How Sun Air Jets Ensures The Best Jet Asset Management

How Sun Air Jets Ensures The Best Jet Asset Management - Sun Air Jets

You invest a lot of resources when purchasing a private jet, spending both money and time. And you will soon find out that managing your private jet will deplete those resources even more. This may be why many jet owners turn toward professional jet asset management. 

When you have a team of experts that provide you – and your jet – with world-class service, it makes you question why you have ever tried to handle things independently. At Sun Air Jets, we offer a next-level ownership experience. 

What are Jet Asset Management Services? 

Jet asset management is a service that handles your aircraft, including storing it, maintaining it, providing a flight crew, etc. They make it so you can enjoy your private jet when you need to travel without getting involved in all the tasks and details to get into the air. 

For those of us at Sun Air Jets, providing jet management services means giving owners peace of mind. It just makes jet ownership easier from every standpoint. 

Making the Most of Jet Asset Management

Jet asset management can be approached in two ways: financial and operational. At Sun Air Jets, we want to get to know you, your company, your plans, and your needs regarding your jet, what your aviation goals are, and how we can ensure you get the most from your asset operationally and financially. 

From an operational standpoint, it helps us to understand how you intend to use your jet. How often will you use it? How do you see it benefiting you? We will look at your travel history and patterns to help determine the best way to manage your asset going forward. 

Financially, managing an asset like a private jet is costly. At Sun Air Jets, we focus on ways to help offset those costs so that you find yourself in the best position. We will develop a strategic plan to help you get the most out of your asset. This means looking at your operating budget, tax savings/consequences, potential income, etc. 

You can make the most of your jet ownership by creating an asset management plan. Your needs and goals for your jet will differ from the next person, which is why you need a jet asset management team to offer a personalized experience. 

Maintenance and Repair 

Jets must undergo routine maintenance and repairs when necessary to keep them safe for flying. And since this is not something a jet owner will do on their own, finding someone certified and capable of providing impeccable service is a must.

With Sun Air Jets, aircraft maintenance is handled by aviation maintenance technicians who are certified, experienced and have a proven track record. The fleet we manage gets tended to regularly by these skilled techs, so you can have confidence every time you take off. 

When you are off-site and your jet requires attention, Sun Air Jets will manage that, too. You will have the convenience of a healthy jet – and you won’t ever have to worry about any markups on costs incurred. 

The Cost of Fuel

Fuel is one of the highest operational costs of owning a private jet. When your jet is at our site, we will ensure you are filled up and ready to travel. But what happens when you are off-site? To head back, you could face incredibly high markups for the fuel you need. After all, it is an in-demand commodity. 

Rest easy; it is Sun Air Jets’ policy not to markup the fuel costs as they are passed on to you.

Personnel Management

Where to look if you had to hire a pilot to get you from point A to point B in the morning? Do you know the questions to ask to ensure that the pilot will make the trip safely and allow you to feel confident in their abilities?

A management team should handle something as crucial as a flight crew. At Sun Air Jets, we ensure that our crews are highly trained and experienced and participate in regular training sessions.  

When you board your jet, you should feel like you are in good hands every time. 

Financial Consulting 

A big part of jet ownership involves finding ways to cut costs and save money while not sacrificing your ability to enjoy your asset. That’s why Sun Air Jets gives you the best chance of doing so with financial consulting – especially regarding sales tax refunds, income tax, and property tax. Taking advantage of FET refunds on jet fuel, California sales & use tax exemption, aircraft parts California sales tax exemption, phantom sales tax exemption. So much more can make jet ownership a bit more affordable. 

You will always have access to a complete detailed report featuring operating costs. Sun Air Jets makes it easy by providing specific invoices broken down by codes and categories so that you can see where your money is being spent. Discussing this with a provided consultant can help you make adjustments where needed.

Charter Revenue

Many jet owners take advantage of charter revenue. During down times, they may allow their jet to be used for transporting paying charter customers. Not only does it keep the jet active and moving, but it also means you get additional income to help offset your costs. 

Sun Air Jet’s Jet Asset Management

Sun Air Jets offers chartered flights and participates in full revenue sharing. This includes unflown charter hours, cancellation fees, minimum daily charges, and empty leg revenue. This additional revenue from chartering your jet can significantly improve your profitability and subsidize ownership costs. 

Sun Air Jets works hard to provide unmatched service to jet owners. And with their jet asset management, they can show you how it’s supposed to be done. Discover the Sun Air difference.

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