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The Versatility of Sun Air Jets Private Fleet

When looking for a private jet charter company, you can’t just choose the first one you come across. Rather,  you need to do your due diligence and find one that has a lot to offer. In other words, one that can meet your needs, whether for corporate or personal use – no matter what it is. 

By looking at their private fleet, you can get an idea of how well they will accommodate you today, tomorrow, and in the future. 

As you build and nurture your relationship with the company that handles your travel needs, take the time to learn about their fleet so you can rest easy knowing that you will be taken care of. 

At Sun Air Jets, we offer a wide range of private jets and features to meet the needs of every flight you take. This includes turboprops, very light jets, light jets, midsize jets, super–midsize jets, heavy jets, luxury private jets, executive jets, and business jets. 

The Need for Versatility

Private travel needs can change based on the trip. From one flight to the next, there could be different requests, a different number of travelers, different amenities required, and so forth. Versatility is key in making sure that the company you choose to do business with has everything you need to meet your travel needs. 

Imagine planning a beautiful getaway and you gather up your family and your luggage and you are waiting outside for the limo you ordered – and a smart car pulls up. It was the only thing available when you needed a ride. Now what? The same situation can arise when chartering a jet if you aren’t careful.  

Even if you are the only one going up in the air, you may have special tasks that need to get done – such as handling some work while in the sky. Therefore, you need to know that there will be a jet to accommodate you. Or, if, by chance, you decide to bring along your entire department for a corporate retreat, then you need to know that there will be a jet large enough to accommodate you then, too. 

Once you establish your relationship with your charter company, you want to know that you can always count on them. So it is important that their private fleet can meet the demand you bring. This is precisely why versatility is key. 

Sun Air Jets Charter Fleet

When you turn to Sun Air Jets for your charter needs, the different types of private jets you have access to are incredible. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are not always needed for everyday travel, but the need does arise. And, when it does, you know where to find one in a private fleet. Depending on the jet, they can accommodate up to 18 passengers and fly large distances without stopping. This is perfect for those traveling across the country, transatlantic or transoceanic. You can get up and move around easily, and there is plenty of space for stored luggage. 

Getting some much-needed sleep on a long flight is not a big deal either when you can fold down the seats and stretch out to sleep. Some even find this quite comfortable – and very beneficial in avoiding jet lag. 

Long-Range Heavy Jets

Looking for a jet that can accommodate several passengers and travel comfortably internationally? Then a jet such as the Challenger 605 is exactly what you need – though there are many others to choose from, too. 

Depending on the type of jet, it can reach a maximum flight distance of nearly 12 hours or 6,000 miles. That makes it comfortable for traveling nearly anywhere in the world. You will find a full galley where you can enjoy meals or have them catered, as well as refreshments – as well as a full lavatory, too. You will also have a flight attendant onboard. 

Super-Midsize Jets

Super-midsize jets hold about 8 to 10 passengers comfortably, depending on the jet, of course. And they don’t require you to skimp on luggage either, which is always a plus. These jets also have a galley and lavatory, including space to move around. 

Enjoy luxurious accommodations as you travel nonstop domestically.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets are some of the most commonly used private jets. Don’t be surprised if a charter fleet is made up of quite a few options for this type. They can get you to and from a destination within the U.S. mainland. 

While onboard, you will find all types of amenities, such as a galley, lavatory, and a decent size baggage space. They are not as large and extravagant as you may find on the super mids or the heavy jets, but they are perfect for the traveling you will do on board the midsize. 

Light Jets

For those looking to get from one location to the next quickly – light jets can help. They are small, light, and perfect for staying within about a 1,400-mile range. Of course, the actual distance they can go will vary based on the specific jet. 

It is common for light jets to hold about 6 to 8 people. They don’t always have enclosed lavatories onboard, but it is more common than not – which many passengers appreciate. You won’t find a full galley on board, but you may still find some refreshments to enjoy. 

Due to the small capacity and short travel distance, flight attendants will be on board a light jet. 

Very Light Jets

These are the smallest jets available, usually having one pilot and about 4 passengers or so. They can travel easily throughout the U.S. and access many of the smallest airports. You are not likely to find an enclosed lavatory or a galley on this jet – but the seats are comfortable and it is private and convenient. 

A private fleet for you? At Sun Air Jets, we have a private jet for everyone. Combined with a history of excellence, we are your world-class charter company. 

Private Jets

Fly Private with The Gulfstream G200 Jet

Any time you fly private, you get the opportunity to have an incredible flight experience. Not only are the different types of aircraft full of comfortable accommodations, but the entire travel experience itself is fantastic. While there are many private jets to choose from, flying private with the Gulfstream G200 means you are in for a special treat. Let’s look at all it offers so you can decide if it is the right choice for you the next time you book your flight. 

What to Expect From The Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 is a high-end jet with a reputation for being a great asset. And many even argue that it is the best Gulfstream jet ever designed. It is an excellent combination of luxury and ability. It has been used for many years as a corporate, private, and charter jet. Many travelers have benefitted from all it has to offer. 

This well-designed jet allows you to experience a wide range of destinations. For instance, you could fly from Camarillo’s FBO near Los Angeles to Boston, MAJuneau, AK; New York City, NY; Kauai, HI; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and even visit Mickey Mouse in Orlando. 

