Sustainable Aviation Fuel

A safe & affordable way to reduce your impact on the environment.

The business aviation industry has long been dedicated to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft. With a proven record of advances in carbon reduction, the business aviation community has aspired to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 (relative to 2005).

Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is an important element to help the aviation community reach its goal and reduce its environmental impact. But what is SAF?

About Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Clean Alternative

Sustainable aviation fuel is a clean substitute for conventional jet fuel. Rather than refined from petroleum, SAF is made from organic & renewable materials and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 23%.

Safe for all Jet Aircraft

SAF has been tested and approved by manufacturers of aircraft, engines and components to assure their reliability and safety.

Ready to Use

Equally important, SAF can be blended with current fuels, so manufacturers do not have to redesign engines or aircraft – the fuels can simply be “dropped-in” whenever they are available.


SAF is currently offered at the same rate as conventional jet fuel at the Sun Air Jets’ FBO in Ventura County. Requesting SAF instead of conventional fuel is an affordable & safe way to reduce your impact on the environment.

SAF is now available at Sun Air Jets in Ventura County.

For more information or to request SAF, contact our FBO at (805) 389-9301 or

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