Top Air Travel Trends For The New Year

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Every new year brings new air travel trends. What will the focus of the aviation industry be in the foreseeable future? Is it even necessary to stay on top of these trends? 

The world around us is always changing. In an instant, the focus of travelers may change, as well as their demands and preferences. Beyond passengers, certain social, political, and economical climates can impact air travel, too. For instance, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. back in 2020, there was an immediate shift from commercial air travel to private travel. Almost overnight, charter companies saw a significant increase in travel bookings from those who were entirely new to the world of private travel. 

Thanks to a watchful eye, they met the demand. 

By following air travel trends, private jet companies can take steps to ensure they are ready to meet any new demand that comes their way. 

Let’s take a look at the top air travel trends for the new year. 

Greener, More Sustainable Aviation

For some time now, there has been a great push for more sustainable and eco-friendly air travel. And it is no surprise since aviation contributes a lot toward global carbon emissions. 

A lot of initiatives are still in the beginning stages, but many in the industry have made the pledge to take steps to find more solutions that will allow them to make less of an impact on the environment. 

What does sustainable aviation look like? 

Some have been focused on electric aircraft, much like electric vehicles on the ground. Though the models already created are still in testing mode, this doesn’t seem like it will become a reality for 2023. There is no doubt that it will likely be a part of the future. 

Another focal point is sustainable jet fuel. By replacing it with biofuels, emissions can be greatly lowered – thus lowering the impact on the environment. This is a step that many are willing to take as soon as this year – and definitely going forward. 

As more and more investment is made and research is done, the greater the chance that the aviation industry as a whole can start making some visible changes for greener flights. 

Luxury Travel

Travelers want experience and comfort. For many, traveling has become less about finding the cheapest deal to get from point A to point B and more about finding out what luxuries can be received to make a trip more enjoyable. They are more willing to splurge

Investing this way in their travel has become a go-to for passengers. A greater focus on the self and fulfillment seems to have been a trend since the global pandemic and continues to be going forward. 

Perhaps this also has a hand in the increased attention on private travel and charter flights. Bringing luxury together with air travel is what private travel is known for – so it only makes sense that it will continue to see an influx in travelers due to this air travel trend. 

Welcoming Biometrics

Even though we are in an age where social media plays a huge role in our lives, as a human race, we aren’t as social as we once were. When we can take steps to avoid interaction with others and speed up timely processes, we are able to make a difference 

One new air travel trend involves the increased use of biometrics in airports. Passengers willing to give up their biometrics are able to pass more smoothly through security without waiting – and without having to worry about passport fraud when traveling internationally. 

Biometrics includes things like facial recognition, retina scans, fingerprints, and so forth. These markers are able to uniquely identify the specific person. This can make travel safer since it proves everyone is really who they say they are. 

As you enter and leave a country, everything will have to be matched up to show that you are who you are. Any discrepancies can involve a detainment to determine if there are any issues. In all, it can speed up the security process significantly and can even move airport personnel behind the scenes. Those passengers coming and going can scan their passports, use their stored biometrics, and then move on. Security will only need to make an appearance when something is wrong. This can do amazing things from an operational standpoint. 

There are many bonuses to involving biometrics in air travel. And since it has already started, we can assume that it will continue to be a trend throughout the year and into the future. 

Alternate Airports

There are billions of travelers that are expected to take to the friendly skies throughout 2023. And that number is only set to increase in the next decade or so. Imagine going to an airport like LAX today. It would be bustling and crowded at any given time, right? Now imagine going back tomorrow – and having there be twice as many people. A miserable experience for everyone, no doubt. 

There has been a trend of turning toward alternate airports. Instead of only flying to the large main airports found in major cities, passengers are looking to have greater convenience by flying to smaller nearby airports. 

These airports may be small, private airports, or large commercial airports – but they are just those that are off the beaten path. 


Primarily for convenience. The alternate airports can be closer to the destination and can be easier to access. They may also be less busy, too. 

The trend this year and going forward will be to see flights scheduled to these alternate airports – away from major hubs. 

Traveling with Sun Air Jets in 2023

Sun Air Jets is making strides in giving travelers what they want, according to these air travel trends. With steps in motion to increase sustainability, world-class service on luxurious private jets, and flights to anywhere in the world – why would you consider traveling any other way? 

Make this year your year of private travel experiences. 

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