The Many Types of Private Jets and Classes

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When it comes to private aviation, the experience is much more than just a mode of transportation–it’s an embodiment of personalized luxury, time efficiency, and unparalleled convenience.

Yet, as one steps into the dazzling world of private jets, the various types of private jets can feel a bit overwhelming. Each jet offers a unique blend of range, capacity, amenities, and performance that sets it apart, thereby suiting a myriad of diverse travel needs. How do you discern which private jet type is the perfect match for your travel requirements?

In this article, we demystify the world of private aviation by breaking down the key characteristics and distinctive features of various jet classes – from very light jets to heavy jets. Whether you are a seasoned flyer seeking to better understand your options or a newcomer dipping your toes into the realm of luxury travel, this article will provide valuable insights into the world of private jets.

Let’s take a look at the differences between various types of private jets.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Private Jet

Certain factors play a large role in deciding what type of jet will work best for each traveler. This helps to narrow down the many options available so that you can find the optimal type. When booking a charter, be prepared to discuss these things with your concierge team so that they have an idea of what you are looking for.

Factors to Consider:

The number of passengers. You will need to determine how many people will be traveling with you so that you have a jet equipped to handle them. For instance, if you are the only one traveling, it doesn’t matter how small or large of a jet you choose. However, if you are traveling with 12 passengers, you will need to make sure the private jet is equipped to handle that many passengers before booking.

The range of travel. One thing everyone loves about private travel is not having to deal with layovers or connecting flights. So you surely are not going to want to have to stop for the jet to refuel. To avoid this, you need a jet that can travel to your destination without having to stop.

Cabin space and amenities. What is it you are looking to do while onboard? Are you going to be bringing a lot of luggage with you? Will you be needing strong inflight connectivity? Do you look forward to sleeping in a bed while traveling?

You will want to ensure that the private jet you choose has all of these things and more so that you are able to make the most of your experience. Once you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down the type of jet you will need.

So, how many types of jets are there? You may be surprised.

Very Light Jets

Very light jets are one of the smallest types of private jets. They are the perfect option for those passengers only traveling short distances, such as 3 hours or less of flight time.

One of the benefits of very light jets is that they can have access to smaller airports and runways that other private jets cannot even access. As a result, it opens up your possibilities for destinations.

Very light jets can often accommodate anywhere from 4 to 7 passengers and have a small lavatory onboard. And while you may get some complimentary refreshments, you won’t find much of a galley on these jets – or a flight attendant.

Light Jets

Light jets are slightly bigger – and they have the ability to travel a little bit further. On average, they fit about 6 to 8 passengers (or more) and can hold quite a bit of luggage. You will find comfortable seating, an enclosed lavatory, and a small galley. But, again, no flight attendant will be on board this flight.

Mid-Size Jets

Mid-size private jets are great for those who are looking to travel longer distances – about 5 hours of air travel time, or so. Though they are great for any short or long trip.

Most mid-size jets have space for about 5 to 10 passengers, depending. And there is plenty of space for them to move around comfortably.

Depending on the jet itself, you will have a lavatory, but it may include a shower, too. And many of the chairs will turn into beds for those looking to get some sleep. Hungry? You will often find a full galley, along with a flight attendant on these flights.

Did we mention that there is additional space for luggage too?

Mid-size jets are stylish, comfortable, and convenient. They come with a great deal of inflight entertainment so that travelers can remain in contact with everyone on the ground, whether for work or personal reasons.

Super Midsize Jets

Are you looking for large, roomy cabins and a jet that can travel about 7 hours to your destination? Maybe room for 8 to 10 people or so? Perhaps this is your category.

Super midsize jets can go the distance – and let you get around while you do. You can walk freely, sit back, and watch a movie on the entertainment system, take a nap, visit the bathroom, enjoy a nice meal, and more.

High levels of comfort come with a super mid. You will also enjoy the nice treatment from your flight attendant, too.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are one of the most common categories for larger jets. So much so that they can hold anywhere from 10 to 19 people depending on size. And they are jam-packed with amenities.

  • Large cabins with ample space to move around
  • Comfortable seating areas
  • Inflight entertainment
  • Two flight attendants
  • A full galley
  • An executive or club-style layout
  • Designated sleeping areas

These jets are able to travel up to 9 hours or so – without having to stop to refuel. This means they are the perfect option for international travel.

Sun Air Jets Offers a Variety of Jet Types

At Sun Air Jets, we understand that the needs of our clients are personal to each one. That’s why we offer a wide range of private jet types so that there is always a jet to meet the need.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today. Or, book your flight online.

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