What You Need to Know about Private Jet Maintenance

Private Jet Maintenance

We can all agree that it pays not to take chances in any situation where safety is a factor. Aside from the obvious safety benefits, keeping a private jet in the best working order could be a matter of personal pride. Looking after your investment should be a top priority. There are lots of things to consider. Today we will go through what you need to know about private jet maintenance and why it is important.

Why is Private Jet Maintenance Important?

Anything that I used often will be subject to wear and tear. However, when not comes to aviation, there are a few factors to consider.

If you were to develop a fault while driving, you could simply pull over to the side of the road. However, when flying, that isn’t a possibility, so it makes real sense to ensure that faults don’t develop in the first place. The key to this is making sure that a jet is well maintained at all times.

Again, just as with motor vehicles, it isn’t always the running that causes problems. Would you be surprised to learn that airplanes don’t like being sat on the ground for extended periods? But, on the other hand, they are often the most reliable when they are being used often.

The upshot of the above is that it is certainly safer to ensure that an airplane is in peak condition. Here are some other reasons why private jet maintenance is important:

Less downtime equals more use and revenue.

An aircraft stuck on the ramp isn’t fulfilling its purpose, either for you or anyone else. By ensuring that the airplane is well maintained, there is a greater chance of it being available to use at any time.

It ensures aircraft remain FAA compliant.

The federal aviation authority takes safety extremely seriously, and rightly so! All aircraft operating in US airspace and elsewhere have to meet minimum standards of safety and compliance. 

By continuously monitoring maintenance requirements and performing them to a set schedule, operators can ensure continued airworthiness.

The lifespan of the airplane is extended.

It is an obvious conclusion that by looking after anything’s you can make it last longer. Airplanes are subject to high amounts of stresses and strains in hostile environments. By focusing on good quality maintenance, an operator or owner can always ensure that the jet performs well.

It aids reliability 

Part of the joy of private flying is having the flexibility to go not only where you want but when you want. It would be a bittersweet feeling to board a private jet, only to be told that you won’t be going anywhere because the aircraft needs maintenance that could have been performed during ‘down time’.

How Often Is Private Jet Maintenance Required?

While the most obvious answer might seem to be ‘whenever something goes wrong,’ this is only partly true. The truth is that with a set maintenance schedule, the chance of something ‘going wrong’ should be very slim indeed.

Different aircraft have different maintenance schedules; this can be based on several factors. Here are some of the things that determine a private jet maintenance schedule: –

  • Legal requirements set by a regulatory body
  • Manufacturer guidance
  • Operator preference
  • Client preference
  • Ad-hoc maintenance  
  • Number of landings
  • Number of hours flown
  • Aircraft age

Aircraft are subject to various checks throughout their lifetime. This can, of course, be accelerated through continuous use.

When discussing checks performed as a result of regulatory requirements, you’ll see the following as mandatory: –

A Checks

A checks are the most regularly performed. They can be specified after a certain number of hours, landings, or elapsed time. They are quick to complete and are often performed over a day or night.

B Checks

Often referred to as a ‘six monthly’ check. B checks are a little more involved. They can take anything up to a week to perform and will require detailed knowledge by a skilled technician.

C Checks

C Checks are very extensive and can take anything up to a few weeks to complete. Many components are removed and closely inspected. Fortunately, they are only required in two yearly intervals.

D Checks

D Checks are a major overhaul of the aircraft where practically every part and component is removed, inspected, and, if so needed, replaced. This can take a lot of time to complete and is often when owners and operators decide it might be time to invest in a newer model.

Is Private jet Maintenance Expensive?

Ad hoc repairs and aircraft parts are never going to be cheap. With that said, prevention is better than cure.

In real terms, what this means is that by using a reliable maintenance provider, you could save money in the long run by preventing bigger problems further down the line.

The good news is that there are several options available to you. 

You could choose to pay as you go… In effect, gambling that big problems won’t occur. Alternatively, you could enroll in a maintenance program that works much in the same way as a warranty. You may a fixed price per month, and any required maintenance is performed under this subscription-style service. 

The monthly costs of the above will depend on the age of the jet, its condition, and how often it is utilized.

How to Choose a Reliable Private Jet Maintenance Provider

Choosing a reliable provider can be a minefield. At the bare minimum, you should look for a part 145 approved organization with a proven history. In addition, look for companies that make safety a number one priority. 

Another indicator of expertise is a private jet maintenance company that offers solutions for various types of aircraft. This should demonstrate significant experience in working with private jets.

A great way to cut down on costs Is to look for a company that can perform various in-house maintenance solutions. Whether it is interior trim, avionics, or working on the airframe itself, by looking at a ‘one-stop shop’, you could save yourself money… And time.

Hopefully, you should be more in the picture about what you need to know about private jet maintenance.

Sun Air Jets is a part 145 approved maintenance provider that places flight safety at the forefront of its ethos. If you have questions or need further information, then why not contact us.

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