Chartering a Private Jet for Family Vacations

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If you have young kids, then you know that having a private jet for family vacations can be a game changer.

Gathering up the kiddos and the entire family’s luggage to rush into an overcrowded, chaotic airport hours before your flight departs is how nightmares start – not vacations. Yet, so many families torture themselves with this routine every time they want to travel.

There is a better way.

Chartering a private jet for family vacations will allow you to enjoy every moment of your time.

Charter a Private Jet for Family Getaways

If you are ready to make the most of your next family getaway, then it is time you charter a private jet. To help you get started, we will go over all you need to know about choosing the right private jet for family trips – and where you can travel once you do.

And, just because we want you to understand how impactful this decision will be, we are going to give you a list of benefits of why you need to charter a private jet for family vacations.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.

How to Choose the Right Private Jet for Your Family

When it comes to choosing the right private jet for family trips, it is important to consider the answers to a couple of key questions.

  • How big is your family? The size of your family matters when choosing a private jet as not all jets are able to hold large families. Some may only have seating for 8 passengers and if you are traveling with 12, this jet won’t work. Take some time to figure out who is going on your vacation so that you can get a headcount. This will help you to choose your private jet charter more wisely.
  • Where are you going? Believe it or not, where you are traveling matters. Jets have limitations on how far they can travel before having to refuel. And, unless you are interested in the stop-and-go routine, you will want to consider options that can go the distance.
  • What amenities are you looking for? Have you thought about what you will want to do on board? Is your family one to play games? If so, you will want to make sure the jet has tables. If your family likes to stay connected, wifi is a must. Are you movie-watchers? You will want TVs. Are you going to be hungry? Want to be able to make food while in the air? Then you will want a jet with a full galley.

Talking over your options with the representatives of your chosen charter company can give you the confidence that your charter jet will have just what you need.

Advantages of Chartering a Private Jet For Family Vacations

There are so many advantages to chartering a private jet for family vacations. Are you ready to hear them?

Reduced Stress

You won’t find yourself having to make your way through check-in at the busy airport or standing in line for security checkpoints. You won’t have to keep kids entertained as you lug their strollers, car seats, and backpacks filled with coloring books everywhere you go.

You also won’t have to cringe every time your child makes a noise or cries on a full flight.

Private travel allows you the freedom to just be. Show up on time, board your flight, and enjoy it.

Control Your Travel

You have more control over your travel when flying private. You don’t have to deal with predetermined flights that turn 3 hrs into 23. Instead, you choose when you want to fly – and have a direct flight there.

Room to Move

Keeping kids in their seats for hours on a flight can be tough. When you charter a private jet for family vacations, you don’t have to worry about them sitting still. Let them roam freely—there will be plenty of room.

If you have been on the fence about private travel, perhaps these perks have convinced you to take the leap. If not, there are plenty more.

Where Can Your Family Travel on a Private Jet?

If your family is considering destinations for your next family vacation, where can you travel on a private jet?


Yes, you read that right. You can go anywhere on your next getaway because private jets can access every location a commercial flight can—and then they can access more. They can visit remote destinations, small private airports, islands, and so much more.

Do your research and take advantage of a private jet’s capabilities.


Are private jets safe for my family?

Yes, private jets are very safe – especially when you charter your private jets for family vacations from a reputable and well-respected charter company. You can rest easy knowing that your jet has been maintained by an exceptional maintenance team and is being handled by a highly trained flight crew.

How much does a private jet charter cost?

The cost of a private jet charter will vary as it depends on a few different factors. For instance, what type of jet you are chartering and how far you are flying. To get the best idea of what you can expect, reach out to your charter company for a quote.

Do private jet charters have flight attendants?

Some do, yes. Most charter companies will have a mandatory flight attendant on certain flights, usually those with jets of larger sizes. If not, you may be able to pay extra and have a flight attendant onboard your jet if you prefer.

Charter a Private Jet for Your Next Family Trip

Before you book your next family vacation, consider a private jet charter from Sun Air Jets. Not only will it get you there in comfort and style, but it is how memories are made, too.

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Give your family a better vacation experience from the moment it starts with a private jet charter.

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