Everything You Need to Know About Private Jet Management

Executive Jet Management

Flying private is a luxurious experience. If you have a private jet you can sail high above the clouds in a plush leather seat making conference calls and whisking yourself off to an exotic destination.

Executive jet management is the term used to describe all of the services that are offered through an executive jet management company. An executive jet management company takes a different approach to the relationship with its owners.  

The company approaches it more as a partnership with the owners where they provide the asset and the company provides the expertise and the resources to make sure that the asset operates efficiently for them.

So when you take your aircraft to an executive jet company they take the time to sit down and figure out what you want and what you need and what your goals are both operationally and financially. Also, it offers advantages of ownership without the pressure of handling complex day-to-day operations.

Private Jet Management Services

Executive jet management plays an essential role in luxury travel and makes flying privately safe and efficient. 

Flight Planning and Ground Transportation

An executive jet management company arranges flight planning and ground transportation. Their team efficiently arrange your travel down to the last detail. The client’s flying experience starts from the time they leave their home or office to go to the airport.

When they land, their excursion goes on until they arrive at their final destination, regardless of whether it be their home or a hotel. The entire excursion from one place to another is a calm and pleasant experience.


An aircraft needs maintenance from time to time. However, when the need for maintenance arises, a jet management company will be sure to have expert mechanics to handle the job. 

Aircraft needs more than just refueling. When you are in the air, you want to know that the jet you are flying in has been taken care of – from routine maintenance to deeper, proactive repairs. Novice mechanics have a lot to learn. That is why management companies also seek out the most experienced experts in the field to go over every detail of the jet before it ever leaves the ground.

Charter Operation to Boost Revenue

An executive jet company can help you to boost revenue while you are not using it. Managed aircraft need owner approval before the aircraft management company can sign a charter contract with a consumer or broker. 

In some cases, it’s a blanket approval, although more often it’s for time periods updated month by month, week by week, or even for each individual request.

That way, you can get a steady and predictable revenue flow from your jet even if you are not using it.

Flight Crew

Private aircraft usually require one flight attendant, but you can request two if preferred. The flight attendant assigned to that aircraft usually flies with the owner regularly and knows the aircraft. For instance, they’ll know where the supplies are, how the galley equipment operates, and how to convert seats to beds where possible.

An executive jet company takes care of the training, payroll, scheduling, and insurance. In case you are not satisfied with the performance of your existing crew the jet company will source a crew from their pool of industry-leading aviators.

Federal Aviation Administration Requirements

Air charter operations — also known as commuter and on-demand operations — require a higher level of FAA pilot training and certification, aircraft maintenance procedures, and operational safety rules, than pilots who may take family or friends for an airplane ride. FAA inspectors perform more frequent periodic checks on air charter companies’ pilots, crewmembers and aircraft than they do on private pilot operations. And charter companies’ crewmembers must undergo regular proficiency checks to maintain their FAA certifications.

An executive jet management company exceed FAA requirements while aligning your private jet with domestic or international travel regulations.

Advantages of Business Jet Management

If you own and operate a private jet, you already know that managing your jet is not only expensive but can also feel like a full-time job. If you are tired of wasting time, money, and resources overseeing your private jet, you may be ready to tap into the many advantages that come with using executive jet management services. Using aircraft management services will give peace of mind to you and your passengers. 

Managing your private aircraft can feel like an overwhelming task. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages you might see by hiring an executive jet management company? A few of those advantages and disadvantages are as under.

Cost Savings

Professional management providers can leverage group rates for their partners on various amenities such as fuel and maintenance allowing them to pass on potentially significant savings directly to jet owners.

Rigorous Commitment to Safety Standards

A high-performing aircraft management company will offer an unwavering commitment to superior craft safety, security, and operational performance.

Reduced HR Obligations

Working with an aircraft maintenance partner to staff your plane does more than grant you access to industry-leading professionals. It can also reduce many of your company’s HR responsibilities and risks. 

Essential Services and Offerings to Look for Screening Companies

The screening potential partners look for 24/7 on-duty flight coordinators for around-the-clock scheduling. It maximizes passenger convenience.

Additionally, you will also want to make sure that your management crew also offers a private passenger terminal and heated aircraft hangar to drive traveler enjoyment and satisfaction throughout the entire flying experience.

Disadvantages of Business Jet Management

The disadvantage of hiring an executive jet management company is cost. Paying for an executive jet management company is yet another expense associated with owning an aircraft. However, in comparison with many other aspects of ownership, it is insignificant.

For large and established businesses, paying a high price for chartered flights is not a problem. These trips are an investment for them. However, startups, small businesses, and personal flyers may not be too comfortable about the costs. It’s good then that many private jet charter companies offer several options for passengers looking for a practical investment.

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