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winter family vacation ideas 100

Just because the weather turns cold doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice vacation. Flying elsewhere in the winter using private aviation opens up a world of possibilities. You will no longer have to rely on a standard airline’s schedule to determine where you can go, allowing the option to even see place ‘out of season’. Today we will look at some great winter family vacation ideas. All of which can be easily accessed by private jet. 


Mid-December could be the perfect time to visit Hawaii. Located around 2100 miles southwest of the United States in the middle of the Pacific, it resides on a similar latitude to the Caribbean, offering a pleasant climate and breathtaking scenery. 

The advantages to visiting in the winter months are numerous. During the winter, there are fewer crowds, meaning you can pick the popular attractions away from the masses. For those who love surfing, the best season is winter. The Island’s north shore is a mecca for those who love watersports. 

Lake Tahoe 

While Lake Tahoe is a joy in the summer, it is also in its prime during the winter. For skiing and snowboarding, few can compete. Granite shelves, mountainous and snowy peaks, and the lake itself offer a feast for the eyes. 

Walking is also a worthy pastime, there are countless trails to while away the day in a leisurely fashion 

Winter sports aside, there is still plenty to see and do. The north shore of Lake Tahoe is festooned with excellent restaurants and bars, alongside very exclusive shops to browse.  

U.S Virgin Islands 

The U.S. Virgin Islands form part of the 700 islands of the Caribbean, located at the East end of the Greater Antilles. The islands are famous for their warm and azure tropical seas, powder white sandy beaches, and picture-postcard good looks. 

Due to the Island’s size, you won’t find long runways, and they can be difficult to reach using commercial airline services. 

The U.S Virgin Islands, and their close Neighbor, the British Virgin Islands, are considered a haven for those who love to indulge in sailing. With the Sir Francis Drake Channel nearby and a plethora of tiny islands to choose from, the resort is perfect for island hopping.  

Jackson Hole 

Wyoming has always had a reputation as the place to go for those seeking peace and solitude. While skiing is an obvious possibility, there is so much more to see. Particularly in the shoulder months and winter.  

Huge expanses of space, rolling mountains, woodland, and snowy plains all combine to make this winter destination a real treat. 

The town boasts numerous luxury hotels, numerous high-end dining establishments, and local breweries. 


Any location that housed the winter Olympics has to be worth a visit when the weather turns cold.  

Whistler is one of North America’s stand-out ski resorts. While you’ll find slopes with excellent infrastructure, there is also the possibility to explore hundreds of miles of backcountry trails. 

The ideal time to visit is March, the weather is slightly milder, but the snow is still in pristine condition. 

It is a resort for culture as well as activity. There are many museums, galleries, and theatres within the town if you want to indulge.  


When it comes to premier skiing venues, Aspen is truly iconic. Log cabins, excellent powder, and an overall classy ambiance characterize this city located to the west of Denver in the heart of Colorado.  

High-end boutiques and bourgeois shops exist in abundance. There are also museums rich in culture. Most notably, Aspen is famed for those who love outdoor pursuits. There is the option to hike snowy trails or admire a view from above in a hot air balloon tour, not to mention horse riding, dog sledding, and other adventures in crisp and beautifully clean air.   

Quebec City 

Mixing European and North American in equal measure, Quebec City has plenty to offer. It offers a taste of French culture on a Canadian canvas. Described as ‘the birthplace of New France, ‘ Quebec is truly exemplary. Enjoy walking Paris-inspired cobbled streets as you take in the sights of 17th-century architecture exported directly from Europe. 

While shopping and sightseeing are fun, life is relaxed in Quebec. You can stop and watch the world go by while enjoying a freshly baked croissant along with a strong coffee. 

The Bahamas 

The weather turning cold in the Northern Hemisphere is not limiting when you fly private. Instead, it is possible to be in the sunshine paddling in turquoise seas in just a few hours. The Bahamas are a prime example of how accessible this can be. 

From the east coast of the U.S., they are reachable in under three hours. 

While sunbathing in winter destinations is luxurious, you can also be more energetic and explore the islands. There are several national parks to enjoy where you can take in the local flora and fauna. 

Saibel Island, Florida 

Staying closer to home is always a viable option too. Flying private to Florida means you will be able to enjoy the familiar while also experiencing milder climates, especially in winter. This low-key resort isn’t quite as polished as some of the more well-known locations. However, its shabby vibe is what gives it a unique air of beach-life charm.  

Go collecting sea shells as mementos on Bowman’s beach, or experience luxury shopping and fine dining on Periwinkle way. 

Our list of winter family vacation ideas 100 should provide food for thought, but it is by no means exhaustive and deliberately so. When flying private, you have the option to visit anywhere that you desire.  

Whether you are looking for winter activities or something much more sedate and warm, you’ll be able to go by flying private. Sun Air Jets offers private jet hires for individuals and large parties. There are several options regarding your budget and the means to take advantage of our diverse fleetContact us today to see what we can offer to assist your winter escape. 

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