Are you interested in going international? The Gulfstream G200 can get you from LA to Bogota, Colombia; Calgary, Canada; Kingston, Jamaica; Panama City, Panama – and throughout Mexico

Inside the Gulfstream G200 Jet

Now that you know more about Gulfstream G200, let’s talk about what you want to know. What is it like inside this private jet? Will you get whisked away into incredibly plush surroundings? Will you get to enjoy the perfect amount of comfort and privacy? Or will you be thoroughly disappointed? Alright, so we know that it isn’t the latter. So, here’s everything about the Gulfstream G200 interior

High-End Amenities

When people fly private, they expect to have top-tier amenities. What will you find on the Gulfstream G200? Enough to make your flight thoroughly enjoyable. For example, you will have a flight attendant on board to ensure you have everything you need to make your flight a success. You will also have two large LCD bulkhead monitors and an Airshow 4000 DVD/CD combo. You can watch a movie, listen to music, and even sing or dance like no one is watching – because they aren’t! It is a private jet, remember?

Premier Galley Services

Are you feeling hungry? The G200 has you covered with a full-service forward galley. It has a microwave oven and a coffee maker, too. You may have a catered meal on board, refreshments, and snacks based on your requests. You will want to talk this over when you book your flight so that you have everything you need. After all, doesn’t popcorn and a movie sound like an excellent way to pass the time on a flight? 

Comfortable Workspace Options

This jet comfortably seats ten passengers. Climb on in, and you will see soft carpeting covering the floor with chairs and a couch, each lining the sides of the aircraft along the beautiful windows. These seating options are very comfortable and can provide passengers with a wide range of configurations. 

For those who have to forego the movie to get work done, two roomy tables offer you plenty of space to pull out the laptop, files, and more. And thanks to the in-flight connectivity using complimentary domestic WiFi, you don’t have to worry about not being in touch with your office. What’s more – there are outlets to charge your devices, so you always have a way to communicate. Of course, we must mention that an aft lavatory is also provided – and often welcomed – for convenience. 

Why Fly Private? 

There are so many reasons to fly private, whether you are doing so for business or pleasure. 

  • Flexible. You can choose when and where you’d like to travel. There are no pre-set flights where you have to determine the best option. 
  • Save time. You can show up 20 minutes before your flight and step right on without the need to stand in line for hours at a TSA security checkpoint. 
  • Luxury. It will be nothing short of a luxurious experience. 
  • Private. No longer will you have to sit next to hundreds of strangers. This flight is for you – and your passengers. No one else. 
  • Safety. When you travel via a private jet, your level of safety and security is unmatched. You will have the best team looking out for the health of the jet and the best flight crew to get you to your destination confidently. 

When you decide to fly private, there are a few things you need to know to make sure you get on the most suitable aircraft. Is the Gulfstream G200 right for your travel needs? 

You will need to consider the number of passengers that will be traveling with you, the distance you will fly, and any exceptional amenities you need your jet to have. After all, you want to be comfortable without making unnecessary stops to refuel. Is the Gulfstream G200 the right option for you? The extraordinary experts at Sun Air Jets will be able to help guide you with all the details of your journey. 

Private Jets

Fly in Luxury and Comfort With the Citation X Interior

There are so many private jets in the sky at any time. All different sizes with different luxuries place a big decision in the hands of travelers who are looking to book a charter. And an even more significant decision for those looking to purchase their private jet. One of the best options on the market is the Cessna Citation X. The Citation X interior offers the luxury and comfort of all the high-end jets.

Knowing a few of the most widely-sought options is a great way to understand what is available – and what may interest you. For instance, if you are traveling with a group of 6, you need a jet that can comfortably handle everyone at your party. Or, if you intend to fly at night and want to sleep through it, you will need enough beds to accommodate everyone. Today, let’s take a look at the Citation X interior. Will it be everything you ever imagined? Will it define luxury private travel? Let’s find out! 

Overview of Citation X

Citation X is a business jet Cessna produced to boost the company’s image. At the time, they had been around for years but needed to have the class that other private jet companies did. To change that, they went all in when creating Citation X. Today, Citation X is one of the most popular jets in the sky. 

Below are a few of its specs

  • Passengers: 8
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Year of Model: 2000
  • Year of Refurbishment: 2018
  • Range: 3100 NM
  • Baggage Capacity: 54 cubic feet
  • Cabin Width: 5.6′
  • Cabin Height: 5.7′
  • Cabin Length: 23.5′

This incredibly private jet has some speed behind it, too. The Citation X can make it from one coast to the other up to 35 minutes faster than other jets. So if you are looking for a jet that will quickly get you where you want to go, you’ve found it. 

Inside The Citation X Interior

So, what will you find once you step onboard the Citation X? To say luxury and comfort feels like an understatement. The interior of this jet was designed with a passenger in mind. It is made to feel relaxing and roomy – as well as functional. It is the perfect travel space for those who:

  • They would like to use their time in the sky to get work done
  • Are you interested in getting some sleep while on a flight
  • Want to watch a movie or binge-watch the latest trending show
  • want to talk and hang out with other passengers – with or without some refreshments. 

The galley on Citation X is located on the front (forward) of the jet and contains a coffee dispenser, microwave oven, and refreshment area. While you may not be able to cook a meal on this jet, you can still enjoy one. Remember that when you travel on a private jet charter, you can ask for your favorite foods to be on board – including foods from local caterers or preferred restaurants. 

One lavatory is on board, located in the jet’s rear (aft) area. This is always a bonus, especially if traveling across the country. As for in-flight entertainment, numerous amenities are offered to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Each jet has a DVD/CD entertainment system, a full-screen LCD monitor, two power outlets, and more. You can watch a movie, charge and use your devices, and have fun while traveling. Whatever you need or want to do while between destinations, Citation X provides you with the resources you need. 

