The Best Turboprop Business Aircraft in the Sky

turboprop business aircraft

With so many different options for private travel to choose from, turboprop business aircraft don’t always top the list. Though, perhaps they should.

Many people turn to midsize jets, super mids, and even light jets without giving a second thought to a turboprop. Yet, truth be told, they are one of the great options for those needing to travel.

Before you book your next charter, consider your options. You may be surprised at how well a turboprop business aircraft will meet – and surpass – your needs.

The Best Turboprop Business Aircraft in the Sky

The King Air 350i is, hands down, the best turboprop business aircraft in the sky.

While most people are too focused on business jets, others are finding out that turboprops are the way to go.

The turboprop engine is excellent in fuel efficiency, can handle heavier loads, and may often fly when others may be grounded due to weather. There are many advantages to choosing this aircraft over others when heading out for business.

Let’s take a closer look at the King Air 350i – and find out what makes it the best turboprop business aircraft in the sky.

King Air 350i: The Specs

Before you can truly know if an aircraft will fulfill your needs, you have to take a look at the specs. So before we go any further, let’s take a look at the specs of the King Air 350i in order to see what sets it apart.

Manufactured in 2018, this turboprop business aircraft offers the following to its passengers:

  • Comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers
  • Travel about 1800 nautical miles or 4 hours
  • 70 cubic feet of baggage capacity (that’s enough room for 10 suitcases)
  • One lavatory on board
  • Convenient work tables at each seat

Once inside the cabin, you will find that there is double-club-style seating – and each seat has a window for your viewing pleasure. There are also retractable work (or dining) tables that make handling business in the sky so much easier.

Of course, you can’t get much work done unless there is inflight connectivity, right? The King Air 350i comes with complimentary domestic WiFi that will keep you connected throughout the duration of the flight. Whether it is work you want to get done – or a movie you’d like to watch – you have the freedom to do so. This is all possible thanks to noise-canceling technology.

In a nutshell, the King Air 350i is a spacious and comfortable flight option that is perfect for those seeking a turboprop aircraft. It makes productivity easy.

The Advantages of Turboprop Business Aircraft

There are quite a few advantages of a turboprop business aircraft that could enhance your overall trip.

For one, they burn less fuel per hour which means they have lower carbon emissions. This is something you can feel good about if you are at all interested in reducing your own carbon footprint.

Turboprops require shorter runways for takeoffs and landings which gives them even more options for destinations. They can even land on grass or gravel.

Today’s turboprop business aircraft allow for a comfortable and overall enjoyable travel experience from takeoff to landing.

The Limitations of Turboprop Business Aircraft

Of course, turboprop business aircraft are going to have a few limitations, too. For instance, they fly in lower altitudes which means they do tend to experience more turbulence than other jets. They operate at slower speeds, as well.

Turboprops are known to be incredibly noisy. And while this would typically be a limitation or disadvantage, today’s modern turboprops, such as the King Air 350i, come with noise-canceling technology that keeps this noise to a minimum when inside the cabin.

Charter the Turboprop for Your Next Trip

Don’t let yourself be swayed into thinking that turboprops don’t live up to expectations. The King Air 350i, part of the charter fleet at Sun Air Jets, is the best turboprop business aircraft in the sky – and you may be surprised at how well it can enhance your travel.

Next time you find yourself needing to make travel arrangements, consider this turboprop.

To learn more about it or to book your trip, contact us today!


Turboprop business aircraft come with many advantages over traditional jets. They bring luxury and comfort without disappointment. And the best turboprop – the King Air 350i – comes with room for 8 and luxurious accommodations. It may be just what you are looking for.

Enjoy all it has to offer at Sun Air Jets.

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