The Advantages of Flying Private: Exploring the World of Private Air Travel

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From the most incredible sights in the world, like Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon to your grandma’s home three states away, there are so many places to visit and so many reasons to visit them.

Sadly, with the way air travel has been in recent years, it is hard to find the motivation to take the idea of booking a commercial ticket and make it a reality. It is more convenient than other modes of travel, sure. But by no means is it actually pleasant. 

Perhaps it is time that you do what so many others have already started doing – flying private. 

Imagine being able to see all the places you have always dreamed of without any of the hassles and headaches that come from typical air travel. Sound impossible? It isn’t. 

Private air travel is different. A lot different. Before you give up your dream of exploring the world, check out the advantages of flying private.  

It is All About Saving Time

Your time is precious. Every second that passes is one that you won’t ever get back. If you think about the last time you flew via a commercial airliner, you can probably count the hours – not seconds – that you wasted just waiting. Waiting in line, waiting at the gate, waiting on the tarmac, etc.

When flying private you will recognize that the value of your time is acknowledged, not wasted. You can select the time you would like to travel so that it is convenient for your schedule. If you need to be somewhere at a certain time, you can – and without wasting time. You won’t have to book an extra early flight to arrive for a noon meeting an hour away. Book your flight so that you arrive right on time, feeling confident. 

What’s more, there are no busy, high-traffic parking areas, long lines for check-in, wait times going through TSA security checkpoints, or time wasted trying to find your way to your concourse and your gate. 

With private air travel, you have access to incredible FBOs that are designed to enhance your experience rather than take away from it. Although it will vary from one to the next, most FBOs offer many convenient amenities to make your time there as pleasant as possible. 

Of course, you likely won’t be in the FBO for long! You only need to show up about 15 to 20 minutes prior to your flight for an on-time departure. 

This is how you make the most of your time. 

Personalized Adventure

When you book your private air travel, you can ask the concierge team to put together a few things that will enhance your trip. For instance, if there are various beverages, snacks, or catering that you would like to have on board, mention it. Maybe you would even like takeout from a local restaurant. If you would prefer a certain piece of equipment for entertainment, that can be accommodated, too. 

If you’d like blankets or pillows or perhaps a bottle of champagne to celebrate something big – just ask. It will be there for you when you arrive. 

Unmatched Convenience

Just as you’d like to save time, you would also like for your trip to be convenient. Being able to choose your travel times and not have to fight through commercial airports is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the convenience found in private travel. 

You will have access to private airports and FBOs which means not having to deal with major airports wherever you go. And that is incredibly convenient. These smaller airports can even get you closer to your destination reducing the need for any follow-up ground travel.

Sometimes things can’t wait even though you have a flight to catch. The good news is that you can do so much while in the air thanks to inflight connectivity. You can hold business meetings, handle important phone calls, and so forth. Or, if necessary, all you have to do is call ahead and let the flight crew know you need to take off a bit early or a bit later than scheduled. 

Unmatched convenience. 

World Class Comfort

Air travel has always been void of personal space, legroom, and comfort. That is what you find with commercial air travel. When you decide to take advantage of private air travel, you are opening the door and inviting world-class comfort to come on in. 

The comfort of flying private starts with walking into the FBO, but it gets even better from the moment you step on board. Private jets are equipped with all sorts of comforts that enhance your trip.

One of the advantages of flying private is that you can enjoy luxurious accommodations on your aircraft. Comfortable seating, room to get up and move about, and all the legroom you could want. You have a say in the aircraft you charter – and just how much space you have. You also get to choose the amenities you would like on the flight, as well. 

With seating that looks less like that of an aircraft and more like a formal living room in your home, you can expect the best of the best. Depending on the type of aircraft, you may have a flight attendant onboard with you to add to the experience. 

Refreshments, LCD monitors, wifi, and so much more will keep you busy. Catch up on your latest Netflix series, handle some work, have drinks and conversations with those you brought along with you – and more. It is comfortable and private, Enjoy it.  

Looking for some shut-eye while traveling? Some seating arrangements actually make beds for you to lie down comfortably and get some sleep – and that is always a plus for long flights. 

Flying Private with Sun Air Jets 

It is time for you to change your mind about air travel in general – and start exploring the world of private air travel. 

At Sun Air Jets we go above and beyond to provide you with top-notch service that will enhance your experience from the moment you book your flight. 

The world is waiting. Where will we take you? 

Book now. 

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