And if you’d like to relax in comfortable surroundings and look out the window at the blue sky and clouds surrounding you, you can do that, too. Watch out – trying to kick back and relax on this peaceful flight may cause your eyes to close. Of course, thanks to complimentary domestic WiFi and an Aircell Iridium flight phone, you are never out of touch with those still on the ground. 

Citation X vs. Competitors

You know you have choices when it comes to your destination. But, there are many advantages to choosing private travel through using a Citation X jet over all the other travel options. Aside from other options that don’t involve air travel, you can also fly commercial airliners or any other type of private jet. 

A few advantages of Citation X include the following:

  • Flexible flight travel with no pre-set flight patterns
  • Luxurious, private surroundings 
  • Ability to land closer to your destination thanks to private airports
  • You can bring your dog along for the ride – in the cabin with you
  • No connecting flights or layovers are necessary, rather always a straight-through flight
  • Comfortable FBOs that make private travel on the ground as grand as in the sky
  • No long lines or early check-ins are required – arrive 20 minutes before your flight

Private travel on Citation X is comfortable and luxurious with many perks. You will feel free without worrying about getting stuck in long lines at TSA checkpoints and potentially missing your flight or sitting around the gate waiting to board. Combined with the comfort and luxury you get on the flight – you will indeed have a memorable experience. 

Charter with Sun Air Jets

We could only move on by mentioning just how important the charter company is to the experience. At Sun Air Jets, our Citation X jets are maintained and cared for with the utmost skill and dedication. 

Our team works with you to give you more than just a flight – we give you an experience. We are committed to your safety and security while providing world-class service and only the best amenities. Whether you are traveling locally in California, across the nation, or the world, we are here to take care of every detail. 

Private Jets

What You Need To Know About The Global Express Aircraft

Traveling via a private jet is a unique experience, each providing you with a comfortable way to get from one destination to the next. All may have luxurious amenities and security, but each aircraft is different – and each has something different to offer. This brings us to the Global Express aircraft. Have you heard of it? Let’s talk about it. 

You can always count on a memorable flight from very light jets to jumbo jets. But let’s be honest – there are a lot of jets to choose from when it comes to booking a charter. Knowing what is available and what it has for you is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your travels. 

The Global Express Aircraft: All the Details

Known as a heavy or business jet, the Global Express aircraft is a little bigger than many other private aircraft, making it an excellent option for air travel from one destination to another – especially when traveling with others or looking for extra space on board. 

Let’s take a closer look at all the specs: 

  • Passengers: Up to 12 passengers
  • Sleeps: Up to 6 persons
  • Year of Manufacture: 2003
  • Year of Refurbishment: 2021
  • Range: 6000 NM / 12 Hours
  • Baggage Capacity: 195 cubic feet
  • Domestic & International WiFi: Yes, of course
  • Lavatory: 2
  • Cabin Width: 8.2’
  • Cabin Height: 6.3’
  • Cabin Length: 48.4’

Despite its size, it can still take off easily at private airports and FBOs worldwide. And, as its name suggests, the Global Express has no problem traveling to faraway international destinations. Travel from Camarillo to London, New York to Dubai, Miami to Tokyo, and everywhere. 

Stepping Inside the Global Express Aircraft

You will likely find the wide-open space welcoming inside the Global Express aircraft. Movement doesn’t feel restricted, either, with most people being able to stand upright without any issues. 

The comfortable, soft chairs throughout the space can quickly turn into beds for those ready to get some shut-eye – and cut down on jet lag – while they travel. 

A few entertainment amenities you will find inside the walls of the Global Express include: 

  • A Honeywell Ovation Cabin Entertainment System
  • Three large LED monitors
  • Two 21-inch and one 17-inch monitors
  • Four personal monitors
  • USB charging power outlets at each seat to keep your devices charged

Are you looking to stay connected? You can do so quickly, thanks to JetConnex Ka-band Satellite WiFi, international WiFi, and Gogo Vision 360 entertainment. 

As for the galley, you will find the following features: 

  • A full galley 
  • A high-temperature oven
  • Microwave oven
  • Coffee maker

If there are any particular foods you would like or catering options you’d prefer, this can be easily handled by the flight crew thanks to the full galley. Make these requests when you book, so there is time to get them on the jet for your flight. 

The Global Express aircraft will often come stocked with refreshments and snacks. And depending on the length of the flight, you will likely have a meal served, too. This full galley helps in making sure that the meal is fresh. 

Two lavatories are on board this heavy jet aircraft, one aft and one forward. The aft lavatory comes with a full vanity. 

Perks of Flying on a Private Jet 

So what are the perks of flying on a private jet like the Global Express aircraft? Oh, the list is long. While we won’t get into all the exciting details about this type of travel, we will share a few of the biggest perks.  

Time-Saving Convenience

You save a lot of time when you fly on a private jet vs. commercial air travel. There is no time spent sitting in long TSA security checkpoint lines, nor do you have to arrive at the airport two to three hours before your flight time. You arrive about 15 to 20 minutes before takeoff, board, and get comfortable. That’s it. 

Booking Flexibility

You don’t have to stick to predetermined flight plans when you travel privately on the Global Express aircraft. You instead get to choose your flight time so that it is most convenient for you. Your schedule dictates the travel times. And if you are running a few minutes late? That’s ok – call ahead. You are, after all, the passenger. 

Enhanced Safety

When you travel on a private jet, you can benefit from the professionals that care for it. A reputable charter company will employ only the best in caring for the jet’s routine maintenance and regular repairs from trained airplane maintenance technicians certified by the FAA. Further, trained pilots and flight crew make safety a top priority. 

