7 Best Summer Destinations in Europe

7 best summer destinations in Europe

Are you wondering or worried about where to go in Europe this summer? You may be in crowded spaces many times when it is summertime in Europe, but this time is also one of the most beautiful times to tour the continent. Some cities may be extreme with the sun scorching, but others, like the coastal and mountainous regions, are the most serene in June, July, and August. Today, Sun Air Jets has composed some of the best summer destinations in Europe that will inspire you to pack your bags, book a flight, and visit.

Exploring the Best Summer Destinations in Europe

From the classic beach you can plan to have your getaways to summer road trips that are a delight, and then lush islands that are the brightest in summer, we have outlined some of the best places to explore in Europe via private flying! Regardless of where you choose to stay in Europe this summer, you will have the time of your life.

1. Andalucia, Spain 

Andalucia is a destination in Spain that is popular for being home to many beautiful beaches. The coastline of Spain’s Andalucia region, in particular, is one of the best summer destinations to visit in Europe. It is located in the southern part of Spain and offers a natural beauty that is stunning to the environment. It is surrounded by villages that are glossed over, and it carries that generous dose of the famous sunshine Spain is characterized by. The famous Costa del Sol, located between Gibraltar and Malaga, is the highly recommended coastline for summer getaways in Europe.

Although the inland cities in Andalucia are not ideal places to visit in Europe during summer, destinations like Granada and Seville are scorching during summer. However, they are still excellent additions to the vacation in southern Spain if you can stand the heat. In Costa del Sol, you would find the loveliest sandy beaches in Europe. As a bonus, a vacation spent in Andalucia would make you spend less than you would in Italy or along the coast of France that is just nearby.

2. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

The sparkling coastline of Croatia has made its growth from a popular destination to spend summer to widespread international fame in a few decades. You won’t have to think twice before approving it as one of the best destinations for a vacation in summer, and you are going to revisit the scene every time you get the opportunity to visit Europe.

If you enjoy sailoring, the 79 islands in Croatia are a legendary place to cruise around using a boat.

3. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is located in Portugal, on the southwestern side. It was once a secret summer destination, but it has gained popularity following many visits to this destination like the Dalmatian coast. The increase in popularity of the Algarve is primarily a result of its irregular beauty, low prices, and uneven rock formations forming along the coast.

In Algarve, you would be tempted by the sights of charming towns like Portugal and Lagos and the enormity of sandy beaches in this destination. Still, the centers of attraction here are the arches, rocky cliffs, and sea caves that make Algarve stand out among other themed places you can visit in Europe during summer.

4. Sicily, Italy

Sicily, located in the southern part of Italy, is a place you would love to be in summer. It features exciting highlights like the Italian beach towns, a stunning volcano, excellent food and wine, and low prices for remarkable services.

Before you leave Sicily, you shouldn’t miss out on the sight of the beaches of Cefalu and Avola, the unique Val di Noto towns, the streets of Palermo that are always bustling, the Greek theater, and the never-ending attractive views from Taormina. Sicily is a fantastic opportunity in Europe to explore a summer road trip.

5. Provence, France

Provence features extensive fields of lavender that delightfully charms small surrounding villages and makes it to some of the best farmer’s markets. These lavenders have made Provence a classic destination for summer getaways in Europe. You will see these lavender fields’ full bloom and beauty if you plan your trip to arrive between June and July.

If you don’t get to witness the full bloom of the lavender fields, there are still a lot of places in Provence you would want to check out. The natural beauty of Provence is noteworthy beyond the lavender fields. Places like the Calanques national park and Verdon Gorge are among the beautiful places on the south side of France.

6. Turquoise Coast, Turkey

The Turquoise coast is highly underrated in mentioning perfect destinations for people who intend to spend their summer in Europe or near Europe. It is located in the southwest part of Turkey, and it provides a gorgeous array of beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

The only part of Turkey that has crept into Europe is a small area in Istanbul’s far west and a half side. This coast is also known as the Turkish Riviera, and it is a phenomenal sight.

7. Greek Isles

In the Greek Isles, you may have trouble picking a particular destination as there is a wide range of options to choose from among the islands, and most of them are vacation opportunities in Europe. Still, there are popular options like the Santorini, famous for its classic white with a melange of blue villages and cliffs, and Mykonos is popular for its windmills and famous party scenes.

Also, you can consider Corfu for its beautiful and serene water. The largest island in Greece, Crete also prides itself in everything historical to some of the breathtaking beaches in the country.

Your Next Summer Destination in Europe Awaits

If you want to enjoy some of the best summer destinations in Europe and tick a lot of locations off your bucket list, consider contacting us today. At Sun Air Jets, we take pride in our fleet of private jets and providing our passengers with the luxury and comfort they deserve.

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