Why Flying by Private Jet Beats Commercial

jet beats commercial

As you are putting together plans for your latest getaway, you may be considering treating yourself to an elevated experience – one filled with luxuries you don’t get when you fly commercial coach.

This leaves you with two choices: bump yourself up to a first-class commercial ticket or charter a private jet. 

Is there really a big difference? 

Truth be told, there is no comparison. Flying by private jet beats commercial from every angle. 

Level of Comfort

The level of comfort in commercial first class is most definitely a step up from a coach ticket. You will have a little wiggle room in your seat and a little more legroom, too. You won’t likely find yourself bumping elbows on the armrest either. 

If this is all the comfort you need, great. But if you are looking for real comfort then you will find it on a private jet. 

When you fly private, you have more freedom. You aren’t stuck in your seat but can move about freely – and without an entire plane of passengers looking in your direction. The seating on private jets is luxuriously comfortable and can even recline back – sometimes transforming into a bed. 

There is no denying that the comfort level is much greater on a private jet. 

Level of Service

Will you get treated differently when you purchase a first-class airline ticket rather than a coach? Sure. You may be able to make it through check-in and security using a priority line. This may save you some time and aggravation. What’s more, you will likely get to be one of the first passengers on board and will be served a drink of your choice right away. 

Worth the extra money? Perhaps. But the level of service you receive with a private jet surpasses any of these special treatments. 

When you fly private, you get the personalized treatment that you are desiring that you won’t find on any type of commercial flight. You will be treated like a VIP and will be well taken care of. You will be personally directed to your jet and your flight crew will make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. 

You won’t have to worry about standing in any lines or arriving hours in advance. It is a level of service that can’t be matched. 

The Amenities

You will be privy to amenities on first-class and private flights. When you are seated in your commercial seat, you may be given some complimentary drinks and maybe either a small meal or gourmet snack, depending on the length of your flight and the airline you are traveling on. And, you may or may not have access to free wifi services. 

The experience on a private jet is a bit more enhanced. Here you will have complimentary drinks and snacks, but you will also have catered meals, too. Inflight connectivity is available so that you may take advantage of the entertainment system onboard. 

Keep in mind that amenities don’t just happen when you are in the air. When you fly private out of an FBO, you will get access to the amenities it offers, as well. This often includes business centers, refreshments, and more. These are things you will not find in a commercial airport. 


Personalizations are commonplace when it comes to private travel, but not so much on commercial flights. In other words, you won’t find any special treats, meals, or entertainment selections tailored to meet your preferences. You may, however, find all of these things on a private flight.

The extra thought just adds to the overall experience once again. 

Convenience and Flexibility

Imagine calling a commercial airline and letting them know that you are a first-class passenger on an upcoming flight and you are going to be running late. What would they do if you asked them to hold the flight for about 30 minutes? 

With hundreds of other passengers who may have connecting flights and have shown up on time, your need for 30 extra minutes is just not a priority. Commercial flights run on predetermined flight paths at specific times. One change to accommodate a late passenger will throw everything off balance. 

Private jets are much different. In this situation, you are the passenger. You are the one who booked the flight and the one who is going to travel on it. If you are tied up at the office or in traffic and will be 30 minutes late, a call to the charter company is appreciated as they will give the flight crew a heads up, too. And, they will wait. 

You choose travel times that are convenient for you without having to choose from a list of those that are already scheduled. 

Safety and Security

Air travel is one of the safest modes of travel. And, between flying commercial and flying private, the latter has a lot more to offer you. 

Both have to undergo inspections and routine maintenance, as well as meet certain regulations. And while they both overlook planes before they take off to ensure their safety, private jets have a top-notch department of aviation mechanics that will carefully inspect every aspect of the jet, making sure it is safe to fly

Flying private also means you don’t have to worry about other passengers, whether due to germs or dangerous behavior. And your belongings are right there with you at all times so you don’t have to worry about the risk of theft. 

Level of Privacy

The only privacy you will find on a commercial airliner is in the lavatory. And even then you may have a line right outside the door waiting on you. 

As its name suggests, on a private jet,  you have a ton of privacy. You can get confidential work handled, hold personal conversations, or just sing out loud to your favorite tune. Aside from the flight crew, there is no one to disturb or be disturbed by. 

This brings such peace of mind when you are traveling. 

Before you book your next flight, consider all the perks that come with traveling on a private jet – and book your charter. Leave commercial flights in the past. 

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