Private Jet Safety: 8 Reasons Private Jets are Safer than Commercial Airlines

private jet safety

If you are thinking about chartering a private jet, you will undoubtedly have questions about safety. This is, of course, only natural. The good news is that by flying private, you will be much safer than if you were flying on a regular commercial service. Today, we will discuss reasons why private jets are safer and offer some advice to put your mind at rest. 

Passenger Vetting

When booking a regular flight, aside from some basic passenger details, an airline has very little information about each passenger and their reason for flying.

We have all seen the stories and videos of people who decide the best time to display their worst character traits is at 36,000 feet. When flying private, it is different.

You’ll be personally in touch with the person who is booking your flight. What’s more, passengers are vetted because of the intimate nature of flying private, and more details are given about who is traveling.

Private jets tend to be booked as part of a group that is known to you. So, if you are traveling in company, it is doubtful that there will be any of the ‘unknowns’ about your fellow travelers.

Experienced Crew

The cabin staff and the pilots are very well trained in looking after passengers. Because flying private involves smaller parties, there is a good chance that you will become personally known to the crew. 

If you are not the biggest fan of flying, you’ll be able to make your concerns known to the crew, who will do their utmost to allay your fears

Most private jet operators have set a high standard for the pilots they accept, meaning you can be assured that you are in safe hands from takeoff to touchdown. 

Increased Maintenance

Regular commercial airlines are under strict commercial pressures for quick turnarounds. As a result, maintenance procedures are often delayed until a ‘less busy’ time. You must also consider that commercial airlines may have replacement airplanes, whereas private business jet operators don’t.

Here’s why this makes flying private better.

Most operators with elite clientele simply can’t afford for an aircraft to become unserviceable. For that reason, you’ll tend to find that the aircraft are maintained to a much higher standard. 

Quieter Airports

Because of the ability for private jets to land into smaller, more local airports, you can be offered the option of flying to or from somewhere far less busy. Like a quiet road, with fewer cars and traffic, flying is safer from quieter airports.

Less Busy Airspace

When flying private, one often overlooked factor is the airspace in which the aircraft operates. Many private jets cruise far above the normal altitudes of regular commercial traffic. As a result of quieter airspace, the danger presented from other aircraft is significantly reduced.

As an additional bonus, this means that private jets can fly significantly more direct routings, minimizing your journey time.

Virus Concerns

Over the last couple of years, concerns around viruses, particularly COVID-19, have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

When flying private, you are traveling with much fewer people. Furthermore, it is likely that the people you will be traveling with are known to you and may even be part of your own household. 

Perhaps more pertinently, you will not be standing in a packed terminal or queuing for hours on end amongst company you don’t know. Seating in a private jet is more spacious, which ensures you’re both safe and comfortable during your flight.

In addition to our existing risk-averse safety measures, we’ve established COVID Care – an initiative that includes additional safety protocols and procedures to protect against COVID-19.

If you are looking to fly somewhere, and viruses are a concern, private flying is the way to go.

Less Crew Fatigue

When you board a commercial flight, you cannot be certain how many sectors the crew who are ‘safely’ flying you to your destination have flown prior to your leg. It isn’t uncommon for pilots to be on their fourth flight of the day.

Crew fatigue has been cited as a leading cause of many aircraft accidents.

The good news with flying private is that you will have your own dedicated pilot who will be well-rested, and you will be their only customer for the day. Depending on how far you fly, it is likely that your crew will only be flying a single sector, meaning that they are fully prepared for the day ahead. 

High Profile Customers

Private jet operators have it in their interest to offer the safest experience possible. Often, when you take a private flight, you are partaking in an activity that many high-profile individuals use on a regular basis.

These individuals often fly privately precisely because of their high net worth. In the case of some company CEOs and major celebrities, it may even be in their contract that they must fly private when traveling. The reason for this is that there is significantly reduced risk.

FAA Oversight

Smaller airlines and operators are much easier to audit than larger airlines with hundreds of aircraft. The FAA, due to private jet companies’ small size, is even more rigorous in its inspection and approval process.

When flying with a private jet company with FAA approval, you can be absolutely certain that all the mandatory safety checks and procedures have been followed to the letter.

Sun Air Jets, based in California, has a flawless safety record on which we pride ourselves. Chartering our aircraft is one of the safest decisions you can make in air travel. We hold the highest safety registration from the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations and another four audit safety standards from leading bodies in the air charter industry. This includes the Air Charter Safety Foundation, an award currently held by only four operators out of thousands

You can contact Sun Air Jets to make an Enquiry about charter or to discuss any concerns you have before making a booking here. 


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