Sun Air Jets Welcomes the King Air 350i Business Turboprop

A King Air 350i aircraft at sun air jets

Sun Air Jets, a leading provider of premium air travel experiences, is proud to announce the latest addition to its esteemed charter fleet, the King Air 350i. This exceptional aircraft sets a new benchmark for short to medium flight performance, further solidifying Sun Air Jet’s commitment to offering unparalleled travel experiences and a variety of options for its distinguished clientele. 

The King Air 350i represents the epitome of sophistication, combining elegant interiors with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance capabilities. With its seamless blend of comfort, style, and versatility, this aircraft promises an unforgettable journey for all passengers. 

Featuring a spacious cabin that comfortably accommodates up to eight passengers and unlimited free domestic WiFi, the King Air 350i ensures a superior travel experience. Crafted in 2019 with meticulous attention to detail, the cabin exudes elegance, boasting premium leather seating, luxurious furnishings, and a serene ambiance thanks to its noise-canceling technology. allows a 

Equipped with Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60A engines, it delivers impressive speed, fuel efficiency, and a remarkable range of over 1,800 nautical miles. This remarkable performance allows travelers to effortlessly reach their destinations, whether a quick regional flight or an extended cross-country journey. Furthermore, the King Air 350i’s ability to access smaller airports and runways provides passengers with enhanced flexibility and convenience. 

“We are thrilled to introduce the King Air 350i to our charter fleet,” said Brian Counsil, President and CEO of Sun Air Jets. “This addition represents our commitment to our close relationships and open line of communication with our clients.  The ability to listen and respond to their needs allows us the opportunity to cater directly to them as we continue to grow.” 

The arrival of this King Air 350 to Sun Air Jet’s charter fleet marks an exciting milestone in the company’s journey towards providing an unparalleled air travel experience.  The King Air 350i epitomizes the perfect balance between comfort and performance, offering a convenient and enjoyable experience. This addition reinforces the company’s dedication to delivering the highest standards of luxury, comfort, and efficiency to its clients. 

About Sun Air Jets:

Sun Air Jets operates one of the safest rated private jet fleets in the nation with a flawless safety record spanning over 20 years. Serving the greater Los Angeles area, Sun Air Jets provides aircraft management, maintenance, private luxury hangars, and private charter jet services on a diverse fleet including Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer, Citation, and Hawker aircraft.

Along with maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry, Sun Air Jets remains dedicated to serving clients with the highest levels of operating expertise and personable client care. With bases located in Van Nuys and Camarillo, California, including a full-service FBO at the company’s KCMA headquarters, Sun Air Jets is a fully certified Part 145 repair station and 135 charter operator. To learn more about Sun Air Jets, visit

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