Why CEOs Are Flying Private on Their Business Trip

Why CEOs Are Flying Private on Their Business Trip - Sun Air Jets

CEOs of all types of industries and all sizes are taking advantage of private travel for their business trip. Whether small sole proprietors to large Fortune 500 companies, private jet travel is the way to go. Air travel has broken global barriers in business. Today, for example, it is so easy for a small company in Bismarck, North Dakota, to work in tandem with those worldwide to make more significant strides in their success. 

To make this happen, CEOs don’t book flights on commercial airliners to get to where they need to go. Instead, they focus on flying privately. This step alone affords them many benefits they cannot find elsewhere. 

Why CEOs Fly Private on a Business Trip?

So why do CEOs and other business executives choose private jets for their air travel needs? Believe it or not, there are many benefits to doing so. Let’s take a look. 


When you are the CEO, you have an entire business that always relies on you. Your role doesn’t stop because you have travel plans – regardless of whether or not they are for business or pleasure. 

Traveling via a private jet means you don’t have to waste time standing in line at TSA security checkpoints or sitting at the boarding gate with hundreds of other passengers waiting for your future plane to arrive. All of this wastes time – including the time that could be spent being more productive in other ways. 

  • Private jets give you access to airports all over the country – even the private airports – so you can get as close to your destination as possible.
  • The flights are non-stop and don’t have any layovers. 
  • You choose your flight times without sticking to predetermined flight schedules. 


When traveling as a CEO, there is a good chance you will – at some point in the trip – need to take a phone call, make a phone call, catch up on emails, or otherwise handle business. On a commercial airliner, you risk breaking the rules of confidentiality. But as its name suggests, on a private jet, you have privacy. And thanks to solid in-flight connectivity, you can handle business in the air just as you would on the ground – without wondering if someone is overhearing you. 

Luxurious Amenities

When you are the CEO of a company, you carry the status with you. And there is a good chance you expect a bit of luxury, too. In the world of private travel, this includes comfortable seating, favorite refreshments, catered meals, an easy booking and boarding process, and so on. 

Affordable Pricing

Flying on a private jet charter will cost more than a coach ticket on a well-known commercial airliner. But that doesn’t mean private travel doesn’t come with competitive pricing.

Since the global pandemic changed how air travel happens, more and more travelers have turned to private jet charters. This made the cost more competitive. Plus, it does not matter how many passengers fill the seats on the jet; the price is the same. In other words, the price will remain the same whether you are traveling as one passenger or with the whole team.


CEOs are in demand and are very important in what they do. And that means many people rely on them to maintain their safety and security. When traveling on a private jet charter from a reputable company, you can feel confident that your safety is in the best hands. 


While it is essential to plan in business, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes things come up that require immediate attention. And having a means of transportation you can rely on at all times is essential. For instance, if you need to travel from Los Angeles to New York tonight, you need to know that one phone call will ensure a plane is ready to get you there. And that is something you will find with a private jet charter company that offers world-class service. 

Do CEOs Own Business Trip Private Jets?

Some CEOs may own their private jet – especially those who spend a lot of time traveling. Others may prefer to charter a private jet when they need it. Private jet ownership can come with many expenses, such as storage, maintenance, and the management of the jet. 

Deciding whether or not to purchase a private jet is a personal choice. If it does include owning your private jet, be sure you find the right management company in every aspect of it to get the most out of your investment. It is best to assess the need, the frequency of travel, and the cost to determine your best option. 

Choosing the Right FBO For Your Business Trip

Having a private jet to get you from one point to another is just part of the equation for a traveling CEO. The other is finding an FBO that will give you everything you need – and more – to make each business trip a success. 

An FBO, short for a fixed-base operator, is a company that operates at airports to provide aviation services to the passengers, the flight crew, and even the aircraft itself. While they may all provide these services, the level at which they do so will vary – and this is why it is so common for companies to choose the FBO with a lot to offer. 

An FBO may offer services such as: 

Each FBO will offer its amenities, some more elaborate than others. It is common for them to offer comfortable seating and waiting areas, refreshments, wi-fi, and business services. Anything you need to make traveling more convenient is offered through private flying. And, if it is not? The concierge team can take steps to accommodate you. 

With the right combination of private jet and FBO, traveling as a CEO will become so much more enjoyable. 

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