And, because COVID is still around, you can feel confident that the jet is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between use. Not being enclosed on a commercial flight with a bunch of strangers also cuts down on your risk. 

Numerous Jet Options

Finally, when you book your private jet accommodations, you can choose the type of jet you want to fly. Global Express may be the best option if you bring a few passengers and want extra space. Consider a smaller aircraft if you have fewer travelers or just yourself. The experts who help you book your flight will be able to guide you in the best direction. 

Global Express Aircraft Final Thoughts

Are you thinking about heading out to an incredible destination this holiday season? Well, we could continue to go on and on about why flying private far exceeds other air travel options – and while one aircraft may be better than another. But you should book a flight on the Global Express aircraft and see for yourself. We guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience. 

Private Jets

Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Private

Congratulations on deciding to fly private. Your decision means you are in for an incredible, luxurious flying experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced before in air travel. Of course, it also means that you probably have many questions. 

Relax. Traveling on a private jet is much different than your typical commercial air travel – which can be scary. But we’ve got you covered. We understand that you have questions, so we’ve got the answers. That way, when it comes time to soar in the friendly skies, you will know just what to expect and can enjoy the experience. 

Will I Have to Travel Through a Major Airport?

When you travel on a private jet, you often do so through smaller, private airports known as FBOs. These are often much less congested – with traffic and people – making them a much more convenient and pleasant experience. 

You can permanently part and walk into the FBO, but you can usually drive right up to your private jet when it is time for your flight. Pretty convenient, right? 

Should you go inside the airport or arrive a little early, you will be pleasantly surprised to see comfortable seating, lounge areas, refreshments, and many other amenities. 

How Early Do I Need to Arrive For My Flight?

You may be used to arriving for your commercial flight at least two hours in advance. Maybe even three if you travel internationally. If so, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you don’t have to show up all that early for your private jet charter. 

You should arrive up to 20 minutes before your scheduled flight. This will allow a few minutes to get things in order, such as handling your baggage, performing final checks, etc. 

You will have some flexibility when arriving for your flight – after all, you are the only passenger. But your crew will be waiting for you, so you want to be considerate. Plus, you may have someone else waiting to take a flight on your jet in your destination city. 

If you do find yourself running behind schedule, be sure to call and let someone know. Keep in mind that you may face additional charges after a specific time. 

How is the Inside of the Cabin Different From a Commercial Airliner?

When you step on board a commercial airliner, you see nothing but a narrow aisle and a ton of seats. You have one assigned seat and sit elbow to elbow with the stranger. The amenities you get on board are often minimal at best. 

This is not the case when you climb on board a private jet. 

First, there are no assigned seats. Just seats, and comfortable ones, at that. They are often arranged club style, where they are facing one another. Some have a couch, as well. And these seats may even lay flat or turn into a bed. 

You often get amenities like a complete vanity lavatory, wi-fi, power outlets, entertainment systems, and more. Forget the small tray tables, as you will find large fold-out tables on private jets. This makes it much easier to dine, get some work done, or play a game with those traveling with you. 

The best part is that it is private. You don’t have hundreds of other passengers traveling with you. It is your space while you are in the sky – and you can enjoy it how you wish.

How Do I Know What Size Jet I Need For Flying Private?

A few factors go into determining the size jet you need. There are jets of all sizes that hold different numbers of passengers as well as travel various distances. Speaking to the experts is always a good idea to determine which is best for your travel plans. 

Considering where you are traveling, who you are traveling with, the weather conditions, the amount of baggage, what you intend to do onboard your flight, and so on can help narrow down the best choice. 

Will I Be Served a Meal?

Catered meals are generally not provided unless requested. And you usually have a thorough menu from which to order should you decide to dine while in flight. Ordering from local restaurants is often possible, too.

Some flights will have refreshments and snacks on board for your convenience. If this is something important to you, be sure to request it. 

Can My Pet Go OnBoard With Me?

Of course, your pet can come with you! Make it known when booking that you are bringing your pet so you can get on a pet-friendly private jet. Unlike commercial airlines, you may be able to let your pet roam free within the cabin. 

It is important to note that you may incur a pet fee for this flight – though this is not always the case. 

Should I Expect Any Additional Costs While Flying?

Your initial quote is for the flight itself without any extras. It includes the jet, the crew, the field, insurance or airport fees, taxes, and so on. But don’t be surprised, as you may encounter costs that were not part of your initial quote. Often these come with unforeseen circumstances, such as fees associated with weather issues, such as de-icing, inflight phone charges, meal catering, etc. 

As for tipping, it is not expected or required, but pilots and flight crew always appreciate it. 

Flying Private With Sun Air Jets

With Sun Air Jets, you get world-class treatment. From when you book your trip until we both say goodbye, Sun Air Jets will take care of you at every step. We want this to be the most enjoyable air travel experience ever. 

If you have questions about flying that were not answered above, feel free to ask us.

Private Jets

The Comfort and Tranquility of the Hawker 800XP Jet

So you and your family have decided that it is time to take a vacation. It has been quite a while since your last one, so you know this one has to be good. You have spent countless hours scouring websites and talking to others, trying to find the best destination. And you have finally nailed it down. There is just one small problem. How are you going to get there? The Hawker 800XP Jet might just be the answer.

You know you want to travel via a private jet. After all, you are treating your family since this vacation is memorable. But how do you know what private jet is the best option? You’ve heard a lot about the comfort and tranquility of the Hawker 800XP – but is it suitable for your needs? 

