Fly in Luxury and Comfort With the Citation X Interior

Fly in Luxury and Comfort With the Citation X Interior - Sun Air Jets

There are so many private jets in the sky at any time. All different sizes with different luxuries place a big decision in the hands of travelers who are looking to book a charter. And an even more significant decision for those looking to purchase their private jet. One of the best options on the market is the Cessna Citation X. The Citation X interior offers the luxury and comfort of all the high-end jets.

Knowing a few of the most widely-sought options is a great way to understand what is available – and what may interest you. For instance, if you are traveling with a group of 6, you need a jet that can comfortably handle everyone at your party. Or, if you intend to fly at night and want to sleep through it, you will need enough beds to accommodate everyone. Today, let’s take a look at the Citation X interior. Will it be everything you ever imagined? Will it define luxury private travel? Let’s find out! 

Overview of Citation X

Citation X is a business jet Cessna produced to boost the company’s image. At the time, they had been around for years but needed to have the class that other private jet companies did. To change that, they went all in when creating Citation X. Today, Citation X is one of the most popular jets in the sky. 

Below are a few of its specs

  • Passengers: 8
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Year of Model: 2000
  • Year of Refurbishment: 2018
  • Range: 3100 NM
  • Baggage Capacity: 54 cubic feet
  • Cabin Width: 5.6′
  • Cabin Height: 5.7′
  • Cabin Length: 23.5′

This incredibly private jet has some speed behind it, too. The Citation X can make it from one coast to the other up to 35 minutes faster than other jets. So if you are looking for a jet that will quickly get you where you want to go, you’ve found it. 

Inside The Citation X Interior

So, what will you find once you step onboard the Citation X? To say luxury and comfort feels like an understatement. The interior of this jet was designed with a passenger in mind. It is made to feel relaxing and roomy – as well as functional. It is the perfect travel space for those who:

  • They would like to use their time in the sky to get work done
  • Are you interested in getting some sleep while on a flight
  • Want to watch a movie or binge-watch the latest trending show
  • want to talk and hang out with other passengers – with or without some refreshments. 

The galley on Citation X is located on the front (forward) of the jet and contains a coffee dispenser, microwave oven, and refreshment area. While you may not be able to cook a meal on this jet, you can still enjoy one. Remember that when you travel on a private jet charter, you can ask for your favorite foods to be on board – including foods from local caterers or preferred restaurants. 

One lavatory is on board, located in the jet’s rear (aft) area. This is always a bonus, especially if traveling across the country. As for in-flight entertainment, numerous amenities are offered to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Each jet has a DVD/CD entertainment system, a full-screen LCD monitor, two power outlets, and more. You can watch a movie, charge and use your devices, and have fun while traveling. Whatever you need or want to do while between destinations, Citation X provides you with the resources you need. 

And if you’d like to relax in comfortable surroundings and look out the window at the blue sky and clouds surrounding you, you can do that, too. Watch out – trying to kick back and relax on this peaceful flight may cause your eyes to close. Of course, thanks to complimentary domestic WiFi and an Aircell Iridium flight phone, you are never out of touch with those still on the ground. 

Citation X vs. Competitors

You know you have choices when it comes to your destination. But, there are many advantages to choosing private travel through using a Citation X jet over all the other travel options. Aside from other options that don’t involve air travel, you can also fly commercial airliners or any other type of private jet. 

A few advantages of Citation X include the following:

  • Flexible flight travel with no pre-set flight patterns
  • Luxurious, private surroundings 
  • Ability to land closer to your destination thanks to private airports
  • You can bring your dog along for the ride – in the cabin with you
  • No connecting flights or layovers are necessary, rather always a straight-through flight
  • Comfortable FBOs that make private travel on the ground as grand as in the sky
  • No long lines or early check-ins are required – arrive 20 minutes before your flight

Private travel on Citation X is comfortable and luxurious with many perks. You will feel free without worrying about getting stuck in long lines at TSA checkpoints and potentially missing your flight or sitting around the gate waiting to board. Combined with the comfort and luxury you get on the flight – you will indeed have a memorable experience. 

Charter with Sun Air Jets

We could only move on by mentioning just how important the charter company is to the experience. At Sun Air Jets, our Citation X jets are maintained and cared for with the utmost skill and dedication. 

Our team works with you to give you more than just a flight – we give you an experience. We are committed to your safety and security while providing world-class service and only the best amenities. Whether you are traveling locally in California, across the nation, or the world, we are here to take care of every detail. 

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