Save Time and Money With Empty Leg Charter Flights

empty leg charter flights

Everybody likes to save money when they can. After all, a dollar is still a dollar. So what if we told you that you could enjoy all the advantages of flying private without spending full price? 

It is possible thanks to empty-leg charter flights. 

If you can take advantage of a private jet that is already heading where you want to go, you get to continue flying privately without feeling guilty about the price tag. 

Let’s talk about an empty-leg charter flight, how you can find one, and how it can save you time and money. 

What is an Empty Leg Charter Flight?

Empty-leg flights are those that fly from one destination to another to reposition a flight or get it back to its home base. They usually become available after someone booked a one-way flight. 

For example, if someone charters a jet from its base at Van Nuys Airport for a one-way trip to Las Vegas, it will still need to return to Van Nuys with or without a passenger. That jet could fly empty – or it could reduce its fare and allow passengers on board that are heading to the same location. The charge for the flight would be at a reduced rate, but the money received by the charter company will help offset the return flight costs. 

Instead of a passenger calling a charter company and stating they want a specific flight at a certain time to go to a specific location, they can ask about flights that are already heading somewhere without any passengers. Then, take advantage of these empty legs. 

Empty-leg charter flights are all about saving you money, though the amounts and percentage you save will vary. You get to enjoy the perks of flying on a private jet without paying full price for it. It’s a win-win for you and for the charter company. 

How a Charter Flight Saves You Time

Now that you know how to save money on an empty-leg charter flight, perhaps you are wondering how that saves you time. And, rightly so since you can’t shrink the distance between two destinations. The flight time will be comparable no matter what airliner you use to get there, right? 


Flying a private jet charter is very different from flying a commercial airliner. There are no long TSA security checkpoints, you do not have to arrive hours early for your flight, and you will not risk having to chase down lost luggage or fight for parking in a full garage. 

The private aviation sector is much different – and much more enjoyable. Arrive about 20 minutes before your flight, and you are ready to go. A quick walk through security and right out onto the tarmac will get you onboard and in the air within just a few minutes. 

How is that for saving time? 

Tips For Taking Advantage of Savings

If you are used to chartering private jets, then you are used to calling the shots. When it comes to taking advantage of empty legs, you are a little less in control. But, hey – there are savings to be had! 

We have a few tips for you that can help you take advantage of the savings and make the most of empty-leg travel. 

Use a reputable charter company. Don’t just choose any charter company for your empty-leg travel. If you find yourself with a quote for empty-leg travel that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Choose a reputable charter company that gives you the best service, safety, and flight experience imaginable – whether you are flying an empty leg or not. 

Wait until the last minute to book. Waiting until the last minute to book your flight may go against everything you have ever thought about booking travel. However, it is the best way to reduce your risk. Empty legs may be available months in advance. But if you are relying on someone else to keep their charter flight – you may find yourself left without a jet. 

Travelers book and cancel charter flights all the time. Waiting until a couple of days before the travel date to book the flight can give you a boost of confidence that your trip likely has the green light. 

Always have a Plan B. Because you never know whether or not your empty leg is going to be available, it is a good idea to have a backup plan, just in case. This is especially necessary when you have hotel reservations and such booked at your destination. 

Be flexible. The more flexible you are, the greater your options. You may be able to fly out of or into a different airport – or maybe you could leave a day later or earlier. Giving yourself some flexibility in your travel plans could help you reap the rewards.  

Be realistic about your expectations. Empty-leg flights can save you a lot of money, but it is important that you be realistic about your expectations. You are not likely to score a deal that will give you an entire private jet to yourself for less than you would pay for a commercial flight ticket. 

It should be noted, too, that you don’t have much negotiating power, either. You can try to negotiate and see what happens, but there is a good chance you won’t get very far.  

Don’t forget your return flight. When you fly on an empty leg, you are flying one way. That means you do not have a way back from where you are going unless you book another flight. You may be able to see if you can find another empty-leg flight back or make alternate plans. 

Do you have future travel plans? Why not see if an empty leg is available? You will get to enjoy the experience of flying privately – with privacy, luxury, comfort, and flexibility – all while saving time and money. 

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