Below you will find everything you ever wanted to know about the Hawker 800XP and maybe even a few things you didn’t. 

The Specs of the Hawker 800XP Jet

Knowing the specs of the private jet charter you are considering is always an excellent way to get a feel for its size and ability. Some of the information may be too technical for what you are looking for – and that’s fine. But we said we would give you all the details, including the specs. So, here it goes. 

  • Passengers: 8
  • Year of Manufacture: 1997
  • Year of Refurbishment: 2018
  • Range: 2650 NM / 5.5 Hours
  • Baggage Capacity: 48 cubic feet
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Lavatory: 1
  • Cabin Width: 6.0′
  • Cabin Height: 5.8′
  • Cabin Length: 21.3′

This small private jet can easily take off and land at the smallest airports. For you, that means you can get as close as possible to your destination by taking advantage of smaller, private airports

It also means that you can determine whether this jet will get you where you need to go. This midsize jet won’t get you from New York to London, but it can quickly get you from New York to Los Angeles

Wonder what it looks like on the inside? 

What’s On the Inside of a Hawker 800XP?

When you step onto a Hawker 800XP, you can exhale. The jet is bright, relatively roomy, and full of luxuriously comfortable seating: reclining chairs, a couch, a galley, a lavatory with full vanity, and more. You will find that whether you want to sleep, play games, get some work done, or enjoy some entertainment – you will have the perfect space in this jet. 

More specifically, inside, you will enjoy access to: 

  • Complimentary domestic WiFi
  • Forward refreshment area
  • Microwave oven
  • Coffee maker
  • DVD / CD entertainment system
  • Airshow 400 with 17-inch viewing monitor
  • Aircell Iridium flight phone
  • Three power outlets

As you can tell, in your very private accommodations, you have the capability of remaining connected if you want to. If traveling with family – including kids – they will have plenty of room to roam and can be entertained with iPads, phones, music, or streaming on the t.v. Screen. 

You are sure to find that the inside of the Hawker 800XP will give you an incredible private jet experience. 

Perks of Private Travel

If you are new to the world of private travel, then you must understand why it is such a great option. Sure, it comes with status and glamor, but it also comes with a lot of comfort and convenience. Let these perks seal the deal if you are on the fence about booking your private jet charter on a Hawker 800XP. 

Time-Saving Travel

When you travel via a private jet, you don’t have to worry about waiting in long TSA checkpoint lines, nor do you have to worry about layovers or connecting flights. You show up when it is time to fly – not two or three hours beforehand – and you board your jet. It is that simple. 

Flight Flexibility

You can make the most of your vacation by choosing your travel times. There are no set flight times or patterns that you have to follow. If you want to leave after the kids leave school, book your flight for that time if you’re going to come home at night so you can spend the entire last day at your destination, no problem! You are the passenger, so you have a say when traveling. 

Increased Safety Standards

Many licenses and certifications must be maintained through the FAA concerning private jet charters. Jets are held routinely and kept in the best mechanical conditions through regular jet maintenance. And the pilots are highly-trained and undergo routine training to ensure their skills remain fresh and sharp. 

You Choose Your Jet

While there are still many more perks of flying private, the last one we will touch on today is that you get to choose your spray. The Hawker 800XP is an excellent option for personal travel, but it is not the only one. When you choose to fly via a charter, you have the chance to select your jet. The Hawker jet may be perfect this time, but you may need something bigger or smaller next time. You’ve got choices. 

Hawker 800XP Jet Charter at Sun Air Jets

You may have some questions now that you know all about the Hawker 800XP, including how tranquil and comfortable it is. Maybe you’d like to learn more about it, or perhaps you want to know how to book it for your trip. 

The best step you can take is to talk to the experts at Sun Air Jets to confirm the Hawker 800XP is a perfect choice based on your number of passengers and your destination. All the questions you may have about this plane will be answered, and you can pack your bags confident that you have a chartered jet to get you where you need to go. 

Your trip is calling your name – so, what are you waiting for? Book your Hawker 800XP charter today!

Private Jets

The Luxury and Comfort of the Challenger 605 Jet

Are you thinking about chartering a private jet and considering a Challenger 605? It’s no surprise since this jet has a lot to offer. But knowing whether a particular private plane is suitable for you often requires digging a little deeper. 

There are many things to consider when looking for a private jet. One of the main things is a jet that can get you where you want to go without having too many extra stops. Another thing to look for is a jet that can safely hold all your passengers without giving up the space and comfort of flying privateIt would be best to have a jet that can hold your desired number of passengers and feature all the amenities you want. A jet that will give you all the luxuries you expect from a private plane is essential. 

Let’s dive into the Challenger 605 and see what it is all about. 

The Specs of The Challenger 605 Jet

Simply put, the Challenger 605 is a very spacious and luxurious jet. There is plenty of room to get up and move around on flights that travel quite a distance. Here’s a closer look at the specs

  • Passengers: Up to 10 persons
  • Sleeps Up to 4 persons
  • Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • Year of Refurbishment: 2021
  • Range: 4000 nautical miles / 8 hours
  • Baggage Capacity: 115 cubic feet
  • Lavatory: 1
  • Cabin Width: 8’2″
  • Cabin Height: 6’2″
  • Cabin Length: 28’3″

Knowing the specs of a private jet like the Challenger 605 can help you decide the aircraft you will charter. For instance, you want to ensure that your passengers don’t exceed the limit of seats. And you also want to ensure that wherever you are traveling, you can get there in 4000 NM or less – or consider that should you choose this aircraft, you will have to make a stop to refuel. Rest assured that this jet can easily land at any private airport or FBO – as well as commercial airports – for your convenience. 

