What Are the Benefits of Flying Private? 8 Reasons to go Private!

benefits of flying private

As the popular saying goes, a change is as good as a rest. If you are looking to change your experience with air travel, flying private is a worthy choice. Plenty of differences set flying private apart from standard commercial travel. Yes, this even includes flying first class. Today we would like to demonstrate to you some of the features of flying private that set it head and shoulders above the rest.

Freedom of Choice

At the very top of our list is freedom of choice. If you haven’t flown privately before, you will be amazed at the difference, especially if you are a regular traveler.

Even those who fly first class with bigger airlines still have their schedules dictated by flight availability and destination. When flying private, you get to decide where you are going and when. 

Having this ability opens up a world of possibilities. Airlines often will only fly to destinations that they consider commercially viable. And for that, you can read ‘peak season’.

By utilizing a private jet company, you can travel virtually anywhere on the globe at any time, allowing you to see places that others can’t.

What’s more, when you charter an aircraft, it is yours. This means you can also dictate when you fly, and perhaps more importantly, arrive at your destination.

Save Time

The opportunities to save time are abundant when flying private. 

To start, there is no waiting in line to check in like you would when flying using regular commercial services. This is VIP check-in, and you are the only traveler. There is no need to be at the airport two hours before departure either. If you so wish, you can arrive minutes before your flight and be sat aboard your own private aircraft in no time at all.

The time saving doesn’t stop at check-in.

Private jets fly higher and faster than most commercial air traffic. Because the airspace is less busy, they also fly more direct routes too. The outcome is in flight time that is greatly reduced.

When you arrive at your destination, there will be no waiting at a carousel from your bags. If you so wish, a car can pick you up from the bottom of the aircraft steps, and you’ll have your luggage loaded immediately before you are whisked away to your final destination.

Better Onboard Facilities

Even first-class and business class on regular airlines can’t compete with what you’ll find onboard a private jet. The word to describe them is luxurious. With soft leather seats, polished wood interiors, and highly advanced in-flight entertainment systems, you’ll be able to relax in a level of comfort that would have most feeling exceptionally envious. 

If you need to stay connected to the outside world, this is also straightforward when flying private. Many upper-tier private jet companies have fleets that are fully equipped with onboard Wi-Fi.

Better Rest

The facilities on private aircraft give a whole new meaning to the term “sit back and relax”. Some private jets offer much more than a chair that reclines. You’ll often find that they actually have onboard sleeping facilities, which are more akin to a real bed than a chair.

Nobody likes getting to their destination tired. When flying private, this isn’t going to happen as you’ll have the option to rest in sheer comfort as you make your way to your destination and arrive at the other end refreshed.

More Baggage

For those who travel regularly or go away for extended periods, you’ll already know that how much you can take with you is often dictated by an airline’s baggage policy. These can often be pretty restrictive.

However, when flying private, you gain the ability to take much more baggage, as you won’t be sharing the aircraft cargo hold with anyone else. If you are a solo traveler, you’ll find plenty of room. And even if you are traveling with a group, you should find the baggage allowance much more generous. 

Pet Friendly

While it is worth checking with your chosen company, many will allow you to bring your pets with you. Provided you have the relevant documentation, there will be no need to leave your furry family member at home. And what’s more, you won’t need to worry about them being a nuisance to other passengers as it will be only you on board. 

Commercial airlines allow specific types of pets, such as service animals. This will require you to make other arrangements for your pets. When you fly private, you won’t be faced with these restrictions or additional arrangements.

Tailored or Boutique Customer Service

In today’s aviation world, ‘customer service’ can actually be pretty lacking in certain sectors. When you are one person in a crowd of hundreds, it is easy to see how your expectations and requirements can be easily missed.

Compared to regular travel, flying private is a real breath of fresh air in this regard.

You can expect a one-to-one service the moment you board. Good quality private jet operators pride themselves on providing expert customer service and hand-select individual crew members who can provide this. 

It isn’t only about your experience onboard, either. You may very well have questions about your booking or specifications for when you arrive. A dedicated team will be more than happy to cater to most requests, and there is a high likelihood that they have dealt with similar in the past. 

You Choose Your Own Company

We have all been on flights where our fellow travelers were not as courteous as we would like. Even a few short hours flight can seem to last a lot longer with a less-than-ideal company. The beauty of flying private is that you get to choose who is on your aircraft, making for a much more pleasant experience.

Sun Air Jets offers charter services with a range of diverse aircraft to suit all tastes and budgets. With Sun Air Jets, you can enjoy all of the benefits we have given above and much more. You’ll find details of the services we provide on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us to make an inquiry, and our staff will be happy to help.

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