6 Holiday Travel Tips for Stress-Free Private Flying

6 Holiday Travel Tips for Stress-Free Private Flying - Sun Air Jets

It is no secret that the holiday travel season can be stressful and overwhelming. The sheer volume of travelers is enough to put bottlenecks at every turn. Traffic increases, the demand increases, the weather can be unforgiving, and everyone seems to be in a hurry. All travelers need holiday travel tips to get through this stressful time.

In commercial airports, the lines are very long, resulting in the need to arrive earlier and earlier to get through them. Flights that are overbooked and delayed are more of the norm than they are the exception. There is no sign of holiday cheer here. 

Important Holiday Travel Tips

You have chosen the perfect way to kick off your travels. The good news is that you have decided to fly private this holiday season and can avoid all the unwanted hustle and bustle of commercial air travel. So, pat yourself on the back for that one. 

Check out these six-holiday travel tips for stress-free private flying to ensure everything goes as planned.

1. Book Your Flights Early

If you are a seasoned private jet traveler, you may be used to booking your private jet at the last minute. And on any typical day, that is fine. However, booking at least 3 to 4 weeks before your travel date is best regarding the busy holidays.

Since COVID-19, there has been an increase in how many people consider private charter flights their preferred travel method. This means that there is much greater demand during busy travel times like the holidays. To ensure you get the right private jet for your needs (and wants) – and at the price you want – you will want to heed this advice and book your flight now. 

2. Quotes are Not a Guarantee

When you inquire about a private flight and receive a quote, take action immediately. These are not guaranteed and can be gone by the time you decide if you drag your heels. 

If you are still trying to come up with your travel plans and are unsure what you want to do but would like some cost ideas, your quote may help – for the moment. The prices can change quickly based on several factors. 

It may be best that you get all your travel information in order and then request a quote for your private travel. That way, if it meets your budget, you can book it right away so that it is secured for you when you need it. Otherwise, not acting swiftly could leave you without a flight altogether!

3. Holiday Travel Tip: Be Flexible

The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to get a flight when you need it – and at a price, you can afford.  One thing about flying on private jet charters is that you have more options regarding airports and travel times. The commercial airport of your destination no longer binds you. Instead, you can choose to fly into one of the many private airports that are nearby. Allowing this flexibility will get you more options with your charter booking. 

Every time you fly a private jet, you get a hassle-free experience. You also don’t have to worry about layovers, pre-determined flight schedules, etc. So, as long as your schedule allows, be flexible with your travel times during this busy season. You know you will still make it to your destination when you need to – and you can also count on an enjoyable trip. 

Having flexibility regarding the dates you want to fly and the airports you want to fly into may allow you to find greater access to private jets. You won’t be disappointed.  

4. Talk to Your Concierge

When you book your flight, the person on the other end of that phone call or email is there to help make your experience the most enjoyable. Allow them to do that. 

For example, request catering if you know you will be arriving but won’t have a chance to eat. Or, at the very least, some snacks and refreshments. This service will allow you to show up at your destination, ready to go.

This team of professionals is skilled at enhancing your experience and reducing stress. So whether you have questions about the flight, need information on ground transportation once you arrive, or anything else – ask. They are there for you. 

5. Take Advantage of Private Airports

You’ve likely seen the pictures on social media and news outlets showing travelers stranded in airports, trying to get comfortable with all their luggage knowing they have no idea when they will get to leave the airport. Outside the airport, parking garages are full, traffic is backed up, and car horns are honking in a dreadful scene. Everyone wants to get where they need to go, but no one is moving. 

That is a scene no one wants to go through. Not even for the sake of visiting loved ones for the holidays. Avoid the chaos in and around commercial airports. Instead, opt for smaller, private airports and FBOs. They provide you with luxury and comfort you won’t find elsewhere. You won’t find passengers sleeping on the floor with their luggage piled high. Instead, you will find many amenities to make your visit there more enjoyable and stress-free. 

Choosing private airports can get you closer to your destination without finding your way via ground transportation when you arrive. 

6. Bring Your Dog

Dogs are family members, and leaving them behind over the holidays can be heartbreaking. That’s why so many people want to know if they can travel with pets. Unlike commercial travel, dogs are not stuck in a crate or cargo but can roam on private jets. This simple benefit can reduce the stress of leaving them behind and give you a reason not to worry. 

Implementing Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel doesn’t have to take a toll on your mental, physical, and emotional health. Booking a private jet to get you to your destination will help you avoid the stress and chaos of holiday travel. Learning how to avoid the busyness of national airports will help your holiday travel experience be much more relaxed and enjoyable.

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