The Importance of Routine Aviation Maintenance

aviation maintenance technician inspecting private jet

Jets of all types require a lot of attention in order to maintain their level of safety and security both in the sky and on the ground. After all, there are so many small parts that come together to create a functioning whole. 

Routine maintenance, routine inspections, realignments, minor and major repairs, and so forth all need to be done to be in compliance with regulations – as well as be safe to fly. 

While pilots always do their own inspections before a flight, it is up to a team of aviation maintenance technicians to ensure all is well and working properly. 

What Does an Aviation Maintenance Technician Do?

To become aviation maintenance technicians, these individuals must attend school to gain the necessary training and skills to perform the job functions. They have to pass rigorous exams administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All of this is in preparation for the intricate and important work that they intend to do. 

These technicians spend their time ensuring aircraft are taken care of by:

  • Performing inspections of aircraft
  • Troubleshoot issues and malfunctions
  • Address and maintain flight control systems
  • Handle all repairs and replacements of rotary wing assemblies
  • Perform overhauls
  • Make adjustments as necessary

But, let’s be real – just because a jet doesn’t have a major repair issue doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be examined or undergo routine maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Routine maintenance is a huge part of what an aviation maintenance technician does, especially when it comes to performing operational checks. 

Maintaining proper records of all checks, maintenance, repairs, and more can help ensure that the jets are getting the care that they need – and that nothing is getting missed along the way. 

Let’s take a closer look at why these technicians – and the routine maintenance they perform – are so important to the industry. 

Reduce the Chance of Being Grounded

When an aircraft isn’t running properly, it is unsafe to fly. As a result, will often be grounded until any issues are addressed. Unfortunately, this leads to lost travel time – causing delayed or canceled flights, as well as financial losses and potential damage to your reputation. 

By investing in professional routine aviation maintenance, you can reduce the chance of issues and keep your aircraft running in great shape. This will keep passengers happy, too. 

Optimal Performance

If you don’t take care of your car, it doesn’t run as well as it should. For instance, not replacing spark plugs after so many miles could result in lower fuel mileage, and not replacing worn tires can lead to skidding and potentially an accident. Staying on top of routine maintenance for your car can improve its performance.

The same is true for jets. If you want them to run as they should, they need to be cared for routinely. They must have the little things done, such as operational checks before each flight. Besides, you wouldn’t go on a long road trip without checking your tires and oil, right? 

By performing these steps, you can count on better performance from your aircraft – with fully efficient functioning.

Increased Safety

There is a risk involved with every mode of travel. Air travel is no exception. What better way to keep everyone safe than by performing routine aviation maintenance before a flight? 

There is no need to take the jet apart each time it is ready to take off. Rather, making checks and inspections a priority is a great way to reduce any issues, such as mechanical or electrical failures. Thus, increasing the safety of passengers and flight crew. 

Boost the Longevity of Your Jet

Private jets are not cheap. If you own one or have considered purchasing one, then you know this. These are not the type of machines you don’t take care of. If you want it to work well for you for years to come, then you want to take steps to boost the longevity of your jet.

How do you do this? Through routine maintenance. 

The better you care for your jet, the longer it will last for you. There are many jets in use today that were manufactured decades ago. Sure, wear and tear will happen, but with the right maintenance crew, its impact will be minimal. 

Reduced Chance of Major Repairs

Routine repairs are necessary to reduce the chance of major repairs. When your car starts making a noise as you drive, you get it checked by a mechanic. Not doing so may mean that you could ruin your transmission, for example. Instead of replacing a small part, you find yourself having to replace the entire transmission. 

Major repairs can be costly, lead to a lot of time stuck on the group, and can impact the jet’s overall performance and longevity. Avoid finding yourself in this situation by investing in routine aviation maintenance. 

In other words, address issues before they become bigger issues.

Routine Maintenance at Sun Air Jets

Because routine maintenance of your aircraft plays such a vital role in its ability to fly efficiently and safely for a long period of time, it is never recommended that you settle on your service. In this situation, you want to go for quality of service or cost of service. The well-being of your jet – and even your life – are at stake. 

At Sun Air Jets, you can always rest easy knowing that flight safety is our top priority. Our maintenance team has achieved the four major industry safety standards and participates in voluntary, recurring maintenance training every two years. What’s more, we require our technicians to get OEM training so that they have certified factory training on all brands of aircraft we operate. 

We take your safety, the safety of our flight crew, and our jets seriously. We are committed to only hiring the best of the best so that we can deliver the best results. 

Perhaps maintaining such a strict focus on routine maintenance is how we have managed to maintain such an impressive safety record.  

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