Top Corporate Retreat Destinations to Visit in 2022

corporate retreat destinations

While working in an office can sometimes ensure productivity, it does everyone good to get out a little. Corporate retreats will allow you to get to know your colleagues better while also working simultaneously, and they can provide a welcome break from the ‘daily grind’. Today we will look at some top corporate retreat destinations to visit in 2022. This, along with booking to fly private, will make the task so much easier. 

San Francisco, California

With an air of civility, winding streets, and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco has plenty to offer everyone. 

There is plenty to see and do to ensure that everyone will be included and there is something for everyone. Whether you start the day by commuting on a cable car, doing a group activity and hiking the twin peaks, or taking a work trip to visit Alcatraz, there are sights, sounds, and experiences that will make for great memories for when your team is back in the office.

Scottsdale, Arizona

This could be an attractive proposition, especially if your team normally works somewhere cold. Arizona has a warm climate all year round. 

There is a wealth of upscaled and highly exclusive resorts that can cater to all tastes. Golf trips are often a standard feature of corporate team building. You’ll find a multitude of premier hotels that cater to this.

Alternately, group hikes and outdoor activities are present in abundance. One particularly popular group activity is partaking in an authentic cowboy experience. The entire team trekking on horseback for the day. 

Whistler, British Columbia

Whether in summer or winter, whistler is definitely worth visiting as part of a team. 

In the winter, there are numerous opportunities for skiing and enjoying all of the fun of winter sports. A bobsleighing group event will certainly be something that encourages teamwork under pressure.

During the summer months, the snowy valleys turn verdant and offer excellent hiking opportunities, white water rafting, and outdoor camping. In outdoor surroundings, people behave much differently than when cooped up in the office, and you’ll be surprised at what you learn about each other. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Corporate retreats are all about building relationships and positive attitudes. What better place to do it than the “friendliest city in the world”.

Puerto Vallarta has it all. Turquoise waters, sandy beaches, beautiful hotels, and a relaxed atmosphere. 

A group snorkeling trip could be the perfect end to a busy meeting. Alternatively, indulge in some fun team-building activities such as beach sports or visit the nearby trails and forests for some canopy touring. 

Montreal, Canada

Oozing charm and the perfect blend of North American and European culture, Montreal is well worth a trip if you are planning a corporate retreat. Within easy flying distance of most US cities, you will find plenty to see and do, combined with a big city feel that will keep everyone on the right side of ‘productive’.

Attend a group French lesson and then head out into the city to practice. Alternatively, arrange a sightseeing tour and experience distinctive architecture. It is like being in Paris, except the flight is far shorter. 

Orlando, Florida

The last thing anyone wants on a corporate retreat is to feel bored or disengaged. The good news is that, when traveling to Florida, this is practically an impossibility. A trip to Disney World could unlock the inner child of even the most stalwart colleague.

If you want to go for something slightly more ‘grown-up,’ you could visit the NASA Kennedy space center and participate in simulations where you can act as a space ‘crew’, with a full debrief given afterward. 

One great day out, and something slightly unusual, is to charter a lake and go bass fishing. Solitude interspersed with the occasional dash of excitement!

Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are plenty of fun group activities for a corporate retreat in Colorado. Famed for being the ‘mile high’ city, you’ll find restaurants, shows, and fine dining, which will all perfectly round off a busy day with your team.

Particularly of note is the Broadmoor. Offering plenty of opportunities and activities in the day and in the evening. A group fly fishing lesson might appeal or attend a company-held golf tournament within the resort. 

The resort also has its own ranch where horseback riding, hunting, and hiking are all attractive propositions for you and your team. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia, has it all if you want to head further afield. Sandy beaches and crystal clear waters make for the perfect backdrop for some team photos as you all relax. 

It isn’t all about beach parties and fun. There is a lot of cultures to be had too. Head inland on the island and visit Buddhist temples, or treat your team to a relaxing spa break with treatments and relaxation aplenty in a host of luxury resorts.

Reykjavik, Iceland

In Iceland, they like to do things a little differently. It is a cultural tradition that business meetings are often held in geothermally heated spas. Some are finished to an exquisitely high standard. The “Blue Lagoon” in particular is a firm favorite. With an attached spa and restaurant, it could be the perfect place to while away an afternoon as you get to know each other a little better.

Iceland also provides the ideal place to get off into the wilderness. With a population of only 300,000 people, if your team needs a real ‘escape,’ it is possible to rent a summer house, where there won’t be another person for miles around!

Near or far, a whole world opens up when ranging a corporate retreat if you fly private. You aren’t just limited to small party sizes, either. At Sun Air Jets, some types in our modern fleet can comfortably accommodate up to 16 people. 

With a huge range for practically any size of corporate party, and is well-practiced in looking after customers needs, the flight is one thing that will be easy to arrange. Contact Sun Air Jets to make an inquiry.

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