How to Fly on a Private Jet (Top 10 Tips)

how to fly on a private jet

Ok, there is more than the words ‘in style’ when it comes to knowing how to fly on a private jet. Although it is certainly true, there are a few things that you will want to think of in order to make your experience amazing.

Today we will look at a few tips on how to fly on a private jet.

How to Fly on a Private Jet in Style

Flying private opens up a whole world of possibilities. It is very different from regular commercial air travel. If you haven’t flown private before, you are in for a treat!

Here’s how to fly on a private jet in style.

Pick the Perfect Airplane

Many private jet operators will have a fleet of aircraft that are suited to different forms of travel. The airplane that you choose will depend on many factors. You might intend to go intercontinental, so the range might be what influences your decision. Airplanes like the Bombardier Global Express boast impressive ranges (they’ve also got a supremely classy interior too!)

Another deciding factor may be the company you are traveling with. Are you traveling with a large party or alone? While you could opt for a smaller aircraft like the Citation X, you might enjoy having the luxury of lots of room in a mid to large size cabin on a bigger airplane, such as the Falcon 2000

Companies like Sun Air Jets have an extensive fleet and will be bound to have a jet to suit your exact requirements.

Enjoy the Convenience of Point-to-Point Travel

You’ll no doubt have heard the stories of commercial budget airlines selling tickets to one destination and landing at another, often in a different county!

This isn’t a worry with private flying. When you know how to fly on a private jet, you’ll be able to land at the exact destination you require. 

Because private jets are smaller, they can often operate into and out of much more restrictive airports. This will allow you to be really choosy in where you go to and from. 

Look at the Little ‘Extras’

When flying private, you can afford to be specific with your requirements. You can specify the food you want to eat on board and how many flight attendants you’ll need. You can even ensure that your favorite newspaper will be waiting for you! Private jets offer a great deal in the way of extras, with things like wifi and catering. By contacting your jet hire company in advance, you will be able to discuss your exact requirements.

Enjoy Departing (and Arriving) Quicker!

Private jets all boast phenomenal cruise speeds. They can also fly at very high altitudes, often above that of regular commercial air traffic. As a result of these two factors, you can expect greatly reduced flight times and the ability to arrive at your chosen destination much quicker!

Enjoy the Check-in Experience

Don’t make the mistake of turning up at the airport two hours in advance. It simply isn’t necessary. While you might want to spend a little time enjoying an executive lounge, you’ll find the check-in process much smoother (and, dare we say, rather enjoyable).

Because there are fewer people and the jet is yours, you can turn up and be on board in minutes and take advantage of this fact!

Ask for Anything You Need

You’ll find the world of private flying very different from a regular commercial experience. The staff on board are highly trained, both in safety and in customer service. What’s even better is you are vying for their attention amidst two hundred other people. 

If you need anything on board, all you have to do is ask! 

This is also true when booking your flight. If you have specific requirements, ask your jet hire company, who’ll happily assist. 

Four-Legged Friends? What You Need to Know

It is much easier to take your pets with you on board a private airplane. However, although it is easier, there is still a requirement to ensure that it is legal and safe to do so. This will vary from destination to destination. It will require documentation, and it is best to check before you fly.

Thank the Crew

The crew will always work hard to make sure that your flight is memorable for all the right reasons. Their one purpose is to ensure that your flight is safe and enjoyable.

A little return courtesy goes a long way. Often it is customary to tip your flight crew to show your appreciation for their hard work. What’s more, if you are a regular private flyer, you may very well bump into them again. It’s a great way to show how much you appreciate their service, and positive feedback is always well received.

Take Advantage of the Goodies

If you are flying private, you’ve essentially got your own airline for the day. Feel free to help yourself with what you need. It is your airplane, after all. Whether you require a pillow and blanket or something else, feel free to ask the crew or just help yourself!

Save Money on Business Travel

You might be able to save money if the travel is for business purposes, especially if the destinations do not have regular and reliable commercial service.

In addition, flying private might be more cost-effective considering the productivity loss of having executives flying commercial and on the road for weeks at a time would be a bigger hit to the company than flying private over a day or two. Plus business travel can usually be written off, whereas personal travel cannot.


Now that you know how to fly on a private jet, you’ll be amazed at the flexibility and comfort that await. Choose the right aircraft, ask for whatever you need, and enjoy your journey! Private flying offers a distinct world of possibilities. It often will save you time and stress when compared to regular commercial flying. Sun Air Jets specializes in providing memorable and luxurious air travel experiences with a modern and diverse fleet. 

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