The Benefits of Chartered Flights

benefits of chartered flights

If you haven’t done it before, flying private is a new world compared to regular commercial aviation. There are some obvious benefits of chartered flights and some that are not quite as obvious. 

Here are some of the benefits of chartered flights.

Private Chartered Flights

The clue is in the name… Private chartered flights. 

If you’ve traveled any considerable distance on regular aircraft before, you’ll undoubtedly be aware of all the pitfalls that can await. This is especially true if you ‘luck out’ with your ‘seat mate’. 

If you’ve ever had to ask the passenger in front to return their seat to the upright position or spent a large portion of your journey enduring meaningless small talk while you try to sleep, private flying could be for you.

As it’s your own personal chartered flight, you get to choose the company that you keep. Furthermore, you aren’t limited to the 2-foot square area surrounding your seat. Gone are the days of placing bags under seats and having to manhandle your hand luggage into an overhead compartment. It’s your aircraft; spread out and enjoy the space. 

Save Time

Those familiar with national and international travel will be aware of the requirement to be at the airport two hours in advance. This, followed by a stressful experience at security before sitting in a packed departure lounge watching the clock tick by while you could be doing other things.

Private chartered flights are the answer. 

Checking in when flying private is a world apart from your everyday experience. For a start, you don’t have to be there two hours before. When you arrive, you will receive a warm welcome and find the whole process much quicker and much more agreeable. 

Because you have booked private, the aircraft is waiting for you, not the other way around. 

Travel According to Your schedule

Often traveler’s flying commercial find that their travel plans are dictated according to the schedule of the airline. They often have to pick a destination and time that works but is not necessarily the best fit for their needs. Booking a private aircraft gives you the flexibility to have more control. Not only can you go when you want, you can go to alternative airports that may be closer to your planned destination. That itself can save additional unnecessary travel time and get you to where you need to be with privacy, luxury and ease!

One of the major benefits of chartered flights is the destinations. Regular business travelers normally have to pick the closest ‘hub’ or major airport. Once they disembark, they have the prospect of a long car ride to get to where they want to go.

Because private jets are smaller, they can land in much more restrictive and smaller airports. Often these can be located in the heart of a city center! Aside from convenience, this also saves you time.

The Service

Once you are on board, you’ll realize why those who fly private never go back to ‘regular’ travel.

You are not just a seat number when you fly private! Private travel is much more personal and catered to your specific needs. You get to formally meet the highly rated pilots that will be flying your trip who are willing to help from start to finish of your entire flight. If you would like a specific magazine, beverage onboard, or set up bedding, no problem! With a little forward planning, we can ensure that any catering, planeside transportation upon arrival, or special request is on board.

A Luxury Touch

Provided you choose a high-quality private jet operator, you will be amazed at the sheer number of little things that will make your flight so much more luxurious. 

The cabin interiors are next-level beautiful. Gone are plastic trays, worn carpets, and net seat pockets. Instead, you will step into a world of comfortable leather seats, dedicated sleeping areas, polished wood, and ambient lighting

Choose Your Own Company

Traveling solo? Or with company? Either way, with private flying, you get to choose the company you keep. With chartered flights, there is no need for tactical booking as you try and secure a window seat on an empty row in the hope of being able to get some sleep. Nor will you face the prospect of someone else’s child disturbing you as you try and relax.

A private charter allows you to pick your own company, and your experience will be better for it.

Ease of Booking

It is a common misconception that it is difficult to charter a private jet. However, you’d be happy to know it’s very simple and some may say easier than booking a commercial flight! With a quick phone call or email, you can request your specific travel needs. From destination, departure times, and size of aircraft – to catering, ground transportation on arrival, and anything in between! Booking private doesn’t stop at just the flight and we are here to simplify anything we can for the client.

Lots of Choices

Smaller airplanes tend to be less costly than large ones, so if you are only traveling with a small party, why not look at the different options available. An 8-seat business jet is still pretty luxurious!

Chartered flights have many benefits. You get to travel how and when you want, with the company you want, in utter luxury. You’ll also find that it saves time too! Those little touches all add up to a wonderful travel experience that makes traveling in any other way pale by comparison. If you like the sound of the ‘little touches,’ why not see what else we can do for you? Sun Air Jets are specialists in ensuring that your private flight runs smoothly. 

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