The Best Summer Getaways Accessible by Private Jet

Jamaica island, Montego Bay - one of the best summer getaways

As the tantalizing heat of summer begins to tease our senses, a sense of wanderlust often follows, enticing us to escape our daily routines and embark on adventures in new and exotic locales.

Now, imagine adding an extra dash of luxury to your summer travel plans by chartering your very own private jet. Welcome to the world of bespoke travel, where the journey is just as sumptuous as the destination.

Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the best summer getaways accessible by private jet.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an area of breathtaking views that is just as perfect to visit in the summer as it is in winter. And when you get here, it is all about outdoor adventure.

While here, you will be able to visit not one, but two well-known national parks, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton. On your explorations, you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, whitewater or river rafting, biking, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or camping. You can also get up close and personal with wildlife in the area, too, such as grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, bald eagles, gray wolves, bison, black bears, elk, and more.

Let’s not overlook the dining and shopping experiences while you are here, too.

A visit to Jackson Hole this summer will be a wild adventure to fill your memory bank.

Mallorca, Spain

Summertime is, by far, the best time to visit Mallorca, located in Spain’s Balearic Islands. This is when the city comes alive. The beaches are filled with good times and the nightlife is happening. Good vibes to be had, for sure.

Live theatrical performances, concerts, festivals, and other cultural events are usually scheduled during this time of year – so something is almost always going on. And there are creative classes so that you can tap into your own artsy side.

Explore the outdoors in Mallorca, visit wineries, dine at some extraordinary restaurants, shop at some designer stores, visit museums and art galleries, or spend a day at the spa. There are so many hidden gems throughout the islands – especially the architecture.

Mallorca has a lot to take in so be sure to plan your time accordingly.

Ischia, Italy

If you have ever thought about making Ischia your summer vacation destination, now is your time. This place is calling your name.

An island located off the southern coast of Italy, Ischia is rich in fresh seafood and various Italian delectables. Just because they are located off the coast does not mean they lack in this department.

The weather here in summer is always sunny and always beautiful. It allows for so much time spent exploring the island, hanging out at the beach, and taking in the hot springs.

This may be one of the most laid-back, relaxing getaway spots on the list so far.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Anytime is a great time in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Located in the Caribbean, this island is surrounded by beauty and waterfalls. But since you aren’t just going to sit there and look out over the horizon (though, you could), you should know that there is so much to do here that there is sure to be something for everyone in your party. A few of the most popular things to do are:

  • A four-wheeler experience – including a jungle ride
  • Bamboo rafting
  • Ziplining
  • Jet skiing
  • Horseback riding
  • Catamaran cruises
  • Snorkeling

While here, get cozy with the locals and find out where to find the best beaches and the best food. They will welcome you with open arms into their communities and culture.

The best part about Montego? You don’t just have to stay in Montego. You can travel throughout the island and visit other areas, too. Claim your Jamaican adventure.

Banff, Canada

Ready to surround yourself in pure bliss? Visit Banff. It is that simple. This remote area in Canada is engulfed in the magnificence that is found in Banff National Park. From the surrounding mountains to the amazing colors of Lake Louise – and everything in between – you will be in awe.

Go canyoning. Learn how to fly fish. Take a gondola ride. Take a scenic drive on Icefields Parkway with an audio driving tour. Look up at the stars after sunset. Go horseback riding. Take a Lake Minnewanka cruise.

There is nothing that you won’t love about a trip to Banff.


Have you ever heard of Anguilla? This tiny island near Saint Martin is located in the Eastern Caribbean. It is a great destination for the entire family or for a romantic getaway.

This remote island is a bit of an escape. There are no cruise ships or large groups of tourists here, though they do have their fair share of visitors. So if avoiding crowds and making the most of your time away is what you are after (i.e. leaving the hustle and bustle behind), then this could be a great choice. There is no busy downtown with high-rise buildings nor the latest fashion in huge shopping districts. They don’t even have a movie theater on the island!

Instead, you will find peaceful surroundings and quiet waters. And you will get to enjoy the following:

  • White sandy beaches – it’s an island so there is a lot to choose from
  • Going snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Enjoying dancing, music, and adult beverages at all the local nightlife hotspots
  • Exploring Fountain Cavern National Park – a top archaeological site
  • Treating yourself at a spa

Visiting Anguilla will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as you fly back home.

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