Charter a Private Flight at Camarillo Airport for a Luxury Experience

Charter a private flight for a luxury experience

The Bureau of Transportation statistics revealed that in 2021, only about 86.38% of flights kept to time with their flight operations. This would mean approximately 13.62% were either delayed or canceled altogether, leaving people stranded or disoriented regarding how they could get to their destination. If commercial travel were the only option left to journey around the world, it would be tough when disappointments like these occur. Thankfully, the private travel experience can also be explored when you charter a private flight from the Camarillo Airport (KCMA).

While many people think private charter is an expensive path to tow when you need to tow the skies, I think you’ll get enough value for your money, coupled with all the perks that come with the experience, that would always outweigh the cost of the trip. Here are 7 reasons why you need to consider chartering a private flight at our Camarillo airport for a luxury experience on your next trip.

1. Make Your Schedule

Because it is a private travel experience, you have the luxury of fixing your schedule. You won’t have to rush to be at the airport two hours before your flight, which can be tiring some days. After you hire for private travel, you get to decide what departure time is best for you and who you would like your travel companions to be.

If children come on board with you, it will be beneficial if you can fix your travel schedule through the private charter. This will allow you to create your plan around your children’s naptime and bedtime to avoid a meltdown or any other tricky situation that can come up during travel. This way, you are assured of a hassle-free travel experience as opposed to worrying about your next stop for a child’s needs.

2. Up to Par Safety Measures

You are guaranteed safety when you travel by commercial and private methods, but the safety advantage is more when you fly privately. While private jets could be more susceptible to weather hazards due to their smaller size, they fly higher, about 40,000 feet above ground level, which is much higher than commercial aircraft. This means that these jets can fly at high altitudes and maintain a smooth flight regardless of the weather.

3. Clean Flight, Clear Skies

As the world passes, hygiene constantly gains credence as an essential topic that can’t be overlooked. The safety from crowds a private charter experience affords keeps you away from contracting infectious diseases that could be transmitted from a queue or air from the crowd.

4. Choose Your Travel Companions.

There are many people booked for flights at different times for different reasons. Regardless of your reason for flying, you may not always find it convenient to stay stuck with a total stranger for a lengthy flight. You can avoid all the awkwardness of a commercial trip by hiring a private charter.

If the purpose of your travel is business, you can bring your business partners on board with you and have your meetings as you fly. Most private charter airlines also have internet facilities active on their planes, which will allow you to get your work done while on the air.

5. Personalized Catering Experience

If you have flown on a plane before, you would know that foods that leave lasting memories may not necessarily be ones you’ll eat on a plane, but all of that can be different if you fly private.

As opposed to the one or two fixed options you would be offered on commercial flights, you have the luxury of choosing what you want to eat on your private travels. You will also have access to catered custom meals onboard and an extensive collection of in-flight snacks to pass the time when needed.

6. No Baggage Fees

A significant hassle you would experience flying commercial is restrictions on what you can carry as baggage. There is a specific size and weight required to be onboard a commercial flight as you aren’t the only one traveling, but this isn’t the case when you are flying private.

While you won’t get to carry a whole resort with you onboard, flying private would still afford you the luxury of freedom to bring the items you can bring along. This advantage comes in handy when you are flying with children as you will be able to carry enough with you to ease the trip for them. Also, you won’t have to wait to get them or take your bags through the whole checking process, or that occurs upon landing.

7. Travel in Comfort

The choice to travel on a private charter experience is a choice of comfort, and the comfort you will experience during your travel time will be next to none. From the moment you get to the airport, everything you need will be catered for before going onboard, such that your departure process will be stress-free.

When flying on a private jet, you have access to a private lounge to cool off before your flight. The exclusiveness of the reserve or lounge helps you mentally prepare for the trip. You can also be personally accompanied to the tarmac when your flight is ready.

Charter a Private Flight with Sun Air Jets

The luxury of private travel is open to everyone, not just celebrities. On a private charter, there are no assigned seats to anyone, so you get to sit where you feel will be the most comfortable for you all through the flight. It is easy to stretch out your legs as you want, and there’s a lot of space compared to commercial flight, mainly because the average private jet seats less than ten people.

You also have access as much as any other to fly private, and the guarantee is that you may never opt for commercial flights again after trying out private travel just once. However, flying private is a luxury and could be very expensive. It is more costly than first-class trips but what you stand to benefit is beyond the cost.

So what are you waiting for? Book with us now to charter a private flight from our Camarillo airport. At Sun Air Jets, we go above and beyond to cater to all of our passengers’ needs before and after to make the journey a memorable one.

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