10 Tips for Flying Private

Flying Private

Flying private is such an amazing experience. It will revolutionize your thoughts regarding air travel. With such a special experience, you want to make sure that you get the most out of it. For that reason, we have gathered 10 tips for flying private to help you get off to a flying start.

1. Choosing the Right Airplane 

Choosing the right airplane is one of the key points you need to consider when flying private. While a ‘business jet’ is a good general term, there is a whole manner of different aircraft suited to different roles and goals.

As a general rule, smaller private jets cost less than bigger types. Furthermore, you’ll find that some aircraft have a greater range than others and may even fly faster. The aim of the game is to match your aircraft based on several criteria. This could include: –

  • How many people you are traveling with
  • How far you intend to fly
  • The time you wish to travel (some aircraft have dedicated sleeping areas)
  • How fast you need to get somewhere

Do your research on aircraft types. Also, make sure that you choose an aircraft from a safe and reliable operator.

2. Be Selective with Your Point of Departure and Arrival

One great advantage of flying private is that you can be much more selective of where you fly from and to. As private jets are smaller, they can often land at airports that are too restrictive for the big jets. 

Take advantage of this fact. Often you’ll find that a business jet can takeoff land at airports that are much more convenient. Aside from the benefits of being closer to home, they generally tend to have less traffic, meaning you can get up into the air that much sooner!

3. Be Sure to Specify the Extras

When flying private, you’ll find highly capable staff, well trained to look after you. Nothing is too much trouble. Whether you have a favorite magazine or newspaper that you would like onboard or have particular dietary requirements, the crew and staff will be more than happy to help, both before and during your flight.

You may have to plan ahead a little, but be sure to inform the company that you choose about any particular requests. They should be able to accommodate them. If you are in doubt, why not ask?

4. Get Where You are Going Quicker

Private jets have immense ranges and fly considerably faster than most ‘regular’ commercial airliners. 

But that’s not all…

Often when flying long distances, you face difficult decisions when planning your journey. Do you risk it and go for a short layover? Or face the prospect of waiting hours in a terminal while you could be doing other things?

With private flying, neither of the above is applicable. Depending on what aircraft you choose, it may be possible to fly point to point with ease!

5. Enjoy Check In

When private flying, checking in is a great experience. There are no queues. No complicated procedures and no pushing baggage trolleys for miles through empty terminals. There are certainly no crowds!

As a result of all of the above, you won’t need to be at the airport two hours before departure. Instead, you can arrive and be at the door of your very own private aircraft in a matter of minutes.

Some private flying departure lounges have to be seen to be believed. They are as luxurious as the jets they serve.

6. Take Advantage | Stay Connected

One great advantage of flying private is that you can stay connected. Often you will find that the aircraft will have onboard wifi, allowing you to continue your business, or simply send a picture to your friends as you relax and enjoy onboard luxury. 

7. Anything You Need? Just Ask!

While on board, your crew is happy to cater to any requests. Because of the small numbers of people on board a private aircraft, the crew has the time to keep you comfortable. Whether it’s a cold drink (or something stronger to cater for those pre-takeoff nerves), the crew will be delighted to help. Don’t be shy, if you need something, just ask!

8. Take What You Need… And Then Some More!

Have you ever been at check-in wondering how your bag seems to have gained 20 lbs. between leaving home and arriving at the airport? Those excess baggage fees can get expensive! 

It’s a different story with private flying. There is plenty of room to accommodate all of your baggage, and there are no limits on baggage weights. Take advantage of this fact and be sure to pack everything that you like.

9. Be Sure to Thank the Crew

Nothing brightens the crew’s day more than the reward of seeing a smiling face as you leave the aircraft. Private flying crews are very highly trained, and it’s a nice gesture for you to show them how much their hard work means. 

It’s a small world in private aviation, and if you return, there is a good chance that you will see the same crew again!

10. Plan Your Time

We’ve saved the best until last. 

You’ve arrived at your destination much quicker than you are used to, well-rested and relaxed. Don’t waste the extra time you’ve gained! Use it wisely! What are you going to do? Go for a quick lunch? Spend a while enjoying the sights, or just make your way to your final destination in a leisurely and relaxed fashion?

Hopefully, our 10 Tips for flying private has opened your eyes to the possibilities and excitement that awaits. You’ll be able to save time, travel in style, and be well looked after along the way. With unlimited baggage allowances, there’s even room for a few treats for your friends and family when you make the return journey! Sun Air Jets specialize in providing exceptional service, with a modern and diverse fleet to suit any requirements. Contact us today and find out what we offer.

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