The Many Benefits of the Global Express Jet

Global Express jet for business aviation

The Global Express was the first of four business jet aircraft models manufactured by Bombardier Aeronautics to contest in the new ultra-long-range vast cabin market. The aircraft occupied the top-end of the Bombardier production area. In October 1991, the first flight took place on October 13, 1996, and Canadian type certification was granted in July 1998.

As the fourth grand corporation of profitable aircraft for airlines until 2018 after Airbus, Embraer, and Boeing, since 2021, Bombardier has been devoted to the manufacturing of business aircraft.

The Bombardier Global Express model is a long-haul private jet. It is one of the most valuable aircraft in the world of private aviation. The aircraft has a vast range allowing it to carry out international flights of nearly 14 hours without stopover, thus enabling you to reach almost any destination in the world.

There are some factors to consider when it comes to business aviation, including speed, comfort, and cost. However, the range is equally important with the most extended range. In Private jets, luckily, the bombardier global express jet will meet all of your needs.

In this article, we’ll examine the many benefits of the Global Express Jet. So let’s dive into it!

Aircraft Cabin

The interior of the Global Express offers noise-reducing cabin insulation and improved engines that produce less vibration for unmatched comfort during transoceanic flights.

The cabin of the Bombardier global is designed with precision to fulfill the travel needs of today’s business executives. Moreover, the global express jet has been designed to enhance passenger productivity on long-haul flights. The global express large jet was also first produced by Bombardier in 1989 and is still in production.

Today, the bombardier global cabin is divided into three zones to give customers more freedom and options. When deciding on floor designs, the cabin is 45.6 feet long, 8.2 feet wide, and 6.25 feet high, with a total capacity of 2236 cubic feet.

The dimensions allow for 12 passengers to be comfortably accommodated with a maximum configuration seating capacity of 17. In addition, if your average piece of luggage is smaller than five cubic feet, the baggage compartment can store up to 28 bags range.

Aircraft Range

The global express has a maximum range subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity of 5,900 miles, and a top speed of 510 miles per hour. It connects some of the world’s most expensive city pairings, including Los Angeles to Dubai, Sydney to Apollo, or Tokyo to San Juan.

The passport engines designed particularly for the global business jet power it up to a maximum speed of match 0.925 with dependable reliability and advanced fuel efficiency. 

Aircraft Design 

A cutting-edge wing design with great wing loading enables the global express jet to deliver the industry’s most comfortable and smoothest flight for a ride quality that is merely unmatched in business aviation.

The global express exterior design and technology are designed to give over the top level of technological advantage. The lodge’s length is 31.2 meters. The width is 2.8 meters, and the tail height is 8.3 meters. Its wingspan is 31.7 meters, and cantered winglets reduce turbulence at the tips of the wings, a fusion of comfort and power.

The global express features a fantastic cabin design tailored with precision to meet the travel need of today’s business chiefs.

Additionally, the global express private jet has been created to maximize passenger productivity on long-distance flights.

Aircraft Internet Connectivity

The Bombardier Global Express is the first business aircraft manufacturer to make ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi services available in-flight globally. It is the first to offer performance commitments for network availability and speed.

The global express jet provides office-like connectivity via aviation’s fastest global in-flight internet connectivity allowing you to video conference, download high bandwidth material, stream high-definition content seamlessly in an interior suite, and stay in touch at all times while flying around the world.

Aircraft Comfort and Privacy

Onboard you may always find solace and privacy. Furthermore, the global express jet provides the most up-to-date exquisite comfort. This private space comes with an unrivaled selection of furnishings, including an aft lavatory with full vanity and a forward lavatory.

The cabin offers a permanently accessible and well-equipped crew rest area that maximizes comfort and privacy on long-haul flights.

Aircraft Safety

The global express has a bombardier version flight deck with adjusted fly-by-wire technology. Bombardier’s proven fly-by-wire system was designed to maximize safety through a balanced architecture that combines control input freedom with the industry’s most comprehensive flight envelope protection.

The Global Express offers unlimited travel options. Its cabin size, range, and speed are more than sufficient for flights anywhere in the world.  

Other private jets cannot compare to the large-scale capabilities of the Global Express.

Aircraft Amenities

The global express cabin has a standard interior configuration entrance, the industry’s most extensive galley with dual convection microwave oven, high-temp oven, sink and faucet, coffee maker and chilled storage, and a lavatory with natural lighting featuring a vanity sink and faucet.

The private crew area is equipped with breathable seat power outlets and a storage wardrobe for passengers and crew members’ items.

Aircraft Suites

The global express has a club suite that contains four padded ergonomically adjustable executive seats, two concealable side tables, detailed side ledges, six ultra-large windows, and large wall-mounted high definition TV.

Its conference suite consists of a four-seat meeting and dining space, a large wall-mounted high-definition TV, a large entertainment cabinet with media storage, and six ultra-large windows.

The global express always prioritizes safety; that’s why it has a private suite. Moreover, it contains a three-place breathable patented ergonomically adjustable executive seat, concealable side table corner, entertainment cabinet, large high definition TV, and six ultra-large windows.

It has tailored suites that define your cabin from many configurations, floor plans, and furnishings. The global express aircraft’s unique design features super large windows and virtually limitless freedom and how each of its three luxurious suites can be featured. This remarkable flexibility also extends to the carefully crafted furnishing options to enhance and personalize each living space.

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