When you book a charter, you have a team of professionals who know the aircraft inside and out – and they can help you determine if this is the right fit – or if another jet may be more suitable. 

What’s Inside The Challenger 605

This jet may have been manufactured in 2009, but it was refurbished in 2021, which means the interior is relatively new. Plush carpeting and comfortable reclining seats line the jet when you walk in. The windows along the sides are significant, too, giving you a front-row seat to the beauty in the sky. 

You will have access to a galley, lavatory, entertainment, and more. 

The onboard galley is a forward, full-service galley with a sink. If you have brought your food or requested catering or something special, you will have access to everything you need. There is a microwave oven, a convection oven, a Nespresso coffee maker, and a regular coffee maker. If there is anything particular you would like to eat while traveling, be sure to let your charter team know so it can be on the jet when you arrive. 

The lavatory is quite glamorous for one found on a jet. Dark elegant wood and a full vanity give you all the space you need. 

And, of course, when it comes to entertainment, the Challenger 605 is one of the best options. You will enjoy the use of: 

  • Complimentary domestic Wi-Fi
  • SatCom Flight Phone
  • Aircell Iridium Flight Phone
  • Full Entertainment System
  • DVD / CD / Air Show 500
  • Two Full-Screen LCD Monitors
  • Eight Power Outlets

Suppose you are interested in getting some work done while mid-flight; you can feel confident that you will be able to stay connected to the ground the entire time. And if binging the latest trending show on Netflix is your go-to, you can do that, too. Listen to music, sing, dance, play games, sleep, etc. Whatever you want to do while on board the Challenger 605 – go for it. Customer satisfaction is essential for private planes, and the Challenger 605 hits the mark in every category. There is no way you will find yourself bored.

Is This The Jet For You?

The Challenger 605 is the perfect size for a couple, a small family, a few friends or colleagues, or small adventure groups. It can hold up to 10 passengers comfortably during day travel, but remember – it only sleeps four. 

This jet quickly flies around 4000 nautical miles, which means it can fly between Los Angeles and New York, London and New York, and New York to Cancun. Depending on where you need to go – this could be the perfect jet for you. 

Chartering a Challenger 605 comes with a lot of benefits. You will get:

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • The ability to access private airports 
  • Avoid the long TSA security lines (and others) at commercial airports
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Arrive on time for your flight – not hours before
  • Private accommodations onboard
  • Enjoy comfort and entertainment
  • Avoid connecting flights or long delays
  • Land closer to your destination

You get to choose your aircraft. And the Challenger 605 is an excellent option for those traveling for business or pleasure. 

Charter a Challenger 605 with Sun Air Jets

As we just discussed, flying on a private jet has many perks. But it is the entire experience that contributes. At Sun Air Jets, we can provide you with a luxurious flight on a Challenger 605 and unparalleled service from our team. Your experience is customized, including your favorite foods and beverages, and we will welcome your furry pup along for the ride. 

When you charter a private jet with Sun Air Jets, you will have peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your charter experience will be handled efficiently and beautifully – with your safety and security at the top of the list. You will need to show up, step onboard, and relax. Enjoy your flight!

Private Jets

Top Companies that Fly on Private Jets

Between the internet and air travel, there are no boundaries to business. In less than 9 hours, someone can fly from Miami, FL, to London to handle business in person, such as meeting with a new client or scoping out a new potential location to set up shop. Travel internationally allows those in the corporate world to expand and grow, both their business and their options. The ability to fly on private jets has opened up many new business opportunities worldwide.

More and more top companies are flying private jets these days – for a good reason, too! 

Fortune 500 Companies Fly On Private Jets

It should be no surprise that the corporate executives from the fortune 500 companies will be traveling via a private jet charter. Those of Walmart, Amazon, Apple, CVS Health, and United Health Group (the top 5 Fortune 500 companies) skip over commercial flights to fly around on their private jet. 

Their business model allows the expense because they operate efficiently in everything they do. Yet, it is safe to say that their travel choice also adds to their ability to be efficient. 

Government Agencies

Government agencies like the CIA and FBI like to ensure privacy in private travel. They don’t have to worry about being monitored – where they are going to or coming from – as no one will even know they are in the air. Moreover, they won’t have to worry about any discussions, folders, phone, or laptop screens being viewed by a stranger and risking a breach.

When it comes to those who deal with top-secret stuff, they undoubtedly need a private jet.  

Small Businesses Fly On Private Jets

Surprisingly smaller businesses – those with fewer than 500 employees – account for many private flights in the U.S. Many would think it would be more efficient to travel via commercial airliner. Perhaps it is this think big, grow big mentality. Small businesses use private jets as if they are on top of the world to expand into more prominent firms. Their use of these tools impresses competitors and potential clients, allowing them to reach new heights. 

CEOs Fly On Private Jets

Private travel is a convenience. It is comfortable, it is safe, and it is a perk of rising to the top. For those who have traveled privately for a while, it only makes sense that they would continue to do so. 

5-Star Vacation Resort Companies

Finally, vacation resort companies use private jets to get tourists to their destinations. It allows the private plane to become part of the vacation experience, starting with luxury in the sky. Many exclusive resorts will work with travel agents and other vacation booking sites to fly them in as one of the only ways to get there. 

Why Fly on Private Jets? 

Unlike vacation plans with your friends and family, there is often a plan associated with private jet business travel. You have a goal and a mission while there, which means you must always be on your A-game. 

