5 Best Places to Travel in June

Bora Bora huts in ocean - one of the best places to travel in june

It is time to find the best places to travel in June. As the first month of summer, this is the time of year when many people transition from work mode to vacation mode. The weather is warm and welcoming, the kids are out of school, and the private jets are just waiting to reach the sky. 

The world is full of new adventures. Where will your summer travel take you? Don’t miss out on the best places to travel in June. 

Best Places to Travel in June

Rumor has it that visiting new places can come with a few benefits. For instance, new destinations are exciting, allow you to engage with others from a new place and new culture, force you out of your comfort zone, and give your mental health a boost. 

In other words, spice up your summer vacation by visiting a destination you have never been to. Here are the five best places to travel in June. 

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

In June, Bora Bora is full of serene sunny days that are clear and calm. This makes it a perfect time to visit the island located in the waters of the South Pacific. Teal waters, sandy beaches, and perfect temperatures are what you will find.  

Have you ever seen the beautiful images of bungalows floating above the ocean? Bora Bora is known for this. Indulge yourself this summer with luxurious resorts, snorkeling among the coral gardens, or lounging by the water. You are sure to feel fully rejuvenated by the time you head home. 

2. Byron Bay, Australia

Looking to relax in the outback? Byron Bay is the perfect place to unwind in June. Located on the far-north coast of NSW, Australia, you will find this to be a gem of a coastal town. It has become a lifestyle destination with many seeking various spiritual and wellness retreats.

Byron Bay is home to amazing dining and shopping experiences, as well as outdoor adventures. Located along the coast, the beaches are always a joy. There are rainforests found here, too, that are definitely worth exploring. 

Byron Bay is one of the best places to visit in June for anyone looking for a vibrant and unforgettable getaway.

3. Trinidad and Tobago

Two sister islands located in the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago are always fun to visit – especially in June. 

Beaches, mangroves, swamps, plains, hills, and forests all make Trinidad a breathtaking place to visit. While you will find all of this in Trinidad, you will also find that this island has the city center and urbanized fun. Tobago, on the other hand, is more laid-back and peaceful. Both are a must-see. 

Do you hear the sounds of Caribbean calypso and soca music calling you? Awaken all your senses in Trinidad and Tobago. 

4. Cape Cod

Interested in staying a little closer to home? Cape Cod, an island in New England, becomes alive in June. Everyone is waking from the cold months and soaking up the sun’s bright, warm rays. 

The beaches are beautiful and the water is cool in comparison to the hot sun. There are delicious places to dine, coffee shops to enjoy, bike rides to take, and artisan shops to explore. A visit to Cape Cod feels like a refreshing escape. 

Perhaps the best part is that the heavy crowds don’t pack the island until the end of June and well into July. 

5. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico is another great summer destination along the water. Beautiful, white sandy beaches lined with resorts up and down the coast. This area caters to tourists that come all year round. 

June is the beginning of hurricane season – before the waters are too active. This is when you will find the temperatures are perfect and the crowds are minimal. You can enjoy all the water adventures, shopping, dining, and nightlife without missing a beat. 

Cancun must be on your list of best places to travel in June. 


Which country is best to visit in June 2023? 

For those looking to get out and explore in June 2023, the best country to visit in Bali, Indonesia. A few follow-ups to consider include Cancun, Mexico; Vietnam; and Quebec, Canada. Don’t dismiss all the fun summer destination spots in the U.S., too. 

What are the riskiest places to visit in 2023?

To avoid potential harm and unnecessary risk, there are a few places you will want to avoid in 2023. These include Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Mali, and Iraq. Just to be safe, consider removing these destinations from your summer travel list. 

What countries have the best weather in June? 

Both Alaska and Canada are great options if you are looking for the best weather in June. Their days are long and extended and their temperatures are very mild. Australia is a great spot to vacation during this time of year, as well due to it being their dry season. 

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The world is full of destinations for you to explore. Now that you know the best places to travel in June, where will you go? Bora Bora? Trinidad and Tobago? Maybe Cape Cod? Do your research and choose a destination that will give you exactly what you are looking for in your summer vacation.

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