How to Charter a Private Jet: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to charter a private jet

Today’s travelers are realizing that the experience of getting there matters just as much as the destination. For that reason, more and more are taking an interest in private travel.  

So, if you have found yourself here, that must mean you have decided that you are going to go for it — you are going to charter a private jet for the first time. While you should be patting yourself on the back for all the luxurious amenities you are about to surround yourself with, it is understandable if you are standing there scratching your head. 

Where do you even start?
How do you charter a private jet? 

Questions such as these have confused many a traveler who has decided to indulge in the epitome of luxury travel by chartering a private jet. 

To help you see just how easy it is to go wheels up, here is the step-by-step guide you have been waiting for. 

Step One: Organize the Basic Details of Your Travel

Before you can book your charter, it is always a good idea to know when and where you’d like to travel. The reason for this is that choosing a private jet is going to be based on these details. For instance, you want to ensure that the jet will be able to travel from your starting point to your destination without having to stop to refuel. Also, if you choose to travel to a smaller airport, you want to make sure that it will be able to accommodate the jet. 

When you go to secure your charter, you are sure to be asked where you are headed – and when. Iron out these basic details and then move on to step two. 

Step Two: Choosing the Right Private Jet

When you travel privately, you have a wide selection of private jets you can charter. When have you ever been able to do that in commercial travel? Having a jet that will specifically meet your needs is just another way private travel enhances the overall experience. 

Because this may be your first time to charter a private jet, you will likely want to speak with a representative for the charter company to make sure that you are choosing a jet that will give you what you are looking for. 

Consider these key factors: 

  • The number of travelers. How many people you are bringing with you will play a significant role in the private jet you charter. Each one is designed to comfortably seat a certain number of passengers, so you must choose the right one. 
  • The distance you are traveling. Remember, unless you want to stop to refuel, you want to charter a jet that will easily get you to your destination with ease. 
  • Your baggage. Most private jets are very accommodating with luggage. If you are taking more than normal or large, odd-shaped items, you need to make sure they will fit on the jet. 

Addressing each of these things before you book your private jet charter can help you to avoid any issues when it comes time to depart. Again, always consider speaking to a representative from your chosen charter company for expert insight. 

Step Three: Find Your Preferred Charter Company

Your charter team plays a very big role in your overall private travel experience — which is why finding your preferred charter company is so important. Never, ever settle. 

Find a company that can offer you the following: 

  • A flight crew with a high level of training and experience
  • Top-level security and safety measures, both on the ground and in the air
  • Personalized treatment 
  • A comfortable, easy experience
  • Many amenities to offer

Most importantly find a charter team that listens and is responsive to your needs and requests. This is sure to make a huge difference in bringing together your travel arrangements. 

Step Four: Obtain a Charter Quote

Next up, obtain a charter quote. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned private jet traveler or this is your first time, everyone will reach out for this quote. 

You will need to provide the basic information we discussed above, such as where you will be traveling to, the dates of your travel, how many passengers you have, and so forth. 

Once provided, the charter team will go to work putting together the most incredible experience. They may ask you about any specific details for your trip, such as whether or not you want a catered meal, require special amenities, inflight entertainment and connectivity, and the like. 

All of this will help them to narrow down the perfect aircraft for your flight. 

Most jets come equipped with a lot of amenities, but the charter team wants to ensure you have the best possible experience and may take it a step further to add some personal touches along the way. 

Step Five: Book Your Trip

When everything is ironed out and you have your quote and ideal private jet selected, it is time to finalize and book your trip. And this means paying for it so that you may secure your travel arrangements. 

Always make sure all the details are correct and then book it. 

Charter a Private Jet with Sun Air Jets

If you have been on a quest for the ideal charter company with a high safety record and a high level of customer satisfaction, then you can stop looking. At Sun Air Jets, we have those things and more. 

Our charter team is one of the best in the industry, providing our travelers with quotes and getting them in the sky without any issues. They ensure that they have everything they need to create an unforgettable travel experience. 

Are you interested in seeing what charter flights are all about? Simply give us a call or fill out our online form and we will reach out to you right away. We want to get to know exactly what it is you are looking for so that your charter experience surpasses your expectations. 

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