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Business Travel Tips For Flying Private - Sun Air Jets

Traveling for business can be rather rewarding, depending on how you look at it. You get to visit new places and meet new people. You also get to boost your business and break down global barriers. Before air travel, growth opportunities were significantly limited. Fast forward to today, and businesses are no longer held back. This has put many executives and business professionals in a position where they are required to travel regularly. Traveling for work can be challenging, but staying up-to-date on the best business travel tips can improve the experience.

Top Business Travel Tips

While some may find this enticing, time out of the office, time away from family, and jet lag can all deter your joy in business travel. It is no secret that it can be pretty disruptive to daily life. You can tend to business without too much disruption when you forego commercial air travel and fly via a private jet instead. When you choose private travel for your business trips, you give yourself the best opportunity to have the most successful business trip. 

Here are a few business travel tips for flying private that you need to know. 

Make Special Requests in Advance

Part of the private jet experience is having personalized treatment while on board. You are supposed to take advantage of the comfort and luxurious surroundings that come with private travel. You can do this by taking advantage of all they offer, such as anything special you would like to eat or drink, any special times you would like to travel, and so forth. 

You can be more involved in your trip when you fly on a private jet. You can even request travel to a smaller airport closer to your destination. All-around personalization and comfort can make your business trip much more doable. 

Pack Lightly with a Carry-On

When you travel on a private jet, there is rarely any interference with the luggage that you choose to use. There is no such thing as checked bags like with commercial airlines – and no opportunities for them to get lost. Your baggage gets loaded right into an area within the cabin – so you know you have it close by at all times. You can count on not getting charged an extra $50 because your bag weighed over a certain amount of weight, either. 

Still, despite all of this, packing light can enhance your business trip. It is much easier to drag a carry-on suitcase with you than a bulky and heavy suitcase. Even two carry-ons will be a more pleasant option. 

Pack what you need and leave what you don’t. Most business trips are relatively quick, so stay moderate on your packing. Investing in all travel-sized toiletries can help, too! Use a garment bag for your suits to look pristine upon arrival.

Business Travel Hacks: Bring Chargers

You can use many devices, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, earbuds, and more. You will likely use these things with your private jet’s inflight connectivity capabilities, but you will also need them when you land. Bring your chargers and charge them while on the flight so you can go once you get there. 

Make the Most of Your Flight

When traveling via a commercial airline, it is tough to get much work done. The surroundings are just not ideal. Not only is there no room to spread out, but it is nearly impossible to handle business without risking privacy. As a result, your time on the flight becomes wasted time. 

On a private jet, however, you have wide open space to do things as needed to get work done. You have the space to pull out your laptop, spread out your files, make phone calls, and carry on open conversations with co-workers who are traveling with you. Because it is a private flight, you never have to worry about breaking confidentiality or about who is looking over your shoulder. 

Not only does this allow you to prepare for your meeting and update things as needed on your way back home, but it also reduces the headaches you will face after you get back to the office. After all, work – especially emails – can pile up even if you are only out of the office for a short time. 

Reduce Jet Lag

Jet lag is a real issue for frequent travelers. More often than not, those who find themselves in the sky can quickly get confused about their location and the proper time. The body likes to follow a certain rhythm, and if you allow it to keep that, it can reduce the chance of jet lag. Therefore, consider taking a red-eye flight to your destination when flying privately. Then, sleep. 

Getting sleep when it’s time to sleep will help you to remain more refreshed when you arrive at your destination. It doesn’t matter which direction you are traveling – whether you are losing or gaining hours – resting in flight will assist in minimizing jet lag

What better way to be on point for your business meetings than to feel rejuvenated and ready to go as soon as you land? 

Business Travel Tips and Private Jet Charters

The best tip you can receive regarding having an excellent business tip includes starting on the right foot – with an exceptional charter company. When you have a team that has been designated to provide you with the following:

  • Private hangars
  • Convenient locations
  • Professional staff
  • Personal amenities
  • A high level of safety and security

There are many different private jet charter companies out there. But when you want to get the most out of your trip, you must ensure you fly with a charter company that offers world-class service. You want the best flight crew and the most highly skilled maintenance team. And you surely want personalized treatment, too. 

This one step can change your entire outlook on business travel. 

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