Choosing the Right Airplane Hangar Rental and FBO Service

airplane hangar rental

Choosing the right airplane hangar rental, FBO service, and location for your needs is an important part of aircraft ownership. As any private jet owner knows, finding the right aircraft hangar is just as important as finding the right aircraft management company to work with.

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a hangar, including location and utilization. We’ve assembled a list of considerations that you will need to think about when choosing the right airplane hangar rental and FBO service.

Choosing the Right Airplane Hangar Rental

Where is your airplane going to be based? Will it be easily accessible?

Part of the joy of owning your own airplane is the flexibility to travel whenever you choose. It seems remiss to lose this benefit if you have to undertake a massive logistical operation every time you want to fly.

While it may seem like good value to base your airplane at a smaller and cheaper regional airport, it could be a false economy.

The cost of fuel alone each time the airplane is repositioned to the correct starting point could easily outweigh the difference in costs to base your airplane at your normal departure point.


The type of hangarage you need will vary depending on the size of the airplane. Operators with diverse fleets will tell you, they all have different requirements. And it isn’t just about ‘making the plane fit’ either.

You may need extra room for equipment such as ground power units or tugs. Further to this, certain types have specific maintenance requirements, tools, equipment. You’ll need to consider whether there is room for this as well.


If the airplane develops a technical fault, will your choice of location have the facilities and means to deal with it? An airport in the middle of nowhere is unlikely to have dedicated maintenance staff on hand 24/7. Even if personnel are available, have they got the expertise and training to handle your particular type of aircraft?

It isn’t all about maintenance either. There are other things that you will almost certainly need.

Flying in the winter? Are de-icing services available at your chosen destination? What about refueling services? It might not be obvious, but not every airport has the means to cater to larger private jets.

Is Chartering an Option?

You can often offset the costs of your own airplane by offering it out for charter when you are not using it.

There is a caveat, however.

Ideally, it is most cost-efficient if the jet is already in a location where people want to travel from and to. You’ll find that metropolitan centers are much more popular than airports out in the back and beyond.


This covers several key areas.

First, let’s talk about the weather. The main reason you will want your airplane in a hangar is to protect it from the natural elements. In fact, some manufacturers specify that a private jet must be in a hangar when it is not in use.

This may seem trivial, but get it wrong, and it could be costly. Dirt, dust, water, and other elements (such as saltwater if you are stationed near the coast) can cause significant damage when left to sit on airplane parts and components.

The elements aren’t the only threat. Unauthorized personnel have always been a significant threat to aviation. You must ensure that you aren’t a victim of unauthorized access. The easiest way to negate this threat is to choose a hangar space with a sturdy and established perimeter. Features like dedicated security staff, monitored CCTV, and secured entryways should come as standard.


Just like renting a house, renting hangar space gives you flexibility. It would be a shame to purchase or build a hangar, only to discover that it wasn’t working out as you’d hoped.

Hangar rental affords you a degree of flexibility. Depending on your agreement, you would be tied in for far less time than if you permanently bought a hangar. If you upgrade (or downsize), you safeguard yourself against the hangar being unsuitable to fit your aircraft.

Renting Hangar Space

There are lots of options open to you when choosing the right airplane hangar rental: –

Shared Airport Hangars

This is generally considered the cheapest option. You rent a ‘parking space’ within a hangar that is owned by a fixed base operator (FBO). Depending on where the aircraft is based, this could include certain maintenance and handling fees.

Shared Private Hangars

This is an alternative if you are looking for a less costly option. It is quite similar to the above. However, instead of renting from an airport authority or a fixed base operator (FBO), you will be renting from a private individual.

Individually Rented Hangars

If shared airport hangars equate to renting a hotel room, individually rented hangars are comparable to renting the entire hotel.

The advantages include greater convenience, and can even house multiple aircraft if you own more than one.

The downsides are that it is (naturally) more expensive. You might find that the hangar is much bigger than you require, yet you will likely be responsible for the upkeep and MX. In addition to this, you will tend to find that the availability is limited in busy and popular areas and therefore will be priced at a premium.

The Easy Way to Choose the Right Airplane Hangar Rental?

With all the above in mind, you have an ideal solution. Sun Air Jets provides secure hangar storage for private jets that ticks every box in the requirements above. In addition, we offer a great level of luxury and sophistication. Our hangars offer excellent facilities, including maintenance, offices, meeting rooms, private lobbies, and gated parking.

Choosing the right airplane hangar rental or FBO service isn’t just about finding a place to park your aircraft. Your choice can have a direct implication on the overall costs of the airplane. Contact Sun Air Jets for more information.

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