Save Time

In business, time is money. No business exec will want to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance and then sit and wait for a flight. And then maybe wait again in another airport for a connecting flight. That is a day wasted of work – and a lot of missed opportunities. 

You pull up, board, and head out when you fly private. No wasted time at all. 

Easy Scheduling

Even the most complex schedules can be easily handled when you choose a private jet. Sometimes, corporate travel can involve going to more than one destination. And you will usually have to arrange for transportation once you arrive there. That is a lot to try to put together via a commercial travel site. 

But with a private jet, you state when and where you want to go somewhere. Most FBOs you travel to will offer a concierge service to set up ground transportation. 

What makes this even better is that should you find yourself delayed at one destination, a simple phone call can fix it. You won’t find yourself unraveling all of your confusing commercial travel plans. 

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Once arriving at your destination, you must be refreshed and ready to get to work. Though, spending hours in long lines at busy airports or sitting in a crowded airplane doesn’t make you feel rejuvenated and ready to go. 

A private jet allows you to have increased productivity and efficiency. How? You can relax while on board your private jet. And when you are there, you are ready to go because you have rested. Private jets allows business travelers to get any last-minute work done because of the privacy offered. 

High Level of Privacy

Even if you are sitting in first class or business class, there is no privacy when flying commercial. If you have ever tried to do any work while on a private jet, you understand you are sharing your business with everyone seated around. 

Sometimes you need to work on your laptop that is meant for your eyes only. Sometimes you need to have confidential conversations. Private jets allow these things to be done safely, unlike commercial airliners. 

Cost Difference

The cost difference between commercial and private travel is always a common reaction. Why wouldn’t these companies choose to spend less money on a commercial flight rather than more money on a private one? Is it that different? Does it even make good business sense? 

Let’s say it often comes down to the costs found in the bigger picture and the opportunity cost. Not to mention that it just doesn’t seem right to question the business sense of some of the most successful businesses in the world. 

At Sun Air Jets, you will find a large fleet of private jets with luxurious amenities that are used to fly executives from some of the top companies worldwide. 

Private Jets

Travel by Private Jet with Your Company This Year

One of the beautiful things about our world today is that the global market is much smaller than it used to be. Thanks to the internet, cell phones, email, and so forth, you can easily do business worldwide. No longer will you feel confined and stuck to just one city, one state, or the domestic market. This makes it much easier for companies to travel by private jet for all their business needs.

In addition to the internet bringing people closer, air travel also plays a huge role. Using a private jet to handle business to and from your destination has many perks. For instance, if you are in Los Angeles, working in tandem with a company in Hong Kong no longer need to feel worlds away. 

Travel by private jet with your company this year and take your business to a new level. 

Luxury Is Not Everything

Who doesn’t love luxurious things? Luxurious amenities are par for the course when traveling via a private jet. You get comfortable seating, catered meals, and a very accommodating crew. And while your top business executives – and anyone on your team – would jump at the chance to experience the finer things in life, this isn’t why most companies opt for private jet travel. 

Flying private makes good business sense. For instance, some other luxuries or conveniences come with chartering a private jet that gives them the advantage. And that’s what we are going to look at today. Just because we don’t mention how incredibly comfortable things are inside a jet doesn’t mean it isn’t a bonus – and highly appreciated – perk. 

Control Over Schedule

Commercial flights have set flight patterns that they control and cannot deviate from – unless their flights become delayed or canceled. In this case, you still have no control over your travel schedule. Flying to make an important business meeting at the hands of commercial air travel can be risky, especially in today’s world. 

And what happens if the meeting runs longer than expected? You can’t call the commercial airliner and ask them to hold the jet. If you were counting on a quick trip – out and back the same day – you could find your company having to expense another airline ticket for the next day and a hotel room and expenses for the employee(s). 

Choosing to send your execs to the meeting via a private jet can boost your confidence that they will arrive on time and all will go smoothly. These jets are flexible with timing, don’t require you to be there hours in advance of the flight, and if things run a little longer than expected, a quick heads up with a phone call will keep them waiting—no need to re-book the flight or book hotel rooms. 

Travel By Private Jet: Boost Productivity

Should a quick business trip cost you a lot of downtimes? Not at all. Time is of the essence in business, and productivity is of utmost importance. Productivity can take a nosedive when stuck in a commercial airport, so avoid this issue by chartering a private jet. This doesn’t include the coming and going for business trips but the layovers. 

You can continue to work on private board jets just as in an office. Comfortable accommodations – often including conference tables – and the ability to stay connected can help keep productivity up. Of course, it is worth mentioning that since they are private, it is the perfect place to get work done: no distractions, quiet surroundings, and no risk of confidentiality concerns. 

Many companies understand that the extra cost spent on a private jet can be offset by the ability to maintain high levels of productivity despite travel. 

Reach More Destinations

Air travel can open up a world market for your business. But getting there can be challenging depending on where this is taking place. Some major airports can be hectic and challenging to navigate in a time crunch. What’s more, often times travel destinations are not always close by. Sometimes you may have to travel to more remote areas outside the city once you land on the ground. This can add extra time on a trip. 

Private air travel allows you to access many more airports – smaller airport options that cannot accommodate commercial airliners. This can get you closer to the destination and avoids all the hustle and bustle of the commercial airport. 

Easy Scheduling and Exceptional Service

If you’ve ever had to call a significant airline to discuss concerns about an upcoming trip or to make changes to your flight, then you’ve likely experienced the long wait times on hold just trying to reach someone. Waiting can be aggravating – not to mention that it can pull you away from other priorities. 

