Select the Right Aircraft Hanger & FBO for Your Private Jet

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Anyone who has owned an aircraft is aware that selecting and leasing the right aircraft hanger and FBO services for your private jet should involve in-depth research and careful consideration before arriving at a decision. 

Despite the fact that there may be thousands of privately owned jets across the world, most private jet owners don’t give a second thought as to where these are stored when they are not in use. However, to preserve these expensive machines in the best condition possible, it is essential to store them effectively. 

Below are a few things to consider when renting or selecting the right aircraft hanger and FBO for your private jet.


Location is an important factor to consider when it comes to renting an aircraft hanger. The biggest benefit of owning a private jet is a great amount of timing flexibility and freedom. Your jet needs fuel even to get started. So selecting an aircraft hanger close to your home or place of business should be your first priority. 

Airplane Size

Finding the right hanger for your private jet depends on the size of your aircraft. Hangers come in many different shapes and sizes and finding the right one for your aircraft can be tricky. 

The two most common hanger designs are a T shape, which fits the plane snugly, or a rectangular shape that allows for a little more room in the hanger when the plane is parked. Both designs are good, so the best hanger design depends upon your specific needs. 

A hobbyist may prefer a T design, while a hanger from a corporate plane might find a larger rectangle hanger better because it gives them a little more room to move around.


Hangers at urban airports are more expensive than the ones at regional airports.  It is because all urban airports have 24/7 access to repair stations.

Whereas most hangers at regional airports do not offer 24/7 access to repair stations. If the airport doesn’t offer easy access to a repair station you will have to spend a lot of money whenever your plane needs repairing and maintenance.

Protection from Natural Elements and Theft

One of the most important benefits of an airplane hanger is that it will lower the overall costs of maintaining your aircraft. Storing your aircraft lowers the cost of flying significantly in several ways. Exposure to the sun, wind, snow, and hail can cause costly repairs. An airplane hanger will help reduce wear and tear on the paint and upholstery exposed to damaging UV rays.

Aircraft hangers are formed to combat hot weather and snowstorms so keeping your private jet in a durable hanger will keep it in excellent condition. It will also protect you from the theft of aircraft and equipment.

Is Chartering an Opportunity?

Charter is a great idea to outweigh specified costs acquired, nevertheless of how often or seldom you fly your jet. The easiest way to make jet revenue and offset your ownership costs is by offering your jet for charter when you are not using it. 

To do this legally, your jet must be added to an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier certificate.


If you are searching for a permanent aircraft hanger, purchasing is a good choice. If you are on a tight budget or only need a hanger for casual operation, renting is your finest pledge. 

Forming a hanger can be an excellent choice if you have the time and resources available but it is essential to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly before making a decision.

Renting an Aircraft Hanger

Renting an aircraft hanger offers a range of options. Which one suits you revolve around cost and risk resistance.

Shared Airport Hanger

Parking your airplane in a shared FBO Airport hanger is an affordable option. Airports have a greater supply of space, allowing them to store more planes. Thus, reducing the cost per plane parked. Easy access to an FBO makes maintenance and repairs a breeze.

There are a few downsides to sharing space. All the aircraft parked in the hanger are vulnerable to hanger rash. The term refers to harm to a jet because of inappropriate chore checking. Hanger managers use tugs to position aircraft. 

Positioning aircraft requires a group of four paying special attention to each corner of the aircraft. Operating in this manner forestalls harm to the aircraft. Parking two planes close to one another could cause a little dent. However, a dent in the aircraft isn’t similar to a dent in a car door. Any bargain to the basic stability of a jet can draw fatal consequences for the flight.

Other than hanger rash, you could likewise find that the airport hanger is at the maximum capacity. Flight delays occur for a bunch of reasons, yet that could abandon you with no spot to park your jet.

Outdoor Tie-Down

Not technically “hangering,” this may be a good option in areas where the risk of weather damage is low. Tying down an aircraft that is stored outside reduces the risk of damage from strong winds that could cause damage to the plane. The cost of a tie-down is usually significantly lower than hangering.

However, keep in mind that aircraft threatened by natural factors will probably experience more wear and tear and demand more upkeep and repairs than those kept indoors.

Shared Private Hangers

Many private individuals have hangers that can store multiple aircraft. The expense of renting a shared hanger from a private individual is reasonably low.  Sometimes, the private individual adds services like maintenance as part of the contract, which can boost the value of this option.

Individual Rented Hanger

Renting a hanger where you only store your airplane gives maximum assurance with minimal risk of hanger rash. But that assurance is not cost-efficient. The individual rented hanger is the most exorbitant type of aircraft storage. 

Also, it is difficult to track down private hangers for rent in certain areas. However, if your primary concern is safeguarding your airplane investment, an individual rented hanger may be the best approach.

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