The Best Places to Travel in October

best places to travel in october

October is about so many different things. Dressing up in Halloween costumes and carving pumpkins. Pulling out all the fall holiday decorations. Indulging in an endless supply of foods and beverages that are either pumpkin or apple-flavored. Enjoying the lower temperatures and the drier air. The world becomes a bit dreamy as the big holiday season is right around the corner. 

All of this – and more – makes it tough to focus on daily responsibilities. How can you focus on work when all you want to do is feel the warm fuzzy feelings that come with the Fall season? Sometimes you just need to get away and get lost for a bit. 

Here are a few of the best places to travel in October. 

Sonoma Valley, CA

Over 400 miles north of Los Angeles is where you will find Sonoma Valley, CA. This quiet area has a rich culture and a soft spot for getting out in nature and experiencing the good life. 

With vineyards nestled throughout, you are sure to enjoy the wineries and farms on your visit. And during the fall season, you will be just in time for harvest – when all the crushing happens at the wineries. 

Sonoma Valley is more than just wine though. While here you can go on a bike tour, visit one of the many ranches and parks, go on a safari, fly through the sky on a zipline, or just enjoy the shopping and dining you will encounter in the valley. 

Regardless of what you decide to do, you will surely love your visit to Sonoma Valley. 

Provence, France

A little further away from home, Provence, France is a beautiful place to visit in October. Many people trek here in summer and the serenity of the area gets lost amongst the crowds. October is quiet and peaceful, bringing the vibe you were looking for. 

Provence is another place where you won’t want to miss the wine vineyards found in the southern area. Driving to the wineries is just as enjoyable as tasting the wine itself. That’s just to say that the scenery along the drive to them is something to see. 

Keep in mind that you will miss out on the rows of beautiful lavender with a fall visit, but you will surely encounter some of the leftover harvests in town while here. Plus, you will have a lot of food to enjoy, time with the locals, and great weather to go exploring. 

Japanese Alps, Japan

The Japanese Alps during the fall season is something everyone should put on their bucket list. Only two hours from Tokyo, the foliage as it spreads across the mountains is enough to take your breath away. And with the weather slightly cooler, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore. 

Aside from hiking the trails, there are other things to do, including visiting many cultural sights. A few key spots you won’t want to miss include Kenruko-en Garden in Kanazawa, the Hida Folk Village in Takayama, and the Gassho-zukuri farmhouses in Shirakawa-go.

Boston, Massachusetts

The New England area of the United States has always been known for having beautiful scenery during the fall season. So, choosing Boston as your go-to option for an October getaway just makes sense. 

There are so many things to do this time of year before the cold wintry weather settles in. You can rent a bike and go on a guided tour to see the city – or enjoy a walking tour. Visit a theater and see a show. Check out a large farmers market at Boston Public Market with giant pumpkins in October. Don’t forget that the food and the shopping in Boston is incredible, too. 

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

Located in the Upper Peninsula along Lake Superior’s coastline, you will find 42 miles of Pictured Rocks. Sandstone cliffs high in the sky are colorful and unforgettable. When viewed from a boat or kayak in the water, you will get your best angle. There are many different local tours that will get you out on the water for the view of a lifetime. 

Even though they are going to be the highlight of your trip, you are going to want to do more than just see the rocks while here. 

There are other fun things to do in the area, such as enjoying dining on fresh seafood, exploring lighthouses and small towns, visiting the local bear ranch, and whatever you do, don’t miss the waterfalls. 

Experience October Travel on a Private Jet

There are so many destinations worthy of a visit in October or any time of year. And the best way to experience them is on a private jet charter. Why? Two words: Fall foliage. If you have ever been on a commercial flight stuck in an aisle seat, then you know how hard it is to take in the view. 

Imagine being able to take in the breathtaking views all around you —- the oranges, reds, yellows, and browns. It truly is stunning. And, on a private jet, you can have any view you want at any time you want it. 

Of course, there are many other reasons to indulge in private travel, too, such as: 

  • Luxurious amenities
  • A great amount of comfort
  • Privacy
  • Flexibility in choosing travel dates and times
  • A personalized experience
  • Get closer to your destination

And so much more!

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