With private travel, you often get a designated contact that can book your trip and assist in any accommodations you need before, during, and after your flight. Questions about your destination, car service to and from the airport, on-board connectivity questions, booking accommodations, restaurant reservations, and so forth. Private travel takes care of every detail, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

But that’s not all. You also get the reassurance that your private jet has been cared for and the crew in charge of flying your plane are highly trained and experienced. 

All these individuals work together to provide you with the best private travel experience imaginable. 

Business Travel By Private Jets

While many people have been using private jets for years, it took a global pandemic for many others to realize what they have been missing. When bridging the global gap for your business, you have two choices: commercial or private jet travel. And, since the latter comes with all the perks we discussed above (and so much more), a personal journey makes good business sense

Private Jets

The Luxury of Gulfstream GIV-SP Jets

When was the last time you booked a flight aboard a private jet – or any jet for that matter? How much thought did you put into choosing the jet you flew? Did you put much into it at all? Did you think about its specs? Or how many people it could carry? How about the distance it could travel before having to refuel?  Or what its maximum speed is? 

As a traveler, more thought is often given to the destination rather than the jet itself. For those who charter private jets, you may consider different types based on where you are going or who is traveling with you, for instance, but there is not usually a heavy emphasis placed on one jet more than another. 

Unless, of course, you come across a luxurious, must-have jet like the Gulfstream GIV-SP. This classic jet is one that can take the private jet travel experience up a notch. Don’t let yourself miss out on the opportunity to take flight. 

The Specs of the Luxury Gulfstream GIV-SP Jet

Not to get too technical, but before we get into the glamorous details of the inside, we figured it would be a good time to talk about the specs of the Gulfstream GIV-SP jet. 

  • Number of Passengers: Up to 16
  • Sleeps: Up to 6
  • Year of Manufacture: 1995
  • Year of Refurbishment: 2022
  • Range: 4165 NM / 8.5 Hours
  • Baggage Capacity: 169 cubic feet
  • Domestic WiFi: Yes
  • Lavatory: 2
  • Cabin Width: 7.3’
  • Cabin Height: 6.2’
  • Cabin Length: 45.1’

Despite its size, this aircraft can still land at smaller FBOs as well as major airports. It has exceptional functionality and performance – giving the pilot and crew a great amount of control over the aircraft’s systems for smooth operation. 

Once you have these details, you have a better understanding of whether or not it will suit your travel needs. Are you interested in flying long distances? Are you taking quite a few passengers with you? How much luggage will you be able to take? 

While these can all be answered by the professional staff when you book your charter, you may like what you see here and now you know whether it will fit your needs. 

The Luxury Gulfstream GIV-SP: On the Inside

Stepping inside the Gulfstream GIV-SP leads you to beautiful surroundings. Soft, fully reclining seats on either side with blue plush carpeting down the center of the jet. The size of the picturesque windows gives you a clear view during the entire trip. With personal air vents and temperature control, you will find that this jet has space for everyone to be comfortable on board – and still be free to move around comfortably.

We simply cannot move on without touching on the features throughout the cabin, can we? Absolutely not. Some of these are what sets this jet apart from others in the same class. Let’s take a look. 

First of all, this jet has not one, but two lavatories – in the front and the back. The one in the back of the aircraft even has a full vanity for your convenience. Moving on, the galley is full of surprises, too. You can enjoy a feast on board thanks to a full galley equipped with a convection oven, a microwave oven, a coffee maker, and a Nespresso machine. This is a full-service galley with a sink. And, of course, you know it is stocked with all kinds of snacks and beverages, too, to make your flight as enjoyable as possible. 

Finally, entertainment features are always a must-have, especially since the aircraft can travel long distances. On the Gulfstream GIV-SP, you can take advantage of all sorts of entertainment, including:

  • Complimentary domestic Wi-Fi
  • Aircell Iridium Flight Phone
  • SatCom Flight Phone
  • DVD / CD Entertainment System
  • Eight Individual LCD Monitors
  • Eight Power Outlets

Combined with all the space on board, you can bring your own entertainment, as well, and have fun doing whatever you enjoy while you pass time in flight. Play a game, read a book, check your email and social media accounts, or take a nap – it is all up to you. 

Are You an Ideal Traveler for the GIV-SP?

While the Gulfstream GIV-SP is a long-range jet, you don’t always have to be traveling long distances to enjoy all that it has to offer. Anyone who is traveling with a group – whether friends, family, business executives, adventure groups and more can take advantage of this jet. As mentioned above, it holds up to 16 passengers comfortably. 

While it may not make economic sense to travel short distances in this jet, it can allow you to make those long-haul trips in style. For instance, if you are traveling between New York and places like Berlin or Chicago to London, or even Los Angeles to Caracas, all can be done easily on a Gulfstream GIV-SP. 

Book a Flight on a Gulfstream GIV-SP Jet

There are your everyday private jets – the ones you trust to take you from one place to the next without having to deal with commercial travel. Many of these are nice. Some you may even consider luxurious and beautiful. But whether flying across the country or around the world, when you take a trip on a private jet like the Gulfstream GIV-SP, you know you will never forget it. 

This jet is luxurious and very comfortable. And it may even provide you with one of the best private travel experiences ever. It is perfect for families and for corporate business executives that are looking to surround themselves with elegance. Newly refurbished in 2022, everything is clean, crisp, and waiting for you to step onboard. 

When you are ready to experience all that the Gulfstream GIV-SP has to offer you, choose a charter service you can count on. Choose exclusive privacy, convenient locations, professional staff, peace of mind, meticulous personal aircraft amenities, commitment to your safety and security, and so much more. Choose Sun Air Jets

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