5 Luxury Private Jets You Can Charter

luxury private jets

The next time you need to book air travel, imagine yourself flying on one of the many luxury private jets in the sky. 

Air travel doesn’t have to be boring and uncomfortable. You have options – and chartering is one of them. This allows you all of the perks of flying private without having to have the funds of owning and operating your own aircraft. 

You get private surroundings, personalized treatment, and luxurious amenities. But the perks don’t stop there because you also get to choose your jet. 

So, let’s talk about the luxury private jets you can choose from. 

Charter These Luxury Private Jets

As you learn about the following luxury private jets available for charter, it is important to consider a few things before booking. For instance, how many passengers will be traveling with you? How far do you intend to travel? What amenities are a must-have? 

While nearly all private jets can give you an incredible experience, having one that checks off all your boxes can take that experience to the next level. 

Are one of these luxury private jets what you have been looking for? 

1. Global Express

The Global Express is a private aircraft that can hold about 12 passengers and fly for a range of 5900 nautical miles— which is equivalent to 12 hours in the sky. 

For those who would love to show up at their destination well-rested, the Global Express has room for 6 to snooze while mid-air. There are also two lavatories and a full galley with a high-temperature oven, microwave oven, and coffeemaker. 

Kick back, relax, and watch something good on one of the few LED monitors onboard with the Honeywell Ovation Cabin Entertainment System. 

2. Gulfstream G500

The Gulfstream G500 is another one of the luxury private jets available for charter. It is beautiful inside and designed for comfort. With the capability of carrying 16 passengers for a range of 5200 nautical miles (or 10.5 flying hours). 

Inside, you will find room for 9 to sleep peacefully. Or, take advantage of the complimentary domestic WiFi, the Gogo Vision Inflight Entertainment System with a media library, several LCD monitors, and more. 

The Gulfstream G500 has a full-service galley with a sink, microwave oven, and Nespresso coffee maker. 

3. Gulfstream GIV-SP

Another luxury private jet is the Gulfstream GIV-SP. This jet is decked out with wood trim and a modern interior that engulfs you in comfort. It has plenty of room for 13 passengers (6 sleeping) to travel distances up to 4,165 nautical miles (or 8.5 flying hours). 

On this jet, you will find two lavatories and a full-service galley with a sink, convection oven, microwave, and coffee maker. Plus, it gives you everything you need to stay entertained while in the air, such as complimentary domestic WiFi, flight phones, Airshow Full Entertainment System, LCD monitors, and plenty of outlets to keep your personal devices up and running. 

4. Challenger 605

The Challenger 605 comes with a spacious cabin that has enough room for 10 passengers – or 5 sleeping. It can travel distances up to 4,000 nautical miles (or 8 flying hours). 

Once on board, you will find that this private jet has a full-service galley with a convection oven, microwave, Nespresso coffee maker, and more. It also has a lavatory with full vanity. 

While you wait for your meal, you can enjoy the entertainment amenities, including complimentary domestic WiFi, flight phone, Air Show 500 entertainment system, LCD monitors, etc. 

5. Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 900XP is a luxury private jet that holds 8 passengers and can travel up to 2800 nautical miles (or 5.5 flying hours). It is roomy and comfortable for those on board, offering a great flight experience. 

While in flight, you can enjoy a full galley with a microwave oven and coffee maker, as well as a lavatory with full vanity. 

Of course, a flight on the Hawker 900XP wouldn’t be complete without some entertainment. Two large monitors and a Blue Ray/DVD entertainment system are all you need. 


New to the world of chartering private jets? Below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions. 

How much does it cost to fly on a luxury private jet?

The cost to charter a luxury private jet will depend greatly on a few things, such as the size of the jet, the distance you are traveling, and the demand or season. Reach out to a highly-respected charter company with the details of your trip to get a quote for travel. 

What if I am the only passenger?

Many single travelers choose to charter their flights. Private jet charters hold different numbers of passengers depending on their capacity. If you are the only one traveling, you may have a greater selection to choose from – just ask your charter company. 

How do I know which private jet charter to choose?

Having options is always a good thing— unless it becomes overwhelming. If you are new to chartering, your charter company should be able to help you choose the best option. Look at the jet’s specs concerning the number of passengers it holds, the distance it can travel, and any amenities it has. 

Charter a Luxury Private Jet Today

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Choosing private travel means being able to select from all of the luxury private jets available – and booking the one that meets your needs. At Sun Air Jets, we have an extensive charter fleet available to our customers. 

Will you travel on the Gulfstream G500? The Hawker 900XP? Something else? 

Let us help you find which jet will give you the greatest travel experience overall. 

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