The Many Amenities of the Cessna Citation X

cessna citation X amenities

Flying private gives you access to different types of incredibly luxurious aircraft. And although none will provide you with the same experience you will find on a commercial aircraft (thankfully), they each give you their own experience. 

Private aircraft come in different sizes and with different offerings. For instance, some have a galley and others don’t. 

So, whether you are booking your flight today and want a better understanding of what is available – or you are booked on a Cessna Citation X and want to know what you can expect – we’ve got everything you need to know. 

Here are the many amenities of the Cessna Citation X as well as additional information that can help you make informed decisions when booking. 

The Cessna Citation X: The Basics

The Cessna Citation X has often been dubbed the fastest private jet in the world, getting you where you need to be  – fast. Thanks to the power behind two Rolls-Royce engines, it can reach speeds of 700 mph. Though it is worth mentioning that the high speed of the Citation has now been topped by its successor, the Citation X+. 

Being fast isn’t all that this midsize private jet is known for. It comes with quite a few other beneficial specs, too, including: 

  • Passengers: 8
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Year of model/remodel: 2000/2018
  • Range: 3100 nautical miles
  • Baggage Capacity: 54 cubic feet
  • Lavatory: 1
  • Cabin Width: 5.6’
  • Cabin Height: 5.7’
  • Cabin Length: 23.5’


Citation X is known for giving passengers a smooth and efficient flight to wherever their destination is taking them. This is thanks to the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controls) that work with the engine to get you to your destination with maximum efficiency. 

You must understand that this jet can handle both short trips and international trips with ease and great performance. 

Amenities of the Cessna Citation X

You simply cannot choose your private jet solely based on specs though, can you? Not at all. While you want to make sure the jet is safe and efficient, as a passenger, you are more concerned about what is going on inside the Cessna Citation X than the size of its wing or what engine it has. And let us tell you – this jet has a lot going on inside.  

The amenities on this jet are enough to make those who have flown on it come back time and time and time again. 

Comfortable seating. The 8 leather chairs you will find throughout the cabin are very comfortable. They make you forget you are sitting in an aircraft seat. What’s more, two sets of chairs are designed to be used to create two beds. You can comfortably get some shut-eye so you feel rejuvenated and ready to go. 

Complimentary Domestic WiFi. First, connectivity while in-flight is a big deal. This allows you to do everything from checking your emails, scrolling social media (i.e. posting a selfie on Instagram while inside your Citation X), binging the latest Netflix series, taking conference calls, and otherwise handling business in the sky. 

In-flight connectivity keeps you in touch with those on the ground even while you are traveling. For so long, air travel meant being shut off from the rest of the world for the duration of your flight, but this is no longer the case at all. Especially on this Cessna. 

And, to prove our point, your private jet comes equipped with an Aircell Iridium flight phone so you are always in touch when you need to be. 

DVD/CD Entertainment System with LCD Monitors. For those who are less about staying connected and more about staying entertained, the Cessna Citation X has you covered. This private jet comes with a DVD/CD entertainment system and full-screen LCD monitors throughout the interior. That means you can watch any selection of DVDs or jam out to some music while on board. Of course, you can always put in a Pure Moods cd, close your eyes, and drift off to sleep. 

For those who enjoy monitoring their flight and knowing where they are at any given moment, the LCD monitors can also reflect current flight status. 

Power Outlets. Yes, you will even find two power outlets on board because it is imperative that your devices stay charged so that you can stay connected. Plus, this gives you one less thing to worry about when you reach your destination because you will be charged up and ready to go. 

The Galley and Lavatory on Citation X

Who doesn’t want refreshments and snacks while on board a flight? It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for a few minutes or a few hours – this is something we have become accustomed to. The forward galley on the Cessna Citation X is equipped with a microwave oven and coffee dispenser. 

You will often find an array of snacks and beverages for your enjoyment while you make your trip. But, if you’d like something more, you can always talk to your charter team before your flight. You can request any specific foods that you want, whether catering, local restaurants, or even just a particular snack or drink. 

Having a full belly as you travel just adds to the comfort of this flight. 

Of course, if you are eating and drinking, then you are going to want a lavatory, too. Citation X has an Aft lavatory with full vanity. This will give you peace of mind as you travel to and from your destination. 

Charter a Cessna Citation X

If you have ever booked a private jet charter, then you know that there are so many different options to choose from. The Citation X is perfect for business executives, families, corporate travel, group travel, or even just a happy couple on a getaway. 

So, the next time you head out on a getaway and find yourself in need of air travel, consider the Cessna Citation X. You won’t be disappointed. 

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