The Benefits of Booking a Private Jet for Group Travel

private jet for group travel

Private charters and group travel go together like sunglasses and flip-flops, ice cream and sprinkles, and dogs and wet kisses. For years, travelers have found that taking a group from one point to another is much easier if everyone can just travel together. 

Think about how many times over the years you have taken a bus or van on the ground for a short group getaway or outing. Although much more luxurious and glamorous, private jets do the same thing – they allow you to fly together to your destination as a group. 

Does this really matter? Why not let everyone book their own ticket and plan to meet at a certain spot at a designated time? 

There are many benefits of booking a private jet for group travel. And we are going to talk about them. 

Choose the Details of Your Flight

Can you imagine choosing the details of your commercial flight? Telling the airlines that you would like to leave at a certain time and head to a certain destination on a specific jet? 

It’s not going to happen. 

Commercial airlines have pre-set flights that you choose from. For example, if you need to make it to your destination by noon, you will first check to see if there is an early flight. And, if not, you may have to fly in the day before. This may mean an extra night in a hotel, an extra day of dining expenses, and so forth. For a group, these fees add up. 

In other words, you have to plan around the airline’s designated flights. 

How are private jets different? You get to choose when you want to leave. So, again, if you need to be there at noon, you can ensure your flight leaves in plenty of time so that you can arrive when you need to – without having to fly in a day early. 

You also have control over your destination, too. There are many smaller airports that are more convenient and easier to navigate. They may even be closer to your destination. Discuss this when booking so you allow your group the best, most efficient experience. 

Get There Faster

Anytime there are connecting flights there is a risk of disaster when working with a carefully planned itinerary. Your flight could be delayed causing you to miss your connection or you could arrive on time only to find the next flight has been delayed or canceled. 

Of course, the idea of just getting where you are going in the quickest manner possible is the most enjoyable option. You won’t have any unnecessary risks or have to worry about nor will you have wasted any time. And, as you probably already know, time is too precious to waste sitting around an airport. 

Logistically speaking, a private jet just makes sense. Make the most efficient use of your time. 

Make Changes if Necessary

When trying to plan a trip with a group, changes are always going to occur along the way. Something may come up and someone cannot go. Another person may have decided at the last minute that they’d like to join. And yet another traveler may decide to bring a plus one with them. 

Flying commercial airliners or having each person make their own travel arrangements can create a lot of headaches when it comes to changes. You cannot easily change names, add passengers, and the like – especially without additional fees being involved. 

When using a private jet for group travel, you can make all the changes you want – even on the day of travel. 

Avoid Baggage Fees – and Seat Fees

If you are booking travel for a group, you already expect to pay a hefty fee – especially if you are flying a group of, say, 12 people, across the country. But when it comes to paying for extra fees, such as baggage fees, seat fees, etc., it can really add up. Even more so when you have a larger group. 

Avoid all these unwanted fees when you book a private jet charter. Everyone can pack as they need and you won’t have to worry about piling on additional expenses.

Weigh All the Costs

When booking your group travel, it benefits you to weigh all the costs. And we are not just referring to those mentioned above, like the price of a ticket, baggage fees, seat fees, parking fees, name changes, and the like. There is a lot of time spent planning and putting together the travel so the cost of these resources should be considered, too. 

You can avoid this altogether when you opt for travel via a private jet charter. Not only is booking much simpler but keeping track of everyone is much easier, too. 

Consider private charters as streamlined travel solutions. 

Travel Together

As we discussed, traveling together gets everyone where they need to be all at the same time. You don’t have to worry about any issues that may arise and separate the group. To make this happen, there are so many different private jets to choose from. You will be able to find the right size to accommodate everyone in your party. 

Coordinating group travel is hard enough before you even book your flight. Make things easy on yourself where you can and book a private jet that will hold everyone. 

Relieve Stress with Sun Air Jets

If you are stressed over booking your group travel, it is understandable. It is often tough enough to book for yourself or your family – let alone make sure travel for an entire organization goes smoothly! 

Working with Sun Air Jets, you will have the pleasure of working with a top-notch team that will go over all of the details of your travel to ensure your group has everything they need for the best experience. 

They will answer any questions you may have, address any concerns, and add personalized touches to be enjoyed while in flight

Being able to take advantage of these services can make your group travel much easier to manage. 

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