Is Chartering A Private Jet Worth It?

is chartering a private jet worth it

There are some decisions in life that you know you are going to fully regret before you are even done making them. And then there are those decisions that change your life by bringing you something new and refreshing into it. 

For instance, regretting the decision to wear white when going out for spaghetti is quite plausible. But regretting the decision to charter a private jet? Not so much. 

So, is chartering a private jet worth it?

Chartering a private jet may cost a little extra than that first-class ticket, but it is so worth it – and here’s why. 

Get the Most Out of Your Vacation

When you book any commercial ticket – including a spot in first-class – you have to plan your vacation travel according to the airline. You are stuck with choosing their predetermined flight times and patterns. This could mean having to change planes or wait through long layovers in busy airports. In some instances, what could be a simple 5-hour plane ride can easily turn into an all-day affair. 

If you are taking time off work for a getaway, your first-class ticket could cost two days of your vacation just to get you to and from your destination

Get the most out of your vacation with a private jet. You don’t have to worry about arriving hours in advance of your flight – all you have to do is show up a few minutes before takeoff. You get to choose your travel time, too. So, if you would like to leave early so you can arrive at your destination and have the whole day, you can. If you would like to stay all day and come home in the evening, you can do that, too. 

Chartering a private jet lets you get the most out of your vacation. And some would say that alone makes it worth it. 

Lack of Limitations

When it comes to flying any way but privately, you will encounter limitations. For instance, when you fly first class you can only bring so many bags onto the aircraft with you. And when it comes to checking your baggage, you may encounter limits on how much you can bring, as well as restrictions on oddly shaped items. Then there is also TSA and their rules for what you can and cannot bring onto the aircraft in your carry-on bags.

Once it is time to fly, you can only sit where there is an available seat – and it must be assigned to you. You can get up to use the lavatory if you need to, but walking and moving around the plane is discouraged. 

Hungry? Hopefully, you brought something with you. You may get offered a beverage and a small snack, but the likelihood of you getting a meal on board your commercial aircraft – or even having a say in what you can munch on – is non-existent. 

These sound like basic things that most of us have been used to all our lives with air travel. That is until you have a taste of what is on the other side. 

With private travel, there are no assigned seats. There are seats. You sit where you are comfortable and move around freely when you need to. If you would like to change seats – go for it. You can bring your luggage – whatever it is – without worry. And while there is a limit to the amount and weight that private jets can hold for safety reasons, most travelers never even get near these limits. 

You will be privy to snacks and refreshments of all kinds as you can request what you would like to have onboard when you arrive. This makes your trip so much more enjoyable. Packing for a trip can be stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you are going to have something to crush your hunger mid-flight. 

Greater Reliability

Would you say that chartering a private jet would be worth it if it means that delays and cancellations rarely happen? What if you never again had to find yourself snoozing on the floor of a busy airport concourse?

With a private jet charter, you can have the confidence that when it is time to go – you will go. 

This is something that definitely cannot be said for commercial flights. It is becoming all too commonplace for flights to be delayed or canceled leaving passengers stranded and frustrated. 

Why put yourself in that potential situation? The reliability that you get with your private jet charter makes it so worth it. 

Bring a Guest for Free

If you book a first-class ticket, you are the only one who gets a seat. You cannot purchase your ticket and bring a friend – unless you book your friend a ticket, too. Then there is no guarantee that you will even get to sit together. 

On a private jet, you book your flight and you can fill up the seats. Each jet does have a limit on the number of passengers it can safely hold, but as long as you stay within that limit, you are free to fly. 

You do not pay per person on a private jet. So whether you are flying alone or flying with your whole family or a group of friends, the price remains the same. 

Enjoy Your InFlight Amenities

For some travelers, it is the in-flight amenities that make flying on a private jet worth it. Staying connected to the ground while flying through the sky, watching movies, listening to music, handling business, and more can all be done in private. 

Keep in mind that flying first class may get you a pass to wifi, but those around you can see what you are doing with it. 

Is Chartering a Private Jet Worth It?

Yes, private jets are worth it. They surround you with luxury and comfort, provide you with world-class service, and can give you the confidence that you will make the most of your getaway when you choose this method of travel. 

Of course, choosing a superb charter company is key. Book your next flight with Sun Air Jets. 

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