Top Reasons Why Companies Fly Private

Top Reasons Why Companies Fly Private

There has by no means been a higher time to use private aviation. The enterprise has alternatives to match each budget. Technology makes reserving less complicated and new models provide discounted flight hours with a monthly subscription. These changes have brought thousands to private aviation for the first time and led to companies making it part of their company travel strategy due to the fact they recognize time is money.

“Last year, a large number of people were introduced to the benefits of business aviation,” a sector that covers both chartered flights and privately owned planes, says Ed Bolen, head of the National Business Aviation Association. “They now understand that it is a remarkably flexible and safe way to reach places, especially those that don’t have frequent airline service.”

In these days of flight cancellations and delays private jet travel is growing not just more affordable but more sensible as well. The top reasons why companies fly private are as under. 

Private Plane Saves Time

Think about the last time you flew on a commercial flight. You probably reached the airport around two hours before your departure. When you land it is unavoidable to get stuck in a queue either for customs and immigration or just waiting for your check bag. 

On a private jet, you can fly whenever you want and turn up just 15 minutes before taking off. There is no waiting after you land either custom agents will come to you and your bags will be off the plane and into a private car in a matter of minutes. For a frequent traveler, private plane saves significant chunks of time over the course of a year.

Fly Directly to your Destination

Commercial planes can land at only the largest 500 airports and most traffic goes through 70 major hubs. A private jet can land at thousands of airports. So want to go to Santa Monica key west or Greenwich then why not fly there directly. 

You will spend less time at the airport. As jets are smaller than regular airliners, they can land in minor airports. This means that you don’t have to travel far to get to the airport. 

These airports are smaller and this means that they are less congested. Your experience will be better and you won’t have to deal with walking around a huge airport.

Enjoy Even the Airport Experience

General aviation terminals are the polar opposite of commercial terminals. They are quite comfortable with special meeting rooms, business centers, lounges, snacks and beverages, and internet access.


By chartering a private jet, you have a lot more flexibility. You get closer to your destination, for example, some airports in these secluded and remote areas do not have commercial airline routes so they have an airport but only private jets can arrive or only these smaller aircraft can arrive. 

By flying your own private jet, you get closer to your destination and it could be a more direct route. Secondly, in terms of flexibility, you can come and go as you wish. You can fly early in the day or late in the evening depending on the customs and the airport opening and closing times.

Never Miss a Flight Again

There is no need to rush to the airport with your private jet card. The plane waits for you if you need to divert at the last minute or stop midway for a quick meeting. No problem it’s your plane. 

With no parking, baggage handling, checking in, security clearance, loading delays, jet bridge malfunctions, or designated boarding order, private flight takeoff is a breeze. 

Pull your vehicle planeside and step onboard while your luggage is loaded and the car is parked in a secure area. You can arrive five minutes before takeoff—and even shift the timing to suit your schedule in most cases.

Drive Right up to the Plane

You can drive your car right up to the aircraft. When the crew loads your luggage park your car 10 seconds away from the terminal. 

The stark difference in service between flying first-class and traveling on a private jet can completely alter your in-flight experience.

In most cases, private flights allow passengers to drive their vehicles right up to the front of the aircraft, so there’s no need to walk long distances. As you board, the staff greets you, often by name, ready to offer you impeccable service from take-off to landing.

Optimize your Schedule

Private jets buy you precious time since the flight fits your schedule. You make the most of your day and night with the comforts and privacy of the aircraft. Also, you have plenty of time for meetings, work, phone calls, or relaxation. 

Making an Impression

There is nothing like inviting a special client or partner on a private jet. It makes a strong statement about your status and success. Also, it is a perfect environment for business discussions and relationship building. 

Keep Your Things Safe

For certain flyers, the best way to ensure their cargo is in good hands is to have it on board with them. This is true for delicate, large or especially valuable items with private jets. 

Private Plane is Safe and Secure

Private aircraft have an exemplary safety record. They are often crewed and maintained by dedicated teams. Air and Cabin crews are carefully selected after thorough and detailed recruitment processes.

Enjoy Pre-and In-Flight Amenities

Private jet cards are an expensive proposition and all jet providers strive towards the highest service. This includes preflight planning, concierge services, in-flight catering, and other amenities. 

Private jets feature outstanding amenities that are often far more luxurious than commercial airlines’ first-class suites. 

From spacious cabin space and plush leather seats to a master bedroom and en-suite shower, private jets offer the finest in air travel for an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing flight.

Private Flying provides a New Level of Quality

The entire experience from start to finish is all about the quality of time and service. And this will not go unnoticed by your clients and contacts.

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