The Private Jet Experience: Tips for First Time Fliers

private jet experience

Flying private for the first time is a truly unforgettable experience. As with most inaugural experiences, the first time is often the best! For this reason, you will want to absolutely make sure that you get the most out of your flight. You will find flying private more than a little different from the ‘usual’ commercial flying experience. Still, to help you on your way, we have assembled a list of tips for first-time fliers. We hope you enjoy your flight. 

Choosing the Right Aircraft

It might come as quite a surprise as to the sheer number of aircraft to choose from when choosing a private jet experience. Some have huge cabin spaces and can comfortably accommodate up to 18 passengers. In contrast, others are a slightly more intimate affair. 

Private jets have different speeds, ranges, and onboard facilities. Seeing as this is your first time, you will want to make sure that you pick the perfect airplane to suit your requirements.

The good news is that all private aircraft you can charter are finished to an exceptionally high standard, and all have excellent onboard amenities. 

Baggage Requirements

It is well worth checking with your chosen private jet charter company regarding baggage rules and regulations. While you certainly won’t be anywhere near as restricted as you would when flying with ‘regular’ commercial airlines, there still might be a few procedures to which you must adhere.

If you are traveling solo or in a small party, then it is doubtful that you’ll have to be too careful with what you pack. However, for larger groups, there may be limited hold space.

Another point to consider is packing a bag to bring onboard. Some private aircraft have accessible holds, whereas others do not. Therefore, it makes sense to pack a cabin bag, so you have everything you need to hand on board.

Drinks Onboard

Speaking of packing things to bring on board, you may want to celebrate your private flight experience as a first-time flier with a bottle of something sparkling?

Unlike with commercial airlines, you can bring a bottle of your favorite beverage onboard if you so choose. However, it is worth noting that it is an FAA requirement that this is only served by a crew member.

The good news is that your crew, offering a personal one-to-one service, will be only too happy to oblige. It’s all part of the service!

Where to Go When You Arrive

Private jet companies nearly always operate from their own private terminals, also known as FBOs. These can often be located far away from the main terminals. To maximize your time and get all of the benefits of checking in at your own private terminal, it is worth checking beforehand on how to get there and where the FBO is located. 

Check-In Times

If you want to arrive early and enjoy a luxurious lounge, you are certainly welcome to, but it isn’t necessary.

While your regular flight ticket may state that you need to arrive at the airport two hours before departure, there is no such requirement when flying private.

The check-in process is quicker and much simpler, and should you so desire, you can arrive outside and be onboard your own private aircraft in a matter of minutes.

Catering Options

One great thing about flying private is the catering. Essentially, you can order whatever you want. However, this has to be done during the planning phase of your trip. To take full advantage, be sure to provide your private jet operator with advanced notice of any specific requirements. 

The great thing is that they will be happy to help, and there is a very strong chance that they have had similar requests before, so be sure to take full advantage.

Dress for The Occasion

While you can wear anything you like (the aircraft is yours after all), why not make an event of your first-ever private flight and dress to impress!

There is no nicer feeling than disembarking a multi-million dollar aircraft looking and feeling the part. Flying private is a special occasion and should be treated as such.

All that said, if you prefer to travel in utter comfort, you can always slip into something more comfortable on the way. 

Onward Travel

Another great advantage of flying private is that you arrive much closer to your final destination. Private aircraft can land at smaller, and often even private airports, meaning you might be a lot closer to the action.

If infrastructure and onward travel are a concern, let us put your mind to rest. 

When flying privately, it is absolutely possible to arrange for private transportation to take you straight to your destination as soon as you leave the aircraft. 

You can specify this requirement at the time of booking.

Enjoy your Experience

Private flying is a privilege enjoyed by relatively few people, so you must enjoy it, especially your first time. 

If you are unsure of something, the crew will be more than happy to help. Inform them when you board that you haven’t flown private before. They will be happy to assist you in any way they can and help you become familiar and comfortable onboard.

Tip the Crew

While certainly not required, there is no nicer way to thank the crew than to offer them a little something to show your appreciation. After all, they will be personally and diligently looking after you for the duration of your trip.

It is important to note that the flight crew and the ground crew may not work for the same company, so if you are going to offer a tip, be sure it is going to the right person. 

Sun Air Jets offers a range of charter options with a diverse fleet of aircraft. We also offer the option to utilize ‘empty leg’ flights, making a private jet experience even more affordable. If you like how all of the above sounds, contact Sun Air Jets to discuss your preferences.

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