach-goers. 

At Anna Maria Island, you get a paradise of white sandy beaches and light emerald waters crashing into the coast. This barrier island is located along the Gulf coast just south of Tampa. It’s quiet and unlike other beach experiences in Florida. And fall is the perfect time to visit because the weather is still warm, but the crowds are few. 

While relaxing on the beach is one thing you are sure to enjoy while here, it isn’t the only thing to do. You can go kayaking through the mangrove tunnels, visit the Anna Maria Island Historical Museum, shop along Bridge Street and dine at local restaurants that will delight your taste buds. Take a stroll with homemade ice cream, or even take a sunset cruise. Rumor is that you will see some of the most incredible sunsets from Anna Maria Island. See for yourself!

4. South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre may be a huge spring break destination – but in the fall? It is awaiting your arrival. The rowdy crowds are gone, leaving you with laid-back experiences you won’t want to miss. For instance, horseback riding along the shore, jet skiing, paddle boarding, fishing, dolphin cruises, or even learning about rehabilitating injured sea turtles at Sea Turtle, Inc. If you are daring, you can give parasailing a try, too. 

Believe it or not, this destination is more about relaxing and enjoying life than partying – despite its reputation. There are so many ways to relax while here. Watch the magnificent sunset and then the fireworks overhead after dark. 

You are sure to find that this is a destination you will want to revisit time and time. 

5. Second Summer in Turks and Caicos

If you want to take your second summer vacation destination to a new level, visiting the Turks and Caicos is warranted.

It doesn’t matter what time of year you come, the weather is always beautiful and warm – and there is always something to do. Depending on what you are looking for, relaxing on the beach with a good book while listening to the waves crash could be all you need. But if you are looking for more, you will have to try: 

  • Snorkeling through the reefs or just off the ocean
  • Whale watching
  • Kiteboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Parasailing
  • Fishing 
  • Cruising

Do some dining and shopping, and then finish off your days with the local nightlife. You are sure to have a second summer vacation you won’t want to miss. 

6. Portland, Oregon

Another excellent place you won’t want to miss is Portland, OR. As if the fall colors surrounding you aren’t enough, there is always the opportunity to explore and create new memories. 

Go hiking through Washing Park, Forest Park, or even Witches Castle Hike. Corn mazes are always exciting, whether haunted or not – but they are sure to bring a lot of fun. Apple picking in Hood River is always a delight. 

You are dining on comfort foods, sipping hot coffee from one of the many coffee shops you will find here, enjoying live music and patio fires, and delighting your tastebuds with local wines. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor fall activities, you will find them here in Portland. 

Flying Private to Your Second Summer Destination

If you want to get to (and from) your second summer destination in style and comfort, then you need to book a private jet charter. There are so many reasons that flying personal can enhance your vacation that choosing any other travel method doesn’t make sense. 

  • You get to choose your travel times.
  • Non-stop travel
  • Luxurious and comfortable seating and accommodations
  • Inflight entertainment
  • A private experience
  • The ease and enjoyment of an FBO experience

When you opt for a private jet charter, you miss out on all the frustrations of flying commercial in a bustling airport. Instead, your second summer vacation truly feels like a vacation. All you have to do is decide where to go this fall. 

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